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The best free office suites you need to download

free office suites

The best free office suites you need to download

Writing on your computer can be very hard, especially if you’re missing the right tools. Office suites help you create the perfect documents, whether this is for educational, personal or work purposes. There are even many office suites you can choose from, in case you don’t like a particular one. Here’s a list of the best and free office suites.


LibreOffice has to be included in such a list. It has been known as a very reliable alternative to other office suits – and it is completely free. You can benefit from the wide range of features that LibreOffice has to offer. By downloading LibreOffice, you don’t only get the writing program, but a Calc, Impress, Draw, Math, and Base program – all of them suitable for different purposes. Users can even download different templates and more extensions. LibreOffice is one of the best of its kind and won’t disappoint you.

WPS Office Free

If you can bear with a few ads here and there, WPS Office Free will prove itself to be a good program for you. It contains of three different programs that are equivalent for Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The only downside is that this WPS Office Free is not available for any Apple devices, but only supports Windows, Android, and Linux. However, users will come to love WSP Office Free for its clean interface and its PDF reader.

Google Docs

Google Docs is for the people who work from different devices and still want to access all their documents. You just need a Google account, so your documents can sync on computer as well as mobile devices. Other than that, Google Docs works pretty intuitively and provides its users with a Sheets and Slides program as well. Keep in mind, however, that Google Docs has problems with imported files. If you import Word files, for example, it is possible that Docs cannot read some fonts or other things, meaning the file will look different from the original. Other than that, Google Docs is your go-to program.


OpenOffice is one of the oldest alternatives to Microsoft Word. It offers users a wide range of programs: Write, Calc, Impress, and Base as well as drawing and math. This enables users to make use of the program efficiently and for different purposes. Due to OpenOffice supporting the most common file formats, there should be no problems in terms of compatibility. Though the interface seems somewhat old-school, the program works well.


FreeOffice enables its users to write, make presentations and create spreadsheets. The compatibility is very good, as FreeOffice supports older Microsoft files and allows users to convert their files to PDF or even ePUB, which other programs cannot do. You will get used to the interface rather quickly, since it does not differ much from similar programs. It doesn’t lack any big features. However, if you rely on tools like TheSaurus, you might have to avoid FreeOffice. Apart from that, FreeOffice is a very solid and free office suite.

There are many free office suites you can rely on

If you know where to look, you can find many free office suites that will get you through your (work) life. These programs do not lack in anything and work just as reliably as expensive programs. In the end, it is probably a matter of looks when it comes to these programs.

Boris Diedrich

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