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You wont be surprised to find InkSell specializes in eh ... inks!  However they do sell cartridges, laser toners and papers as well though we didn't check how keen their prices were for these latter items. Actually, they are a division of Acecom Inc, a San Antonio IT products distribution company that have been around for about 15 years.

Unlike many of the sites we reviewed, InkSell make their own compatible cartridges and inks. They quite rightly claim this gives them great control over quality. Certainly we can confirm the quality of their products -  they were as good as the original manufacturer's cartridges. However we are not able to say that they are necessarily superior to those offered by other vendors of compatible cartridges.

The site is well laid out and easy to navigate. Just click on the brand of your printer and then select the model from a comprehensive pull down list.

Sensibly, you are presented with all the cartridges and refill kits for that model.  Why sensibly? Because oddly enough, many sites display the black cartridges on different pages to the color cartridges and the refills on different pages again.  Now that makes no sense to me.

This site is powered by the "Yahoo Store" e-commerce software,  and registered Yahoo users will benefit from a simplified purchase dialog. However even if you are not Yahoo-registered, on-line purchase is straight forward.  Those  cautious of web purchasing, can buy over the phone.

Prices were sharp and so was the service. For logistic reasons, we took the $4.95 FedEx second day delivery option rather than the $3.95 5-7 day USPS choice and sure enough the cartridges arrived at our doorstep 2 days later.  However in our pricing comparison with other sites, we listed the shipping at the regular low rate of $3.95.

Return of the goods was a little more problematic.  A rather too earnest sales clerk gave us a hard time as to why we were returning the goods.  In the end, there was no problem getting our money pack.  Pity about the cross-examination!

Overall  a well thought through site with a good product range and some great prices.

Web Site:
Credit cards accepted Amex, Discover, MC, Visa, PayPal
Checks accepted Yes Money orders accepted Yes
Order by phone Yes Order by fax Yes
International orders accepted No Customer service hotline Yes
100% satisfaction guarantee Yes Return Period 30 days
Cost of our order $33.80 Shipping cost  $3.90 USPS, $4.95 FedEx 2 day 
Total cost: $37.70

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