Windows 11 Start Menu Alternatives

Start11 and StartAllBack are two worthy Windows 11 Start Menu alternatives for those who prefer other designs or have problems with the native menu.

I recently updated one of my high-end computers to Windows 11. I was very fond of how smooth it went and how all my many programs, games and settings remained functional.

I like the new design experience with rounded corners and many other touch ups. A bigger UX change though is the new Start Menu. In my opinion it is an improvement over the Windows 10 Start Menu but unfortunately it was not working right on my machine. Often, the menu would not open at all or, if it did, it would close as soon as I clicked into the search box. Checking several user communities, I realized that I was not the only one having such problems. All suggested actions to fix the problems did not work on my end.

I finally looked up alternatives for the Windows 11 Start Menu and I found two products that do a pretty good job.

StartAllBack and Start11

StartAllBack and Start11 are very similar products and allow to change many aspects of the Start Menu, Taskbar and other UI options. You can keep the Windows 11 Start Menu design or switch back to the Windows 10 or Windows 7 design. Start11 also allows you to place the taskbar at the top of the screen, a feature that Windows 11 does not support anymore. StartAllBack supports a dark mode and other coloring options for several UI objects.

I can’t really say that one is better than the other. It is worth trying them both. Both do an excellent job and most of all, both fixed the problems I had with the native Windows 11 Start Menu.

You can install and use both for free for 30 days after which a small fee of $4.99 (StartAllBack) or $6.99 (Start11)  is asked to license the product. That is not entirely free but it comes close enough I think.

Check out Start11…

Check out StartAllBack…

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