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Best Free Browser Protection Utility 6 years 7 months ago Wolfram

A small warning for those who believe that sandboxes are "impenetrable":

Bromium Labs has released an interesting study called ”Application Sandboxes: A Pen Tester’s Perspective.” The study analyzes several publicly available application sandboxes such as Google Chrome, Adobe Reader, SANDBOXIE, Dell Protect Workspace and BufferZone.

The experts used several attack techniques, including sandbox bypass, sandbox leakage, and sandbox vulnerabilities.

The report shows that while off-the-shelf exploits are blocked by most of the sandboxes, OS kernel exploits and OS user mode exploits are easily achievable - on SANDBOXIE, BufferZone and Protected Workspace.

The full article is available here:

Nevertheless, browsing the Internet with a "sandboxed browser" provides a much safer experience, than without it.-

Best Free Browser Protection Utility 6 years 6 months ago Wolfram


LUKE: I'm not afraid.
YODA: Ohhh... but you will be, you will be.

("The Empire Strikes Back", 1980)

I really wish you, and to all the users of Sandboxie (including myself!), to NEVER have any infection.

But, in my opinion, there is no "absolutely safe" sandbox. There might be, somewhere, on the Internet, unknown threats - able "to bypass" any sandbox.

Some extra caution never hurts.-

Best Free Browser Protection Utility 6 years 6 months ago Wolfram

Mr bo.elam, I will try to answer, briefly, to your questions.

I will start with my quote from "StarWars". Here is the required explanation:

You stated that you have used Sandboxie for almost five years. Without ever been infected. (I suppose you are using SB as a "browser protection utility".) But tomorrow, or maybe next year, you might get infected. And, suddenly, you will be scared. So, do not be so over-confident in Sandboxie's capabilities.

Today you are not worried? Tomorrow you might be!

There are countless users who are running many other programs under SB; and not only Internet Explorer. Quite often, they use Sandboxie as a "testing enclosure". When a "legitimate" program runs under SB, you do not have to worry. But when you test a so-called "crack", or a "keygen", or "a hacking tool", or a "Trojan prototype", or who knows what else, then, well, you should be worried - at least, a bit. Even if Sandboxie is properly configured, even if the access, to the Internet, of the tested programs, is limited, SB is not invulnerable. (Unless you have a "Registry changes monitoring tool"; and/or a reliable "Recovery Solution", of course.)

In what concerns your statement about Bromium Labs - trying "to sell something" -, please be so kind and show us where is located their "offer" - on the PDF titled "Application Sandboxes: A Pen-Tester's Perspective". I have not seen it. So, where is it?!

And even if it would be somewhere, no one is forcing us to buy something from them.

Do you have any tangible proof that Bromium Lab tests were made only to influence people to buy one of their advertised products?

You are asking me to mention "notorious cases of infected SB users".
But I am not a detective. The purpose of my post is a strictly informative one.

You must accept the fact that those who are studying applications' vulnerabilities - including those existing in Sandboxie -, are not willing to make public the results of their extensive researches. Instead, they prefer to sell them, for a lot of money, to certain, "obscure entities".

Why should a team of Russian IT experts, for example, who work for FSB (the former KGB), tell the people that they discovered, in their beyond imagination endowed lab, how can a Sanbox[i]ed web-browser be "bypassed", using a very special exploit they invented?! The people must remain "convinced" that their beloved app - Sandboxie -, is "invulnerable". Especially when someone "never infected" is "dangling" them, in his lap: "Rock-a-bye, baby, thy cradle is green (...)"

We never know what the future might bring (bad). Relying only on Sandboxie, for our protection, might not be enough. Preventing Malware requires a multifaceted approach. If, by accident, a little malefic program (partially) escapes from Sandboxie's sandbox, and stretches its tentacles to the heart of the Operating Systems, AND the Antivirus is not detecting its attempt, then, indeed, we might have a problem.

Sandboxie is a very good tool for reducing "the Surface Attack" of a Windows-based system. But trusting 100% in Sandboxie is unacceptable.-

(Forged Java Runtime Application "Trusted" SSL Certificates, and their "compromised" on-line validation, is what worries me most.)

Best Free Browser Protection Utility 6 years 6 months ago Wolfram


I know that you are well intended. I like your pragmatic thinking.
I also know that you are working very hard, as a volunteer, in order to make Gizmo's Freeware a very useful website - which is worth visiting. I really appreciate your work. Therefore, I do not intend to argue with you about Sandboxie's virtues.

In fact, the truth about this program's strengths and weaknesses is best known only by its developer, Ronen Tzur. And, maybe, about those who broke the program's protection; and accessed its source code.

My intention is not to create panic; or to destroy Sandboxie's "credibility".
I just want that all the users of Sandboxie to remain vigilant.

I also want to put the readers' minds to contribution. To invite them to think on their own. For example, to ask themselves: if Sandboxie is so brilliant, so useful, so easy to configure, so safe, why it has not been adopted, yet, by the major enterprises and businesses - at least at the individual workstation level? Why it is not widespread?

There is something inaccurate in your last comment: I NEVER stated, in my previous post, that I - and I underline the word "I" -, that I am testing "Cracks", "Keygens", "Trojans", and other malefic programs. Simply because on my Wintel machine I use ONLY Freeware. :)

Also, if you would have read more carefully what I wrote, you would have discovered that I assumed that YOU are using Sandboxie (mainly) as a browser protection utility. Not me.

And yes, you are right: maybe I am a little too much worried about the future. But, in our days, who isn't?

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. And today is a gift. That is why it is called present." - Grand Master Oogway

Best Free Anonymous Surfing Services 6 years 6 months ago Wolfram

I just have found an interesting article about 'How to protect ourselves from hackers'. It is available here:

One quote from the article:

"According to the Trustwave’s 2013 Global Security Report, cyber-security threats are increasing as quickly as we can implement measures against them. Hackers have lots of different ways to steal your private data and information. And the main reason why hackers go after your personal information is identity theft!

Over the past year, there have been roughly 12.6 million victims of identity theft – or, to put it into perspective, one victim every three seconds. No matter how safe you think you’re being online, chances are you’re making at least a few mistakes that compromise the integrity of your personal information."

About Hotspot Shield:

"Hotspot Shield VPN is the ultimate Internet security solution that secures your browsing session, detects and blocks malware, protects your privacy and allows you to access blocked sites. Hotspot Shield is available both as a free VPN and a paid Hotspot Shield Elite subscription.

Key Benefits to using Hotspot Shield:

- Secure your web session, data, online shopping, and personal information online with HTTPS encryption.

- Protect yourself from identity theft online.

- Secure your IP address for your privacy online and private browsing.

- Access all content privately without censorship; bypass firewalls.

- Protect yourself from snoopers at Wi-Fi hotspots, hotels, airports and corporate offices.

- VPN client works on both wireless and wired connections. Provides Unlimited Bandwidth. [!!]

- Works on PC and Mac, including new operating systems (Windows 8 and Mountain Lion)."

Even if their product has received many awards - including from CNN, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Business Week Intl. -, I would like that the editor of this rubric to test the FREE version of Hotspot Shield; and then, to tell us his opinion about the program.-

Best Free Anonymous Surfing Services 6 years 5 months ago Wolfram

For those tempted to use TOR:

"Snoops can identify Tor users given enough time, experts say"

A recent academic paper shows “that Tor faces even greater risks from traffic correlation than previous studies suggested.” In other words, one of the world's best tools for keeping online speech anonymous is at risk in a previously known—but now even clearer—fashion...

Best Free Adware-Spyware-Scumware Remover 5 years 11 months ago Wolfram

Is there any (free) application able to protect us against the following threats (spyware / malware)?:

CAPTIVATEDAUDIENCE - which is used to take over a targeted computer's microphone and record conversations taking place near the device
GUMFISH - which can covertly take over a computer's webcam and snap photographs
FOGGYBOTTOM - which records logs of Internet browsing histories and collects login details and passwords used to access websites and email accounts
GROK - which is used to log keystrokes
SALVAGERABBIT - which ex-filtrates data from removable flash drives that connect to an infected computer.

The above mentioned programs are designed to circumvent all known encryption tools by capturing the information before it's encrypted.

More about these little-monsters, here:

What do you advise us to do? How can we protect our PCs against such "impossible to detect menaces"?

CM Security AppLock AntiVirus 3 years 1 month ago Wolfwarg

The great level of protection this app offers, maby because you spend so much time with it that you dont have time to put malicious software on your phone? It never shut up, calling you to do this, to do that, etc. Then it ask you to call is family home, and they are as talkative as it is.

LogMeIn No Longer Offering A Free Service [Updated] 6 years 1 month ago Wollongong_Geoff

I have been a user of Teamviewer for a few years and for me it is a "must have". Prior to discovering Teamviewer I used VNC and Windows Remote Desktop before that.

I use it mainly to help maintain the computers of many friends and family on both sides of the world, and as a simple way to transfer large files. There is an Android version that allows me to run it from my tablet, so I can view my home computer (or anyone else's) from anywhere. Brilliant! It adjusts the screen resolution to a viewable (or custom size) then changes it back when the session is done.

The only hiccup I have ever had was a few months ago the when programme started warning me that it suspected I had been using it for commercial purposes. I emailed Teamviewer assuring them that I never had. The warning hung around for a few weeks then disappeared.

For regular users I recommend setting up an account (free) and adding to it the computers you regularly connect to, then connecting to another computer can be as easy as one click.

LogMeIn No Longer Offering A Free Service [Updated] 6 years 1 month ago Wollongong_Geoff

Hi lrthames. No, the remote computer can be set up with a permanent password which allows access to an unattended computer (provided Teamviewer is running on the remote side and you know the password of course

Get Your Free Windows 10 Upgrade and Keep Using Your Current Windows Version 3 years 8 months ago Wollongong_Geoff

2 related questions:

1) Is there a way to run a Windows 10 upgrade alongside the original Windows 7 as a dual boot arrangement? My best guess so far would be to create a disk image of Windows 7, upgrade to Windows 10 and then, reinstal the Window 7 image to a different partition. Alternatively, upgrade to Windows 10, rollback to Windows 7, download an ISO of Windows 10 and instal to a separate partition. I am guessing it would not be as simple as just downloading a Windows 10 ISO and installing it using the security key from the original Windows 7?

2) Also, once upgraded to Windows 10, how would one do a fresh clean instal of Windows 10 once the July 29th free upgrade deadline has passed? For example, onto a new HDD. The answer to this may actually provide an answer to my first question too.

Get Your Free Windows 10 Upgrade and Keep Using Your Current Windows Version 3 years 8 months ago Wollongong_Geoff

Thanks Nodrog. Yes you are right about a full disk clone. I actually meant was a partition clone. I have restored partition clones to identical sized partitions but it can be a bit hit and miss that's for sure. I guess with a lot of these things it is a matter if just trying and seeing what works.

My situation is that I have 2 identically configured (apart from the CPU) computers in separate locations that I work between for a period of months at a time. As primitive as it may seem I have found that the easiest way for me to work between the 2 is to actually swap out the system HDD each time I change locations. Perhaps surprisingly, Windows 7 just reboots beautifully on each machine without having to be reactivated. It will be interesting to see how the Windows 10 upgrade handles being moved between the 2, or if it handles it at all. Only 1 way to find out! :)

Get Your Free Windows 10 Upgrade and Keep Using Your Current Windows Version 3 years 8 months ago Wollongong_Geoff

Great idea! And both machines actually have full Windows 7 licenses too so it is all above board. Thanks for the suggestion. :)

Get Your Free Windows 10 Upgrade and Keep Using Your Current Windows Version 3 years 8 months ago Wollongong_Geoff

UPDATE: As an experiment I installed Windows 10 from USB onto a new clean partition using my Windows 7 product key. Surprisingly (to me anyway) it all worked. It accepted my Windows 7 product key, completed the instal, and registered my entitlement to Windows 10. It also took care of the dual booting. So I now have Windows 7 and Windows 10 running happily alongside each other. No need for any risky rollback and I can take my time easing into Windows 10. :)

How to get a free legal copy of a Windows 7 installation disk 5 years 3 months ago woodsey492

Just need a windows 7 repair disk or Install disk, where can I find one to download?

Best Free Mega Web Browser 6 years 6 months ago woodshed

Running windows 7 64bit, do you want a good reliable 64 bit browser,
using firefox version 23 then you should try Cyberfox version 23 this is firefox running in true 64 bit

Best Free Tune-up Program For Computer 6 years 6 months ago woodshed

Glarys utilities does have a defragger

Best Free Tune-up Program For Computer 6 years 2 months ago woodshed

What about PrivaZer everyone is rating this.

Best Free HDR Software Samples 4 years 11 months ago Woody00069

I have been trying to find. these downloads all over the place. this is awesome and I`ll be coming back. telling all my friends about the site.

Inkjet Printer Cartridges: Review of Carrot Ink 6 years 4 months ago wordworker

Avoid Carrot Ink at all cost! They were great when they started, but then they sold out and their quality hit the toilet!!

Poor reliability, inconsistent performance, horrid customer service, cartridges that don't get the picture, right?!?!?

Carrot Ink? Nope. Carrot Stink!!

Best Free Color Picker 6 years 10 months ago Wowo

Color comes in 3 dimensions, red, green, and blue. Hence, color is best visualized in 3d. It allows for a common sense visualization throughout the spectrum.

Best Free Screen Session Recorder 5 years 5 months ago wozie

I have tried Jing and it forces you to signup for an account with them before you can use the software, what a load of rubbish, they dont even give you the option to trial the software without signing up.

I quit and uninstalled straight away.

Best Free Screen Capture Tool 5 years 5 months ago wozie

I have just tried Jing, bit disappointed because after the install I had to "log in" to the program to be able to use it which meant signing up for ANOTHER account on another website, more usernames and passwords to remember, there isnt even an option to try the program without "logging in". Needless to say I have quit the application without signing up and logging in and have uninstalled the program, a bit of a waste of time so wanted to let everyone else know its not very good.

Best Free iPhone Apps 6 years 12 months ago Wpgesser

In search of my holy grail:

An App that meshes contacts and agenda (like I had in my nokia)

What I'm looking for: When I receive a call, to be able to automaticaly setup an appointment (with contact data from the caller) and have that appointment linked to the contact..... Is it something so dificult????

How to Help Freeware Authors and Get Some Free Goodies at the Same Time 4 years 10 months ago wraith808

Actually, you can donate to any member of the site using DonationCredits. It's to facilitate the spread of freeware/donationware and anyone that is a member can host their software and promote it on the site.

Thank You for Donating 1 year 7 months ago wraith808

Done! I'll gladly give a donation or join a membership site, but don't turn off my adblocker for anyone. Too much bad stuff out there that comes through Ad networks.

Best Free Clipboard Replacement Utility 3 years 8 months ago wreckage

I'm very surprised you have said that Ditto is so good. I have just installed it and it's terrible! Firstly, the Help file says to highlight a stored entry and hit Enter to paste. That doesn't work. Secondly, It opens behind the System Tray window (My taskbar is on the right side (vertical) on my screen) so I can't get to the clipboard items. It can't be dragged higher by its border. Yes. I know I can fix that by moving its icon onto the Taskbar.
Thirdly, it doesn't remember formatting! What good is that? It pastes only text.
I'm sticking with CLCL for the time being, although 1Clipboard (by the same people who brought you PicPick) looks promising. All it's missing is 'instant paste' when the stored item is clicked.

Best Free Adware-Spyware-Scumware Remover 5 years 6 months ago wreckage

Has anybody used ADWCleaner? I'd love to see some efficacy tests on that package.

Some good things have been said about it.


How to Create a Bootable Rescue CD 1 year 4 months ago wreckage

I would love to see an update of this article to encompass Windows 10 and UEFI boot, etc.

The Best Free Screenshot Tool I Have Used 5 years 5 months ago wreckage

Wow! For a moment there I thought I'd found a replacement for PicPick, but no.
ShareX... I can't print from the 'annotate' (edit) window. What are you thinking??
How the heck do I print an image after I've edited it without saving it then printing from another program? Hoo, boy. Add a 'print' feature and you've got a winner.

The Best Free Screenshot Tool I Have Used 5 years 4 months ago wreckage

Hello, Jaex.

Great work! Adding the 'print' button is a great help. Now, who needs PicPick? ;-)

I have downloaded the latest version but your print button is not present. Can you please advise when this version will be available?

Nimbus Note 5 years 2 weeks ago wreckage

If Nimbus sync'ed with Google Tasks which I can see in Thunderbird on my PC, it would be perfect. At the moment I'm using GTasks which does, but I believe it is Android-only.

Autoruns 3 months 2 weeks ago wreckage

I've been using Starter for many years and thought that seeing as AutoRuns is regarded as better that I'd give it a go.
The silly program does not even have an option of adding a new startup program. So much for my attempt at 'modernising'.
It's back to Starter for me. ;-)

Best Free Memory Optimizer 6 years 2 months ago wsalew

Does anyone tried this clean memory app?
Using it for about a year and im satisfied with it, so i would be glad for some "professional opinion" about this software.

Best Free Program Launcher 2 years 6 months ago wsalew

I really cant understand why Executor is not on this list.

Even if the last update was on 9 nov. 2013, IMHO it is the best launcher so far. I cant imagine my PC without Executor. I had it from windows 7 up to now (win 10) without any problems - running smoothly like a charm. It is enough just to look at the web site, to see that sky is a limit for this peace of software.

I tried out the Find and run robot, Launchy and SlickRun (all on win7) but Executor was the fastest, and with much more options than all of them. It is good for newbies but also for the experienced users. And it is completely free!

If you try it, you wouldnt be disappointed.

Best Free Telnet-SSH Terminal Emulator 4 years 6 months ago wsmwk

> Unfortunately this project [Poderosa] seems to have gone the way of the Dodo with no updates since 2006

Someone picked up the project earlier this year. Two new versions of Poderosa have been issued in the month at

A Quick Way to Change or Check your DNS Setting 6 years 7 months ago wtarkan

We are the developers of the Dns Jumper , Dns jumper is not relevant to Dns changer, and unfortunately Dns Helper's developer (he has stolen the dns Jumper's first version's code , please compare The Dns jumper's first version's release date and Dns helper's first version's release dates) spreading childish lies for example ; Dns Jumper caused him to stopping using the internet , or bluescreen ... (nonsense) Dns Jumper downloaded more than 1.500.000 times and it is the world's first portable virus - free Dns changing App , and v1.0.5 ist the worl's firs Portable IPv6 virus-free dns changing App , till now Nobody Complained like that except dns Helper's developer he try to calumniate our freeware , probably because of the lack of ability to develop better Application
Please use Dns Jumper's latest version (v1.0.5)
Best Regards TEAM

A Fond Farewell From Me 1 year 10 months ago WTNeil

Thank you for all your work. It was greatly appreciated by myself and others that I pointed towards your articles. You will be missed by many.
Enjoy your well earned retirement.

Best Free CD-DVD Burning Software 6 years 9 months ago wwcanoer

Installed imgburn using download mirror from the authors site, then soon had hijack my chrome home page. I don't know for sure if imgburn was the reason but feels suspicious. New install of Win7 x64 with McAfee Enterprise 8.8, Zemana anti-logger, anti-malware bytes, and AnVir task Mgr free. I could not get AnVir task mgr window to open (even though windows task mgr showed it as a running process), so I uninstalled, re-downloaded and then re-installed it, during re-installation it gave the two message warnings of new startup items videosaver and I opened the browser to look-up their names and found it redirected to Maybe the AnVir download was corrupted with malware. I don't know for sure. I am reverting to a backup image from this morning before installing imgburn...

Best Free Screen Capture Tool 1 year 9 months ago WykydWytch

Another good one is [mobile app] available free from the Google app store for free.

Best VPN Services for 2019 4 years 5 months ago WykydWytch

Another satisfied customer of AirVPN here. I've been with them for over a year and I believe that they do meet all of your requirements.

How to Report Malware or False Positives to Multiple Antivirus Vendors 5 years 6 months ago WZehntner

I suggest an additional link to submit false-positive samples for McAfee-GW-Edition:

The correct procedure to submit is explained here:

Background-story: in the past 4 weeks I submitted 3 times the same sample file to and each time I got the reply:
"Automated analysis was not able to determine that this file is malware. This file is
being sent for further processing and the DAT files will potentially be updated if
detection of this sample is warranted"

Finally I registered with the McAfee-community and explained my case.
Today I submitted my sample again to the new submission adress.
Hopefully they will now handle this case.

How to Report Malware or False Positives to Multiple Antivirus Vendors 5 years 6 months ago WZehntner

My false positive sample was detected when I uploaded it to virustotal.
I then submitted it 3 times to (leaving at least 7 days interval). My file was never whitelisted there.
The new email adress works better for samples that are flagged as McAfee-GW-Edition.
If you are interested I can provide the report-links from virustotal.

How to Report Malware or False Positives to Multiple Antivirus Vendors 5 years 6 months ago WZehntner

Just to clarify: both email adresses are valid.
Only if a false positiv is marked as "McAfee-GW-Edition" I would recommend the new adress. For other McAfee-findings I would still use the old adress.

How to Report Malware or False Positives to Multiple Antivirus Vendors 5 years 6 months ago WZehntner

Yes, correct, thanks.

How to Report Malware or False Positives to Multiple Antivirus Vendors 5 years 2 months ago WZehntner

Online subission for MicroWorld-eScan here:

How to Report Malware or False Positives to Multiple Antivirus Vendors 5 years 2 months ago WZehntner

Forget my above comment.
I was not aware that "MicroWorld-escan" is already listed under "eScan"

How to Report Malware or False Positives to Multiple Antivirus Vendors 4 years 2 months ago WZehntner

Thank you for providing a link for Qihoo.
Thanks to your link I recently submitted a false positiv to them.
2 days later the false positiv was taken care of.

How to Report Malware or False Positives to Multiple Antivirus Vendors 2 years 4 months ago WZehntner

eGambit (from TEHTRIS) is not listed. Submission-link for false-positiv and false-negativ is:

Best Free Drive Cloning Software 4 years 11 months ago X-Sarge

I just got done wasting over 2 hours on the AOMEI Backupper. I am doing a simple task, taking my bootable C drive and migrating it to a bigger hard drive. In essence, according to the "Free" utility software, I was doing a system clone. Fair enough. But this is NOT a free feature of the software. It is lock out. I call that cripple-ware. If you want to have that feature, then you have to jump through a hoop. Post the text they provided you on a social media site. Again, I read the reviews and thought to myself, it's worth it, press on and just do it. Two hours later, that feature never did unlocked no matter what url social media site I choose. As you can imagine I do not have faith in cripple-ware software that doesn't un-cripple. I did submit an email to their support, but, I really think a simple task like this needs NOT to be crippled so a person can finish it in a day.

How to Block Ads on Adblock Plus Paid Whitelist 5 years 2 weeks ago x4rgon

Stopped using ADBLOCK (plus or non plus) a while ago - uBLOCK - way to go !

Best Free Music Creation Software 2 years 10 months ago Xar

out of the three should I download as they are presented, or is there another way to go, or are they some what the same salfware pick one type deal

Win A Copy Of This Superb Information Manager [Updated] 3 years 11 months ago Xavier Torres

Thanks for contest. The program is very interesting. I would like to test the full version.

Website Not Available In Your Country? No Problem! 6 years 6 months ago xcal

Does not work on IE 10. on Win 8 in Canada. When I installed it for IE, all my signed-in google sites get messed up and show 404. Works ok in Chrome though.

Website Not Available In Your Country? No Problem! 6 years 6 months ago xcal

I think it was the cookies that don't translate when you access your sites while Hola is on.

Freeware Game of the Week (When your favorite Cartoon turned into a Free Game) 5 years 11 months ago xcal

Favorite Cartoon turned into a Free Game??? Pokémon started out as a card game then a video game. Cartoons were created later to further sell the game.

I thought an actual non-game cartoon had been turned into a game. This is just a re-boot of the Gameboy version.

Freeware Game of the Week (When your favorite Cartoon turned into a Free Game) 5 years 10 months ago xcal

I guess a more appropriate title would have been "When your favorite Gameboy game turned into a Free Game". I know I'm being picky... Good job on digging this up though.

On-Screen Hard Disk Activity Indicator 4 years 3 weeks ago xcal

Contrary to documentation on site, doesn't work on Win 10 Pro.

Zoner Photo Studio Free 2 years 11 months ago xcal

When it will not work without a valid registration, It is not considered "Free".

Best Free Undeletable File Remover 4 years 1 week ago XjFV845Z

I just used it. Worked well. No negatives.

Best Free Online TV Viewer 5 years 3 weeks ago XmanORE

Just d/l'ed and installed JLC's Internet TV. At startup, the program offers to update channel list but fails to contact the update server repeatedly. Went to their page to see if I could do a manual download, clicked on their Forums page, got a phpBB : Critical Error Could not connect to the database. Guessing that means I'm SOL on this one.

Best Free Streaming Music Sites 4 years 8 months ago Xojo

This is neither an article nor a review, it is a brief, naked list. As a stub it is a good start, but needs to be fleshed out. Grooveshark ( is gone as of 2015 April 30.

Site Suggestions and Feedback 3 years 1 month ago Xojo

Re: -- Jojo's page has no contact, so, here.

My Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) uses long-press on the home key to bring up the running-apps list.

Easy Way to Customize the System Folders “Computer” in Windows 7 and 8 and “This PC” in Windows 8.1 5 years 7 months ago xpclient

Yeah I second this utility. All Winaero tools are fantastic and very safe to use. The developer is a genius.

Any detections at VirusTotal are false positives, I can assure you.

Best Free Mega Web Browser 4 years 6 months ago XPer

Hi, Everyone, and here is my latest discovery- 7star browser.
Yes, it is chinese product, which some won't use (being afraid of spying-for one of reasons), but..
I'm working with it for a few days now and found it to be fast ( it's base- Chrome ), reliable (it gives me foreign radiotranslations and videos, which some browsers refuse to do, and plenty of functions; also, it has another engine- Internet Explorer ( which isn't all that exciting these days ) and auto or manual switching - depending of which site you want to open.
Try it, boys and girls, I'm quite sure You'll be glad You did. ARaa.

Best Free Mega Web Browser 3 years 5 months ago XPer

just discovered qualities of 2 browsers, which didn't want try before- AOL Shield and Secure Browser, and was pleasantly surprised :
easily installed ( Acer , Win 7 ), imported all bookmarks from my default ( Slimjet ) and started working without a hitch. Try'em, You just might enjoy.

Best Free Mega Web Browser 3 years 5 months ago XPer

Hi, Anupam,
info on AOL Shield can be found thru Google Search , link for Secure Browser can be found on Softpedia.

Best Free Mega Web Browser 3 years 5 months ago XPer

Right. However, both browsers work just fine for me, so far, and if they make money - let'em . ARaa.

Best Free Mega Web Browser 3 years 5 months ago XPer

Every Co praises its product, good example- Nano Browser does it in minute details, even repeating some statements .
Such is the reality. ARaa.
Nano Browser...It installs with "CCCP (that's USSR/Soviet Union for those in need of deciphering) setting" ,doesn't import bookmarks, doesn't have settings, its search doesn't work...nothing; that big bunch of boys & girls, pictured on Co home page, produced... what?! No wander not one download site is offering it.
Perhaps, this one "ll be to Your liking, bhai Anupam.

Best Free Mega Web Browser 3 years 5 months ago XPer

Fair point. But only to the point. Example: Panzer pointed to Nano Browser - obvious recommendation; Nano's home page gives info/descriptions and is full of praises; tested it...look in 127870. Search, by-the-way, showed no info aside from Nano's. However, Search is one very helpful tool in many cases, and gives much broader view- not recommendation, mind You, but INFO from various sources. Quite sure, general users aren't limiting themselves to reading just info on , say, browsers creators home pages, or material on GIZMO (which is one of my fav sources; others- Bleepingcomputer. Filehippo, Softpedia); and the reason is- variety of opinions, helping me to decide- to try or not this or that item . Regards. ARaa.

Best Free Lightweight Web Browser 4 years 9 months ago XPer

Hello there, Gizmoguys, and, before tech staff,- congratulations with so nicely redesigned format;
now: recently I"ve discovered Polarity browser and B.O.B Rapid browser, both are extremely small- 1 mb and 826 kb accordingly , both downloading in .exe form, to be open on the screen all that is required is to click on the icon and click 'run"; both are very fast and do everything that their big brothers do, Youtube works fine, every page I called on the screen, including foreign, opened fast, there is no freezing, nor crushing. So, I"m quite content. Perhaps, someone else will be too, when tried. Thank You. 'till we meet again. A.Raa.

Best Free Lightweight Web Browser 4 years 9 months ago XPer

here is my latest find in group of supersmall browsers- '32 bit web Browser', just 1 mb, can be downloaded as .exe and not necessarily 'saved', but just 'run'. And, just like in case with 'B.O.B. Rapid browser', little bit of manual work and tweaking required to create 'bookmarks'.
Sites are opening fast , no glitches, domestic and foreign.
Detail regarding 'B.O.B.Rapid Browser' ( sorry, I didn't mention this in my prior comment ): it doesn't open some sites on its own and resorts to opening those thru Your default browser. But the size ! The speed ! And no glitches. I've tried these two and Polarity, and am keeping them, even if just for fun
( and fun is in variety ). A.Raa.

Best Free Lightweight Web Browser 4 years 8 months ago XPer

Hello again ,
just have to add to my prior comments: there's one more browser- Maxthon Nitro ( from FlashPeak ), and it is fast; it isn't yet stable, also, it doesn't import Favorites ( You have to create them from scratch), BUT it is fast, no glitches, no crashes. Try. I'm quite sure, You'll like it. A.Raa.

CDCheck 1 year 6 months ago XsiliconX

Here is the correct, original developer's website with downloads:

Best Free Firewall Protection 6 years 4 months ago xsteveuk


I have noticed that Online Armour
looks like they NO longer offer their firewall as freeware!

They have updated their page.
That says it no longer free..

Always enjoy this site - Keep up the good work


Tips and Tricks for Linux Mint after Installation [Mint 10 and 11] 6 years 2 months ago xtreme

hi.. how to edit Launch Application... I want to remove applications...Linux Mint 16...

tks !!!

How to Fix a Computer that Keeps Waking Up 5 years 3 weeks ago Y6F0

Try a free program called Insomnia, which keeps the computer awake when it would otherwise sleep.

I'd include a link, but the site flags it as spam. Search on insomnia lifehacker.

How to Fix a Computer that Keeps Waking Up 5 years 3 weeks ago Y6F0

Actually, insomnia lifehacker doesn't work (sorry). Try insomnia lifehacker download.

I Still Rate This Excellent Free Youtube Downloader 6 years 8 months ago yadon

I'm using EagleGet as my Youtube Downloader. It works perfectly on my Chrome and Firefox.

Best Free Non-Adobe PDF Reader 3 years 11 months ago Yankiwi

On the PDF-Xchange Editor page (Go to, click on Products, then on PDF-Xchange Editor) it clearly says: "The FREE [emphasis in the original] download of the PDF-XChange Editor may be used without limitation for Private, Commercial, Government and all uses, provided it is not: incorporated or distributed for profit/commercial gain with other software or media distribution of any type - without first gaining permission."

Best Free Non-Adobe PDF Reader 3 years 10 months ago Yankiwi

You're right that it would be clearer if they specifically stated "free version," but to give them their due, they do say that ""The FREE [emphasis in the original] download of the PDF-XChange Editor ***may be used without limitation*** for Private, Commercial, Government and all uses," etc. "May be used without limitation" says to me that the software is free to download and use, but I agree wholeheartedly that it would probably be clearer and better for them to state outright that they have a "free version" available. I would even go further and add that it would be better still for their statement about the "free version" to be more prominent than the "free download" statement I originally quoted, which was rather tucked away on their site.

Best Free Android Apps - Updated 2020 6 years 10 months ago Yankiwi

This listing of Android apps is superb, as always, but I'd like to add a small note of caution about Ringdroid. It's a great program and works well, but when I repeatedly found icons for gambling and other unwanted applications on my home screen, I finally tracked down Ringdroid as the source. As a result, I uninstalled it, as I don't need to create ringtones regularly, and I can always reinstall it briefly if I want to create a ringtone, then uninstall it again.

If anyone has reliable information that this problem is no longer happening with Ringdroid, that would be good to know, but until that is known for sure, users should be aware that Ringdroid may install all kinds of junk apps on their phones.

Best Free Android Apps - Updated 2020 6 years 10 months ago Yankiwi

Hi, Jojoyee,

Thanks for the info. I've never downloaded any app from any source other than the Google Play Store, so I'm sure it was that version of Ringdroid. I scanned with AirPush Detector, which found that Ringdroid contained AirPush, because I'd noticed occasional app icons on my home pages ("Slotto" and others). The unwanted app icons would only appear occasionally while I had Ringdroid installed, but they have never appeared since I uninstalled Ringdroid.

As I said, I really liked Ringdroid; it's a great program, does what it says it will do, and does it well, but until I'm sure that it's not going to load junk onto my phone, I'll only install it long enough to create a ringtone (which I rarely do), then immediately uninstall it. However, if others have better or newer information to the contrary, I'll be glad to hear it.

Best Free Android Apps - Updated 2020 6 years 10 months ago Yankiwi

Hi, mjuice7,

Thanks for the suggestion, but I just went to Google Play and checked out both Ringdroid apps. After reading them both, I'm quite certain that I had the one from the Ringdroid Team, and for three reasons:

1) Because of the obvious difference in the two icons (I'd never before seen the blue and white emblem in the "Social Edition" icon);
2) Because I've never heard of "song ginglin," but seem to remember reading something about the "Ringdroid Team" before; and finally (and most important),
3) Because I am cheerfully "anti-social" and heartily detest Facebook, Twitter, and all other annoying forms of "social media" or anything that even remotely smacks of that, so I would never download the "social edition" of anything!

Ringdroid is indeed a great app, but for now I'll play it safe and leave it off my phone unless I have a reason to load it in order to create a specific ringtone. I hope others enjoy it and find it "AirPush-free."

Thanks again for your post.

Best Free Android Apps - Updated 2020 6 years 10 months ago Yankiwi

Hi, mr6n8,

Thanks for your post, but I understood that difference. I was simply trying to use that difference to explain to the previous poster that one of the reasons that I knew that I had downloaded the original Ringdroid app and had NOT installed the "social edition" version from the alternate developer was that I had NOT seen that additional blue and white emblem before. Just to be sure I'm being clear, the Ringdroid I downloaded was the original Ringdroid with the icon that had only the reddish note and yellow scissors you described and did NOT have the additional blue and white emblem.

I hope this clears up any misunderstanding.


Best Free Android Apps - Updated 2020 6 years 10 months ago Yankiwi

I agree (as noted in my posts 106877 and 106897).

Thanks for your post.

How To Write Down Your Passwords Yet Remain Secure 6 years 9 months ago Yankiwi

Like many of the others who've posted here, I prefer LastPass (or Keepass) to keep my passwords safe, but if I need to write some down for any reason, I can do so with no security concerns. When I create passwords, remembering strings of random characters is way beyond the capacity of my aging brain, so I find it easier to just create little blocks of characters that I can easily remember and give them code names that will mean nothing to anyone but me.

For example, let's say that your sister's initials are PDG, born on the 27th of April, and your brother's initials are MJD, born on the 6th of May, and that you all grew up at 673 Clarkson St. Your password could then be pdG30673mjD06. Your written-down code for that could be "SisClarksonBro" (without the quotes), or even SClarksonB, if that's all you need to remember what it stands for.

Using this procedure (though you can easily invent your own - and should!), you could add blocks for Dad and Mom or anyone else you choose. However, if you want to get extra uses out of fewer blocks, especially for lower importance sites where a security breach wouldn't be life-destroying, you could, using this system, keep the "Sis" and "Bro" blocks, but vary the middle one (or the first or last, as you choose). For example, if your best friend Mike lives on Dogbreath Drive, your password could be pdG30DogbreathmjD06 and your written code for that could be SisMikeStBro or SMikeStB. If you do a series of these and can remember the constant bits, all you have to write down is your middle block (or whichever block you vary), so your written-down password list would look like:

Site 1: Clarkson
Site 2: MikeSt

Also, please remember that you're not limited to only three blocks in a password (longer is always better), nor do you have to only vary one block. It's important to make up your own system [this is not the one I use, which is of course Top Secret, but just an example I made up for this post], with the key point being to use character blocks you can easily remember because they have meaning to you, and for which you can have a simple code that will jog your memory, but no one else's.

There you have it, a written-down list of password codes that are meaningful only to you and will be utterly useless to anyone who might find your list.

Hope that helps.

Use the Search Engine Called StartPage to Protect Your Privacy 6 years 7 months ago Yankiwi

StartPage is great and I use its Advanced Search page as my home page. However, I also use DuckDuckGo for a lot of my searches. Despite its funny name, DDG likewise searches without tracking, so I have it as my default search engine in the Search field at the upper right of my Firefox screen.

Google may have the big name, but my privacy is not negotiable, so StartPage and DDG keep me blissfully Google-free.

AxCrypt. It's Good And Bad News. 5 years 8 months ago Yankiwi

I have used AxCrypt for some time now and have nothing but good things to report about it. It is excellent software, is dead simple to use, and does what it says it will do. When I had a question about something, I emailed the developer and got a prompt and informative answer.

As to OpenCandy (OC), it is of course appropriate for Gizmo's to note in any review that OC will appear during the installation process and to inform potentially unaware readers as to what OC is and how to avoid installing something they may not want. However, the AxCrypt developer is very open and honest about why he includes OC and provides clear and easy instructions for installing AxCrypt without OC.

By way of comparison, look at how Adobe tries to trick the unaware into installing McAfee Security Scan Plus during Adobe Flash Player updates. Is the Adobe update process "McAfee-infected?"

Instead of calling any program "OpenCandy-infected," it might be better if Gizmo's were to have a standard advisory note which could be inserted into the review of any software which contains OC. That brief note could then refer those readers who are unfamiliar with OC to a Gizmo's reference page which explains OC in more detail and explains how to avoid installing OC software if you don't want it.

I really appreciate all the hard work that Rob and the other Gizmo's reviewers put into researching and presenting free software choices, and I highly value the reviews in Gizmo's, but I have to say that using the term "OpenCandy-infected" for AxCrypt is unfair and unjustly maligns an elegantly simple and useful program which is well-designed, safe to install, and works well. Based on my personal experience, I recommend AxCrypt highly.

AxCrypt. It's Good And Bad News. 5 years 8 months ago Yankiwi

Just FYI, when I hover my mouse over the link for, I get a yellow WOT warning. Caveat emptor.

Great Collection of Articles and Aids for Understanding and Explaining Technology 5 years 6 months ago Yankiwi

Even "stunning" doesn't begin to do this justice. Thanks so much for sharing this profoundly useful site!

Our Exclusive Giveaway Worth $90. [Expired] 4 years 3 months ago Yankiwi

I wouldn't worry about a single warning on Virus Total, especially if it's from Blueliv. First of all, 1 warning vs. 64 "all clear" is typically the sign of a false positive by one antimalware program out of 65, which means that that single program is incorrectly evaluating the software while the other 64 programs show it as safe.

Second, I've downloaded and installed more software than I can possibly remember, always doing a fresh scan with Virus Total before each one, and I frequently find that Blueliv is throwing up a warning when the other 64 programs are giving the software a clean bill of health. I no longer pay the slightest attention to any evaluation from Blueliv and I've never had a single problem with any software I've downloaded where Blueliv has been the only warning on Virus Total. IMHO, Blueliv is useless rubbish and should be removed from Virus Total, as it can scare users away from perfectly good software needlessly.

Our Exclusive Giveaway Worth $90. [Expired] 4 years 3 months ago Yankiwi

Just FYI, I've installed the software and it comes up as Version 9.5.

Our Exclusive Giveaway Worth $90. [Expired] 4 years 3 months ago Yankiwi

I'm not currently on a computer which has the program installed, but from memory it was some blue (?) text, in the upper right quadrant of the initial screen when the program starts, which said something about purchasing or upgrading the program. I seem to recall that I clicked on that and a window popped up which asked for the registration key and provided a place in which to paste it.

Hope that helps.

Our Exclusive Giveaway Worth $90. [Expired] 4 years 3 months ago Yankiwi

I wish I could explain it, but I can only say that I downloaded and installed the software on a total of three machines owned by various family members and each time it installed perfectly. One thought: When you copied the registration code from the original email, did you by any chance happen to include a space at either end of the code? If there was anything other than the exact characters in the code, even an extra space at either end, that could be the source of the problem. Computers are anal-retentive little beasts and demand that things be exactly as they want them; otherwise, if they don't get exactly the input they want, they get surly, dig in their heels, and refuse to cooperate. Not sure if that's the cause, but it might be worth a quick check.

Good luck. Hope that helps.

Use This Free Spybot Utility to Block Microsoft Monitoring in Windows 4 years 3 months ago Yankiwi

Thanks, Vic, for this excellent find. Those of us with more than a little grey hair actually remember a time when personal privacy was both valued and respected, so any reliable program or tip which helps us to maintain what few shreds are left of that privacy is hugely appreciated.

Coming Soon To Windows 10: Find My Device 4 years 2 months ago Yankiwi

Well, my friend, if you're happy with W10, I sincerely wish you the best of luck with it. However, I have a question with regard to "The privacy issues are a non-starter as far as I am concerned. Who cares?" If "privacy issues are a non-starter" for you and you don't care about them, then are we to take it that you have no objection to posting your home address, phone numbers, date of birth, medical reports, love letters, Social Security Number (if in the U.S.), pay slips, and your list of passwords to your banking and other financial accounts? I'm not asking this to be contentious, but merely to suggest that it is quite likely that privacy issues are indeed a "starter" for you, as they are for many of us.

As to your "unshaven operatives in that seedy basement with .... earphones," that's a cute image, but a little out-of-date. Think high speed servers in a shiny new office building with software that can trawl through your personal data at lightning speed to look for whatever information MS decides it wants to take from your computer without your permission. Perhaps you're comfortable with that; many of us are not.

Why do people sign in "to let everybody know how much they're not buying in?" For the same reason that W10 enthusiasts sign in to "boast" about their latest installs: We all have our individual opinions and Gizmo's kindly offers us a place to express them. It's just that not everybody worships at the MS shrine and many of us - in my case after a 30+ year "marriage" to MS software - have finally gotten tired of the abuse and, now, the unconscionable invasion of personal privacy, so we're speaking out, and in some cases, filing for a divorce. Personally, I've already started dating Linux Mint and have found that I get treated much better and my privacy is respected, which is what I want - and deserve - from an operating system. I wish you well with yours.

Windows 10’s Fall Update Removes User Installed Applications Without Asking 4 years 2 months ago Yankiwi

Agreed. After 30 years of owning PCs, from the days of DOS through to Windows 7, I've finally accepted that Microsoft cannot be trusted and that Windows will no longer be my OS in the future. Like you, I looked into Linux distros and chose Linux Mint 17.2 Cinnamon (Rafaela) 64-bit. In the little time that I've had to play with it so far, it appears very polished, functional, and complete, right out of the box. I have some Windows-specific professional software I'll continue to need, so I can run W7 within VirtualBox or on a separate machine, perhaps isolated from the Internet so that Microsoft cannot mess with it.

I will not be bullied by Microsoft into accepting W10 or letting them control which OS or updates I install, nor will I let any OS "phone home" with data from my computer without my express permission on each occasion. My privacy is not for sale.

Speechnotes - Note Taking with Style and Ease 3 years 7 months ago Yankiwi

Thanks for the review of this potentially useful app. However, I have two questions/concerns:

A) When I clicked on the link given to the full review page, the Pros and Cons section lists the following Con: "No way to delete notes in-app." If that's the case, how are unwanted or old notes deleted, or do they just accumulate forever?

B) The bigger concern I have is that this app apparently "uses Google's Speech recognition technology." Since Google has a well-deserved reputation for violating users' privacy by acquiring, storing, and using the personal information of its users when they use Google apps, is it possible for a user to use this app (perhaps in offline mode?) without Google recording and storing every spoken/written word? For those of us who still remember and value the concept of privacy, this is a make or break issue.

It would be very helpful if someone can shed light on this.

Speechnotes - Note Taking with Style and Ease 3 years 6 months ago Yankiwi


Thanks for the prompt and helpful answer. As long as I can use Speechnotes privately offline, I'll give it a try. Thanks again for letting us know about this app and your review of it.