Vuze Help: Dealing with ISP Interference


Vuze Help:  Dealing with ISP Interference

If you are having troubles with your transfers after Optimizing Vuze for Speed and choosing good torrents, then your ISP may be interfering with bittorrent.   This section offers some information on determining if there is interference and how you can try  to circumvent this interference.

Check for ISP Interference

You can check at Vuze-Wiki: Bad ISPs  to see if your ISP is known to interfere and for suggestions on how to circumvent their interference.  
If your ISP is not listed, your ISP may still be interfering.  FileShareFreak has a good article on the ways to test for this at 6 Things You Can Do to Test Your ISP for BitTorrent Throttling.

Advanced Mode

To make sure that you can see all the options referenced here Vuze should be in Mode = Advanced.

The location for this option is at

(Windows/Linux) Tools>Options >Mode
(Mac) Azureus>Preferences>Mode

Vuze Mode Setting Image


If your ISP is interfering Vuze offers 5 different levels of encryption to try and circumvent this.  For most people Level 2 encryption (below) will suffice.  This level prefers encryption, but allows incoming and outgoing non-encrypted communications, so that you have maximum compatibility with other users.

The setting for this is at:

(Windows/Linux) Tools>Options>Connection>Transport Encryption
(Mac) Azureus>Preferences>Connection>Transport Encryption

If level 2 does not work, then you can try the next 3 levels of encryption. 

Level 3 disallows non-encrypted incoming and Level 4 disallows both incoming and outgoing non-encrypted. 

Level 5 severely limits connectability with users and should only be used when the ISP is using Sandvine traffic shaping hardware.

Lazy Bitfield

Some ISPs (like my Comcast) interfere with seeding.  The usual symptom of this is that upload  is fine while downloading, but connections cannot be maintained after the download is complete.  Enabling Lazy Bitfield has Vuze always send send a faked incomplete bitfield, which may help in defeating this ISP interference.

The setting for the Lazy Bitfield option is at:

(Windows/Linux) Tools>Options>Transfer (5th option from bottom)
(Mac) Azureus>Preferences>Transfer (5th option from bottom)


Hopefully this guide has helped you in dealing with your ISP interference..

If you find a mistake in the guide or have a question, please post here or in our Forums.

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