Use This Online Abbreviation Dictionary to Easily Find Acronyms and Abbreviations

Browse thousands of acronyms and abbreviations organized by category or look up specific terms at this well-organized site. collects acronyms and abbreviations from several areas, making it easy to find a definition without having to search different sites.

The site describes itself as “…the world’s largest and most comprehensive directory and search engine for acronyms, abbreviations and initialisms on the Internet” with hundreds of thousands of entries.
You can search for an individual item or you can browse specific categories. There are several main categories with varying amounts of sub-categories.

Here’s a list of the categories with the number of sub-categories and a few examples of the areas they cover:

  • Academic and Science Abbreviations
    48 sub-categories, everything from aerospace to zoology and common academic & science acronyms.
  • Business and Finance Abbreviations
    39 sub-categories including advertising logistics, trade and professional associations, and common business acronyms.
  • Community Abbreviations
    47 sub-categories including art, music, religion, travel, veterans and common community acronyms.
  • Computing Abbreviations
    19 sub-categories including Artificial Intelligence, gaming, file extensions, hardware, software, texting and common computing acronyms.
  • Governmental Abbreviations
    32 sub-categories, including commerce, economy,
    FBI files, law and legal, police, United Nations, US Government and common governmental acronyms.
  • Internet Abbreviations
    11 sub-categories including ASCII character codes, chat, emoticons websites and common internet acronyms.
  • Miscellaneous Abbreviations
    39 sub-categories including aircraft and aviation, chess, colors, construction, days abbreviations, NFL teams, salutations, unit measures, USPS, and common miscellaneous acronyms.
  • Medical Abbreviations
    38 sub-categories including autism, cancer, diseases, drugs, nursing, pharmacy, syndromes, vaccine, veterinary and common medical acronyms.
    International (abbreviations in several languages and a section on common international acronyms)
  • Regional Abbreviations
    24 sub-categories including countries, cities, counties, currencies, telephone codes, time zones, and common regional acronyms.
  • International Abbreviations
    25 sub-categories includes several languages and common international acronyms is part of the STANDS4 Network. They have several other sites along the same lines that you might find interesting:

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If you’re tired of looking up acronyms and abbreviations online and having to visit different sites to find what you’re looking for, this may be the site you’re looking for.

​​​​​​​Use the site online, get a Firefox or Chrome extension, or go mobile with apps for iOS and Android.

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