How is Gizmos’ Freeware Managed and Funded?


1. Management

Our website is a cooperative and collaborative project so the management structure is loose rather than formal.  However in principle, the hierarchy looks something like this:

Gizmo:  He’s the site owner so he has the final say.

Planning Group:  This is a group of editors headed by Gizmo involved in setting the objectives for the site and ensuring they are implemented.  It also plays a role in coordinating the site’s different activities and projects. Each member of the group has a specific area of responsibility.

Chris.P:  Looks after site promotion and traffic development
Jojo: Ensures orphaned articles are maintained
George: Site technical management
MidnightCowboy: Editor coordinator, spam management and general project facilitator

Project Groups:  We have a series of project groups that undertake particular projects such as the development of the site's Security Wizard. Each project group has a leader, usually one of our editors,  responsible for managing the project.  Project groups operate from the project forum within the restricted access editors forum.

Any category editor or moderator can apply to join one or more of these groups.  To join just go the appropriate forum thread and leave a message. You can access the group forums here

2. Funding

Gizmo has made it clear that this site is not intended to run as a money making exercise.  It must however at least cover its costs and fund site development if it is to remain viable.

Until January 18, 2010 Gizmo funded the site from his own pocket.  Since then we have been selling Gizmo labeled merchandise and asking visitors for donations.

In January 2011 we introduced a limited amount of advertising on the site. These ads are only visible to anonymous users.  Our aim is to minimize ads rather than maximize income so we only run enough ads to pay for costs not covered by donations and merchandise sales and fund the future development of the site.