A free, open source POP and IMAP email client by Mozilla that works across multiple platforms.

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License Free (Open source)
Customizable and expandable through add-ons, intuitive user interface.
No native support for web-mail clients such as Gmail or Outlook.

Thunderbird is a free, open source POP and IMAP email client developed by, the same folks who brought you Firefox.

It incorporates multiple features including mail account setup wizard, one-click address book, attachment reminder, tabbed email, quick filter toolbar, search tools and message archive. It also has built-in “Do Not Track” and remote content blocking to protect your safety and privacy in accessing emails.

These are some of the notable features available with this excellent email client:

  • Built-in spam filtering and RSS reader;
  • Message color coding;
  • Fast email search;
  • Anti-phishing measures;
  • Spell check as you type;
  • Inbox filters;
  • Kerberos authentication;
  • Automatic updates;
  • Ability to view your mail in conversational threads;
  • Calendaring functionality.

Additional features can be added through free extensions. Find and install add-ons directly in Thunderbird with its add-ons manager, or check out most popular extensions here with a browser.

Using Thunderbird, you can easily set up accounts for email, calendar, address book, chat, filelink, feeds and newsgroups; or import mail messages, address book entries, feed subscriptions, preferences and filters from another program.

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