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Best Free Security and Privacy for Windows 8 or RT

Best Free Antivirus Software for Windows 8 or RT

Norton Satellite (2.31 MB), add another layer of protection to your Windows 8 as you can scan your Facebook and Twitter feed for malicious links and identify unsafe files stored in your Dropbox account. You can also scan files and folders on your PC and external storage using this app except for Windows RT.


Best Free Password Manager for Windows 8 or RT

LastPass (1.84 MB), store your login usernames and passwords securely in a searchable vault, launch sites from your vault to autofill them without the need to retype in a built-in browser, and sync your data to the cloud for access on other devices.


MetroPass Free (571 KB), store and keep track of your usernames and passwords in a safe and encrypted database. This app works with your existing KeePass 2.x database file and lets you auto lock database after inactivity and clear clipboard after copying.


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