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Control Two PCs From One Mouse With This Freebie From Microsoft 6 years 4 months ago swfan1963

Very nice find. Thanks for letting us know. This utility is spectacular.

The Fastest Text Editor I've Ever Seen 6 years 2 months ago swfan1963

I've been using TextPad for many years, and even though there are more powerful editors, it does well for the type of work I do (reviewing application/server/FIX protocol/etc. logs a LOT). But...with Window 7, it started display the NULL character in a bizarre way, sometimes screwing up the display of characters near it. EmEditor seems like it might work better for me. It has a similar "feel" to TextPad....I'm going to give it a serious try.

Updates To My Favourite Text Finder 5 years 3 months ago swfan1963

Using the regex below I did a comparison of AstroGrep and Agent Ransack against the same folder tree / number of files, and Agent Ransack is dramatically faster. AstroGrep's results presentation is much nicer, and it saves unprintable characters when saving all result lines to a file. I do lots of FIX log searching, and that's a nice feature. However, for complex searches AstroGrep is so slow it's essentially not usable. Sigh. On that note, jko, have you figured out how to get Agent Ransack to use boolean operators? I've never been able to get it to work (short of using a regex similar to below).


Finds lines that contain both "sfe" and "mapper"

Sell Your Stuff By Simply Taking A Picture 5 years 2 months ago swfan1963

I agree with MikeR. I don't sell frequently on eBay, and have only run into a couple of problem buyers. My insistence that we communicate only through eBay's system ended the problems after a short while. I find eBay just for my needs buying and selling.

Gizmo's Freeware's Independence is Under Threat: Here's How You Can Help 2 years 3 months ago swfan1963

Disabled my ad blocker - I didn't realize it was on for Gizmo's - and I'm making a donation. Thanks for the great work!

Best Free Office Suite 4 years 2 months ago swoprofessor

I found this sight yesterday because I was looking for a 64 bit replacement for Open Office which is only 32 bit, and intend to keep it so. I just got a new PC with WIN10PRO and thought I would be as 64 bit as possible.

SO wow I thought I found gold when I found this list of "the Best Free Windows 64-bit Software"

But alas it was only Fools Gold...

Ok so I guess its really unfair to judge the list (and the webpage) on one experience, but then it is equally unfair to HIGHLY rate CRIPPLEWARE that is NOT 64 BIT SOFTWARE like the list says. I mean we are not talking some ho hum "yea its ok" review, but "EDITORS CHOICE"...

So I DL WPS, only to find out from task manager that is is not 64 bit at all, but a 32 bit program.
And then when I come here to express my disappointment, I find out that printing is disabled. I know you say it prints, but any program that watermarks a feature is making that feature useless -- would you print your resume on that, ya know that BIG JOB you were aiming at. Really? Would you ? Turn in a resume with a huge KINGSOFT across it. Go right ahead but don't be supprised when they DONT CALL YOU! :-D

So my first experience here has been HORRID at best - I didn't get a 64 bit office suite, I didn't get freeware, and the whole review is so much hoowee. But then it seems such doesn't exist -it anyone finds one please inform.

But that doesn't mean the rest are all bad ... I will keep an open mind. BUT I really really hope you learn that FREEWARE and CRIPPLEWARE are not the same - VLC is freeware - WPS is not.

You could have something really big here going forward as 32 bit dies and everything goes 64 bit. You could be the definitive sourse for 64 bit Freeware. BUT ONLY IF YOU DRAW THE LINE AND HOLD FAST TO IT -
No crippleware and no 32 bit software belong on this list.

If you do that it will be golden, if you don't it will be 'the fool'.

nuff said

Best Free BitTorrent Client 6 years 1 week ago swreynolds

I just dumped BitTorrent. For the last 2 days it has been spouting political ads while it's running. Either they've sold out, or the program has been infected. My system tests clean, though.

How to Copy and Paste in the Windows Command Prompt 6 years 9 months ago swreynolds

This doesn't work when the window fills the screen (ALT+Enter). Obviously Windows XP only. Darn.

Add Falling Snow To Your Windows Desktop 6 years 10 months ago swreynolds

A bunch of tiny spheres does not make a snowfall. Let me know when he actually produces snow flakes.

Add Falling Snow To Your Windows Desktop 6 years 10 months ago swreynolds

Thanks Phyllis, much better. I'd still like real appearing snowflakes, but these are good enough for my Christmas party.

Monitor PC Health Right On The Desktop 4 years 9 months ago swreynolds

I couldn't find I just get ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH (Chrome)
However, Firefox worked fine.

An Update For The Best Free Windows Cleanup Tool 4 years 8 months ago swreynolds

I tried CCleaner once. It removed so little junk that I didn't use it again. Look at DriveTidy or Find Junk Files if you want junk files removed. Caution, not for the feint of heart.

Time To Update Your Ultimate Boot CD 3 years 10 months ago swreynolds

What an awful pain navigating different download mirrors to actually find the iso! Even the Stalwart Major Geeks was unusable.

A Word About Spectre And Meltdown 2 years 9 months ago swreynolds

Boy is that picture of a CPU old! Intel, the processor with the problem hasn't used PGA chips for a decade.

How To Stop Desktop Notifications In Firefox, Chrome, and Opera 2 years 3 months ago swreynolds

I've known about the Chrome setting. Too bad it doesn't block all notifications.

This Free Online Tool Enlarges and Enhances Images Automatically 6 months 4 hours ago swreynolds

I fed it a couple of pictures and the difference was not

A Free App to Make Your New PC Cleaner and Faster 6 years 11 months ago syadkikar


Best Free Anonymous Surfing Services 7 years 3 months ago syah

can you help me. I can not play the game online using my college server .. please help me :'(

Best Free File-Based Backup Program 6 years 2 months ago SyDiko

In my opinion, and I'm sad it didn't make the list yet, but Cobian backup is probably the best free backup software available. UNFORTUNATELY, last Novemberish (2013) the developer has stopped releasing updates and sold off the source code, but its still free and the current version is as stable as cement. :)

Still Got An XP Machine? Turn It On Now. 6 years 6 months ago SyDiko

I think what people need to realize is security goes far beyond your operating system. A decent antivirus is all you need to lock up your computer from viral. However, your network is what should really be lock-down. No matter how secure your computer may be, what's to stop someone from accessing your machine from a whole in your LAN.

If You're Using Windows Remote Desktop You Need To Read This 6 years 3 months ago SyDiko

I'd like to shine some additional light on this topic, because technically any publicly facing computers can suffer from brute-force attacks regardless of the port. And, what I mean by, 'publicly facing' is a computer that can be accessed from the internet or outside of your network.

If you are worried about a brute-force attack on your publicly facing machine then you may want to also look into:

Changing the port of the RDP protocol
- As stated in the article, 3389 is the default RDP port, but this can be changed...GOOGLE IT!

Change the Name of your Administrator account
- Either change the name or disable the account altogether.

Set Complex passwords (10+ combination of upper, lower, and special characters) on your admin account(s)
- Shouldn't have to explain this, but complexity negates brute-force by sheer time constraints. For example, lets say you use the word password, as a password. It's already 8 characters in length, and now lets add some complexity following the above algorithm. I changed password to "p@$sw0rD* and now you have a pretty beefy 10-character password that would take any brute-force attempt something like 500 years to complete. Yeah, I don't think a hacker has the patience to wait that long, but you get my point! :)

Setting up a Home VPN
- Not to be confused with anonymous web surfing services. With a VPN, you wont need your RDP box publicly facing, therefore you are safe from brute-force attacks. However, any computer that you want to use to access your Remote PC will need to be connected to your VPN. If you forget to disconnect or anything like that, you will be subject to attack by your own negligence.

IP/MAC Filtering
- At your router level, only allow access to certain IP and/or mac addresses.

There a few more avenues for additional layers of security, but the above are the easiest to setup.

If You're Using Windows Remote Desktop You Need To Read This 6 years 3 months ago SyDiko

No problem at all. :)

If You're Using Windows Remote Desktop You Need To Read This 6 years 3 months ago SyDiko

While Remote Desktop has been around forever, its still one of the best features Windows has to offer. As an IT guy/Developer, I'm not sure how anyone that manages computers/servers could live without it!! :)

If You're Using Windows Remote Desktop You Need To Read This 6 years 3 months ago SyDiko

No problem! :)

and yeah, my solutions are hoping that you have an impatient hacker that couldn't be bothered with such trickery.

If You're Using Windows Remote Desktop You Need To Read This 6 years 3 months ago SyDiko

Probability is your friend in that sense, and I'm willing to be the odds of that happening are slim to none. What I mean is that most brute-force attacks will use algorithms that sort through lists containing thousands of passwords. You may also have algorithms that try every combination of letter, number, and special characters until it succeeds. Either way, as long as the password isn't common and its greater than 10 alphanumeric + special characters, you should be fine.

Let me also say this, no method is hack proof. However, one can apply deterrents that target patience and hopefully that'll be enough to stop any attack. This is the goal of my little write up. :)

Severe Problems with Windows August Updates 6 years 2 months ago SyDiko

For home use, automatic updates are relatively safe, but if you want peace of mind let me suggest imaging your OS partition. Basically, get yourself a 3TB external HDD (or internal if you have room in your case,)check out the disk tools section of Gizmos for free imaging software, and start taking daily and/or weekly snap shots of your OS! If you do install a bad update and your system becomes unstable, you can always roll back the image. Just make sure that your OS partition is clean (no documents, games, or media files that will drive the snap shop size over 60GBs. At roughly 60Gbs per snap shot, with a 3TB external drive you can store about 45 images.

Create Your Own Music Mash-Up From MP3 Files 7 years 7 months ago syedtalha

trying to make a mashup..!!
hope i really working :P :D

Best Free BitTorrent Client 7 years 7 months ago sysadmin-type

First, thank you all for this wonderful community.

I just switched from uTorrent to Tixati because of the ads now in uTorrent and because I saw Tixati here at Gizmo's and tried it. So far Tixati is great!

I made comments at CNET about both uTorrent and Tixati and cited Gizmo's as one main reason why I switched.

I do want to point out, just to be helpful, uTorrent is still listed as the top pick on this page:

I found that Tixati is the top pick after clicking the "review" link to this page.

Thanks again and all the best.

VirtualDub 4 years 3 months ago syspklc53

I'm new to the video editing world. I'm downloading the software because I have six .AVI files that I would like to merge into one file.
Am I in the the right place?

Controversial Advertising Program Now Being Embedded in More Software 1 year 1 week ago system.addict

With many computer users being moderately aware of the way that malware/hacks work, but even more so - worried about the consequences of infection, this article was well worded in terms of highlighting the dangers of exploitation. If the packet were to be retained in a file locally or if the receiving domain could be hacked/spoofed either server side or in the download - this could ramp up the number of initial targets by denoting vulnerable systems per the outdated applications. Even if you're a paranoid bugger, manually deciding on each and every packet that passes through your firewall - if you expected OC to interact with the web or even just explorer - you could have your vulnerabilities in a nice little bundle waiting for someone to figure out how to scoop up.

Something Interesting is Happening at Gizmo's Freeware 5 years 2 months ago systemcrash

I quite like the idea, as long as its categorized properly. So people dont think there looking in the freeware section.
Or if there is a separate site, Gizmos Paid software or something with an appropriate link on this site

Check Your PC For Signs Of A Dangerous Password Stealer 3 years 11 months ago Syzygy1

Same problem with sigcheck64

Best Free Anonymous Surfing Services 7 years 4 months ago szsjq

I would suggest adding to the list. VPNBook provides free PPTP or OpenVPN service and has servers in three countries. As PPTP client is included in most operating systems and OpenVPN is an open source project, no propriety software is needed.

Best Free Firewall Protection 7 years 5 months ago t i m Sorry for the delay in replying. If you're still searching for one, TinyWall might be a good one to consider, as it's quite low-resource usage. Of course Private Firewall, as you mentioned, would also be a good light one - and it has behaviour blocking functionality. view
Best Free Firewall Protection 7 years 5 months ago t i m As soon as I get the chance I'll definitely be checking them out again and improving as needed - thank you for the comment view
Best Free Firewall Protection 7 years 4 months ago t i m Also would like to add on that, I too had the problem of Comodo not properly uninstalling; any product that causes such problems upon removal doesn't really sit well in my books. Glad that you were able to eventually uninstall it successfully, and have found another great alternative! view
Best Free Firewall Protection 7 years 3 months ago t i m I believe most of the free ones usually offer support mostly in a community forum. Comodo, for example, has one - but I can't say how good (or not) they are, whether for the commercial or freeware version. Some products offer so-called 'premium support' for their paid versions, where one can get responses from the team themselves, instead of from community forum members. Others do have a contact form where users could contact the developers directly, but other than PrivateFirewall (more on that below), I don't experience to comment in that regard. Perhaps someone else could chime in here. Greg Salvato, CEO of Privacyware, is quick to respond to queries in regards to PrivateFirewall, and is helpful with any issues that arise from the software. So in terms of support, they are probably at the top of the group. view
Best Free Firewall Protection 7 years 3 months ago t i m The detailed review for Comodo was written back when it was the #1 choice, however others have since caught up and so, combined with other issues with Comodo, it's no longer the clear-cut #1 choice (at least for now). The biggest issue with PrivateFirewall, in my opinion, is the user interface is still not too user friendly, so the more beginner users may feel confused and overwhelmed with it. Comodo has a more simplier, user-friendly interface which they may prefer. Of course the advanced users probably won't have any problems with it. Hence why to date there is no "Gizmo's Award" for a top class freeware pick from the list. Of course that may change in the future, but right now seems more of a tie, and I felt it would be unfair to set the award when there is no clear-cut winner. Thanks for pointing that out though - I should re-word those sections to make it more clear. And I stuff rocks! view
Best Free Firewall Protection 7 years 3 weeks ago t i m Thanks for letting us know of the program - I'll certainly take a look at it. Although, on first review not sure how detailed any help manuals would be, being that it appears to be a native french site (as stated on the home page). It has also not been updated for over a year. view
Best Free Firewall Protection 6 years 9 months ago t i m That is a good idea, will look into it. Thanks for the suggestion! view
Best Free Firewall Protection 6 years 8 months ago t i m As with virtually all software agreed it certainly has its pros & cons. Depending on the user it just might be fitting for some, while others may require the more advanced-featured ones. Thanks for your comment! view
Best Free Firewall Protection 5 years 4 months ago t i m

It was previously there but on a different page, looks like they have removed it completely now and discontinued the product. Thanks for bringing it to our attention I will make the necessary changes.

Best Free Firewall Protection 5 years 4 months ago t i m

Apologies for the delay in responding but thanks for the heads up. Will update accordingly

Best Free Firewall Protection 5 years 3 months ago t i m

Thanks MrBrian, Outpost links have been updated. Seems like Online Armor has now been discontinued though. I'll probably move those to a different discountinued section..might leave the reviews up though, since they're already there as like an 'FYI' for all the ones who want to explore

Best Free Firewall Protection 5 years 3 months ago t i m

Thanks for the comment. Agree looks like Online Armor has ceased support and development, so while it's still available for download elsewhere I will probably move it to the unsupported section. Likewise for AVS firewall.

PrivateFirewall I believe the developer has not completely stopped development of the firewall; however, as far as I know they haven't been actively developing it either.

The list has been getting a bit outdated lately, over the next while I'll aim to refresh and update the list with some more current software. Stay tuned!

Best Free Firewall Protection 4 years 7 months ago t i m Hi Camile, thanks for your comment. The security wizard has been discontinued from our site at this time. I invite you to visit our forum for any questions or comments you may have on selecting the appropriate security software view
Site Suggestions and Feedback 6 years 5 months ago t i m Hello there, my name is Tim and I am the editor for the Best Free Firewall list as mentioned. Just wanted to let you know that I will be working on updating the category soon with revised / new content as necessary. Thanks for visiting and posting your comments! view
Best Free Jigsaw Puzzle and Creator 4 years 9 months ago tabletguy

For PicPuz, the new developer link is
BigJig is at version 8.26 and supports Windows 10

Free Version Of The World's Best Known Mindmap Program 2 years 9 months ago tabletguy

Also, the source code is hosted on Github. Click the "Developers" link at page bottom to see their licensing options.

A Top-Class Vector Illustration Package For Windows 2 years 9 months ago tabletguy

For some Windows 10 users, the first time starting up will take several minutes. It does NOT show any program window until after it has processed all of the fonts, although it is running in the task view window. (I started several instances when I thought it wasn't running.) Apparently, it's loading and processing all of the system fonts. One forum testor mentioned that the nightly development build didn't have that problem anymore. Hopefully that will be the case for everyone.

Sun Clock 3 years 9 months ago tabletguy

The current website link is

Best Free Web Form Filler and Password Manager 3 years 5 months ago tacenator

Has the site editor or any readers had any experience with Master Password (masterpasswordapp dot com)? Reviews, comments, security issues, ease of use, etc.? It looks very promising. I came across it from the very informative article at privacytools dot io; check it out.

How to Know If Your Computer Is Infected 5 years 6 months ago tacenator

I have no reason to believe my system is infected. TDSSKiller ran fine and found no threats. However, CCE does not work on my 64 bit system. It starts to scan and then just vanishes. This happens with any of the scan modes. It appears to be a problem as the forums at Comodo show this, but no fixes. You suggest to use Comodo Internet Security in another article, but I am leery as Comodo CCE fails and the chat failed at their website. I could not find a download page which may contain a more recent version of CCE. Not a great website. I understand you manage forums for Comodo. Can you help?



How to Fix a Computer that Keeps Waking Up 3 years 8 months ago tacenator

Open Control Panel; type power options in search and open Power Options; change the setting to High Performance (or a setting that will not allow sleep); when done with the process, like Defender, reverse this to Balanced or the Option of choice.

Stay Safe - Update Your Java Installation Now 7 years 4 months ago tacenator

Try going to Control Panel/Programs/Java. Click on the Security tab and make sure the "Enable Java content in the browser" checkbox is checked. Then you can run the Java checks at the website and download the latest version.

Then I go right back in to this checkbox and uncheck it. My default is to not allow Java. When I need it I go into Control Panel and allow it.

If You Pay For Dropbox You've Got A Treat Coming 6 years 1 month ago tacenator

When I checked OneDrive, only 15 GB unless you have an Office 365 subscription where it goes to 1TB.
I recently loaded "Box" on my new Android LG Viper and it came with 50 GB for life as a promotion, able to sync with my desktop.

Free Windows 10 for Mac and Linux Users? 5 years 4 months ago tacenator

Vic, you, I think, have been following the W10 rollout carefully? I am a (relatively) happy W7 user. I have the little "Get Windows 10" icon on my taskbar. The BIG questions here: should people be in a rush to upgrade to 10? Is it a good move? As the free upgrade is good for a year I think, is it better to wait? What, if any, will be the main advantages to upgrading to 10? Downsides?

Freeware Protection Against Accidental File Deletion 5 years 3 months ago tacenator

Can a program like this recover deleted email from a client like Thunderbird? These files do not end up in the Recycle Bin and I do not know where they go when deleted from the T-bird Trash folder. They must be a file, and they must go somewhere?

More Free Books From Microsoft. Download Yours Now. 4 years 5 months ago tacenator

Slightly off-topic, but Win 10 free offering will end soon. What is the consensus opinion(s) from the site authors and members of Windows 10? I am pretty happy with Win 7 Pro, but know that soon enough MS will stop supporting the platform. Should we be migrating to Win 10 or stay with what works? My system has the OS on a relatively small SSD with the storage and program files on the large D drive, so migration might be an issue.


More Free Books From Microsoft. Download Yours Now. 4 years 5 months ago tacenator

Thank you toktok. I have long considered Linux, but have hesitated because I need some MS Office programs. Now that they can run in a separate setup on a Linux system, I will consider when a new system is warranted. Anyone else want to weigh in on Windows 10?

A Complete Publishing Program Online For Free 4 years 2 months ago tacenator

Nice program, however I would need to pay a subscription to get any use out of it. To print or download as a PDF, you are constrained to 72 DPI which does not create a very nice document for any kind of publishing.

Copy Files Between Your PC And Your iPhone or iPad 3 years 10 months ago tacenator

I just tried the install. I did not connect a device after installation, but just clicked the dropdown box and hit register. I was told the registration key is invalid! A copy/paste from their txt file...

An Update For The Freeware Program I Use Every Day 3 years 6 months ago tacenator

I as sure we all have a fav. Think I found this in Gizmo. I love how this works and the editor is easy and works great. Really like Screenpresso! Give it a whirl:

An Advanced Password Manager That Works Online and Offline On Android 3 years 4 months ago tacenator

Jojo or anyone else had any experience with Master Password? It can be found at masterpasswordapp dot com. It looks like a unique and secure method of password generation. It appears to suffer from the clipboard fault highlighted in this article.

Pale Moon. This New Web Browser Is Far From New! 2 years 8 months ago tacenator

Thanks Rob! I know this thread is about Pale Moon, but I thought I would ask if you (and the community) have any feedback on Vivaldi, a browser that got a lot of buzz a year or so ago? Extensions are important, and it says at the Vivaldi website: "Because Vivaldi is built using the Chromium web browser project, extensions available in the Chrome Web Store can also be installed in Vivaldi. In some instances, extensions built for the Chrome browser will behave differently when installed in Vivaldi, but for the most part your favourite Chrome extensions will work just fine in Vivaldi."

Convert Files With A Right Click In Windows Explorer 1 year 8 months ago tacenator

Thanks rhiannon! I like compact programs like this one. I love Image Resizer for Windows another Explorer context menu add-in; could no longer find it on Gizmo, but think I originally found it here. Use it all the time. Quick and simple:

Check Out Our New Top Pick of Best Free Password Manager 8 months 10 hours ago tacenator

I started with KeePass, then LastPass. Over a year ago I moved to Bitwarden and have not looked back. Excellent in all ways. I have it configured so that it does not autofill the passwords or forms, but requires an extra click to fill them. This adds an extra layer of security. It works very well for me and I recommend it to others all the time. Steve Gibson, ( one of the world's top computer experts endorses LastPass in a blog, and BitWarden uses the same type of technology where your passwords never leave your computer or phone without first being totally encrypted.

Thank You for Donating 2 years 3 months ago tacenator

Wish I could donate more, but am an old geezer on a very limited income. Great site that I have followed for years; keep up the great work. Thanks Gizmo and Co.

Manage Your Customers Or Contacts For Free 2 years 3 months ago taction

Do worry!
We are consult yo, how you can manage your contact and customers in single marketing tool. Also we will help to find new potential customer for your business. pls visit CRM Business Solutions portal or send an quote -

CrystalDiskInfo 4 years 4 months ago taffa

need to check if external drive Heath

CrystalDiskInfo 4 years 4 months ago taffa

every time I Failed To Initialize This Disk did test on disk got clean.

Best Free System Information Utility 6 years 11 months ago TairikuOkami

SIV is a great replacement for SIW, actually the only freeware I could find. :P

Best Free Tune-up Program For Computer 6 years 2 months ago TairikuOkami

Wise Care 365 Free still not included? I have been using it for years and it works flawlessly on Windows 8.1 x64. I have had only one problem and when I reported it, they fixed it and released the new version the next day. Version 3.0 has nice Windows 8 looking GUI, but I do not like, that they included a pointless tray icon with it. I regularly test the best soft in this category and so far I keep Wise + CCleaner. SlimCleaner suite should also be mentioned. Privazer seems nice too, but it does not really clean that much more, but its scan takes hours stressing HDD too much. Glary Utilities could use better GUI. IOBit with its 300% speed improvement's joke is obviously out of question. :/

Keep All Your Passwords Safe With KeePass 3 years 8 months ago TAK

Absolutely fantastic!!

Workspace - Best Free Uninstaller 3 months 16 hours ago talen.storla

CCleaner includes an uninstaller.  I have used it for many years and it works very well and is routinely updated.

Best Free Mega Web Browser 6 years 11 months ago talkback10

I am having an issue with Yahoo mail and the latest version of Pale Moon. While using this browser as well as the latest FF version,it automatically reverts me to the very basic Yahoo mail format. Trying to upgrade to the newest mail version is not working. Yes I know the most recent Yahoo mail is not receiving much praise but it is better than this almost dysfunctional basic format. Basically I need to enable javascript but even with all extensions disabled it is not working. Also, the choice to do so is no longer listed under Options...Anyone else here encountered this and what is the solution? Any about:config tweaks?

Best Free Intrusion Prevention and Detection Utility for Home Use (HIPS) 5 years 12 months ago talkback10

Any other standalone HIPS that can be recommended since the original date this article was printed? Also, how is the HIPS feature rated in Private firewall?

Best Free Android Apps - Updated 2020 2 years 12 months ago talkback10

I recently bought a new Moto E4 phone with MetroPCS. The phone has a feature to block your chosen numbers calling in but it simply reroutes the call to voicemail. I need to block certain numbers from even being able to call in to my number.
Anyone know of free Android based apps that can do that?
Thank you

Is Moving From Windows to Linux The Right Choice For You? 4 years 3 months ago talkback10

I have an old E Machine T6532 desktop that currently has the original Windows XP. It has been in a closet for years but works fine. It has an 2.2GHz Athlon 64 3500+ processor. I prefer to keep the machine just for nostalgia purposes as it was the first PC I bought.Would any of the Linux distros work well on this desktop? My activities would be limited to net browsing, YouTube, email and word processing.Thank you

How to Get Rid of the Ads on the Firefox New Tab Page 5 years 11 months ago Tallguy181

I might have chosen to keep the ads if I had been able to turn them off and on. Switching to Classic only worked on one PC. Multiple attempts to switch, restarting Firefox, the PC etc. had no effect. Now set to blank on the second PC. I'm annoyed so I probably won't be switching back to Enhanced.

Best Free PDF Reader for Android 6 years 2 months ago tamxir Hi there I've just taken on this category as well as ebook readers. I'll be checking out the existing apps for any updates needed as well as those mentioned in comments suggestions. This may take me a little while, but I'm on it. Coming soon! view
Sync Your Photos and Files Between Devices Automatically 6 years 10 months ago tamxir @Festeron Thank you for that information. I'm told by the developers that the functionality and documentation is being steadily improved, so hopefully, any concerns will be addressed. It seems a lot of thought went into efficiency, so future developments are definitely worth watching. view
Sync Your Photos and Files Between Devices Automatically 6 years 10 months ago tamxir @jandbrare When I wrote this review, I decided to give more detail on how it's done than I normally would. I'm glad it's working for you. I like things that are easy, free and useful. This app ticks all those boxes. view
Sync Your Photos and Files Between Devices Automatically 6 years 10 months ago tamxir @gtowngal BT Sync isn't on the Amazon app store yet. You can download it direct from here. The apk is at the bottom of the page. I'd imagine the Kindle Fire would have a setting to allow installation from unknown sources. On Android, you can find this at Settings->Security Unknown Sources. Enabling this allows installation of non app store apps, so you can now install the app on your Kindle Fire. view
Sync Your Photos and Files Between Devices Automatically 6 years 10 months ago tamxir You're welcome. Good luck with it. view
Spotify - Music Streaming for Android and iOS now Free 6 years 10 months ago tamxir mirtma65 Here's a territories list where Spotify is available.!/article/Availability-in-ov... If it isn't available in your country, there's a web page where you can register your email address to be notified when it is. Hopefully, you won't have to wait too long. view
Spotify - Music Streaming for Android and iOS now Free 6 years 10 months ago tamxir That's what I like about Android. There are usually plenty of alternatives available. Thanks for your interest in my review. view
AppGratis - Android App Free Offers 6 years 9 months ago tamxir Hi Pattern-chaser As Fairportfan suggests, if your Kindle Fire is rooted, you can install the Google Play Store on it, then you'll have access to all apps on there. Instructions here. Otherwise, I've emailed the AppGratis developers and will report back to you once I have a reply in a reasonable timeframe. I will give them a few days to respond/ view
AppGratis - Android App Free Offers 6 years 9 months ago tamxir Not residing in Canada or the USA, I can't easily check app availability in any given country short of getting a VPN and checking each one which is not practical. There are no clues on the Developers website, but I've emailed them to find out, if that was your question. Allow a few days please so I can answer. view
AppGratis - Android App Free Offers 6 years 9 months ago tamxir I haven't heard back from AppGratis following my enquiries on your behalf. That's dissapointing. There appears to be no official direct download so you can install it on your Kindle device. A search revealed you can get a version from 3rd party sites but this isn't recommended as they are not trusted, sources, so this method is at your own risk. view
AppGratis - Android App Free Offers 6 years 9 months ago tamxir I haven't heard back from AppGratis, so I can't answer your question if I understand what it is you are asking if anything. Perhaps other readers from Canada can? view
Pixlr - Edit Your Photos Like a Pro 6 years 8 months ago tamxir To Bruce_Fraser: I did say at the end of the review, "those who are serious about taking photos with their smartphones or tablets." Most of the app functions are 'one tap' to perform. If you have a recent 10" Tablet with a screen res of 2560 x 1600 and an S Pen, you can do some decent work with it. Of course, a Mac or PC workstation with a couple of 30" LED monitors and Photoshop and a decent DSLR can do a better job, but did you miss the part about 'Free"? view
Pixlr - Edit Your Photos Like a Pro 6 years 8 months ago tamxir Hi Photo Addict See my previous reply. If you want to BE a Pro, you'd be using a workstation like I mentioned in that reply. Pixlr Express is arguably the closest you are likely to get to 'Pro' on a mobile device, short of some paid Adobe apps. I don't want to get into the semantics of 'like a Pro' with you, but to me, the FREE app is the closest to it you will get without parting with money. Smartphone and Tablet users can decide for themselves if this app does what they want. If not, go see Adobe. view
Pixlr - Edit Your Photos Like a Pro 6 years 8 months ago tamxir Hi Richardcn I would expect that many who will use this app will have no concern about metadata in their photos. For me, I use another app, "Metadata Editor" for that purpose. While that's only a work-around, I can't see a large company like Autodesk adding something that'd take away a chunk of business from their expensive desktop solutions. What they've given us for free was hard to believe when I first saw the app. Big companies can be charitable sometimes. view
Pixlr - Edit Your Photos Like a Pro 6 years 8 months ago tamxir Hi MikeR Thank you for your comments. It was only a few years ago I was dragged kicking and screaming into getting a 'Smart' Phone. I saw no reason for anything other than making calls with it. The camera only served to remind me where I'd parked my car. The cameras are a lot better now. Yes, Pixlr Express will encourage many to take their phone photography more seriously without the expense of a dedicated camera. Apps like this make it easy and more enjoyable. view
4D Compass - More Than Finding North 6 years 7 months ago tamxir The procedure is the same for Android and iOS Tablets and Phones. I picked that video demo because it got straight to the point and was short. view
4D Compass - More Than Finding North 6 years 7 months ago tamxir Glad you like it. I try to keep things interesting for everyone. view
Rain Alarm - Be Notified of Approaching Rain or Snow 6 years 7 months ago tamxir I'll have a look at that. Thanks rseiler view
Rain Alarm - Be Notified of Approaching Rain or Snow 6 years 7 months ago tamxir That's odd pratomorone. The screenshot in this review was taken on a Samsung Galaxy S3 and the app works fine on it. Were you signed in on the same Google account you use as the primary one on the phone? view
Rain Alarm - Be Notified of Approaching Rain or Snow 6 years 7 months ago tamxir I hear you crombierob. I'm im Bendigo and I know what Melbourne weather is like :). The paid version allows a lot more settings but since those features were not a part of the free version, they were beyond the scope of my review. A good Aussie alternative is an app called 'Rain?'. Just shows your nearest local radar, in your case, Melbourne. That's all it does. Have a look. When it looks like rain, fire up the app. view