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WPS Office is a great free Office Suite and feels very much like Microsoft Office. Get the same look and feel for free, including many awesome features.

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Our Score

License Free
Link https://www.wps.com/
Excfellent office features – Cloud services – PDF Editor
Basic PFD features only – could offer more templates

WPS Office Free, formerly Kingsoft Office, is ideal for those familiar with Microsoft Office. It will let you feel perfectly at home. To say that it is similar to Microsoft Office would be the understatement; they are practically identical. There are three main packages:

  1. WPS Writer, a word processor that can import from Microsoft Word (.doc & .docx) with the ability to have separate documents in a tabbed interface.
  2. WPS Spreadsheet, a spreadsheet application that can import from Microsoft Excel and having the same cells range (65,536 rows * 256 columns) as the Microsoft Office 2003 equivalent.
  3. WPS Presentation, a presentation suite that can import all Microsoft Powerpoint documents.

For a freeware equivalent to Microsoft Office, WPS Office Suite Free is top notch.

WPS did offer a unique tabbed experience allowing multiple documents or spreadsheets within the same window, making switching between them quick and simple. There are however two annoying selections upon installation: the startup of a browser linking to WPS’s website, and the other is a popup asking to switch to another UI (basically the new ribbon effect which isn’t free).

A quirky feature is the quick UI color feature allowing the UI to be alternated to an additional eight different skins helping color code your office suite with your OS skin.

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