Writer Plus

A plain text editor with a clean and minimalist user interface for Android mobile devices.



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License Free
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Basic editing features, multiple clipboard entries, optional night mode, text scaling, font styles and folders.
No in-app connection to cloud services.

We don’t need a full-blown word processor to edit plain text files since a simple text editor fits the bill with less distraction. More so when we are using a mobile device that has a limited screen size.

One of the noteworthy simple text editor for Android is Writer Plus, enhanced from James McMinnin’s Writer. It allows you to open, edit and save a plain text file, and share it as text per se, or text in a file in the form of pure text (.txt), markdown (.md) or html (.html).

The app has a clean and minimalist interface with optional night mode in black and grey. It supports text scaling and such font styles as Droid Serif, Roboto Regular, Roboto Light, Roboto Condensed and Roboto Thin to suit your preference.

Editing text is made easy with simple tasks like redo and undo, searching text and folders, multiple clipboard entries, and supporting a Bluetooth keyboard with edit shortcuts.

The editor automatically stores files in the /Writer/ folder on your device, and allows you to create and select folders from within the app, thus making text files less clustered in a single folder.

In a text file, Writer Plus uses line feeds (LF) for line endings created in Unix and Linux system but also supports Carriage Return and Line Feed (CRLF) for line endings generated in Notepad for Windows.

In analyzing a text file, Writer Plus provides statistics with counts by word, character and estimated reading time.

With all the plus points, the app still has some room to improve as it lacks an interface to connect to cloud services such as Google Drive or Dropbox, like what JotterPad does.

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