Watch Live Nature Cams from Around the World

Watch Live nature cams from around the world using EXPLORE, the largest live nature cam network on the planet. has live nature cams around the world. From Africa to Alaska, cams for oceans, bears, birds, cats and dogs. There’s a Zen Den for cams of Northern Lights, beaches, rivers, mountains, and more.

In addition to the main site, you can listen on Soundcloud, view Documentaries, or view topic channels on YouTube:

Educational and inspirational, explore features high quality videos, live cams and photographs from great causes around the globe. If a cam is live, there will be a “live” label in the lower left of the video, if not it will say Livecam Highlights. Not all cams are live all the time due to night time hours or location requirements.

There are apps for Android and iOS:
Google Play:
App Store:

Live nature and animal cams.
World-class wildlife photos and educational films.
Watch highlights from the best of Explore.
Filter by category to see what interests you.
Snapshot feature allows you to share screenshots and photos.
Share cams, photos and films with your friends by E-mail, Facebook or Twitter.

Looking for something out of this world?
Space Videos offers two channels:
Earth Views: Earth From Space Seen From The ISS
NASA Live Stream – Earth From Space LIVE Feed | ISS tracker & live chat

Closer to earth, the Monterey Bay Aquarium has ten live cams. From otters to jellyfish to narrated feedings there’s something for everyone. The online learning section has online courses, crafts, printables and other educational material.

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