The best Hard Drive Performance Utilities for your Computer Set-Up

Over time, our computers tend to slow down. Most of the time, this has to do with the hard drive getting on in age and exhaustion. But you don’t have to renew your computer just because it isn’t what it used to be. But there are tools that can help with that: Hard Drive Performance Utilities! What options you have and how to use them – find out more by reading on!

A native tool provided by Windows – Optimize Drives

This tool will help you analyze and understand any issues with your system. Once it has found problems, it can proceed to fix whatever is wrong.

To do this, you have to tell the program which drive you want to diagnose by selecting it after you enter the Windows Administrative Tools where you can click on “Defragment and Optimize”. Once you have selected the drive and chosen what you want the tool to do with it, you can lean back and let the program do its job.

Anvil’s Storage Utilities

This system is relatively easy to understand and employ. It will run several tests and randomized ops, and it will simultaneously show you various results on screen so you can actually see what is happening. This is a very well-thought-out tool to help you make the best out of your tech!

Disk SpeedUp

This tool can give your HDD a speed boost when you need it! It doesn’t matter how many drives are connected to your laptop or PC, it will take care of them all. Analyzing, Defragmentation, Optimization: Disk SpeedUp does it all.

While it sounds a lot like Windows’ Optimize Drives, Disk SpeedUp boasts a few more features that come in handy. Especially great: it can shut down your computer once it is done. This way, you don’t have to spend time, you could otherwise use to work, to run the program. You can just start the process and head out to campus, work, or maybe just go to bed without having to worry about the computer running needlessly the whole night.

Razer Cortex

This system might just be for you! It’s especially popular among the folks that want to make full use of everything their set-up has to offer. PC gamers will profit off of its system being split into two parts: the System Booster and the Game Booster.

The System Booster will clear your browser history, the cache and the random junk files that you haven’t gotten around to tossing yet.
The Game Booster will in turn minimize background processes that can impact your gaming experience. It will also make adjustments to your system configurations to make games run more smoothly, with clearer graphics and less buffering. Additionally, it’ll defragment the files that need defragmentation that have an impact on the game.

HD Tune

You have probably already used or at least heard of this: HD Tune. It is a basic tool that is especially useful as a diagnostic utility, as it will show the reading speed at its Max., Min. and Average.


How to get the tools:

Most of the tools can be found with a quick online search. You will find that some even offer free, slimmed-down, versions as well. Whichever works best for your requirements is up to you, and you have a wide variety of Hard Drive Performance Utilities to choose from.

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