Sysinternals Toolbox

This Sysinternals Toolbox is a convenient setup routine you can use to install direct links to the popular programs on your Windows PC.

The Sysinternals Suite

Are you also using the awesome tiny tools of the Sysinternals Suite for Windows? They are so very helpful but still, there is no easy way or setup to get them on your PC.

The Sysinternals Toolbox

The Sysinternals Toolbox by George Lewe does the job.

What you might not know is, that the Sysinternals utilities can be directly accessed via Sysinternals Live. There is no need to download the executable files to your hard disk. All you need to do is to map a drive letter to // and then call the program directly from there.

The Sysinternals Toolbox assumes that you have mapped drive S: to that location. What it does is, create Start Menu entries for the Sysinternals tools so you can easily launch them as any other program on your Windows PC.

The setup routine offers the most commonly used tools from the Suite and you can select between a “complete” and “compact” set of them. Or, if you like, select only those you need.

Read more about it here:

Sysinternals Toolbox


How To Map a Drive to the Toolbox

  1. Open File Explorer (shortcut: Windows key + E);
  2. Right click This PC (or Computer) and select Map network drive from the context menu;
  3. Choose S: from the Drive drop-down list;
  4. Enter into the Folder box;
  5. Click Finish to confirm mapping the drive.

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