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Update August 2009: Following on some adverse user comments this site can no longer be recommended.  Not sure what has happened to this site since we last tested it but whatever it is, it's not good.

Here we have yet another site where we could find out very little about the company. OK, we discovered they are based in Las Vegas and that they specialize in inkjet and laser supplies but that's about it.

Fortunately belong to BizRate  and here, they get excellent customer ratings for customer service.  This certainly helps lift one's confidence in the company.

The site is a clean "catalog" layout with photos of current specials right on the front page. Each time  we visited there was a popup window offering free shipment "today" This may well be a permanent feature but we don't know. Accordingly, we could not take it this into account when comparing pricing.

The site features a search box by original equipment  part number right on the home page.  Excellent. More sites should offer this as it really speeds up finding the cartridge that you want.  

If you don't know the part number then you can click on your printer brand in which case you get a new page with a drop down selection by printer model.

It all works very smoothly and in no time we had our shopping basket full with our standard test selection of cartridges.

Prices were good. Not the cheapest but not the dearest either and the free shipping certainly helped.

Checkout went smoothly. Because we had more than 4 cartridges we got free USPS shipping as well. There were several other shipping choices ranging right up to next day air but we stuck with the free service even though it was the slowest option.

Well slow it was. Eleven days actually, but with the current state of of the US postal service performance, it was not unexpected.

The return policy offers both 100% satisfaction and a 1 year warrantee on compatible cartridges against failure or defective. Now none of our cartridges were defective - we simply asked for our money back to test their guarantee.   

First we phoned to get an RMA number.  Here we were challenged why we were returning the goods and we said "no reason, we just want our money back"   Bad move. They insisted on a reason.  Eventually we said that we had selected the wrong cartridges.  Bad move. They offered us the correct cartridges instead of a refund. Eventually it was sorted out and we got our 100% refund (excluding shipping) amicably and promptly.

Some companies offer a "100% satisfaction guarantee" will take returns with no questions asked.  Clearly is not one of these companies.

Mind you, they were totally friendly about it all.  But they wanted a reason and that was it!  Once they had been given a reason, our money was promptly refunded.

Summary: Reasonable prices plus a good web site that quickly allows you to select what you want. Worth visiting to they if they are still offering free shipping, in which case they could prove to be very cheap indeed.

Web Site:
Credit cards accepted Amex, MC, Visa
Checks accepted Yes Money orders accepted Yes, cashiers checks as well.
Order by phone Yes Order by fax Yes, mail and email too.
International orders accepted No Customer service hotline Yes
100% satisfaction guarantee Yes Return Period 1 year
Cost of our order $39.90 Shipping cost  $4.50 USPS,  5+ cartridges free 
Total cost: $44.40

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