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The Best Free Screenshot Tool I Have Used 6 years 7 months ago wreckage

Hello, Jaex.

Great work! Adding the 'print' button is a great help. Now, who needs PicPick? ;-)

I have downloaded the latest version but your print button is not present. Can you please advise when this version will be available?

Nimbus Note 6 years 3 months ago wreckage

If Nimbus sync'ed with Google Tasks which I can see in Thunderbird on my PC, it would be perfect. At the moment I'm using GTasks which does, but I believe it is Android-only.

Browse and Get Millions of Wallpapers and Ringtones For Your Device 5 months 4 days ago wreckage

As Pratomorone says above... No longer free and I no longer use.

Browse and Get Millions of Wallpapers and Ringtones For Your Device 4 months 1 week ago wreckage

Ditto... :-)

Autoruns 1 year 6 months ago wreckage

I've been using Starter for many years and thought that seeing as AutoRuns is regarded as better that I'd give it a go.
The silly program does not even have an option of adding a new startup program. So much for my attempt at 'modernising'.
It's back to Starter for me. ;-)

How to Help Freeware Authors and Get Some Free Goodies at the Same Time 6 years 1 month ago wraith808

Actually, you can donate to any member of the site using DonationCredits. It's to facilitate the spread of freeware/donationware and anyone that is a member can host their software and promote it on the site.

Thank You for Donating 2 years 10 months ago wraith808

Done! I'll gladly give a donation or join a membership site, but don't turn off my adblocker for anyone. Too much bad stuff out there that comes through Ad networks.

Best Free iPhone Apps 8 years 2 months ago Wpgesser

In search of my holy grail:

An App that meshes contacts and agenda (like I had in my nokia)

What I'm looking for: When I receive a call, to be able to automaticaly setup an appointment (with contact data from the caller) and have that appointment linked to the contact..... Is it something so dificult????

Best Free Screen Session Recorder 6 years 8 months ago wozie

I have tried Jing and it forces you to signup for an account with them before you can use the software, what a load of rubbish, they dont even give you the option to trial the software without signing up.

I quit and uninstalled straight away.

Best Free Screen Capture Tool 6 years 8 months ago wozie

I have just tried Jing, bit disappointed because after the install I had to "log in" to the program to be able to use it which meant signing up for ANOTHER account on another website, more usernames and passwords to remember, there isnt even an option to try the program without "logging in". Needless to say I have quit the application without signing up and logging in and have uninstalled the program, a bit of a waste of time so wanted to let everyone else know its not very good.

Best Free Color Picker 8 years 3 weeks ago Wowo

Color comes in 3 dimensions, red, green, and blue. Hence, color is best visualized in 3d. It allows for a common sense visualization throughout the spectrum.

Inkjet Printer Cartridges: Review of Carrot Ink 7 years 7 months ago wordworker

Avoid Carrot Ink at all cost! They were great when they started, but then they sold out and their quality hit the toilet!!

Poor reliability, inconsistent performance, horrid customer service, cartridges that don't get the picture, right?!?!?

Carrot Ink? Nope. Carrot Stink!!

Best Free HDR Software Samples 6 years 1 month ago Woody00069

I have been trying to find. these downloads all over the place. this is awesome and I`ll be coming back. telling all my friends about the site.

Best Free Mega Web Browser 7 years 8 months ago woodshed

Running windows 7 64bit, do you want a good reliable 64 bit browser,
using firefox version 23 then you should try Cyberfox version 23 this is firefox running in true 64 bit

Best Free Tune-up Program For Computer 7 years 9 months ago woodshed

Glarys utilities does have a defragger

Best Free Tune-up Program For Computer 7 years 5 months ago woodshed

What about PrivaZer everyone is rating this.

How to get a free legal copy of a Windows 7 installation disk 6 years 6 months ago woodsey492

Just need a windows 7 repair disk or Install disk, where can I find one to download?

LogMeIn No Longer Offering A Free Service [Updated] 7 years 3 months ago Wollongong_Geoff

I have been a user of Teamviewer for a few years and for me it is a "must have". Prior to discovering Teamviewer I used VNC and Windows Remote Desktop before that.

I use it mainly to help maintain the computers of many friends and family on both sides of the world, and as a simple way to transfer large files. There is an Android version that allows me to run it from my tablet, so I can view my home computer (or anyone else's) from anywhere. Brilliant! It adjusts the screen resolution to a viewable (or custom size) then changes it back when the session is done.

The only hiccup I have ever had was a few months ago the when programme started warning me that it suspected I had been using it for commercial purposes. I emailed Teamviewer assuring them that I never had. The warning hung around for a few weeks then disappeared.

For regular users I recommend setting up an account (free) and adding to it the computers you regularly connect to, then connecting to another computer can be as easy as one click.

LogMeIn No Longer Offering A Free Service [Updated] 7 years 3 months ago Wollongong_Geoff

Hi lrthames. No, the remote computer can be set up with a permanent password which allows access to an unattended computer (provided Teamviewer is running on the remote side and you know the password of course

Get Your Free Windows 10 Upgrade and Keep Using Your Current Windows Version 4 years 11 months ago Wollongong_Geoff

2 related questions:

1) Is there a way to run a Windows 10 upgrade alongside the original Windows 7 as a dual boot arrangement? My best guess so far would be to create a disk image of Windows 7, upgrade to Windows 10 and then, reinstal the Window 7 image to a different partition. Alternatively, upgrade to Windows 10, rollback to Windows 7, download an ISO of Windows 10 and instal to a separate partition. I am guessing it would not be as simple as just downloading a Windows 10 ISO and installing it using the security key from the original Windows 7?

2) Also, once upgraded to Windows 10, how would one do a fresh clean instal of Windows 10 once the July 29th free upgrade deadline has passed? For example, onto a new HDD. The answer to this may actually provide an answer to my first question too.

Get Your Free Windows 10 Upgrade and Keep Using Your Current Windows Version 4 years 11 months ago Wollongong_Geoff

Thanks Nodrog. Yes you are right about a full disk clone. I actually meant was a partition clone. I have restored partition clones to identical sized partitions but it can be a bit hit and miss that's for sure. I guess with a lot of these things it is a matter if just trying and seeing what works.

My situation is that I have 2 identically configured (apart from the CPU) computers in separate locations that I work between for a period of months at a time. As primitive as it may seem I have found that the easiest way for me to work between the 2 is to actually swap out the system HDD each time I change locations. Perhaps surprisingly, Windows 7 just reboots beautifully on each machine without having to be reactivated. It will be interesting to see how the Windows 10 upgrade handles being moved between the 2, or if it handles it at all. Only 1 way to find out! :)

Get Your Free Windows 10 Upgrade and Keep Using Your Current Windows Version 4 years 11 months ago Wollongong_Geoff

Great idea! And both machines actually have full Windows 7 licenses too so it is all above board. Thanks for the suggestion. :)

Get Your Free Windows 10 Upgrade and Keep Using Your Current Windows Version 4 years 11 months ago Wollongong_Geoff

UPDATE: As an experiment I installed Windows 10 from USB onto a new clean partition using my Windows 7 product key. Surprisingly (to me anyway) it all worked. It accepted my Windows 7 product key, completed the instal, and registered my entitlement to Windows 10. It also took care of the dual booting. So I now have Windows 7 and Windows 10 running happily alongside each other. No need for any risky rollback and I can take my time easing into Windows 10. :)

CM Security Master 4 years 4 months ago Wolfwarg

The great level of protection this app offers, maby because you spend so much time with it that you dont have time to put malicious software on your phone? It never shut up, calling you to do this, to do that, etc. Then it ask you to call is family home, and they are as talkative as it is.

Best Free Mega Web Browser 7 years 9 months ago Wolfram

Bad news on the Security Front: JavaScript and Timing Attacks Used to Steal Browser Data

"Security researchers have been warning about the weaknesses and issues with JavaScript and iframes for years now, but the problem goes far deeper than even many of them thought. A researcher in the U.K. has developed a new technique that uses a combination of JavaScript-based timing attacks and other tactics to read any information he wants from a targeted user's browser and sites the victim is logged into. The attack works on all of the major browsers and researchers say there's no simple fix to prevent it."

"“There’s nothing to patch. There is actually nothing specific that can be individually fixed to prevent this,” said Robert Hansen, a security researcher and director of product management at WhiteHat Security. “It’s a really, really bad one.”"

Best Free Browser Protection Utility 7 years 9 months ago Wolfram

A small warning for those who believe that sandboxes are "impenetrable":

Bromium Labs has released an interesting study called ”Application Sandboxes: A Pen Tester’s Perspective.” The study analyzes several publicly available application sandboxes such as Google Chrome, Adobe Reader, SANDBOXIE, Dell Protect Workspace and BufferZone.

The experts used several attack techniques, including sandbox bypass, sandbox leakage, and sandbox vulnerabilities.

The report shows that while off-the-shelf exploits are blocked by most of the sandboxes, OS kernel exploits and OS user mode exploits are easily achievable - on SANDBOXIE, BufferZone and Protected Workspace.

The full article is available here:

Nevertheless, browsing the Internet with a "sandboxed browser" provides a much safer experience, than without it.-

Best Free Browser Protection Utility 7 years 9 months ago Wolfram


LUKE: I'm not afraid.
YODA: Ohhh... but you will be, you will be.

("The Empire Strikes Back", 1980)

I really wish you, and to all the users of Sandboxie (including myself!), to NEVER have any infection.

But, in my opinion, there is no "absolutely safe" sandbox. There might be, somewhere, on the Internet, unknown threats - able "to bypass" any sandbox.

Some extra caution never hurts.-

Best Free Browser Protection Utility 7 years 9 months ago Wolfram

Mr bo.elam, I will try to answer, briefly, to your questions.

I will start with my quote from "StarWars". Here is the required explanation:

You stated that you have used Sandboxie for almost five years. Without ever been infected. (I suppose you are using SB as a "browser protection utility".) But tomorrow, or maybe next year, you might get infected. And, suddenly, you will be scared. So, do not be so over-confident in Sandboxie's capabilities.

Today you are not worried? Tomorrow you might be!

There are countless users who are running many other programs under SB; and not only Internet Explorer. Quite often, they use Sandboxie as a "testing enclosure". When a "legitimate" program runs under SB, you do not have to worry. But when you test a so-called "crack", or a "keygen", or "a hacking tool", or a "Trojan prototype", or who knows what else, then, well, you should be worried - at least, a bit. Even if Sandboxie is properly configured, even if the access, to the Internet, of the tested programs, is limited, SB is not invulnerable. (Unless you have a "Registry changes monitoring tool"; and/or a reliable "Recovery Solution", of course.)

In what concerns your statement about Bromium Labs - trying "to sell something" -, please be so kind and show us where is located their "offer" - on the PDF titled "Application Sandboxes: A Pen-Tester's Perspective". I have not seen it. So, where is it?!

And even if it would be somewhere, no one is forcing us to buy something from them.

Do you have any tangible proof that Bromium Lab tests were made only to influence people to buy one of their advertised products?

You are asking me to mention "notorious cases of infected SB users".
But I am not a detective. The purpose of my post is a strictly informative one.

You must accept the fact that those who are studying applications' vulnerabilities - including those existing in Sandboxie -, are not willing to make public the results of their extensive researches. Instead, they prefer to sell them, for a lot of money, to certain, "obscure entities".

Why should a team of Russian IT experts, for example, who work for FSB (the former KGB), tell the people that they discovered, in their beyond imagination endowed lab, how can a Sanbox[i]ed web-browser be "bypassed", using a very special exploit they invented?! The people must remain "convinced" that their beloved app - Sandboxie -, is "invulnerable". Especially when someone "never infected" is "dangling" them, in his lap: "Rock-a-bye, baby, thy cradle is green (...)"

We never know what the future might bring (bad). Relying only on Sandboxie, for our protection, might not be enough. Preventing Malware requires a multifaceted approach. If, by accident, a little malefic program (partially) escapes from Sandboxie's sandbox, and stretches its tentacles to the heart of the Operating Systems, AND the Antivirus is not detecting its attempt, then, indeed, we might have a problem.

Sandboxie is a very good tool for reducing "the Surface Attack" of a Windows-based system. But trusting 100% in Sandboxie is unacceptable.-

(Forged Java Runtime Application "Trusted" SSL Certificates, and their "compromised" on-line validation, is what worries me most.)

Best Free Browser Protection Utility 7 years 9 months ago Wolfram


I know that you are well intended. I like your pragmatic thinking.
I also know that you are working very hard, as a volunteer, in order to make Gizmo's Freeware a very useful website - which is worth visiting. I really appreciate your work. Therefore, I do not intend to argue with you about Sandboxie's virtues.

In fact, the truth about this program's strengths and weaknesses is best known only by its developer, Ronen Tzur. And, maybe, about those who broke the program's protection; and accessed its source code.

My intention is not to create panic; or to destroy Sandboxie's "credibility".
I just want that all the users of Sandboxie to remain vigilant.

I also want to put the readers' minds to contribution. To invite them to think on their own. For example, to ask themselves: if Sandboxie is so brilliant, so useful, so easy to configure, so safe, why it has not been adopted, yet, by the major enterprises and businesses - at least at the individual workstation level? Why it is not widespread?

There is something inaccurate in your last comment: I NEVER stated, in my previous post, that I - and I underline the word "I" -, that I am testing "Cracks", "Keygens", "Trojans", and other malefic programs. Simply because on my Wintel machine I use ONLY Freeware. :)

Also, if you would have read more carefully what I wrote, you would have discovered that I assumed that YOU are using Sandboxie (mainly) as a browser protection utility. Not me.

And yes, you are right: maybe I am a little too much worried about the future. But, in our days, who isn't?

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. And today is a gift. That is why it is called present." - Grand Master Oogway

Best Free Anonymous Surfing Services 7 years 8 months ago Wolfram

I just have found an interesting article about 'How to protect ourselves from hackers'. It is available here:

One quote from the article:

"According to the Trustwave’s 2013 Global Security Report, cyber-security threats are increasing as quickly as we can implement measures against them. Hackers have lots of different ways to steal your private data and information. And the main reason why hackers go after your personal information is identity theft!

Over the past year, there have been roughly 12.6 million victims of identity theft – or, to put it into perspective, one victim every three seconds. No matter how safe you think you’re being online, chances are you’re making at least a few mistakes that compromise the integrity of your personal information."

About Hotspot Shield:

"Hotspot Shield VPN is the ultimate Internet security solution that secures your browsing session, detects and blocks malware, protects your privacy and allows you to access blocked sites. Hotspot Shield is available both as a free VPN and a paid Hotspot Shield Elite subscription.

Key Benefits to using Hotspot Shield:

- Secure your web session, data, online shopping, and personal information online with HTTPS encryption.

- Protect yourself from identity theft online.

- Secure your IP address for your privacy online and private browsing.

- Access all content privately without censorship; bypass firewalls.

- Protect yourself from snoopers at Wi-Fi hotspots, hotels, airports and corporate offices.

- VPN client works on both wireless and wired connections. Provides Unlimited Bandwidth. [!!]

- Works on PC and Mac, including new operating systems (Windows 8 and Mountain Lion)."

Even if their product has received many awards - including from CNN, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Business Week Intl. -, I would like that the editor of this rubric to test the FREE version of Hotspot Shield; and then, to tell us his opinion about the program.-

Best Free Anonymous Surfing Services 7 years 8 months ago Wolfram

For those tempted to use TOR:

"Snoops can identify Tor users given enough time, experts say"

A recent academic paper shows “that Tor faces even greater risks from traffic correlation than previous studies suggested.” In other words, one of the world's best tools for keeping online speech anonymous is at risk in a previously known—but now even clearer—fashion...

Best Free Adware-Spyware-Scumware Remover 7 years 2 months ago Wolfram

Is there any (free) application able to protect us against the following threats (spyware / malware)?:

CAPTIVATEDAUDIENCE - which is used to take over a targeted computer's microphone and record conversations taking place near the device
GUMFISH - which can covertly take over a computer's webcam and snap photographs
FOGGYBOTTOM - which records logs of Internet browsing histories and collects login details and passwords used to access websites and email accounts
GROK - which is used to log keystrokes
SALVAGERABBIT - which ex-filtrates data from removable flash drives that connect to an infected computer.

The above mentioned programs are designed to circumvent all known encryption tools by capturing the information before it's encrypted.

More about these little-monsters, here:

What do you advise us to do? How can we protect our PCs against such "impossible to detect menaces"?

WinX DVD Ripper 2 years 6 months ago wolfmonster

You'll find it as soon as you try it. They only seem to really offer the platinum version now... trial version (no key) only does 5 minutes of video. There may be special circumstances, like for you to do a real review, to get it for free, but the average joe, nope. pay for a license that may die one day as it forces you to upgrade to a version you need a new key for.

Try this Evernote-like Open Source Note Taking App for Free 1 year 1 month ago WoangluhLaoshoou

Thank you for this nifty utility. I hope it supports Unicode: I often need to input Chinese text

How to Work With Audio CD .CDA Files 6 years 9 months ago wmn

When converting vinyl to .wav then converting .wav to .cda, why is the original sequence of songs/music never kept?

Use These Tips and Tools to Set Up Remote Support for Friends and Family 1 year 1 month ago wmgoat

Used to use TeamViewer, was great. Now its limited to 5 minutes per session if you dont pay. I dumped it.

2 alternatives that Ive tried: Google remote desktop if you are just going into your system remotely or have a google pw on the receiving machine. Smooth operation once you get in. But doesnt work well for support because there still are a lot of people that dont have a Google account.

The other comes standard in the OS from MS: Quick Assist. Its a 2 way auth tool that gives you total control of the users screen. Ive used it several times with very new Win 10 users and with a bit of coaching, get in with no problem. Note that the user must input a code and then in the 3rd part of auth, they must allow you access, so you cant use this without user assistance at the keyboard. Its a me, you, me, you thing. Dont know when it started showing up in Win 10, but its in the latest 2 versions. Not sure about older ones.

Try Quick Assist, its working for me.

TeamViewer 1 year 1 month ago wmgoat

I support a number of people (I live in a mature adult community) and I do not get paid for my services, its volunteer. About a year ago, TeamViewer determined that I must be commercial; Im presuming because I had about 35 computers in my access list (7 of these systems were mine). They now limit my connection sessions to 5 minutes, with a wait time of 10 minutes between each session.

This was a wonderful tool and I miss it but Im not willing to pay for a licence to support users I do not charge. And I dont want to absorb the price of this volunteer work.

I dumped TeamViewer and now use google remote desktop for clients that have a google account or I use the Windows Quick Assist. I no longer have the ability to access unattended but thats not a problem since now I just require the users to be there when I access the systems. A bit inconvenient for them but thats what they have to deal with for no charge to them.

Best Free Antivirus Software 5 years 1 month ago wlinden

I installed qihoo from the link and ran a scan. Now it has DESTROYED most of my programs. None of my browsers will work, I can not access Sustem Restore or Task Manager and no way to download replacements. I am in despair. (This is coming from an IPad>. M HELP

Best Free Antivirus Software 5 years 1 month ago wlinden

I installed qihoo from your link. It DESTROYED most of my programs, including Firefox and most of my start-ups. I could not uninstall it (went into Safe Mode to delete manually, but who knows what else is there)", and can not access Task Manager or System Restore. I can not install any replacements fort he destroyed programs,keep getting "no such interface" errors.
I am running System Restore from the Ultimate Boot CD and praying.

Best Free Antivirus Software 5 years 1 month ago wlinden

Got my system back. Thank God and Gizmo for the Ulimate Boot disk. Now following instructions at [link removed as it contains links to red-rated scam software] Although the registry keys seem to be gone already. Perhaps it did not install properly in the first place.

Further baffling, now Comodo is actually running for the first time since I installed it.
[Moderators comment: Please be aware the link you posted is to a scam site that appears to be legitimate but contains links to the red-rated SpyHunter rogue software. I even detailed this a short time ago in a post below. These folks set up dozens of domains linking to this rogue software and keep changing them as each site goes red with WOT (Web Of Trust). MC - Site Manager]

A Friendly Mac-Like Program Launcher For Windows 5 years 1 month ago wlinden

I tried this and could not figure out how to use it. So I tried to uninstall it.... and not only found no uninstall information, but was completely unable to find the program files. What now?

Copy Files Between Your PC And Your iPhone or iPad 4 years 4 months ago wlinden

I got to "plug in iPhone/iPad". Nothing happens

Find Any Word, In Any File, On Your PC. Fast. 3 years 9 months ago wlie

Try DocFetcher at This program is incredibly fast. DocFetcher requires that you create indexes for the folders you want to search in. For example, I have selected My Documents. Indexing takes a long time, but then any search with lightning speed.
Later updating of the index goes significantly faster.
Supported Document Formats:
Microsoft Office (doc, xls, ppt)
Microsoft Office 2007 and newer (docx, xlsx, pptx, docm, xlsm, pptm)
Microsoft Outlook (pst) (odt, ods, odg, odp, ott, ots, otg, otp)
Portable Document Format (pdf)
EPUB (epub)
HTML (html, xhtml, ...)
TXT and other plain text formats (customizable)
Rich Text Format (rtf)
AbiWord (abw, abw.gz, zabw)
Microsoft Compiled HTML Help (chm)
MP3 Metadata (mp3)
FLAC Metadata (flac)
JPEG Exif Metadata (jpg, jpeg)
Microsoft Visio (vsd)
Scalable Vector Graphics (svg)

regards William Lie

Gizmo's Exclusive: Get This $29.95 Sync Tool Free If You're Quick! 4 years 8 months ago wldcrd (not verified)

The link at easeus just takes you to a free trial, yes, I did click on the right link.

Best Free Media Center Software 6 years 6 months ago wjs

MythTV has a Windows option that you can review. It has some of the same features as Plex including some of its drawbacks. The front end has a theme that is very close to the XBMC default theme as well.

As far as age goes.. I believe that MythTV is older then XBMC. After all it is the "Mythical" Home Theater PC software.

Also, there are several bootable distributions that would allow you to boot of a USB stick or CDRom and get the experience for brief reviews

I've been using LinHES for a whole now which does have a bootable option which would not modify your existing HD unless you asked it to.

XBMC has a free full Android implementation now that you could look into. There might be a plugin available for plex.

Inbox for Gmail Makes Your Inbox Cleaner 6 years 6 months ago Wjratz

Why even review a freeware app that is not freely available to all users. ???

Best Free Calendar, Reminder and To-Do Program 6 years 8 months ago WI_Debi

I checked out this review of reminder programs because I was looking for an alternative to Google Calendar. I had been using FireFox Reminder & loved it. Then I started having problems with FireFox on my old computer & deleted it, when meant I also lost Reminder. I switched back to Internet Explorer on Windows 7, which is what I use at work, and started using Google Calendar. When I got my new computer, I continued with Internet Explorer & Google Calendar rather than go back to FireFox. Recently, Google Calendar has become unaccessable to me (even tho I can still access my g-mail acct). It tells me I'm using an unsupported browser (Internet Explorer!) and I MUST switch to Chrome in order to be able to access my Google calendar. For that reason, I highly recommend Google Calendar be avoided. I have heard nothing but bad things about Chrome, but even if that weren't the case, I do not like being virtually blackmailed into switching to a program I have no interest in just to be able to use my Google calendar. BTW, my cell phone provider is Verizon which is highly integrated with Google and another reason I wanted to continue to use Google calendar. I am now using the Outlook Calendar which I have set to email me reminders. I was looking for something similar to FireFox Reminder to use in conjunction with Internet Explorer. I loved FireFox Reminder, but don't want to switch back to FireFox at this time.

Amazing Site Gets You Up To Speed On Any Subject 8 years 2 months ago Wizard of Odd

Robert Heinlein's Stranger In A Strange Land

Best Free Media Center Software 7 years 3 months ago Wity

Can you please tell me which software I can use to stream from my pc to devices around the home and away from it that does not need a dedicated pc and most importantly streams subtitles? (subs being essential for my deaf son.)

How to Rip to, Play and Split One-Album FLAC Files? 7 years 5 months ago witoman

This may have already been asked and answered, but here is the situation. On YouTube, there are many music albums recorded as a single file. You download this large file as an MP4 and then use a converter program to strip the audio from the MP4 into a single FLAC or MP3 file. As there is no CUE file available, one has to then tediously load the one big audio file into an audio processor program and by hand, split the album into individual FLAC or MPs music files.

Is there a free program that can just read the one large audio file, recognize the album, and then automatically chop it up into the individual songs (and even better, generate the song names)?

Get Tips On How To Improve Your Writing 7 years 2 weeks ago Withindale

Good for PR stuff. Dumbing down text from > 10 to < 5 does wonders for readability.

Changing from Windows XP? Free Help with Migrating Files and Settings 7 years 2 months ago Winedad

Would this migrating tool be any good if one was simply upgrading an existing computer from XP to Win 7 Professional (clean install) ??
What would be the alternative ?

Changing from Windows XP? Free Help with Migrating Files and Settings 7 years 1 month ago Winedad

Turns out that Windows Easy Transfer is still the best way to copy over everything on a new "clean install" from XP to Win 7

If You're Using Windows XP You Need To Read This 7 years 2 months ago Winedad

I too have, for the past year, trying to wean myself off XP - both personal and business. Installation issues of old (really old!) favorite programs
(late '90's !) had a great breakthrough for me yesterday.
In those days, the only real internet connection program for software developers was Internet Explorer. The key point is that it is embedded in the original windows platform - not deletable - so all of the "updates" etc are "on top" of the original Windows (and Dos) programming.
IE 9, IE 10, and especially IE 11 upgrades have "disabled" many of the earlier IE's abilities to handle old programs when they "upgrade" -- and their "Compatibility Centre" does not address the real issues - like being able to utilize the early 16 bit installers
Solution ? Revert back to (at least) IE 8, by going to Uninstall Programs in Control Panel -- extreme top left is "view installed updates"
Open and uninstall the IE 11 "update" (or lower). Reboot and the complete lower IE is available. Repeat - until you show IE 8 as operational. Now load your "stuff" and after installation, you can upgrade back up to IE 11

Best Free Antivirus Software 7 years 12 months ago windyctyprog

I have decided to change AV software and leave MSE behind.

I've had on-going Windows Genuine Advantage issues when MSE tries to update - every morning this week when I cranked up, I got the warning that I have to reinstall the WGA plug-in for Firefox or MSE won't work.

Regardless of the issues, it's time to leave...

So, a question:

Is it better to go with a new stand-alone top rated AV, or maybe move to a Zone Alarm suite?

By way of a little background on my schema now:

MSE running in real-time

PrevX 3.0 running in real-time

On Demand: Malwarebytes, EmsiSoft Malaware, Hitman Pro 3.7

I have used PrevX since their introduction and like it, so I would like to keep it going and obviously need something compatible.

Thanks, in advance, for your thoughts and input...

Best Free Antivirus Software 7 years 6 months ago windyctyprog


I just went through a miserable week with Ad-Aware...

I downloaded V10.5 a week ago Friday, installation went well, light on resources, didn't seem to slow down any application.

On Monday, V11 was released and things went down hill from there.

It was a mess.

On Wednesday they released another version, not an update, but another version.

I had all kinds of issues, I had to start monitoring manually, the tray, a separate .exe file, would never initialize, nothing would work.

I went to the forum, they had me delete services and other components they said were from Version 9 (how could this be, because I never installed anything from Lavasoft before V10.5).

This was supposed to be the root cause of the problems.

After I deleted what they said was a "service" from V9, nothing ever worked again - I couldn't get it to even manually start.

I also don't like the idea of having their browser protection software included, frankly I never understood if it was initialized or not. I know the toolbar was not installed, but as for the software running, I don't know.

It was listed as a separately installed program in both Windows Ad/Remove and in Geek's removal program, and even after I uninstalled Ad-Aware, I had to remove the Browser Protection separately.

I am not going to reinstall it.

Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 7 years 8 months ago windyctyprog

I have a question about Defraggler...

I have been using Auslogics Disk Defrag for a number of years, but recently uninstalled it because the length of time to run "defrag and optimize" is now over 1.5 hours, when it could be accomplished in 20 minutes or less for years.

So, I tried Defraggler.

I must be incredibly stupid because I simply can't understand why Defraggler keeps telling me that it is going to take ">1 Day" to defrag.

Even quick defrag tell me that it's going to be 5 hours.

What am I doing wrong?

This morning after running the analysis again, there were 319 fragmented files, 603 MB, out of a 250 gig HD, with 65% free space.

I have yet to complete a defrag because this is completely illogical, it simply makes no intuitive sense, when I keep reading in various forums, including the Gizmo's forum, that it is so quick.

Can anyone please explain this before I uninstall this program?

I have been using 3rd. party defrags for a few years, but I am very flummoxed by recent behavior - I can't understand why all of a sudden these programs are now taking so long to get the job done.

Nothing, and I mean nothing has changed on my system from one update to another, no new software, not in a long time.

Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 7 years 8 months ago windyctyprog

Are you recommending that I schedule Check Disk?

If so, I just ran it after I uninstalled Auslogics and installed Defraggler.

What is a corrupted mft?

What is mitch permission?

I'm sorry, but I simply don't understand the jargon.

It is not logical that, eventhough Auslogics' optimize and defrag times have increased, that Defraggler takes greater than a day to defrag.

If that's normal, than I'll look elsewhere.

Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 7 years 8 months ago windyctyprog

OK - will let you know what I find.


Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 7 years 8 months ago windyctyprog

Thanks for the help...

Chkdsk ran all night, didn't find anything.

Everything is OK, which I knew it would be.

I had just run chkdsk a week or so ago when I uninstalled Auslogics - there was nothing then, nothing now.

Not sure where to next...I am still baffled why Defraggler was taking so long in either mode, quick or full on defrag.

How to Harden Your Browser Against Malware and Privacy Concerns 7 years 10 months ago windyctyprog

My experience with Traffic Light and FF21 (also 19 and 20) has been problematic, on balance.

Lately there have been too many instances of unresponsive scripts, the latest, which drove me crazy over the past 24 hours, is:
Script: chrome://trafficlight/content/utils.js:117. I had to disable TL to get FF to run - just froze it completely.

Also, as of late, Traffic Light seems to warn me about specific sites that I know are safe, the NY Times just this morning - there was an article I clicked on from another safe site, The Atlantic, and it kept giving me the warning about an unsafe site.

I trust WOT, also installed in my FF, and it works well with my search engines Ixquick and Start Page.

How to Harden Your Browser Against Malware and Privacy Concerns 7 years 10 months ago windyctyprog

I did remove it after I wrote the original reply yesterday and my system is back to being very responsive - until the script issues came up big time this week, I didn't realize TL could slow my system down (or paralyze it) to that extreme, until you really think about the process TL goes through.

BTW, I found an additional layer from another Gizmo article this week after I removed TL - this is germane to your comment about another layer of protection.

I added Microsoft's EMET to my security mix, based on an Vic Laurie article here at Gizmo's - EMET gave me that additional layer. Since it is engineered for Windows, it runs very efficiently.

Takes a while to understand how it configures, but worth taking a look at the capability.

My hat off to all these folks at Gizmo's...

How to Harden Your Browser Against Malware and Privacy Concerns 7 years 10 months ago windyctyprog


1. A year or so ago I played around with Netcraft, an anti-phishing extension for Firefox. Not entirely sure why I removed it, but I suspect for performance issues.

2. I have the "Malware Domains" filter preferences list in AdBlock - it includes a number of phishing sites to be blocked, more added every month. The entire Malware Domains project is one I have been duly impressed with for a number of years.

3. I remember a Mozillazine posting specifically addressing an anti-phishing strategy around four (4) layered components: Secure Login or LastPass; Search Status, which displays Google page rank and Alexa page rank (along with a whole lot of other site information like WhoIs); WOT; and, FormFox, which displays the form action, the site to which the information you've entered is being sent.

I use LastPass and WOT, not sure about the other two(2) extensions.

Want 100GB Of Free Cloud-Based Storage? 8 years 2 weeks ago windyctyprog


Can you explain something to me about the initial installation?

What is the No-Zoolz Zone folder that appeared on my desktop?

Frankly, this entire process has me more than confused and their documentation/help is disjointed.


Want 100GB Of Free Cloud-Based Storage? 8 years 2 weeks ago windyctyprog

Yep, I noticed the same thing this morning when I booted up - it seems to eat up resources.

I have also uninstalled...

Thanks for the reply.

How to Remove Ads, Wasted Page Space and Annoying Content 7 years 8 months ago windyctyprog


Great article.

I like the idea of getting rid of ABP; I have been using Fanboy's Ultimate list for a long time, including the Tracking, Enhanced Tracking and Annoyance lists, which I like.

I do have a question, though...

If you installed Bluehell, kept ABP, removed the main list and just dded the 3 discreet Fanboy lists, above (BTW, I also use the Malware Domains), would this speed up Firefox, maybe not to the extent that it would by removing ADP completely, but would this help performance to some degree while giving me more comfort?

I tried Bluehell (when it was Hellboy), without ABP about a year ago, but I didn't think it blocked things completely or cleanly.

How to Remove Ads, Wasted Page Space and Annoying Content 7 years 8 months ago windyctyprog

Thanks for the answer...

The approach I was advocating, above, is to use Bluehell in lieu of the "Big Lists", keep ABP and add short lists selectively to ABP like the Fanboy lists mentioned.

I use WOT, I also use EHH, have for a long, also Pop Up Blocker for ABP - when I ran Bluehell last year, I did use EHH to do what you suggested.

I simply don't have the time anymore to develop a manual list.

I'm going to try my approach and see what happens.

Let you know...

Powerful Free Microsoft Security Tool EMET has Been Updated 7 years 5 months ago windyctyprog


I do have a question about updates.

I am a long time user of EMET and unless I have missed something all this time, is there an automatic update feature of EMET buried somewhere?


Powerful Free Microsoft Security Tool EMET has Been Updated 7 years 5 months ago windyctyprog

One comment and one question...

I have been using EMET for a long time...

Downloaded and installed 4.1, and it just slowed my system to a crawl, never happened before.

I uninstalled and reinstalled twice this morning and nothing changed.

I have now uninstalled it.

Question: is there an alternative to EMET?

I run FF25 sandboxed (Sandboxie), MSE and Winpatrol in real time, run a number of on-demand scanners weekly; as I said, used to run EMET.

What might I try in lieu of EMET?

Powerful Free Microsoft Security Tool EMET has Been Updated 7 years 5 months ago windyctyprog

Will do - thanks...

CryptoLocker: Beware This Major Threat To Your PC 7 years 5 months ago windyctyprog

Rob, as always, thanks for keeping us current...

Is the Foolish IT program similar to MS's EMET?

Has anyone installed the Foolish software?

If so, does it degrade system performance?

What problems exist in setting it up?

Seems to me that the Foolish IT solution makes more sense that than adding another real time scanning solution which may or may not play nice with your existing A/V.


CryptoLocker: Beware This Major Threat To Your PC 7 years 5 months ago windyctyprog

I'm now confused...

My reading of their site indicates just the opposite of your comments.

How to Deal with the Ransomware Called CryptoLocker 6 years 11 months ago windyctyprog

In November 2013 there was an article and a long thread about this...

As a result, I have been using CryptoPrevent from FoolishIT; I believe Nick, the developer, participated in that thread.

I have been pretty satisfied with it, it works, set it and forget it.

Lately, though, the administration of CryptoPrevent has become burdensome, at least on my machine.

CryptoPrevent has a manual update for non-premium users, it was simple, just click on the update link and it would go; it won't do this anymore, at least for me.

I now have to uninstall and reinstall, with multiple reboots. It works fine this way, just a tedious process.

I also realized that it has blocked all other software upgrades in the past couple versions.

I only figured it out by process of elimination.

I couldn't install Firefox 30, new versions of Flash and Reader, nor the new versions of Sandboxie and Winpatrol, couldn't install anything.

I now have to turn off the protection, reboot, download the new version of say Firefox, reapply the Crypto protection and reboot.

Again, a tedious process.

There are a couple whitelist options, one for .exe files already in blocked locations, and an advanced whitelist function with a multitude of options.

The whitelisting in CryptoPrevent seems counterintuitive to me, so I haven't done any whitelisting.

I trust the software, I trust Nick - his software also prevents other malware from getting in, this is another major reason I like what he developed.

The inability to download and install new software is problematic, the upgrade for CryptoPrevent itself, not so much, I can live with it.

This Collaboration Tool Was $19 Per Month. Now It's Free. 6 years 8 months ago windyctyprog


I have an account, but where is this information on their site?

I can't find anything related to your article...


This Collaboration Tool Was $19 Per Month. Now It's Free. 6 years 8 months ago windyctyprog


The Faster Way To Copy Files 5 years 5 months ago windyctyprog

Use Fastcopy, as well.

Just set up 2 new laptops and a new desktop, centralized all my files on a 2 bay network storage device, Fastcopy worked flawlessly, it was quick and never lost a single file.

This Second-Opinion Malware Scanner Is Free Now 5 years 2 months ago windyctyprog

I use both Hitman and MBAM as second opinion scanners, Panda as my primary, eventhough I have Firefox sandboxed with SBIE.

You never know...

Stop Gmail From Adding The Important Label To Your Email 3 years 2 months ago windyctyprog


This happened to me recently, they just marked everything important, I mean everything.

I had no idea I had that many emails in the "important" folder because all of a sudden my usage went up exponentially, that's when I discovered this setting, I deleted all of them in that folder, but it erased most of my inbox, as well. I don't keep that many as I file them immediately, but some out of the 25 or so were important.

My question: Is this a permanent setting?

I ask because I thought I had done this when I first discovered this, maybe I didn't check the "no marker" setting, I can't remember.

I use Thunderbird because after all these years I still hate dealing with the Gmail web interface.

Thank You.

Stop Gmail From Adding The Important Label To Your Email 3 years 2 months ago windyctyprog

Same, since invitation only.

I get maybe 400 work emails/day, and like you, doesn't align with my work process.

I think I have it under control now, been turned off in all my addresses.


Stop Gmail From Adding The Important Label To Your Email 3 years 2 months ago windyctyprog

We'll see - same thing with Google Calendar, I don't use it, don't like it, it's intrusive to me.

They continue to populate my calendar for various of my addresses randomly, I can't figure out how to make this go away.

Stop Gmail From Adding The Important Label To Your Email 3 years 2 months ago windyctyprog


How To Use Cloudflare's New DNS Service 3 years 1 month ago windyctyprog


General ISP question as it relates to this...

Comcast is my ISP, use their modem, an Xfinity branded Arris for internet, voice, cable, wi-fi.

Would any such move to another DNS provider be blocked by Comcast in some way?

Is it better to buy an approved Comcast modem in advance of such a move?


How To Use Cloudflare's New DNS Service 3 years 1 month ago windyctyprog

Thank you very much...Going to try this.

Do You Want to Continue Receiving Information from Gizmo's Freeware? 2 years 11 months ago windyctyprog

Absolutely continue, you are indispensable.

This stunning interactive weather map shows real time weather conditions around the world 2 years 7 months ago windyctyprog


This is outstanding. As a frequent business traveler to any number of places around the world, this is really an incredible tool for me.

Thank you.

How To Switch from LastPass to Bitwarden Password Manager 1 month 1 week ago windyctyprog

Has anybody else had issues exporting to a csv files?

I have tried for a couple weeks, nothing happens, just a blank window.


How to Repair a Windows 7 System with an Installation Disc 7 years 2 months ago windowshelpplease

I have created the repair disc, though upon start it loads a bunch of things then says disk checking will start in 10 seconds and loads windows...
How do I make the repair disc do anything when i restart the computer?

Best Free PC Cleaner 5 years 1 month ago wiltshire.expat

Having used CCleaner since 2001 I found it to be very safe, however after installing and then uninstalling Autodesk AutoCAD I decided to do a manual search of the registry and found several mentions of AutoDesk. I found a free program that i have been using for a few years called Auslogics Registry Cleaner and noted a feature that i had never used before where i could enter the program name (or publisher name) and it shows all the keys that contain the search criteria. Autodesk left 13,965 traces, and, by using this function was able to remove the lot very quickly with a couple of clicks

CCleaner is good but it still leaves tons of crap and trash in the registry that you do not need or require especially when I had over 1.6m registry keys that get read before the machine is ready for use.

Best Free PC Cleaner 5 years 1 month ago wiltshire.expat

The only ads that I have got from Auslogics is the Get it Free on Start up. I run a PC as a home server as well as my own PC, two laptops and several android devices and there has been no crapware, malware or such garbage reported by Avira Pro or Malwarebytes (also checked the installation file with Virus Total) which has not identified any such things as being malicious' It has never attempted to change my system settings.over the years so i don't know where you got that from.

Please list the "Garbage" that users do not require or need. If you are one of those people who just want to click through the installation without reading the installation at each step then you deserve all you get

I certainlydo not want a registry of some 2m plus entries

Best Free PC Cleaner 5 years 1 month ago wiltshire.expat

Hi Remah

Thanks for a balanced reply because i find that people have their favorites and rule out all others without giving it a chance, I know as I used to be one of them. People also comment on things that they have never used (and this is not a dig at any comments on here), this goes for all sites that I use for downloading and searching for better options this is one reason most of my software comes from Sourceforge.

Best Free PC Cleaner 5 years 1 month ago wiltshire.expat

Could not agree more. In my early days i would have been doing all three until i realised the cost in both money and lss of time on pc. Since then i have only downloaded from sites such as source forge and always run a scan on the download and have always used a top professional Security suite (currently Avira)

I use Auslogics for the simple reason of finding the crap which trial programs leave (eg the 13k plus ofAutodesk) and cleaning with a couple of clicks

As for the people that say you should not use a Registry cleaner I have two theories .

1.. They are terrified of messing up, which I completely understand
2 ... They are scared f finding all the crap they have downloaded

Me, I will stick with what I have

Best Free Office Suite 7 years 37 min ago willtell

I can't believe u could put SSuite Office on a par with softmaker FreeOffice. Whilst ssuite is kinda retro and likeable, get real. Load a multi tabbed excel spreadsheet, graphics and all, into softmaker no problem. ssuite can barely support old excel IV single sheet spreads. Not to mention almost non existent file type support xls rtf txt and that's u'r lot. Crazy!

AxCrypt. It's Good And Bad News. 6 years 10 months ago WillSee

I followed the link from drh2020 ( The author is very clear about what he is doing and why, he's not trying to sneak anything past the user.

He also provides a clear explanation of how to install the program without the additional "features" (by explaining a command line install, or for those who don't know what that means he explains what to do to decline them)

There's even the option to download an "uncontaminated" version, but that does require a free registration -- with a working email address

I'd say on balance this is acceptable. He is open and clear on how gets some income to make a free program I want to use, and allows me to opt out if I wish.

Finds of the Week: NASA Television, World Fact Book, 1,000 Lifehacks, Should I Block It? 6 years 10 months ago WillSee

Just tried 1,000 Lifehacks, found a tip: on Google click the "I'm feeling lucky" button with no entry in the search box to see every Google logo. Tried it, the "I'm feeling ..." changes each time you mouse over it. As another commenter said you need to find "doodly" to see the logos.

Appears the hacks aren't well thought out/complete as well as potentially dangerous.

How to Get Rid of the Ads on the Firefox New Tab Page 6 years 5 months ago WillSee

Unlike some of us neither I nor Mozilla have a rich uncle paying us to stay away from the rest of the family! :0

Unobtrusive ads aren't that irritating. I had to open a new tab to find one -- and most of them were for Mozilla.

Since they are up front AND tell you how to turn the ads off I don't object to them. Now if they start with popups encouraging me to hit the monkey....

Get $49 Worth Of DVD Copying Program For Free If You're Quick 6 years 6 months ago willrun4fun

Giveaway Version doesn't support update.

How to Check the Size and Reclaim Disk Space from WinSxS in Windows 8.1 6 years 1 month ago willrun4fun

You can also do this through disk cleanup in the GUI now easily.

Just open "disk cleanup" by typing it in the search bar.
click to clean-up system files, cleanup will relaunch in admin mode
check "Windows Update Cleanup" and whatever options you want.

Best-Known Network Diagnostic Tool Gets Major Version Update 5 years 5 months ago willrun4fun

Great tool. I use this all the time. OS X version most of the time.

Superb Simple Editor With Handy Macro Feature 5 years 3 months ago willrun4fun

Notepad++ also does this. Many plugins available as well. Here's an example I found

Fancy A New Windows Start Menu For Free? 5 years 2 months ago willrun4fun

Classic Shell FTW!