Wonderful Sound Effects To Help You Work Or Relax

Listen to hundreds of relaxing sounds and music to help focus on work and reduce anxiety.

I recently came across an amazing web site through which you can listen to a huge choice of relaxing sound effects and music, designed to help you work or concentrate or relax.

There are literally hundreds of sounds and music, based on folk instruments, water and weather, nature, choirs and chants, and loads more. And they’re free to listen to for non-commercial use, although you’re limited as to how many you can play in quick succession.

Turn up your speakers or put on your headphones and head to https://mynoise.net/ for some great sounds.

It also has a mobile app for Android and iOS, which works as a noise machine. Make use of the background noises you like to mask the environmental noises you dislike.

Either with the web browser or the mobile app, myNoise is equipped with a timer, 10-band equalizer, and speed control. Listening to relaxing music and sounds helps you to focus in a noisy environment, to sleep, to reduce anxiety, and in cases treat insomnia or tinnitus.

Take it easy.

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