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The only screen capturer that is rich with features, and supports for an editor, webcam, scanner and uploader.

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Snap multiple screens, active window, regions, window object and scrolling window; capture via a quick-capture bar, hotkeys or system tray; delayed capture; built-in editor and uploader; scanner and webcam support.
Requests for free registration on start up.

Screenshot Captor is rich with features and supports multiple screens, full screen, selected or fixed region, active window, window object or scrolling window. It is the only capture facility that can take a self-portrait from a Webcam, and acquire images from a scanner.

Usage is simple and straightforward. You have an option to grab an image from a quick-capture bar, hotkeys and shortcuts, or with a right-click on the icon in the system tray.

Once an image is captured, the program shows a pop-up dialog to take a quick action. The dialog is optional, together with many other configurations available for you to set the program to run in the way you want.

Screenshot Captor is complete with a built-in editor, which is useful when you need to add text and special effects, such as borders, shadows, watermarks and other enhancements, to the captured image immediately without looking for another image editor.

What’s more, Screenshot Captor has add-on tools and an uploader to a free image hosting service ImageShack, for which you will need to explicitly configure it to use such service as any files that you’ve uploaded may be exposed to the public and not be removable.

This program has a portable version, and is free for individual and small-business use. You may register and use it forever with a permanent license from DonationCoder, with or without a donation.

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