2 Ways to Bypass Twitter Login Prompts

View Twitter posts without a Twitter account or being logged in

Want to view Twitter posts without having a Twitter account or logging in? You can avoid those annoying pop-ups in your browser by using one of these two methods.

To be able to access posts on Twitter, you now need to have an account. At the moment, the login popups are in the form of annoying distractions.

There are two simple ways to bypass the login barrier.
The easiest way to bypass the login wall is to prevent Twitter from setting cookies in your browser, usually found in the privacy options in whatever browser you use.
At the moment, viewing Twitter in incognito mode in your browser works too.

The other option is to install a useful browser extension called Breakthrough Twitter Login Wall:

You can find the Firefox version here:

The Chrome extension is here and seems to work with most Chrome based desktop browsers:

The author’s GitHub page is here:

Image credit: Mizter_X94/Pixabay

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One thought on “2 Ways to Bypass Twitter Login Prompts

  • 2022-06-07 at 10:32

    Like one couldn’t just zap those away with uBlock too, now the problem is the age verification via login.


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