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An Easy and Convenient Way to Find Out What Software and Hardware is on a PC 5 years 10 months ago sicknero

Definitely, Speccy is always my first choice for a quick rundown of hardware or if I need to monitor temperatures for any reason.

Jerry I guess software means O/S here.

Deeper into the Windows Registry 5 years 10 months ago sicknero

Good looking article Remah, I'm one of those who has learnt bits and bobs about the registry through trial and error and experimentation, miscellaneous reading etc.

This looks to be something I will need to read several times ... I think it will help me to organise and better understand what I know already and fill in a lot of gaps for me too.

Thank you.

Budding Muso? Get The Chords To Any Song On Youtube 5 years 10 months ago sicknero

Nice find Rob : )

I've tried a lot of similar software and never been hugely impressed but this actually seems pretty good.

I really like the scrolling display and chord diagrams, plus the option to switch between guitar and piano.

I've just tried it with a few songs that I already know and it seems to work well, I'll look forward to testing it with some more involved pieces later.


Budding Muso? Get The Chords To Any Song On Youtube 5 years 10 months ago sicknero

I discovered that too last night, e.g. - and

I'd debate whether that makes it useless though (for instance it could provide a useful foundation from which to work out the correct chords of a song) and also for basic guitar/bass accompaniment perhaps.

I second your sentiment however, I'd love see to this one developed further although advances in tab software possibly make it a bit redundant. As it stands though (i.e. youtube vid + scrolling chords) I'm thinking it's probably a great instrument (no pun intended sorry :p) for budding learners.

(Registration is required to process more than one song per 24 hours by the way, but it's free)

Budding Muso? Get The Chords To Any Song On Youtube 5 years 10 months ago sicknero

Oh, so does mine.

Thanks, I'd not noticed that.

The Definitive Guide to the World's Wondrous and Curious Places (Website of the Week) 5 years 10 months ago sicknero

Another great find from Rhiannon : )

Thank you.

Increase Your Browsing Speed And Privacy With Ghostery 5 years 9 months ago sicknero

I've been around the block with all or most of these I think and always come back to Ghostery.

It can require a bit of user input to get it to play nicely with other add-ons such as NoScript or cookie managers, and to be truthful I can't say I've noticed any difference in browsing speed really.

It does break some websites, or portions of them ... for instance I can never make the TSA search option work unless I whitelist the whole site.

I like having it running though and concerns over their business practises are completely groundless imo. For one thing it's a simple tick to opt out but even if you don't they are completely open about what they do, if anyone has the inclination to actually go and read the information provided on the site.

Increase Your Browsing Speed And Privacy With Ghostery 5 years 9 months ago sicknero

Oh yeah ... I just checked in detail and Ghostery was blocking the ajax search API.

I didn't look properly before because I didn't mind just whitelisting TSA globally if I wanted to do a search.

The Fastest Text Editor I've Ever Seen 5 years 9 months ago sicknero

Looks nice but the idea of having to download an installer and then downgrade it after installation just turns me off it sorry.

I've used AkelPad portable for two or three years now, it's crammed with features but manages to stay very quick and light imo.

Windows Notepad With Added Encryption Keeps Your Thoughts Safe 5 years 6 months ago sicknero

An interesting program, I really can't decide which portable folder to put it in as it seems to be a text editor, password program, and temp cleaner all in one :-)

I've always liked MemPad, which is just a text editor but it uses a proprietary file format with an option to password the file. I've no idea how strong the encryption is though to be honest.

What I like about it really is that it can create structured text files with a nested tree at the left, and an option to auto-generate dated tree entries, which makes it a very neat journal/diary program.

Essential Updates For Windows - Install Them Now 5 years 6 months ago sicknero

Windows Updates Downloader...

Having spent about five hours today updating a W7 installation from scratch, I was quite excited about this.

I gave it a test drive though earlier and I see it still requires individual installation of each update, which reverts to the same problem I have with the native Windows updater ... i.e. if I leave it unattended to install all updates, then it almost always hangs so that I end up sitting at my PC and installing small batches of updates then rebooting and installing more.

Is there really any advantage gained from this software? It looks excellent but I'm dubious as to whether it's a real time saver.

I appreciate the value of streaming with nLite but, from a vanilla factory install, I'm struggling to see what difference it would really make :/

Essential Updates For Windows - Install Them Now 5 years 6 months ago sicknero

When I tried it today (with W7 fully up to date) it gave me an error message when trying to unstall unnecessary updates.

The error message, although I'm ashamed to say I forget what it said and neglected to make a note of it, was something along the lines of "you don't need this update".

I''m curious as to how the program handles these errors in an unattended intallation.

Essential Updates For Windows - Install Them Now 5 years 6 months ago sicknero

Hi, thanks for the reply.

Sorry that was a bit garbled, re; nLite. I just meant is there any advantage if one doesn't use that.

Anyway I've downloaded a full set of updates so I'll give it a try this evening perhaps. I can imagine it probably is a lot quicker even if running multiple batches ... the native installer does take forever and is prone to failing as well for me when updating from a fresh W7 installation.

For batch files I use a small portable app called Batchrun ( which automates the whole procedure. It's excellent, if anybody else is following this conversation and like me doesn't know how to create batch files.

Essential Updates For Windows - Install Them Now 5 years 6 months ago sicknero

I've been giving the 360 Total Security software a test drive today, and one of its modules is a Windows updater (something like the one in the old IOBits Toolbox, if you remember it) which seems to work very well indeed.

Furthermore, the module not only downloads Windows updates, but it also has an option to be pointed to a local directory.

I've not tried it out yet, but I will do and post again to report on how it went.

Quickly Check Any Document For Grammar, Plagiarism And More 5 years 4 months ago sicknero

Thanks for posting, it's good to have an online resource for this as it's not something I'd use often enough to make it worth installing software on my system.

Your article by the way scores 93% for style, 79% for vocabulary and appears to be completely original :-)

Check the Health of Your Hard Drives and Storage Devices with this Free Disk Scanner 5 years 2 months ago sicknero

Nice program, very simple and straightforward.

Interestingly, when it tries to access C:\Windows\System32\mda_ntdrv.sys, Qihoo 360 TS pops up with a trojan alert (Win32/Trojan.Adware.37e) but this is the only flag shown in Virus Total (1/57).

A PDF Reader That's Portable And 20 Times Smaller Than Adobe's 4 years 7 months ago sicknero

One thing I've always liked about Sumatra is that it lets you rename and delete pdfs while they are open. This does wonders for one's workflow when working with a large number of files.

Also as previously mentioned, it makes a decent ebook reader too.

Capture And Annotate Screen Shots In Your Browser 4 years 6 months ago sicknero

For Firefox, my favourite so far is "Screenshoter" (sic).

The reason I use this rather than an extra screenshotter such as FSCapture, is that it allows me to capture whole webpages as well as just a selection or visible area.

The Faster Way To Copy Files 4 years 5 months ago sicknero

I've also had problems with TeraCopy. I've not noticed that it's ever actually missed files, but whenever I've left it alone for several hours to complete a large copying job, it has invariably frozen mid-task.

I like the W8 copier and speed hasn't been an issue for me, but I would very much like to see a verify option. I use FastCopy when I want an alternative.

Audacity - Still The Best Free Audio Editor 3 years 5 months ago sicknero

Nice software but ultimately beaten by Wavosaur imho, not least because the latter supports realtime VST processing.

A Really Nice, Powerful Clipboard Manager 3 years 2 months ago sicknero

Nice find : ) I've been through no end of clipboard managers for something that suits my needs, this one seems light and stable so far.

It appears to lack image preview but I can live with that and maybe there's some setting somewhere that I missed.

A Really Nice, Powerful Clipboard Manager 3 years 2 months ago sicknero

Hi, thanks for your reply and for a nice piece of freeware : )

When I first tried your program I saw no graphic previews at all, just locations the same as in the left hand pane. After experimenting a bit further though, I've found that graphic previews are shown for jpg files from my hard drive but not if I right click and copy an image in Firefox. For png files on my hard drive, ClipAngel shows previews for some but not all. It's not a big issue though, it's not something I would use often anyway.

The preview as it is, now that I have found it, is fine. No need at all to change that in my opinion.

I did wonder though, is there or could there be, a button to show/hide the right hand preview pane and only display the list? I know I can resize it but a toolbar button or hotkey would be handy.

Donate Now and Help Keep Gizmo's Freeware Independent and Non-commercial 6 years 4 months ago sicknero

I would like to contribute and clicking on any part of the "Donate" graphic takes me to a PayPal page which I gather is the method you've chosen.

Your post says we can do it by bank transfer, is this also managed via PayPal without needing an account?

Best Free Firewall Protection 7 years 1 month ago Sid in Extremis

Having your browser hijacked is a "minor inconvenience"?

No, it's a reason never to go near the guilty party ever again.

Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 7 years 2 months ago Sid in Extremis

Hello rmitch,

hope you have a good time with this.

One thing about defragging I've rarely seen mentioned is that many programs perform badly if hiberfile.sys and pagefile.sys get in the way. Temporarily disabling these, even on a disc with lots of room on it, can magically allow the program to do its job. I'm not sure if I'd advise the inexperienced to do this though.

One bonus with temporarily disabling the pagefile is that it gets defragged properly, something that a lot of programs don't actually seem to manage.

New Free Suite of Windows System Utilities 7 years 1 month ago Sid in Extremis

Nasty interface, little or no information on what it's going to do particularly registry 'optimizations'.

Anyone who can work out what it is doing probably knows how to sort things anyway and if you don't understand what it's doing you shouldn't run it.

Not a program worthy of these pages.

Stay Safe - Update Your Java Installation Now 6 years 11 months ago Sid in Extremis

An extremely easy way to get the latest Java is to use ninite dot com's excellent installer which avoids the possibility of nasties.

Use the Search Engine Called StartPage to Protect Your Privacy 6 years 10 months ago Sid in Extremis

StartPage is excellent. If you want to use other search engines anonymously they also offer Ixquick

It is well worth reading the Settings section as you can enable or disable various filters. These can be saved via a URL without using cookies if you are particularly paranoid.

The slight problem with DuckDuckGo is that they use Amazon servers, it's up to you to decide whether to trust them.

How to Pin Anything to the Taskbar in Windows 7 and 8 the Easy Way 6 years 9 months ago Sid in Extremis

Nice, well nice-ish as it phones home for no apparent reason every time you run it. It may well be harmless but possibly best to block it in your firewall.

Installing µTorrent (or BitTorrent) As A Portable 6 years 8 months ago Sid in Extremis

Or you could use PortableApps dot com which saves messing about.

The Simplest Way To Preview All Your Installed Fonts 6 years 4 months ago Sid in Extremis

Or you could press the Windows key, type 'fonts' (no quotes) and press return. Admittedly you'll only get Abc but heh...

Nifty Free Application Lets You Control Hundreds of Windows System Utilities in One Convenient Place 6 years 4 months ago Sid in Extremis

Excellent bit of kit, although I'll have to teach it what I've already got.

It might be an idea to link back to this utility whenever anything downloadable with it is reviewed.

Thank you vic..

Beginners Guide to Google Search (Website of the Week) 6 years 4 months ago Sid in Extremis

Sorry to be negative but that's not exactly brilliant. Some of the stuff is out of date or has been changed by Google so you access it in a different way and there's a load of stuff not covered. Also the font they are using makes it very easy to misread commands such as the required colons after several operators. There are better sites, google's included.

The Easy Way To Add Sticky Yellow Notes To Your Windows Desktop 6 years 3 months ago Sid in Extremis

When I first saw this my knee-jerk reaction was to post a sarcastic comment about Windows Sticky Notes. As I didn't really believe you wouldn't know about them I took a bit of time to look at the site.

Assuming the program can actually do all the things claimed (and I can't see why it wouldn't) it's in a completely different league to the MS version. The ability to stick notes other than on the desktop is a great idea and one I've wanted for ages.

Thanks for finding it Rob.

Check Your Internet Security, Or Locate An IP Address 6 years 3 months ago Sid in Extremis

Nice site, it's a bit slow, possibly because of this article ;)

An alternative (with lots of other fun stuff) can be found at the Gibson Research Corporation It does pretty graphics too.

Three Little-Known Windows Accessories that Will Surprise You 6 years 3 months ago Sid in Extremis

"It is present in Windows 7 and 8.x but not in the home versions."

It does not work with your version.

There is a way turn on this feature but I won't detail how as it can cause serious problems. If you are capable of finding it via the usual methods you are probably capable of not breaking things.

The Free Tool RKill Can Help Clean a Malware Infected Computer 6 years 2 months ago Sid in Extremis

Nice find vic.

Also worth noting that MalwareBytes has a Chameleon feature (under the Tools tab) that gets round nasties that try to stop it running.

Extract Files From An ISO Without Burning To CD or DVD 6 years 2 months ago Sid in Extremis

Hasn't Windows 8 got a built-in ISO viewer?

If you have 7zip you can view the contents of or extract isos

Why Are Your Photos Upside Down? 6 years 2 weeks ago Sid in Extremis

Windows Photo Viewer does this, at least the version that comes with W7. I'm sure earlier versions could do it too.

Why Are Your Photos Upside Down? 6 years 2 weeks ago Sid in Extremis

My mistake, I misread the original post, sorry.

Create Reminders On Your Desktop. No Software Required. 6 years 2 weeks ago Sid in Extremis

Funnily enough I created just such a reminder only four days ago. I find a text document useful for any additional 'stuff' like quite why you are going to see your doctor. An excellent backup to the rather nice free cross platform and portable Rainlendar.

Check For Updates For Every Program On Your PC 6 years 2 days ago Sid in Extremis

Updating programs can be useful BUT they can make errors. It is always worth checking that you really do want the suggested update. For instance, users of a well known AV program may recently have noticed that it suggested updating 7-zip to a Beta release.

I use Secunia but always check, just occasionally an update can remove functionality that you need or introduce features you really don't want (I won't say which browser has recently annoyed a lot of people by doing just that).

Clever Utility Suggests Programs That You Can Safely Uninstall 5 years 12 months ago Sid in Extremis

Hmm, I hope users are advised to remove this program once they've used it, if it bases its recommendations on other people's choices it must be phoning home and you don't want to keep something that does.

Finds of the Week: NASA Television, World Fact Book, 1,000 Lifehacks, Should I Block It? 5 years 10 months ago Sid in Extremis

That 1000 Lifehacks site doesn't appear to have any editorial control of the tips that are published. I have seen several that are wrong and at least one that is potentially dangerous.

Finds of the Week: NASA Television, World Fact Book, 1,000 Lifehacks, Should I Block It? 5 years 10 months ago Sid in Extremis

The battery ones already mentioned struck me too, putting an AAA into a circuit, possibly in series with AAs is potentially explosive as the current may exceed the AAA's capabilities.

You should only use the same type let alone size of batteries. A child suffered serious burns recently from mixing alkalines and zinc-carbons.

There are a fair few urban myths on the site as advice too.

Can I also ask that this site stops quoting Web of Trust when recommending software? Malware authors can manipulate the "data" there far too easily. Thanks.

Check Windows Processes For Viruses Easily 5 years 10 months ago Sid in Extremis

This is an excellent new feature of an already excellent program.

The Virus Total integration is not enabled by default though and the first time you use it you will have to agree to Virus Total's ToS. Well worth the small effort.

Finds of the Week: What's My Screen Resolution, GeoGuessr, Free Rhyming Dictionary, You're Getting Old 5 years 9 months ago Sid in Extremis

That screen resolution thing returns a different result in every one of the seven (7) browsers I've tried, none of them correct.

Website of the Week: FACTSlides Fun Random Facts 5 years 8 months ago Sid in Extremis

Nice site, well worth checking the accuracy of the facts though.

See How Your PC Uses The Internet In Incredible Detail 5 years 8 months ago Sid in Extremis

This looks interesting but, Version 1.0.25 beta

Probably not for everyone, yet.

Easy Way to Open Safe Mode in Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 5 years 7 months ago Sid in Extremis

Interesting, I can't say I'd need it though.

Another way to force Safe Mode if you're not good at hitting the right key (in W7 and earlier at least) is to open System Configuration (press the Win key and type System Configuration or msconfig Same result) select the Boot tab then the Safe Boot check box and (probably) the Network radio button.

I can't remember when I last needed Safe Mode, not like W9x days.

Print An Image As Tiles With Maximum Clarity 5 years 6 months ago Sid in Extremis

Nice facility.

It is worth checking whether your printer has this facility built in. For instance there's an Epson utility that will do this which gives overlaps to allow easy pasting the pieces together, much easier than a full bleed version.

Also make sure you have enough ink before starting, posters use an awful lot.

How To Block Ads On All The Leading Webmail Systems 5 years 6 months ago Sid in Extremis

It's not so much the presence of the advertisements I find annoying as their tendency to make some emails unreadable by overlapping content. There is a Firefox add-on by the same name so thanks for making me search.

Firefox Favorite: Element Properties Add-on 4 years 8 months ago Sid in Extremis

Am I being thick? How is this different to Right click > View image info, or Right click > Inspect element?

Make 2016 The Year You Start Doing Cloud Backups 4 years 5 months ago Sid in Extremis

But, if you do, make sure you encrypt everything before you do, absolutely no one provides a completely secure service.

How to Use Firefox Add-ons 4 years 4 months ago Sid in Extremis

There is a huge problem looming for all the lovely add-ons currently available. Firefox is changing a lot of stuff and many add-ons will no longer work, even those that could be made to work may not have developers willing to jump through the hoops necessary.

There are genuine forks around that aren't going to suffer like this, perhaps the alternatives would be worth exploring in an article?

How to Use Firefox Add-ons 4 years 4 months ago Sid in Extremis

You don't need Flashblock, go to Add-ons > Plugins and use the selector box on the RHS to set Flash to Ask to Activate. Just click on any content you want to run.

Using An IE Version Less Than 11? Delete It! 4 years 4 months ago Sid in Extremis

Delete it? Surely you mean update to IE11 using Windows Update?

If anyone simply deletes IE they can wreck their system.

Single-Click Access To VirusTotal To Improve Your Security 4 years 2 months ago Sid in Extremis

Did you know that Virus Total can be integrated into Sysinternals' Process Explorer and Autoruns? It's utterly brill!

Sorry, twelve years old there for a moment.

Some Amazing Google Tricks 4 years 1 month ago Sid in Extremis

It's November 3rd, 2011 all over again!


Loads Of New Free Fonts For Your PC 4 years 1 month ago Sid in Extremis

Fonts can be useful and fun, but, i you are at all paranoid about your privacy adding them to your system can add yet another way for "them" to track you. Try the facility at to see what I mean.

My Preferred File Compression/Unzip Tool 4 years 4 days ago Sid in Extremis

I love 7zip, not just for normal zipping/unzipping, it can open all sorts of other things too, well worth poking around to see what it's capable of.

It is available as a portable program as well.

Extract The Licence Keys From Your Installed Software 3 years 6 months ago Sid in Extremis

Or create a Belarc Advisor profile, I really don't like that your program requires a "Remote networked computer".

Find Out Your Current Screen Resolution With One Click 3 years 2 months ago Sid in Extremis

That screen resolution site returns bizarre results for me, YOU ARE USING 1707 x 960, YOU ARE USING 1423 x 800, You are using 1413 X 795, You are using 1173 X 660, four browsers, four wildly inaccurate results.

If you really need to know, although I'm not really sure why you'd need to, right clicking the desktop and left clicking Screen Resolution gives rather more accurate information. Sorry, that needs two clicks...

Be Brave. Try This Great New Browser. 3 years 1 month ago Sid in Extremis

Seems like an "interesting" way to make money, block the ads that a site needs to make money and replace them with ads that provide income for the browser.

I have no idea about the legality of such practices but ethically it's at best dubious.

Thank You for Donating 4 years 7 months ago Sid in Extremis

Keep it up people, you are much appreciated.


Free Commercial-Grade Antivirus For Your New PC 3 years 4 months ago siegelge

It is someone who is stripping down Windows and is distributing a pirated version. In the FAQ it states that to activate it you need to download an activator from the Pirate Bay.

How to Install Comodo Firewall 6 years 1 month ago Signalman

This seems like a great article for the installation, but after trying to follow it, I realised that the Anti-virus part has not installed.

I assumed it had , as it told me I had a successful installation, but since I don't see the " Anti-Virus" sections, I conclude it hasn't.

I would have to agree with a comment that the installation process is among the worst I have experienced. I'm not a beginner user, though also not expert, and to have reached a stage where I have everything installed, but not actually know if anti-virus is on or not is remarkable.

My problem may be because I originally had the firewall only installed, and only decided to add anti-virus today , as I am running it in XP and want to replace MSE.

Is the best way to uninstall everything from Comodo and re-start from scratch, or is there another way ?

One last observation is that my internet access seems to be disabled now, so the last time i tried manually to install AV, it now reaches 59% and goes no further, presumably because it cannot access the internet ?

Any advice appreciated.

How to Install Comodo Firewall 6 years 1 month ago Signalman


No, I had no internet access : the actual error was that my IP address could not be set or renewed ( I am on wifi using DHCP ).

I have resolved this, effectively by un-installing and re-installing.

The un-install was very painful, since windows did not recognise that Comodo was installed, and commodo did not have an un-install option. I reverted to deleting the Comodo folder, running ccleaner, removing registry entireis referring to Comodo, and then re-starting.

This still left me with no internet, so I assume some Comodo setting had restricted this, and even re-starting with Windows firewall on didn't help.

I then used the previously downloaded cav installer, and this time it worked with no issue at, and as soon as it was done, I had internet access back.

From there I used the option to add components ( ie added Firewall ) and all works well.

I can only conclude that the removal of the originally installed comodo firewall ( via windows remove programs ) did not work properly, and that the anti-virus install was incomplete, thus leaving me with a permanent issue that only complete removal would deal with.

I may have missed a removal button in comodo, but honestly, I looked a number of times and it was nowhere to be seen,

I suppose I should really un-install and re-install just to make sure I have no "bad" components remaining, but having spent hours on this today, I am not inclined.

It (seems to) work, so I will leave it and re-assess later.

Many thanks for the article, and for the reply.

Lesson for others, is to ensure previous software ( comodo & other ) are removed before adding any new components.

Cheers !

Best Free Duplicate File Remover 7 years 2 months ago Sigurros

Duplicate Cleaner is clean and doesn't include a Bing Bar (or any toolbar) in the installer - you need to update your listing! My vote for the best though, as it has more features than most of the paid guys.

Capture And Annotate Screen Shots In Your Browser 4 years 6 months ago Silver Dragon

In communication with the Lightshot developers, I learned that they also have a desktop version you can download irrespective of what browser you're using--separate downloads for Windows and Mac (see URL at end of comment). Might help if you have issues trying to use it from a particular browser. Even if you go with one of the browser add-on versions, the desktop web page is worth a look for the FAQs and some short video tutorials.

How to Convert PDF Files to Word Doc Files for Free 1 year 2 months ago Silvesterfairchildzd

I always use Acethinker PDF Converter Lite to change my PDF document to Microsoft Word file, It is a free online tool that lets you convert PDF document right from the browser. You don't have to install any additional plug-ins or add-ons.

How to Find Stuff on Your Windows 7 PC 7 years 3 months ago silveto

"Everything" search tool is a keeper. Why couldn't MS include something like this in W7. Forget so many bells and whistles and make things work and hassle free. Boy did MS really screw this feature! should have left it the way it was in XP. If you can't improve on it, leave it alone!

6 Great Alternatives to iGoogle 6 years 7 months ago simonchau

I really appreciate the list as google is shutting down its igoogle so everyone is looking for a good alternative of igoogle so currently I am using startme and found that it’s really good and completely ad free here is link so have a look and let me know it is good or not? From my point of view its really good because you can save everything in this startup page like igoogle.

Best Free Digital Image Editor 6 years 5 months ago Simple Simon

Apologies if anyone has already mentioned this, but there are two free version of PhotoFiltre.

The one reviewed here is the "lesser" version, PhotoFiltre 6.

The other, PhotoFiltre 7, additionally supports layers, though saving them only in its own ".pfi" format. It is available from the commercial "PhotoFiltre Studio X" website.

You enter the site on the news page, which has the following info at the top:

"The 3 versions of PhotoFiltre

PhotoFiltre Studio X : The most complete with layers, animated gif, 8BF, vectorial path

PhotoFiltre 7 : Version (freeware) with layers but more limited than the Studio X version

PhotoFiltre 6 : Basic version (freeware) without layers"

Hope this is of interest to PhotoFiltre fans - I was glad when I discovered it.

Happy 2014.

Use These Tricks to Recover Lost Files In Windows 7 3 years 6 months ago simple07

i just register to THANK YOU.
For no reason, Windows 7 had deleted one of my desktop folders. I wasn't able to find in the bin, in the recovery file and in all the pc. It was dissapeared without reason.
But with this trick i found a copy and all my files were there.
Keep it up! Best Regards from Italy.

How to Disable the New User Profile Menu in the Chrome Browser 5 years 4 months ago SimpleMikey

Thanks, Vic! This was very helpful. Now if someone can figure out how disable the stupid 'ghost URL' thingies that continually popup in the lower left corner of the screen, my life would be MUCh easier!

A New Browser To Rival The Best Of Them 3 years 3 months ago SimpleMikey

I just checked the EPIC browser website, and see that it DOES NOT include a built-in VPN. What it DOES include is an encrypted proxy. This seems like a good idea for private browsing, but you will have to provide your own VPN if you want that additional level of privacy. The EPIC website mentions what they consider to be security failings of VPNs. If that is true, then EPIC with a VPN might be a very good idea.

Keep All Your Passwords Safe With KeePass 3 years 3 months ago SimpleMikey

Additional cross-platform info regarding Keepass: There is a very good implementation of Keepass for Android called KeepassDroid. I store my Keepass database in Dropbox, which makes my passwords available to me on all my platforms: desktop, laptops, tablets, and phone. And now that Android apps run on ChromeOS, I have my passwords with me on my Acer R13 Chromebook, too. Problem solved.

Google Removes 'View Image' Button from Google Image Search (and what you can do about it) 2 years 3 months ago SimpleMikey

Using "Open image in new tab" has been working for me, but I will try the extension you mentioned.

No one has mentioned the other change that I find more bothersome: Google has removed the ability to search for alternative sizes of an image. What is offered by Google Image Search is most often not the largest version. I used to click on the size of the image to open a page with all the available sizes. Really useful if a thumbnail image just won't do the trick.

Wallpaper of the Week: Volcanic Lava Close Up 1 year 11 months ago SimpleMikey

Both are beautiful images, and I appreciate you pointing them out to us, as always.
Correction: Lava doesn't dry. It only solidifies as it cools.

How To Write Down Your Passwords Yet Remain Secure 7 years 2 weeks ago simplen

I am lost here. I do not see where 3$ can translate to that password. And I do not see where the various colors come in. Not a good explanation on

Amazing! Create A Windows Font From Your Own Handwriting 5 years 9 months ago simplen

A very simple process. Outcome was junk.

Best Free CAD Computer Aided Design Program 6 years 1 day ago SIMPLYFRED

i'm looking for a cad program (free) to aid me in records keeping of my past work sights mostly parking lots, public roads and highways. Any suggestions?

Best Free Email Software 6 years 11 months ago Sinbad25

Having twice in the last two month had the mail in my inbox just completely disappear, I find the endorsement of Mozilla Thunderbird as the best choice quite questionable. A check on the web indicates this is quite a common problem.

Coupled with Mozilla's recent announcement of the cessation of further development of Thunderbird has persuaded me that it's time to move on. So I'm open to suggestions on a reliable free or fee PC based email client. (Which is why I came to this site in the first place).

For those persisting with Thunderbird, I suggest they move the contents of their inbox to local folders on a frequent basis. But with caution.

In fact it was in the process of doing this that I lost my inbox contents. I had sorted just over 100 emails into sender order and had transferred a group to a topic specific local folder when zap!, the rest of the inbox disappeared.

Caveat emptor applies even with freebies!

Best Free Website Ripper 5 years 10 months ago Sine

Excuse me, I am looking for something that can schedule automatic download of web page, and it can loop for certain duration, e.g. start copying a web at everyday morning10am and continue downloading every 10 minutes till 16pm, which of these software can meet this requirement?

How to Clean and Protect Your Android Device Against Ransomware 5 years 11 months ago sinks

Once you've installed this app and run asks you to uninstall.why?if your android is infected and encrypted how will you be able to access this app

How to Clean and Protect Your Android Device Against Ransomware 5 years 11 months ago sinks

How do you access the play store if your phone is encrypted

How to Clean and Protect Your Android Device Against Ransomware 5 years 11 months ago sinks

also looked at avast website.i see what you mean about the app and the updates.thanks guys for your help

Protect Your Online Privacy and Speed up Browsing with Privacy Badger 5 years 6 months ago sinks

firefox is stopping the download.dropdown box appearing to this because its still in beta

Are Recent Patches to Windows 7/8 Letting Microsoft Spy on You? 4 years 9 months ago sinks

I'm running vista.any ideas whyim getting diverted to Microsoft windows 10 from my search bar on Firefox.have not long updated 20 updates for Microsoft.theyre a pain in the ass .Linux looks like the way for me

Got a Gmail Account? Want A Free Non-Technical IT Security Course? 2 years 11 months ago sinks

Doesn't recognise my company name ,will not register my gmail account

This Mobile Browser Offers You A Free Unlimited VPN With Maximum Privacy and Security 2 years 2 months ago sinks

Can this be used on Kindle fire

Donate Now and Help Keep Gizmo's Freeware Independent and Non-commercial 6 years 4 months ago sinks

come on people it only takes a few $$$ to keep this the best site on the web,quality freeware and forum for people that are not tech minded like me.learnt a lot from this site its priceless!!!

Thank You for Donating 6 years 2 months ago siouxzqueue


I'm brand-spanking-new to this site, and sadly; I'm a brokester. I'm so impressed with the content, and the hard work you all do to maintain it! It gives me hope that I might be able to learn enough to actually USE some of it, to improve my PC and iPad. I simply feel I must participate in some way. I pray that the little bit I give, can help out. I'll buy a cap when I get my next check, maybe be then I'll have worked up enough nerve to try out some freeware!

Thanks for being here, it means the world to many of us! I'll keep you in mind..So glad to have found you!
Siouxz OOX!

Controversial Advertising Program Now Being Embedded in More Software 5 years 5 months ago sir walter

The dangers of these types of programs is very high. Computers users may not be easily categorized but I would offer these general categories; very Knowledgeable, knowledgeable, casual, novice (in terms of computer knowledge). It seem easy enough to say that the this web site and these comments come from knowledgeable computer users, but this group is in the minority. The vast majority of users (probably world wide) probably cannot detect, grasp the nuances and avoid installing OpenCandy and its ilk. Which means that in spite of an intellectual debate that informs us enabling us to make knowledgeable decisions(like this particular discussion) the vast majority of users will unknowingly install Opencandy. How many millions of installations is that? 1,10,100 million or more? I worked on my Grandmother's PC that had slowed to a crawl and hundreds of these types of products infesting her pc, slowing it down and doing who knows what. It is this defenseless group who form the vast majority of users who will end up with this program. They are the prey. I acted in her behalf to warn her, put some protections on her PC and to give some good general advice. I think it is an obligation of the knowledgeable users to act on the behalf of those less capable, think of it as a civic service. This program should be banned because the majority of those who end up with it, were targets and not capable of acting in there own behalf.

Best Free Audio-Video Format Conversion Program 5 years 2 weeks ago Sir Winston

I wonder if iWisoft has been abandoned because it hasn't been updated for years now ?

Best Free PIM 7 years 2 months ago sirgru

There are some collaboration platforms online that are free for 1 user. They sometimes provide PIM functions.

For my private needs, I use combo of Essential PIM, ToDoList and Efficient Diary.

Best Free Online Applications 1 year 7 months ago sirpaul2

I just tried 'ClipConverted' to download YouTube audio and got an error message "ClipConverter is not available for videos containing music.'
Will look elsewhere.

I Still Rate This Excellent Free Youtube Downloader 3 months 1 week ago sirpaul2

Attempted to download and run Freemake Video Downloader on Feb. 14, 2020. One can no longer download files in HD and/or MP3 (AAC only) formats for free. I kept getting a popup to 'upgrade to a paid version' for the ability to use those features.. Bummer!!!

An Important Disk Cleanup Job after Upgrading to Windows 8.1 6 years 7 months ago sirpaul2

I'll probably stick with 'RD /S /Q %SystemDrive%\windows.old' in an elevated Command Prompt (presuming it's still allowed by 8.1). No waiting for disk scans.
Backup first, of course.