Virus removal and PC security tools – an overview

Spending time online comes with different threats, especially viruses that infect your system. But what can you do if your phone or any other device has been infected with such malware? How does removing a virus work? Here’s a list of programs and tools that offer help in such a case.

TotalAV: the best virus removal program

TotalAV offers both a paid and free version, but if all you need is remove viruses, the free version is enough. What is so good about TotalAV is the fact that it offers three different malware scanning options. These options mostly differ in depth of the scan. One option called Smart Scan looks for viruses are the places where they are mostly detected and does not waste any time. The Quick Scan checks folders on your phone that are susceptible for viruses, such as your Downloads folder. Contrary, the System Scan is perfect if you want to deep scan your phone. TotalAV is a reliable program that detects malware and removes it if needed.

Comodo Free Anti-Malware BOClean

The free version of the BOClean removes and detects malware reliably in real time. Besides, all infected or malicious files and other applications get removed immediately, so the malware is no threat any longer. A huge plus point is that BOClean gets updates regularly, so it can also detect and remove even the newest malware variants. Not only is the malware detection and removal outstanding, but BOClean is also completely free and offers help for your computer immediately.


Unfortunately, Malwarebytes only offers a paid plan. If you need to remove your malware immediately, you can make use of the free trial, though. The program scores due to its easy removal of different kinds of malware (viruses, adware, spyware, etc.). Malware is detected in real time and gets removed without any hesitation. You can also schedule scans to also check for other hidden threats on your computer.

AVG Antivirus Free

AVG Antivirus Free is a solid program to protect your computer from potential online threats. With the exceptionally good user interface, the program handles every malware threat reliably. The good thing about AVG Antivirus is that it operates in the background, meaning you can lean back and work on your computer safely. Whenever needed, you can scan your computer remotely. But other than that, AVG Antivirus works on its own and you will not notice it until it has detected malware of any kind.

Kaspersky Internet Security 

Like Malwarebytes, Kaspersky only offers a free trial period before you must pay about $39.99 per year. However, Kaspersky is probably in the top three malware programs due to its effectiveness in detecting malware and the speed with which it removes and detects threats. You do not have to do much – other than letting Kaspersky take over the removal of the virus and other effected files and programs, of course. A good feature that comes with Kaspersky is the privacy protection, meaning you can browse safely without anyone stealing your data online.

The removal and detection of a virus and Co does not have to be difficult

When you are looking for a program that removes malware, there is a wide range of programs you can choose from. Most of them are reliable when it comes to detecting and removing malware. Plus, a paid version of a program does not necessarily mean that it functions better. If you need immediate help, free versions are more than enough for your purposes.

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