The best security programs for your device(s)

In times of the emergence of the internet, it’s more important than ever to protect your devices from online attacks of any kind. There are countless software programs of this kind. But what are the best programs to protect your devices? Here’s a list of the best security programs, so you don’t have to look for them.

Microsoft Defender

Microsoft has developed its own security program. The best thing: it’s a built-in program. It isn’t needed to download any other program to activate Microsoft Defender. A few clicks in your settings and you have a very solid protection for your device that helps you surf the internet safely. Microsoft Defender is very customizable and gives you the opportunity to build the perfect security program for your daily use. For example, you can block apps and protect important files from different cyber-attacks. The advantage of Microsoft Defender is its accessibility and the fact that it provides a free version, which covers the most important security settings.

Norton 360

Norton 360 is available for both Android and IOS as well as Windows 10, 11, and macOS, so it covers the most important systems. The program stands out because of its reliability in terms of detecting potential malware and viruses. You will require a subscription to access Norton 360 after a month-long trial. The price for a one-year subscription is about $180. Though the price might seem over-the-top, it is totally justified considering how well the program works. You can choose between a variety of products that Norton is offering, which makes it possible for you as a user to focus on what you truly want to improve about your online experience. For example, there is a Norton 360 for gamers or a VPN. With Norton 360, you get everything you need and benefit from the many functions.

Bitdefender Antivirus: the must-have when it comes to security programs

Bitdefender Antivirus is a must-have for your device. It’s available for not only Android and IOS, but also Windows 11 and 10 and MacOS. There is no comparable software that functions this well. The software protects your device from any suspicious viruses, mal-, spy- and ransomware. You will only need the paid version if you want to protect more than one of your devices. Also, the paid version includes parental controls and a reliable VPN. Other than that, the free version offers great functionality that ensures the safety of your device.


Kaspersky offers everything you need to browse the internet safely. This software doesn’t only serve as an antivirus program, but also offers a great VPN and makes safe money transaction possible. It is available for every operating system, as well as a web-based version. You can easily use Kaspersky on several devices and connect them to your account. Depending on how many devices you want to protect, you will need a different subscription. In total, there are three different subscriptions, the cheapest one starting from about $24 per year. A huge plus point is how reliable the program works: threats do not stand a chance and are eliminated fast. However, Kaspersky needs a lot of disk space and memory for it to work properly, so make sure to have enough of it available.


McAfee is a good all-rounder when it comes to security programs. The main feature, however, is the antivirus protection, which detects virus very well and fast. With additional features such as a VPN and a Personal Data Cleanup, McAfee enables a safe internet usage. To use the program, you’ll have to subscribe and figure out how many devices you want to protect. The price for 5 devices is $39.99 a year. All in all, McAfee is a very solid program for everyone who spends much time online and doesn’t want to worry about potential viruses.

There are many security programs

Finding the best security program for your devices can be hard. Though the programs on the market are all very similar when it comes to features, they can differ severely in effectiveness. Deciding which program you want to use, mostly depends on how exactly you want to protect your devices. If you are afraid of viruses, look for a security program with a reliable anti-virus protection. Some programs are good all-rounders, offering more than enough protection for the daily use.

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