Star Music Tag Editor

A neat and handy tool to edit music tags on your mobile.

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Our Score

License Free (Ads)
Link Play Store
Neat user interface, search and edit, support art covers, lyrics and most other tag information of mp3 files.
Editing synced lyrics is not supported.

It lacks some fun when you are listening to a song on your device that shows you a blank art cover with no information about its title, artist, genre and other helpful details.

To keep your collection of music files in complete form with useful information and make it easy for browsing by category, you can make use of tag editors to add or edit metadata to the files.

On desktop, both TagScanner and Mp3tag are our Editor’s Choice for the best free MP3 tag editor. If you’re using an Android device, this mobile app Star Music Tag Editor is an excellent option too.

Star Music Tag Editor is a capable and convenient tool to edit tags of mp3 or other supported audio files on the go. It is a decent and capable app not noticeably inferior to a powerful desktop tag editor.

After installing the app, it scans all your audio files on your device and lists them by song or folder. You can also choose to browse your mp3 collection with the app by album, artist, genre or even by calendar based on the days you added the songs to your device.

Editing the tags of audio files is a breeze with this app. Give a keyword of an artist’s name or an album title, and you can auto search art covers easily. Picking a picture from your gallery for the art cover is also supported.

Other tags that you can edit using the app include song title, artist, album, album artist, year, genre, disc number, track number, comment, composer, lyrics, etc.

Searching lyrics with this tag editor is a bonus. Type a few keywords and tap Search, and it gets you the nearest Google search result, where you can select and copy the text. Moreover, the app automatically pastes it into the Lyrics field after copying. To end editing, tap Keep to save all tags into the audio file.

As with most tag editors, this app supports unsynced lyrics only.

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