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If you enjoy crosswords or the board game Scrabble then you will love this addictive word game, Words Story.



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Numerous levels, different degrees of difficulty, highly addictive for word lovers.
Terrible music, intrusive ads when connected to the Internet and nag screens to buy coins.



If you enjoy crosswords or the board game Scrabble then you will love this addictive word game, Words Story.

As you progress in the game, a stick-man appears who apparently has been framed and is in a prison cell. Your mission is to help him escape by solving the numerous word puzzles.

There are at least 14 different stages of the game which incorporate many separate levels within each one. For instance, the first 3 stages are named Plan, Trust and Prison Life. Currently, I am at stage 13, which is named Word Master. In the early part of the game the stick-man character crops up on countless occasions, but as you advance he appears less and less. I always enjoy seeing the stick-man and his words of encouragement, so to see less of him as the game goes on is a bit of a disappointment.

words-storyProgressing onto the next set of letters is only possible by solving the mystery word and forming as many words from the random 15 letters given to you: each time you make a word a letter or several letters are automatically deleted, therefore making it easier to crack the word riddle. The amount of blank spaces varies, from as little as 3 to as many as 8.

To help you, there is a wheel of fortune that emerges from time-to-time and this rewards you with various amounts of gold coins or free hints. A minimum of 60 gold coins is required in order to remove a letter. If you run out of gold coins you can enable wi-fi on your device and wait 30 seconds for the advert to finish before collecting an additional 25 coins.

Doubtless, you will find words that are simply missing from the games dictionary and I have on several instances contacted the developer and received bonus coins for my trouble. On the other side of the coin, pun intended ;-), if you get stuck, it’s always worthwhile putting together a word that you think probably doesn’t exist only to find that it is a real word; this incidentally has got me out of a hole on numerous occasions.

When playing the game I always have wi-fi turned off and the media volume turned right down for several reasons. Firstly, you will be constantly interrupted by annoying 30 second ads that will ruin your enjoyment of the game and secondly, the music is really terrible. Even, if you have your wi-fi disabled, ads for free games to download will still appear, but mercifully only for 5 seconds.

You can also purchase gold coins if you so desire, but I have so far avoided the need to do this despite the occasional nag screen appearing.

Aside from the above-mentioned annoyances, Words Story is an engrossing and compelling game that really stretches your vocabulary to the max and helps you free an innocent man in the process!

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One thought on “Words Story

  • 2022-01-18 at 21:29

    This appears to no longer be available in the Microsoft Store. In fact, almost everything I have tried to get is not available. Hmmmmm, could it be because I refuse to open a Microsoft account?


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