Inkjet Printer Cartridges: Review of Global Inkjet

toggle-button  is a Californian based company that supplies OEM,  compatible and remanufactured cartridges as well as refills.

The web site has that modern clean and uncluttered look which makes locating information easier. However no search box is provided, instead you select your printer brand and then select by cartridge or printer type.

A few beefs here.  The cartridge model numbers are abbreviated and this makes it difficult to determine whether you have the right cartridge. For example when we were looking for a Canon BCI-3eBk but all we could find was BCI-3.  Now to someone in the industry, it may be obvious that these are the same thing but the average end-user knows no such thing. It's just a source of confusion.

Another beef. OEM, compatible, remanufactured and refills are all shown under the same model number which is a good thing,  however the text describing the different items is not clear enough. The refills in particular, should be relabelled as such to clearly differentiate them from other products.

Having got that off my chest, it is fair to say that ultimately I did locate the products I wanted and that online purchase was simple and straightforward. Our order  arrived in good condition 4 days later.

Prices for the compatible cartridges we purchased were way lower than OEM cartridges but were bettered by most of the other sites in this review.

The return of the goods again was straightforward. We just obtained a return authorisation number via an email request and sent the goods back. Our credited card was quickly credited, though, as usual our shipping costs were not refunded.

Note that Global we not give you a refund if the cartridges have been used.  This seems to be in contradiction to their stated policy of 100% satisfaction. Go figure.

Overall we judged Global good enough to warrant recommendation but note that sharper prices are available elsewhere.

Credit cards accepted Amex, MC, Visa, Discover
Checks accepted Yes Money orders accepted Yes
Order by phone Yes Order by fax Yes, email too.
International orders accepted Yes Customer service hotline Yes
100% satisfaction guarantee Yes Return Period 30 days
Cost of our order $58.96 Shipping cost  $5.00 priority mail, over $50 free 
Total cost: $58.96

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