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How to Fix an Annoying Windows USB Problem 4 years 5 months ago Weshtery

I had a similar issue. After upgrading my desktop PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10, on boot it would be pot luck whether my keyboard, mouse or wacom tablet would work. Sometimes they'd work fine, othertimes one would work but not the others. The only solution was a restart - occasionally a hard restart due to having no other options available, after which they would all work again.

Your solution worked for me, and continues to, three or four weeks after I found your page. Thanks Vic.

Want To Learn Microsoft Office? These Top-Class Training Manuals Are Free. 7 years 5 months ago wepopew

I have three user account on a Windows XP machine.
I have corrupted the User Accounts.
>> Control Panel, User Accounts, get "wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment"
Result, cannot change password picture, or security level on any of the three users.
Any helps?

What's Eating All My RAM? 5 years 6 months ago Wendra

Terrific! I was looking for something such as this program. I'll check it out today. Thanks so much.

Jazz up Your Windows Desktop with this Excellent Free Program 5 years 6 months ago Wendra

Awesome! Thanks for this recommendation. I'm excited to try it.

Windows 10’s Fall Update Removes User Installed Applications Without Asking 5 years 5 months ago Wendra

MS has been trying to force their Win10 files onto my system, however, I've never inferred at all, not even an inkling, that I'd want Windows 10 & I'd been removing files whenever I could. This week, Windows displayed an update dialogue box with no apparent way of closing it. As well. it kept asking me to commit to an update date. I'd even tried 2 different Task Managers & couldn't get it off my screen. GGGRRR!!! After research, I opted to install some free software called GWX Control Panel which could disable the Win10 updates. I really resent that these companies & others, such as browsers, don't give us more choices but arbitrarily decide things such as what level of security & which products should be placed onto our systems. I'm now going to check out Linux Mint so thanks to all the other posters for this recommendation & information. It's very much appreciated by yet another disgruntled long time Microsoft user. Adios Windows! Can't really say I'm going to miss you. LOL

Best Free File-Based Backup Program 5 years 2 months ago Wendell

Comodo Backup Registration problem

I was unable to Register for the "FREE 10 GB Online Storage account". I repeatedly received "Oops! An error occured. Please try again later." just to the right of the Register button on the page.

I have tried for days, with Chrome and IE, with the same result.


Best Free Hotkey or Macro Recorder Utility 6 years 5 months ago Wendell

I vote for HotKeyP.

HotKeyP meets all of my needs including superseding native Windows Win+ key assignments. It is light weight and simple.

Thanks to Stamimail for the recommendation.

What I like in a Hot Key Utility is that ability to supersede native Windows Win+ key assignments.

I had been using WireKeys ( for years. Other than occasional cursor changing to a dot, it is great. It has many other features, but I seldom use them.

PS Hot Launch VVL and WinHotKey are OK, but neither can supersede native Windows Win+ key assignemnts.

Safe Computing in Under an Hour 7 years 1 month ago Wendell

Your link to "Nimi Cleanser" is a dead end (Chrome Web Store: not found). I found "Nimi Web Cleanser" here "". Because it is not in the Chrome Web Store, it will not install.

How to Merge Multiple PDF Files Into One PDF Document for Free 1 year 10 months ago Wendell

Split function is operational as explained in Help and in Readme.pdf. Enter desired subset of pages in the "Pages" column.

Best Free Digital Image Viewer 5 years 5 months ago weltall

That moment that a negative is a positive! IrfanView has been my image viewer for as long as I remember myself being online, even before google became a known and good search engine. It was my change from ACDSee which I used before to something more simplistic and fast. I changed firstly cause it was free vs paid and second the simplicity. Indeed IrfanView must be the most simplistic and bare image viewer I have ever seen. It opens pictures in seconds and there is no UI really, just the picture and the toolbar on the top. You can scroll through pictures with the mouse wheel and with the Enter key go full screen.

I always used a second library program, which changes from one to another over the years, with Picasa being the one i currently use scarcely when I want to organize. But no other program managed to take IrfanView's place, because I never wanted an interface to appear when I view images and to be easy to scroll through them, at least by default.

I tried XnView some years back, but I remember it did not open images in a window that just shown the image, but more like the image inside a windows with a grey background color. I blame IrfanView's simplicity and all the years I have been using it, for making me dislike that kind of image viewer.

Irfan view was, is and probably will be for a long time to come, my favorite simplistic image viewer~ I want to add that nowadays Picasa comes with a quite nice and windows 10 themed simplistic viewer too, letting you see just your images in a darkened background which looks really sleek and futuristic. IrfanView though when you finish scrolling through the folder it automatically opens a folder browser in case you want to jump to another folder and keep watching, rather than close it and do it through the windows explorer. That and the fact IrfanView has more image format support, makes me stick to it for sure.

Best Free Digital Image Viewer 5 years 5 months ago weltall

For me irfanView by default opens as a window that has the form of the picture and changed along with the next picture. Pressing enter goes to fullscreen. I like that because a lot of the times when I open images, I want t keep them open and move them around, not closing them. If I ever want to go throguh just pictures without the need of the window, I hit enter.

Even in full screen though, by default the images are their default size, rather than the full size.I hated that too in the past, but since i have been using IrfanView for many years and back then I did not know for a better one, I learnt to go in the settings. in the fullscreen / Slideshow, I change the option from the default "Fit to Screen: Large images only" to "Fit to screen: All Images/movies". Considering I too would prefer a software that has that by default, but since I use it for many years, changing that option and ticking "Apply Resample function for zooming" when it comes to fullscreen, has becoming something I do mechanically as soon as IrfanView is installed.

Best Free Antivirus Software 5 years 4 months ago weltall

Although I do not think only Panda does that, restoring automatically quarantined files is as easy as clicking on the main inteface button on the top (the whole interface looks like the new Windows start Interface with the squares) and then clicking on the Quarantine's "View Details" button. There you will see all the quarantined items and you will be able to restore them. If the folder the files were does not exist anymore, it will move them to a "Lost and found" folder. If it can find the folder, restoring them will also tell Panda the files are harmless so it will not redetect them ever as malware.

Actually you can always go in settings and switch on the option for the antivirus to first ask you before neutralizing a harmful file.

I am sorry if I made it sound confusing, but I can assure you it will take seconds for you to restore your files.

I consider Panda one of the two best lightweight Antiviruses and suggest it to people that want an antivirus with options. For friends and users that just want an antivirus that will kill anything and they will never care to change settings, I suggest Bitdefender. It will brutally quarantine anything that it believes it is harmful, be it you like it or not.

Both of them though have the option for the user to easily open the quarantine and restore the file.

Best Free Antivirus Software 5 years 4 months ago weltall

Trust online is something harder to get than it is in real life for sure. I am not paranoid myself when it comes to tests, but I never cared enough if one antivirus has 10 and the other 5 labs points. There are plenty sources that show more detailed tests, which feel more trustworthy, since there are details. Indeed though knowing what the test tool does is something that would help us, not so much understand, but see results as even more trustworthy.

For better or worse, some malware do not hide only in virtual environments, but also are able to hide in the system and stay inactive, waiting for a chance when for whatever reason the antivirus will not be active and sneak up on the user.

All antivirus tools have some misses and quite some of them have a good killing ability. I am not sure if Avira is still one of the best, but that one and Bitdefender seem to prefer to hit more false positives, so they they will miss less viruses, rather than being more lax and miss more viruses.

Of course nowadays, at least to me that I am an experienced user, antiviruses all feel the same to me. [Commercial product reference removed as per site rules]

With that said though, Antiviruses are not anymore the perfect shield. Users should definitely use a browser addon to add a first wall of protection, be it like me an adblocker or any other addon, that can block malware and afar from that use occasionally an antimalware solution.

Although this is not the "Best Free Spyware And Adware Remover" list, I wonder why in the current one tools like RKill, TDSSKiller, AdwCleaner and Junkware Removal Tool are not mentioned, at least in a "products that are worth mentioning" list.

Best Free File Copy Utility 5 years 5 months ago weltall

Windows XP support stopped one and a half year ago. Creating new software that supports an OS that has been abandoned by the company that created and developed it, is weird. I do not say that since XP are gone they should be forgotten. V2 IMO works just fine and I have and I am using it for many long years now. But why would they create a new piece of software and afar from windows 7, 8 and 10 they would have to give support and fix bugs on an abandoned OS? I do not understand why there should be given a warning, when Windows XP are no more.

PS: I still use Windows XP on one of my laptops, since it can't work well with anything else. I am though using logic, rather than personal needs about my old system.

Best Free File Copy Utility 5 years 5 months ago weltall

Probably because it is not specifically for copying. I mean sure there are image editors that are great image viewers, but to suggest one as an image viewer, to a person that would not like the extra image editing capabilities, would be weird. At least to me.

Best Free File Copy Utility 5 years 5 months ago weltall

I have used fast copy only twice in my life, so I can't remember precisely how the interface looks. I do remember though that when I used it to copy, it did give me an option to tick to calculate the estimated time of arrival, which twice I did not use, since I would leave the PC open and leave. Maybe you have not checked that option?

Best Free File Copy Utility 5 years 5 months ago weltall

As a past used for Ultracopier I can tell you that it can actually verify checksums if you want it to, like Fastcopy and Teracopy. The only one I can't talk about is unstoppable copier. Used it only once to test it and never again in the past. All three of the programs though need the user to actually go by himself/herself and activate that option.

Best Free File Copy Utility 5 years 5 months ago weltall

After a short test between Ultracopier and Teracopy, I have to admit that Ultracopier is faster. Even though if it is faster, I still hate the delay it has when it starts to copy something.

Be it a lot of small files or large files, when I compared the two, Ultracopier was much faster, with both of them have activated the checksum test. Actually, Ultracopier does not seem to get much if any at all slower when the checksum test is activated. It does make me feel a bit uneasy that is passes it so fast, but then again, I doubt they would add such an option without it being working right.

Even though Ultracopier in speed is better, I still abhor how when I try to copy/move any kind of files, even if it is a shortcut or a textfile less than a kb, I have to wait for a couple of seconds before Ultracopier will decide to work. If I rush it and start moving a lot of small files around at the same time, the app goes in a "not responding" state, and I have to wait a bit more.

Most of my everyday move/copy actions are of smaller files and I definitely prefer to wait longer when I transfer really large files, rather than have to wait for the copy program to every time start the copy.

If anything I prefer to have teracopy to replace my windows default copier and use another copier for special cases of really huge transfers. The reason I post this is because Ultracopier gets 5 stars and absolutely no negatives.

As a sidenote, I am using an SSD, so it is not my HDD taking it's time.

Best Free BitTorrent Client 5 years 12 months ago weltall

I have lost 20+ giga of a download only because qbittorrent kept seeing it as "files missing when it either went idle or I stopped it manually. It would continue from where it left off after it started again but after I restarted my computer the file was gone. Quite buggy, but still good because of the lack of ads that makes μttorent feel bulky to me nowadays.

Best Free BitTorrent Client 5 years 5 months ago weltall

I have before pointed out how qBittorrent made me lose 20+ giga of files because of a bug and actually before that it would crash a lot. For the last 2 months I decided to try it again, because of it's attractive simple interface that reminded me of the good old μTorrent days.

As of now I can say qBittorent is awesome. I like the UI more than Tixati's that feels more rough and less simplistic and if anything I just want it to download my torrents and not care if Tixati does it in a different way. That is though with me having a 10mbps (1.2MBp/s) connection, so I can;t really talk about people that either have a really slow or much faster connection.

STILL though, I do not think qBittorrent is better than Tixati, I just feel and believe it is more simple and that is all. One feature I really miss from Tixati when using qBittorrent is how with Tixati had 9 different priority choices, which was really nice to have when I would download torrents with a large amount of files and I wanted to separate into many different priorities. Sadly qBittorrent has only 3. Also it had a LOT of choices when it came to setting the bandwidth and seeding for each file if you wanted, in case you wanted to do that.

For people that want more advanced options, especially uploaders, 100% Tixati. For users that just want to add downloads and do not care how they work or they are not computer savy qBittorrent.

Sadly Vuze is in my far past, when it was still Azureus and I still remember how dumbfound I was with it's awesome UI. uTorrent now, for me, joined Vuse, being a great torrent client of the past. Even people that still love it, seem to prefer to use the 4 year old 2.2.1 version, rather than use the latest 3+.

Best Free Duplicate File Remover 5 years 5 months ago weltall

Pictures is the only thing I do not use searchmyfiles for. I use VisiPics that compares the pictures visually too and has a slider to adjust how much the searcher should be strict or loose about his choices, that can range from choosing pictures that have a lot of the same background color (like all pictures that have a lot of white or a lot of black) to pictures that must be completely identical with each other. Recolored pictures can be found as duplicates too. Playing with the slider needs a bit of testing, but it is the best program I know of.

Best Free Firewall Protection 4 years 9 months ago weltall

Although it has been a long time since I installed Comodo, I was sure there is an option to choose what to install, which for me always did not include the annoying GeekBuddy.

I honestly was on with PrivateFirewall, until in messed up a handful of my computers. The computer would start and it would give me a black screen. I looked it up and tried to fix it, but I never found a solution. Had to format my PC for that. Keep in mind I do not say something like "OMG THEIR PROGRAM DESTROYED MY PC! DEFINITELY A VIRUS! DO NOT INSTALL!". I usually laugh at people that exaggerate like that. But it did it 5 times, 3 being on my main PC.

I returned to Comodo mostly cause I am used to it and I know where to go and what to adjust to make it work. Just to check it out I just downloaded the installer of Comodo Internet Security. Seems the option is still there when you install it.

When the installer starts, on the bottom left there is a customize option. You click that and you can enable and disable what you want. I used to disabled only GeekBuddy in the past, but now I disable Chromodo too, since I use Comodo Dragon instead. But the option is still there to disable what you want.

Best Free Firewall Protection 4 years 9 months ago weltall

Software always will give problems. That does not make them bad. Definitely Comodo always had and probably still have issues with BSODs and you can see so in their main site too. Obviously a lot of them happen because of conflicts though, rather than just the product. Of course updates do not happen without reason too.

I had a black screen problem with Private Firewall and not only once, but I remember it happened always when I did something specific. But either way, I have been using Comodo Internet Security for many years now and I do not get problems from it. It runs along MalwareBytes Antimalware with no problems and it is fine.

But I agree. Definitely not for someone that wants to start it up and forget it.

Best Free File Archiver Or Zip Utility 5 years 5 months ago weltall

Zip tools are not usually if at all to blame. The best though program I had to open archives was indeed 7zip. When it says the path is too long it can mean a handful of things, which one of them is really being the path name being too long. Remember the limit of the filepath name is 250-260 characters and when you use the zip programs they count the whole length, including the folder name.

So if you have backed up things and they are in a folder called "Omg this is a really large name that have 150 character" and the file name is another 150 characters, normally windows will not have a problem to read them, but when you try to copy or unzip them, it tries to read the full length of it and it goes over the 250 character limit.

If you do not get it, just try to copy things from your zip, directly on your c: drive, rather than in a folder. That will help Windows to be able to read it.

Paying will not really help, if that is your problem.

There is no bullet proof program from file corruption. Sure you can add a % of security, which will help a bit from file corruption, but if a file gets damaged for whatever reason, nothing can really fully save it. Your problem does not seem corruption though, so again I doubt paying for it will help.

Best Free File Archiver Or Zip Utility 5 years 5 months ago weltall

I am not sure if the mods read these comments, but I feel IZArc should be removed from the list. Not only it is as bad as it can, but it comes bundled with opencandy too. My problem was not the opencandy per se, as much the fact that even if I denied the installation of the advertisement programs, my antimalware program caught IZArc running the opencandy installer as soon as I declined them. I have wrote here there reasons that this program should be avoided at all costs.

As of now Peazip seems to be the best all around program to have. It's interface seems nice, as always has been and the only problem I have is that I can't drag and drop items from within an archive on another, without having to first unzip the one I want to take the items from. Also I can't drag and drop items on the desktop. But these are minor things. I do not want to make a huge pose here on how I feel, but I will just say that Peazip does it all. I have wrote a large post about why it is worth having over the others here for anyone that cares to read it. I explain why I like it and even compare it to 7zip/winrar/freearc.

Best Free File Archiver Or Zip Utility 5 years 5 months ago weltall

Indeed, since I was one of the people that hated IZArc the most about the hidden open candy, I can tell that i tried this version and it had none.

IZArc still says on it's pages that it supports ARC archive and still does not support it. Thus they simply say they support all these formats, when they do not. Just in case it will be said that "this is just one of the one it says it supports" I will say that they can simply have lied about any of the other ones too. I call it a lie, because like I mentioned on a review I made on alternativeto, freearc has not been updated for year and IZArc, especially now, has just been updated, which means it is a lie. That or the company does not give a care about what they say they support.

Best Free File Archiver Or Zip Utility 5 years 5 months ago weltall

IZArc then advertises it supports the original ARC archive, which it's era as it seems was over 20 years ago and it is the original ARC archive, where Peazip advertises it supports the non original ARC archive, that people nowadays do use, considering it is one of the best data compression method. I am not saying that just from personal experience, which indeed freearc archives do compress data better, but if you use wikipedia to look up freearc, you will see that it is even better than the current best and popular LZMA2 method of 7z.

Although I take it back about IZArc lying then and I am really sorry. I better change my review on alternativeto too. IZArc unique supported files seem to be as it advertises CD/DVD Image files and from a quick look through them, a couple of older and maybe newer formats. Also encoded email archives and a couple of more. Here is a list of the unique ones If something is missing, it is because I tested it with Peazip and it opened it;

A - The Unix AR archive files?
ARC - Original widely used before 20 years
B64 - Binary usable by usenet only
BH - ZipTV archive
BIN - I tried 5 BIN files and it did not show any content in them. Creating my own worked, so it works.. kind of.
BZA - IZArc's archive
C2D - Roxio CD Image
CDI - Uhmmm, CD image. Not sure by what used.
ENC - I do not know
GCA - compression format created in 2000 by Shin-ichi Tsuruta
GZA - IZArc's archive
HA - Used by an old HA Archiver.
IMG - CloneCD if I remember right?
LIB - Tried it on a handful LIB files and it did not work.
MDF - Alcohol CD Image
MBF - I do not know
MIM - eMail compression archive?
PDI - Pinnacle Systems' InstantCopy DVD iamge
UUE - used for email encoding?
XXE - a third email archive for encoding
YZ1 - used by an older Yamazaki ZIPPER
ZOO - old compression format, predecessor of the ARC archive.

These are the ones that are not supported by Peazip at least and I tested some of the CD/DVD images and indeed they worked. It makes it an awesome tool if you want to extract CD image files without having to install a virtual DVD program. for at least the images it can open. For that use, I salute it and indeed before a handful of years, in the age that everything were in such format, I would call it an awesome tool to extract these images, but still mounting them with Daemon tools and extracting them that way was never that hard.

I am still though being bitter for a couple of reasons. First is that it is meant to be a piece of software that will replace any archiver since it can handle "everything". I just installed it and tried it just to see if the new version changed anything but the removal of the opencandy.

A test with IZArc and 7z format, LZMA2 - Solid Archine gave me an error of being unable to compress the selected files and with just LZMA2 became unresponsive and I waited for 4-5 minutes and then I gave up Even more annoying is that every time you choose to compress some things, it will revert to it's default ZIP format, although if you open the program and go to options, you can change the default to another format, so it is not so bad. Peazip managed to work with LZMA changed to 2and zipped as good as 7Zip and thankfully it remembers the lase used archive type, rather than needing to have a set default.

Obviously I can see IZArc can't replace the currently most famous archiver , which is 7z. Peazip on the other hand can kind of replace it, because it can indeed use the same compression methods and unlike IZArc that has hardly any options when compressing. Peazip has the same options 7zip has, in case someone wants to change them to something different AND if you change the options, it will remember them in the next times you will use it , until you will change it to something else. Actually it gives an option to the user, to select a bunch of folder/files and compress each of them in a separate archive, something sadly the original 7-Zip does not offer. I am not saying Peazip is better than 7-Zip, because 7-Zip is still much more stable and fast when handling it's own format. But at least it does not tell to the user it cant compress the files when LZMA2 with a Solid Archive is used, which has been the norm for 7z for a long while now. It even hangs when LZMA2 is used and it does not give different compression levels for it.

From a quick look on Wikipedia as you pointed out, Peazip supports a lot of formats like IZArc, with either of them supporting some the other does not. Considering all that and that Peazip has a better interface, support 7z format really good and supports not just opening but also compressing in the non original ARC format, which is used widely nowadays, I would say that IZArc seems to be doing something wrong

IZArc needs to at least fix it's support on the main file archive it supports, rather than choosing as a default the Zip format. Zip format is indeed is indeed the most common, considering windows support that out of the box, but it is not special, since any file archiver supports that.

Best Free File Archiver Or Zip Utility 5 years 5 months ago weltall

I am Greek and English is definitely not my main language >.> If anything, it is all Greek to people I talk to. The reason I wont try to reach out is become to begin with I do not like the interface. Peazip was bundled with Opencandy first time I have found it and actually malwarebytes would delete the whole install file. I did post that in the forums, along with other people that complain and the opencandy was removed. But that is because I liked how Peazip worked and looked. IZArc does not feel like it has a friendly UI at all. Plus I am content with the progress of Peazip. Quite unstable still and I always check file integrity with it afterwards, but it is advancing all the time.

Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 5 years 4 months ago weltall

Is the MyDefragGui found on the same as the MyDefrag mentioned on here, but with different user interface?

Best Free Image Viewer for Android 5 years 4 months ago weltall

Even if late I wanted to point out the Gallery was made by Cooliris, which currently has been bought by Yahoo. Not sure if Google jsut did not want to pay 3rd party anymore or whatever, but now they do not have anymore the rights on it, since it's part of yahoo. I remember an app called Cooliris, which I am guessing it's from the same company. But the last version was definitely not 4.2.2.

Gallery on the other hand has not been public for a long time. But there is no Gallery 4.2.2. You are probably getting that number from the Jelly Bean version 4.2.2. In turn the last Gallery like that should be 4.4.2 by now.

The Faster Way To Copy Files 5 years 5 months ago weltall

I too have been using TeraCopy for years, since I first found out about it on Hiren's Boot CD, which was used for the Mini Windows XP it had integrated. I have tried other copiers, with this being the best for me. Ultracopier is the second I used the most and even if it indeed copy large files faster or does large quantity of files a bit faster than TeraCopy, it crashed with me in the couple of months I used it more times that TeraCopy has crashed for all the years I have been using it. What's worse, which was the worst part about it for me, is that when it would initiate, it would take a while before start moving files. I am guessing it somehow prepares so the copy becomes faster, but if you do a lot of small moves, that delay can become annoying, or at least it became for me.

Considering I want a copier that totally replaces the Windows one and is not just good for whenever I move large quantity of GBs, I decided to remain with TeraCopy. Just to clarify, I do not use v3. v3 gave me a hard time by crashing a lot and not working right. v2 is the one I have been using and still use.

The Faster Way To Copy Files 5 years 5 months ago weltall

If you want reliability, I can only speak for what I use. Get Teracopy and after installing go to it's Preferences and check "Always test after copy." It will make the whole thing slower, but at least you will know your files on both locations are exactly the same.

The Faster Way To Copy Files 5 years 5 months ago weltall

Speed over anything else probably. Considering Windows copy lacks that by default (not sure about windows 10), I guess no copier thinks it is needed either XD They probably prefer to let the program be as speedy as possible, and let users use that as an extra option, rather than have users call the software slow, not caring that this happens because it makes sure the files are safely copied.

Best Free Antivirus Software 6 years 11 months ago wekslap

I've been using comodo since it became top recommendation. other than seeming a bit slower than avast my previous,it seems to work fine.

my main query and slight worry about it is that when I run a ccleaner registry scan it always shows up a registry entry that cannot be deleted. HKCR\CIS.CisDebugInjector is this safe? What is it? can it be deleted?

How to Harden Your Browser Against Malware and Privacy Concerns 7 years 6 months ago wekslap

DoNotTrackMe is now severely effecting usage of Facebook

How to Harden Your Browser Against Malware and Privacy Concerns 7 years 6 months ago wekslap

Recently a lot of Facebook features were not working. After some investigation I disabled your suggested chrome extensions one at a time and found it was donottrackme that was causing the problem. Maybe a recent update has effected this. when I googled this, other users had had the same problem, also in comments on the chrome app site. I have always followed all your recommendations and apart from this issue have had no problems. thankyou for all your advice.

How To Build The Best Gaming PC (Website of the Week) 6 years 11 months ago wekslap

Are they all Intel based builds? Maybe its just me but I couldn't find any AMD builds.

How To Block Ads On All The Leading Webmail Systems 6 years 5 months ago wekslap

Is there an andriod version?

Convert Text to MP3 Files. These Great Online Services are Both Free. 8 years 2 months ago weheh

Excellent post. Thanks! I tried a bunch of these and I agree with you that YAKiToMe! has the best voice quality by far. I have a long commute and the pdf to mp3 conversion with YAKiToMe! is superbly useful for my studies. The other systems you mention and that are mentioned in the comments seem to use the crappy Microsoft voices or other crappy voices that are available for free from the web. I did some research and the YAKiToMe! free voices are the very expensive voices you would otherwise have to buy. I like that there's nothing to download, so no malware, yeah! And I read their Terms of Service and there's no issue with loss of copyright. So good get! Thanks again.

How To Remove Google+ From Your Gmail Account 6 years 11 months ago wednesday-mac

I can confirm that you must have a Google+ account to:

1. Comment on a YouTube video.
2. Add a YouTube video to your favorites list.

Also...I was out of Google+ for awhile and then got back in. I still can't comment on a YouTube video, I think because I have Java turned off unless I approve it, instance by instance or by approving the site.

It would be a great idea to provide readers with a list of what functionality will stop working if we get out of Google+.

I have every setting for privacy and circles locked down because I do not and will never use Google+ as a social service.

As for ads, there are numerous add-ons (at least in Firefox) that make it possible for me to never see a Google ad in my email. Yay. At the moment I'm using AdBlocker for Gmail and AdBlockPlus. The latter slaps down all ads on web pages.

And while it'd be nice to be able to comment in YouTube, I can live without it.

Forget Windows 10. Try Out Windows 1.01 Instead! 6 years 7 months ago wednesday-mac

I still remember my friend's shriek of horror followed by a torrent of swearing after she typed:


Bless Bill Gates for saving us from our own inability to remember and use simple MS-DOS and PC-DOS commands. Not to mention all of those pesky shortcuts in programs running on same.

Windows. Our protector. Pfft.

Are Ads Coming to the Windows 10 Start Menu? 5 years 7 months ago wednesday-mac

I put Linux on an old Compaq Presario laptop running XP. The problem I ran into (not Linux's fault) is that the wireless adapter won't hold the internet connection, so I have to use it solo with a jumpdrive because I'm unwilling to wire it into the LAN.

If anyone knows a Linux workaround through a USB wireless adapter, please let me know?

I'm running Linux and XP side by side on an Acer netbook; am reluctant to make that final leap into removing XP. But all the programs that ran on XP run in Wine on Linux.

I refuse to convert to Windows 10, regardless I've used Windows since version 3.1 (land of the dual floppies). Microsoft tests in the marketplace. I don't want to be part of that marketplace, and the privacy issues/hidden issues yet to be revealed make me extremely wary. That, and having to find yet another third-party program to get their ^$#@Q!!! Start Menu out of my face. I want my OP to be silent and invisible. Windows is getting more and more intrusive.

Linux it will likely be. Here's hoping it's easier to install and tweak in five years.

Free Font Saves You Money On Ink 5 years 6 months ago wednesday-mac

I gave up long ago on inkjet cartridges (though I use the scanner on an old inkjet printer) and bought a 25+ year old HP Laserjet. The 6500-page recharged cartridge for it is $26. If the old Laserjet dies, I just buy another one for less than $100 including postage, and off I go again.

For drafts, I use an ancient Oki Microline 320 Turbo (dot matrix). I've yet to blow through the six boxes of continuous-feed paper I've picked up at second-hand stores for a few dollars. It's just not worth the inkjet cartridge cost, regardless the font used.

Do You Want to Continue Receiving Information from Gizmo's Freeware? 2 years 11 months ago Webguy52

Keep doing what you are doing. I look forward to your messages. I'm all in.

Best Free System Information Utility 1 year 6 months ago webguy

I have used Speccy for years. Today I noticed it hasn't been updated since 2018 AND the portable version is no longer available from the site. Piriform was purchased by Avast. I suspect that may have something to do with it. All the tool downloads are now on (Forums still on I swear it does not give as much info as it used to? It still gives some good info but I think I will try HWInfo instead of Speccy. (Note the company's CCLeaner still seems good at least for now.)

Best Free CD-DVD Burning Software 4 years 3 months ago webguy

ImgBurn v2.5.8.0: Major Geeks editor says their version v2.5.8.0 has no Open Candy and I noted the file size is smaller than the ImgBurn v2.5.8.0 offered "from ImgBurn". The Softpedia one is the same smaller size as MajorGeeks. I did not run a checksum. I used to use imgBurn, but with the controversy, I decided to try BurnAware when I reloaded after upgrade to Windows 10.

Best Free Drive Cloning Software 6 years 3 months ago webguy

First, thanks for your work on the reviews!

PING CAUTION: I was giving PING a first test by backing up a fresh Win 7 Pro install on a Dell Optiplex 330. I told PING to save both the System 100MB and C: (rest of 80GB drive) to a USB drive and to save NTFS details. It started, ran a few seconds, then shut down the PC. (Shutdown is the setting I used.) The PC THEN WOULD NOT BOOT. It said "Disk Read Error". I found it only wrote a few small files to the USB drive. I put the corrupt source drive in a USB adapter to look. I found it now has a 102MB raw partition, 74GB UNALLOCATED, and a 8GB raw healthy primary. I don't know if this was related to the hardware, the fact that I specified 2 partitions, that it was Win7, or something else. PING forums mentioned a few related items such as XP source corruption, that PING writes stuff to the source (maybe temp files?), and a mention of issues with certain Dell models. Does it really try to write to the source? Over the years, with other software, I have had a few bad images but never corrupted the source drive! (I am sure I selected the correct source and destination.)

Anyway, I think I should look for a safer free imaging solution for the non-profit I am supporting.

Best Free Drive Cloning Software 6 years 3 months ago webguy

Thanks AndyR. Please see my answer to previous reply. (I was using bootable CD to run it :-)

Best Free Audio-Video Format Conversion Program 6 years 3 days ago webguy

I have had Freemake v 3.2.1 for a while. I noticed the log entry you mentioned about the logo and some other comments so am trying to decide if I want to upgrade. As for the logo, if you have any other editing software, I assume it could be trimmed off the end.

BTW, Thanks to Arata for maintaining this section.

Best Free Ways to Learn Programming 6 years 4 months ago webguy

I have not tried the site linked from this Wired article
but it might be worth taking a look.

Get The Professional Version of MiniTool Partition Wizard for Free! [Expired] 5 years 5 months ago webguy

QUESTION: The FAQ has this item "How to uninstall AVG Security Toolbar?". Does this Pro version install the toolbar or any other undesirables? I am waiting to find out before I install it.
BTW: I had no trouble getting the email with code and download link. Just had to wait about 5 minutes. THANKS!

Get The Professional Version of MiniTool Partition Wizard for Free! [Expired] 5 years 5 months ago webguy

Thanks for checking!

Get The Professional Version of MiniTool Partition Wizard for Free! [Expired] 5 years 5 months ago webguy

I agree and also normally only do such operations from a bootable CD. I assume the installer gives you a program to do operations on other than the system disk as well as an option to create a bootable CD? I was going to temporarily install it only long enough to create the CD. Is that linked .ISO download the exact same version CD as the one created by the installed app? If so, why install it?

You Have 1 Week To Get This $50 Video Converter For Free 3 years 11 months ago webguy

They must have EXTENDED the DEADLINE.
The Digiarty page says valid until June 6 -

Learn an Unusual Fact Every Day at this Website 2 years 1 week ago webguy

I have been receiving the emails for years. I highly recommend subscribing. If you are too busy to read them all then just delete until you see one where you just can't resist looking. Each article also has related links at the bottom. You will be tempted to follow some on them as well. BTW, the author responded quickly when I had a suggestion/question about the site. rhiannon, I am you got the word out. They deserve the publicity and I think most GF readers will enjoy TIFO.

PDF Shaper 3 years 1 month ago webguy

On PDF Shaper download page look for the sentence "Also you can download free version without optional offers". "free version" is a link.

ImgBurn 4 years 3 months ago webguy

ImgBurn v2.5.8.0: Major Geeks editor says their version v2.5.8.0 has no Open Candy and I noted the file size is smaller than the ImgBurn v2.5.8.0 offered "from ImgBurn". The Softpedia one is the same smaller size as MajorGeeks. I did not run a checksum. I used to use imgBurn, but with the controversy, I decided to try BurnAware when I reloaded after upgrade to Windows 10.

BurnAware Free 4 years 3 months ago webguy

VirusTotal showed it safe when I checked it 2/5/17 :-). Web Of Trust gave it Trustworthiness 91.

BurnAware Free 4 years 3 months ago webguy

Be sure to uncheck extra items offered if you don't want them. It offered me Ad-Aware Web Companion and offered to change homepage to Yahoo.

FREE CompuSec 1 year 7 months ago webguy

CAUTION: At the BOTTOM of Free CompuSec Page here

is a download link titled "If you wish to download any of it’s version, you can do it here."

That 'here' link takes you to an oriental language page which then redirects to a topless image page.

There does not appear to be a good download link .

FREE CompuSec 1 year 7 months ago webguy

Follow up on my recent post about Compusec:

I sent them the email below at the email on their contact page.. I got this system reply: Address not found. Your message wasn't delivered to because the address couldn't be found, or is unable to receive mail. The response from the remote server was: 550 No Such User Here.

Don't know if they are out of business or their site was hacked or ??

== Email I sent ==
Subject: Your Free Compusec download link goes to a topless page
Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2019 22:02:57 -0400
From: ***


On your page here

The download link at the bottom "If you wish to download any of it’s version, you can do it here ."

goes to an oriental language page which then redirects to a topless site.

= end =

FREE CompuSec 1 year 7 months ago webguy

You are welcome. Thanks for the follow up

How to Replace Windows XP with Linux for Free 6 years 7 months ago Webdoc

This is all super great information. I learned a lot from this thread.

Would you guys please give me your opinion?

I am looking for a distro that:

1. Will run well on a P4 with 512MB of Ram
2. Is "Mom ready," meaning, your mom or grandma could sit down and just start doing her thing without getting lost.
3. Is a stable choice, meaning it will be around for a while and I won't have to babysit it very much.

Those three conditions are key, and should narrow down the choices quite a bit.

Bonus Points: It will fit on a CDROM.
Double Bonus Points: It will look pretty, for the office ladies.

I am engaged in a volunteer project where I need to update a bunch of old XP desktops and laptops for a local non-profit office. Some of the machines don't have a DVD drive, and can't be set in the BIOS to boot from USB.

I don't mind tweaking a setup a little bit. I always have to make changes to the way any Windows.

I am old enough to have experienced getting work done on a 286, so I just can't stand the idea of junking all these nice P4 computers (That I would have killed to own at one point in history)


The New Look Gizmo's Freeware Website is now Online 6 years 3 weeks ago Webbtech52

I love the new site! Great Job!

Best Free Android Apps - Updated 2021 8 years 1 month ago wdhpr

Just got my first smartphone which runs on Android. I've installed many of your suggested apps and they all seem to be high quality. Thanks for your work on this list.

How to Print from Your Android Tablet or Smartphone 7 years 9 months ago wdhpr

Works like a charm. Not sure if I will ever use it because document printing is normally used at my desktop.

Download Thousands Of Free MP3 Tracks From Amazon 6 years 9 months ago wbriggs

In US, go to 'More Deals', 'Songs by Price', Free.

How To Change The Windows 8 Background Colour 6 years 9 months ago wbmorrow

I just registered because this is the only thread that I have found that actually addresses this problem. Simple searches return something entirely different.

That said, it is a good work around with no decent UI (I join the chorus of "I want my XP SP3"). However, I have encountered a new and confusing problem:

I have the color set at 196 196 196 and when I restart my computer, all the office programs use this accordingly. If the computer "locks" or goes to sleep, however, it returns to the bright white of 255 255 255. When I check the registry, it is still 196 196 196 and I have to restart to get the colors to turn back.

Does anyone have a thought on why this is happening?

How To Change The Windows 8 Background Colour 6 years 9 months ago wbmorrow

Thank you. That is extremely helpful.

Free Program To Create Bootable USB Pen Drive 5 years 9 months ago wayoutwes

I downloaded Rufus but do not know what I am supposed to put into the 1st, 2nd & 4th text fields. I am running a Windows 7x64 system with a 500GB NTFS formatted main system hard disk. I also do not know what GPT is. Please help.

Best Free Non-Adobe PDF Reader 12 months 13 hours ago Warwick T

I just came across STDU Viewer which has all the features you could want in a lightweight PDF viewer, even though it is some years since a new version has been published. Unfortunately at the time of writing, the installer links on the developer's website ( point to an old version (1.6.361) which has a bug. The latest version (1.6.375) is available in portable form on the developer's website. The installer can be found at

An End of Year Thank-you from Gizmo 2 years 4 months ago warra

Thanks Ian .......
I often wonder where we would be without Gizmo's Tech Support Alert.
It's my turn-to whenever I need an absolutely unbiased and honest review of free software.
Cheers from Bundanoon Australia.

Remove Your Personal Information from the Internet for Free 1 year 5 months ago warra

Thanks rhiannon,
some good stuff there.

Using Firefox? Update Now 1 year 4 months ago warra

Thanks rhiannon,
I do use Firefox sometimes but my default browser is Brave mainly for privacy.
Will update the Firefox now.

Download over 59,000 Professional Sound Effects for Free 1 year 2 months ago warra

Good one rhiannon !
Something there for everyone !
I'm always on the lookout for a nice animal a rooster crow for my ringtone.

Fix Windows Update Issues Using This Free Portable Utility 1 year 1 month ago warra

Thanks rhiannon..
just what I needed.
My windows 7 update has been broken for almost two years now.
Hopefully, this will fix it !

Stay safe, stay well !

Fix Windows Update Issues Using This Free Portable Utility 1 year 1 month ago warra

Woo-Hoo !...
it worked !
Thanks rhiannon

A Must-Have Android Tool To Make Multitasking Easier And Smoother 6 months 6 days ago warra

Thanks Jojo,
that's just what I've been wanting for a long time...perfect !

Gizmo is Retiring but Gizmo’s Freeware Goes On 4 months 2 weeks ago warra

Happy trails Ian !...
love, hugs and spitty kisses from Wally in Bundanoon, Oz

Best Free Software for Mac OS 11 months 2 weeks ago wapipiv369

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This Site Is a One Stop Destination for Most of Your Calendar Needs 11 months 2 weeks ago wapipiv369

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Best Free Reminder and To-do List for Android 5 years 7 months ago wanderinwoodsman

I must be missing something. I do not consider the "widgets" associated with this app numerous or thorough

How To Copy Text From "Uncopyable" Windows Screens 7 years 5 months ago wanderinwoodsman

I guess this program only works with error messages. I installed it and attempted to copy text off a standard page with no results. I fail to see the usefulness of this program after my initial attempt.

Are You Getting The Most From Your Browser With HTTP/2? 4 years 11 months ago wanderinwoodsman

Excellent article. I use Chrome to stay current, these short concise articles are why I donate every so often to this site. I hope more readers do also.

Offline Mode Makes Windows Defender Even Smarter 4 years 6 months ago wanderinwoodsman

So simple yet I would never have thought of this if it was not pointed out. Thanks

Thank You for Donating 7 years 11 months ago wanderinwoodsman

I just made a donation because this site has provide more useful information than any site on the internet. Your tech specialist are the best. I almost receive too much information from you but that is ok. I have been having problems with my hard disk and the information you provided has be very helpful and most importantly easily to find. All the software reviews save me time and point to some great stuff. I heard about Dropbox, LastPass

Best Free Firewall Protection 7 years 3 weeks ago wanderingmonk

Loved Comodo and been using it for a few years....but when I upgraded to 7.0 it just seemed to royally screw my system over. I wonder if there's guides or anything regarding this. I'm also getting tired of the ads they're starting to pop-up now every like 10 min.

Best Free Firewall Protection 7 years 3 weeks ago wanderingmonk

I'm basically going through the same thing as this person posted here:

It basically made my computer unable to shut down (gets frozen on the shutting down screen), unable to install or uninstall programs (for some reason can't do windows update either), made certain programs unresponsive (may be the HIPS blocking it), and messed with my ethernet (because it installed something in my Local Area Connection properties). Everything returns to normal after removing Comodo while putting my computer in safe mode. After looking into it a bit, I think the security in 7.0 was just overly beefed causing me unable to do anything because it was just blocking everything, or the update reset my previous settings and just went back to being overprotective.....not entirely sure but it was not a pleasant experience. For now, I just removed Comodo and am trying out the Privatefirewall one until I can research why the 7.0 was screwing with my system.

A Fond Farewell From Me 2 years 5 months ago walterbeckman

Thanks for your hard work and service to all your readers. Don't let the typing fingers rest too long. Again many thanks.

Best Free eBook Reader for iOS 8 years 1 month ago Walter Eagle

Could I suggest a close look at the Marvin reader app? I find it absolutely excellent in every way.
For reading it has freely adjustable fonts, sizes, line spacing, paragraph spacing, margins, text and background colours etc - you can set the appearance of the book exactly as it suits you.
It has facilities for searching, bookmarks, notes, highlighting text. It also has the most incredible "A.I." Artificial Intelligence facility. Marvin will 'read' a book for you and, (to quote the web-site), you can ..
"•Look up characters and other names in the book in Wikipedia or anywhere on the Internet straight from within the app.
•Annotate names in the book and share your research.
•Find out where a name appeared first in the book. This is great if you forgot who a character is and need to quickly look it up.
•Fetch articles about the book and author biographies.
•Learn more about the book. Was it made into a movie, a play, a radio drama?
•Find and attach links to web content such as reviews and videos.
•Build summaries of the book."

If you store your e-books from your PC in Dropbox it will pick them up from there. It also interfaces really well with the best PC-based e-book cataloging program, Calibre.

I had one instance where I required support on it (I couldn't work out what I was doing wrong with some bookmarks), and I found the response from the author to be really prompt (less than an hour on a Saturday morning!), completely relevant and pointed out my error very politely. An absolutely excellent app, free of charge, with great support - what more do you need?

This 4-In-1 File Explorer Makes Moving And Copying Files Simple 7 years 5 months ago Walter Eagle

I have been using Q-Dir for many years and it is my absolute default file and folder manager. I did evaluate many other Explorer-type file managers at the time and all of them had something lacking. The big difference to me was the level of customisation that Q-Dir permitted me.

There's the obvious things like the actual view: 1, 2, 3 or 4 panes (I use 2 for 99% of my work). But, as a small example, one thing I didn't realise how useful it would be is colour-coding files according to their type or extension. At first I thought this would be a gimmick, but it's become part of how I manage data now. Many friends and colleagues have commented, positively, on this. In the same folder, I may have a bunch of Word files (coloured blue), PDFs (coloured red) and Excel files (coloured green). You can specify exactly what colour you want for every different file extension if you wish.

What about the built-in app launcher for other programs? I love this, especially for small tasks like Windows calc, CharMap, command line etc. There's nothing to stop you using it to launch a text editor (Notepad++ is a favourite), or browsers, or an office suite ...

Someone previously mentioned copying issues. I use TeraCopy for all my copying tasks and set it as the default for that. It gets launched automatically by either Windows Explorer or Q-Dir when required.

There's more to Q-Dir than just being an excellent file/folder manager. Have a look under the lid and see what else it can do.


Best Free File Comparison Utility 6 years 8 months ago Walt43

Your info is now bad due to updates...WinMerge dropped the running on W9x an XP about version 2.12.something.
I need it to run on W98SE but those ver now will not run there.
I have requested an older version from them because I have not been able to find a workable version for W9x.

Best Free Technical Support Sites 6 years 7 months ago walsh258

I run windows vista on a PC with a common access card reader to access a government email account when I am traveling. It normally works. However, I am never able to view any encrypted emails. I know that I need to download SMIME but I have not been able to do so successfully. Do you have any recommendations?

Want To Find Out How Password Cracking Works? 8 years 2 weeks ago WallyB

This is an amazing - and scary - article. I thought I had a handle on how to create safe passwords, but the variations this cracking process easily applies shows me I'm not any safer than the majority of otherwise uninformed users. Everything changes today.

The Simplest, Easiest PC Linux Ever 4 years 4 months ago WallyB

Willrun4fun, what would be your choice of distribution for use on an old, underpowered PC? I've not used Linux before, but I'm ready to give it a try to make some currently unusable hardware useful again.

How to freeze your credit for free 2 years 7 months ago WallyB

It may not be tech info, but it's critical info that needs to get to everyone from any source available. Thanks!!

Free Math eBooks Online 7 years 7 months ago wallschke

There is a free sophomore linear algebra textbook with videos and online open source WeBWorK
problems available at

Free eBooks And Audiobooks To Read Online Or Download 6 years 10 months ago wallace.thomas

What about free e-books for the Nook?

Quickly Find Out Who's Connected To Your Computer 7 years 9 months ago walkingdead

I really think I've been hacked into. A while ago I was on a new pain med. very strong, so I wasn't thinking clearly having two things go on at the same time,I get a phone call from an Indian sounding man saying he is from microsoft and everytime I sign onto my email I am leaking info. Go to start and type in Ammyy then he quickly takes me off that page a cmd box opens and by now ugh duh, you've just been hacked you stoned jerk. So he has control of my computer. The cmd box stops and there is over 14,000 errors, see he says very bad. He can fix for me for only $300.00 I say NO! he persists lowering the price at the same time I have my A/C guy standing there asking me for $375.00 for a part they replaced 8 months ago. Bottom line my computer is never the same restore after restore and a million M.S. updates my email password will work for a week and then I'm locked out of my acct. Right now I am locked out of both yahoo and MSN EMAILS SAYING TOO MANY ATTEMPTS. So I needed some freeware (on a small pension and ss/disab) to break this connection once and for all.
And YES!! I know what I did was stupid but chronic pain, discs out and broken bones that are beyond surgery can make a person do something she would have never done in her right mind.
P.S. sorry this is so long but I am mad enough at myself for being so stupid in the first place.Hope someone can help me???

How to Protect Your Online Privacy 7 years 1 month ago walkingdead

I read about SecurityKiss here and used it for about 6 months without any incident. Then one day it said I had to re-register to continue. Ok, I did, then a few weeks later it would show that I had used it for 23 hrs. when in reality I had just signed on. I don't understand it's behavior. Finally it just stopped working urging me to view the packages available that I could purchase to continue uninterrupted. I just uninstalled it getting nowhere. Now I kind of feel naked without my VPN shielding me.

Will try HotSpot shield hope this works indefinitely without incident. Excellent site by the way,, you guys have very detailed information and it's very explanatory. Keep up the great work! This is my "GO TO FIRST SITE" whenever I need anything.

The WalkingDead