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Best Free Games for Windows 8 or RT

Best Free Action Game for Windows 8 or RT

Pirates Love Daisies (14.3 MB), place strategically your crew members with their own strengths on a map and prevent waves of creeps from stealing away the precious daisies in your possessions. Multiple maps and game modes are available, easy to play and yet addictive.


SoulCraft (93.5 MB), play as an angel and fight against evil demons for victory in this action role playing game (RPG) supporting touch devices, gamepad controls, keyboard and mouse. Ads supported while some features require in-app purchases.


SushiChop (22.8 MB), swipe the screen with your finger or mouse to slice the fresh fish, fill the tray and earn scores before the timer runs out in this fast action game. This app comes with multiple game modes, supported with ads and a fast track via in-app purchases.


Best Free Backgammon for Windows 8 or RT

Backgammon Pro (21.9 MB), compete to get all your 15 pieces off the board before your opponent does. Features include four difficulty levels, 1 or 2 player mode, multiple graphic options, animated speed, game rating and auto save. Ad-supported in the free version.


Best Free Card Game for Windows 8 or RT

Solitaire HD (22.1 MB), play the classic patience game of Solitaire, or Klondike, with superb graphics, animations and sounds. Features include multiple board and card designs, three scoring modes, drawing mode, solvable or random games, hints and undo moves, save and restore games in progress.


Hearts Deluxe (2.54 MB), embrace the Queen and shoot the moon by winning all 13 Hearts and the Queen of Spades in this well-designed Hearts game with sound and animation effects, two difficulty levels, plus Omnibus and Hooligans variants besides the standard mode.


Best Free Chess for Windows 8 or RT

Chess4All (3.6 MB), play chess against a computer in multiple levels, face to face with your friend, or play online via FICS or ICC servers. You can also learn chess with interactive tutorials, observe games, solve puzzles, save played games or download PGN files for review.


Best Free Chinese Chess for Windows 8 or RT

Chinese Chess Online (5.5 MB), play Chinese Chess against a strong machine AI engine in multiple levels of difficulty with an option for an editable board, play online with players all over the world using Elo rating system or observe their games. Endgames are also available for you to solve puzzles and hone your skills.


Best Free Jigsaw Puzzle and Creator for Windows 8 or RT

PuzzleTouch (8.03 MB), solve jigsaw puzzles with four levels of difficulty from static 12 pieces to rotational 35 pieces cut in unique shapes. This app comes with a timer, supports for multi-touch and mouse, allows for creating and saving your own puzzles right away from your photo album or camera.


Best Free Mahjong for Windows 8 or RT

Microsoft Mahjong (119 MB), enjoy this classic Mahjong solitaire by matching identical pairs that are exposed and free to move left or right. Features include four different themes with relaxing sounds, four difficulty settings, reshuffle, hint, undo, daily challenges and Xbox integration.


Best Free Match-2 Puzzle for Windows 8 or RT

Flow Free (801 KB), connect two dots in the same color with a pipe to form a flow, and complete a level by filling up the entire board with pipes without crossing or overlapping. Simple yet addictive, with different board sizes and multiple levels available in a free-play mode.


Best Free Match-3 Puzzle for Windows 8 or RT

Bubble Star (12.6 MB), match three bubbles of the same color to pop them, and win by removing all bubbles from fixed and rotational boards. Have hours of fun playing through all level packs using powerful bonus bubbles, easy to play, addictive and great for all ages.


Best Free Physics and Chemistry Game for Windows 8 or RT

Cut The Rope (51.6 MB), cut the ropes by swiping across them and feed candy to the creature Om Nom. It's not always simple as you might have to think outside the box in this game which combines realistic physics with precise controls and challenging levels.


Where's My Water? 2 (87.5 MB), dig trenches through the dirt and guide water through the pipes to the bathtub for Swampy to get squeaky clean in this popular physics-based Disney game that's fun, strong and engaging with multi levels in various chapters, suitable for all ages.


Shuriken Ninja (13.4 MB), ricochet ninja stars off the walls to hit targets in this physics based game like Angry Birds and Cut The Rope, complete with multiple game modes, hundreds of levels and even a level creator for free. Easy to play and yet addictive.


Best Free Pinball for Windows 8 or RT

Pinball FX2 (126 MB), beat your high scores by manipulating metal balls on a pinball table designed with a new state-of-the-art physics model, 3D graphic, music and sound effects, a local multiplayer mode, custom settings and more. The Mars table is free but others are chargeable.


Best Free Racing Game for Windows 8 or RT

3D Boat Race (10.8 MB), enjoy this boat racing game in three game modes including training, amateur and expert, with realistic 3D physics and smooth rendering, optional color painting, and input control methods for keyboard, mouse, touch and device tilting. Ad-supported.


Best Free Reversi for Windows 8 or RT

reVersi Free (1.52 MB), play reversi against the computer or your friend in a clean and user friendly interface with a brand new graphics design, sound and animation effects. Hints and undo moves are supported, but no difficulty levels could be set when tested.


Best Free Running Game for Windows 8 or RT

Jetpack Joyride (39.1 MB), guide Barry to run around a secret lab as far as possible and to avoid obstacles such as lasers, electrified zappers and incoming missiles, while get him to pick up vehicles to drive along the path faster and collect coins to upgrade. One-touch controls, easy to play and yet equally challenging.


Best Free Simulation Game for Windows 8 or RT

My Country (75.8 MB), build your own city to increase population, develop industries and transportation infrastructure, hire employees, eliminate ecological threats and control energy use with your own creativity. An addictive city-building simulation game to engage you for days and months.


Best Free Sliding Puzzle for Windows 8 or RT

Blocked In (3.41 MB), clear the way by sliding vertical blocks up and down or horizontal blocks left and right, and move the red block out of the board from the opening on the right. A highly addictive game challenges your skill and patience, with many levels of puzzles to solve.


Best Free Sudoku for Windows 8 or RT

Sudoku Free (4.8 MB), keep your brain sharp or pass your free time by playing this remarkable Sudoku puzzles randomly generated and designed in an intuitive Metro-style interface, with four difficulty levels, undo/redo, pencil notes, validations, hints, solver, timer, statistics, auto save and resume games.


Best Free Word Game for Windows 8 or RT

Wordfeud (869 KB), play up to 30 separate word games simultaneously with your friends or against random opponents at your own pace using English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian or Danish dictionaries, with shuffle, swap, scoring tiles, chats and other features. Ads supported.


4 Pics 1 Word (83.2 MB), find a common word that is applicable to the four pictures shown in this easy-to-play addictive puzzle game, with more than 350 words to solve. Earn extra coins to get a hint as you play but a fast track requires in-app purchases.


Word Twist (4.3 MB), find all the words between 3 and 6 letters that can be made from the 6 letters given in each round of this game, offering three difficulty levels in four game modes and showing high scores and achievements. Don't know a word in the answer list? Tap it to get a definition.


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