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Reminder: Check If Your Email Address Has Been Stolen Or Hacked 3 years 5 months ago West Swan

"The site will tell you if your details have been leaked. If they have, you'll need to change your passwords."

Hello, so what you are saying is if I have been 'pwned' then somebody somewhere has both my email address AND my password is that correct?

If it is just my email address that has somehow gotten out there then why should I change my password? Of course I know regularly changing a password is a good idea anyhow.



Reminder: Check If Your Email Address Has Been Stolen Or Hacked 3 years 5 months ago West Swan


I think I confused you sorry.

I didn't understand if being on this list (which I am) meant that somebody had JUST my email address or if they had my email address AND my password.

I of course have already changed my password just in case they had it as well as my email address.

Now if I start receiving lots of spam myself I will know my email address has been sold and change it. I'm sure my 12 contacts wouldn't mind :-)

Thanks again,


Reminder: Check If Your Email Address Has Been Stolen Or Hacked 3 years 5 months ago West Swan

Thank you from another Aussie :-)

I already have a fake PayPal account for those times a website demands it (even sometimes for free software that was advertised on this site a couple of years ago).

That account is associated with a fake email address using a name that is difficult to tell if the person is male or female. I did that just for fun.

Cheers mate,

Paul (from rainy W.A.)

Download 'Troubleshooting and Maintaining Your PC All-in-One For Dummies' Ebook Free For A Limited Time 2 years 3 months ago West Swan

All good. I have an 'email' and 'details' just for situations like this.

Recover Product Keys From Your PC With This Free App 7 months 3 weeks ago West Swan

No problems with PUPs or the like here. Panda and Malwarebytes show the file to be clean.

There is a sponsored offer which nearly got me. Just click 'decline' and you will be right.



Best Free Software for Mac OS 2 years 7 months ago westlinkcleaning

Find the Passwords Internet Explorer is Storing On Your PC 6 years 4 months ago westnile

This is to by Anonymous on 31. May 2010 - 2:51 (50675) and all the other Nay Sayers

It WAS STATED that this is a older program and it will/might be detected by newer av or anti malware programs.

I have been in IT for 20 years building repairing cleaning viruses etc out of computers and Network Security.

The program IE Passview is completely safe all it does is read the registry entries for saved passwords and decrypts them so you can read them in plain text aka understandable stuff not letters and number jumbled together.

Before you complain especially when using a Microsoft product to scan with try reading everything fully.

Btw MS Security Essentials is junk just saying it never has been and never will be a reliable means of security just from my basic knowledge I could code something that would get past it try [commercial reference removed].

As for IE passview I have been working on a clients laptop and never have I run into a issue like this shes running windows vista home (i know pos OS) and IE 8 the registry entries are there for the saved passwords but IE passview does not show them I am stumped first time since I started doing this when I was 12, I am looking for other options
would it be possible for for me to set up a temp key logger that would capture it?
The way her laptop is setup as soon as you load the websites gmail or hotmail it instantly takes you to the clients inbox she is a older person and has many medical conditions thats making it hard for her to even try and remember the recovery information.

I am looking for any and all possible venues for me to retrieve her passwords so I can setup her new laptop for her.

Any and all help is appreciated (if you have negative thoughts keep them to yourself)

Best Free Antivirus Software 5 years 7 months ago wg1995

Which acceptable av uses the fewest resources, especially memory?

A PDF Reader That's Portable And 20 Times Smaller Than Adobe's 5 years 1 week ago wg1995

Does this application also serve as a virtual printer for files, converting them to pdf in process?

Using Windows Defender? An Easy Way To Get A Second Opinion. 4 years 10 months ago wg1995

Is it portable? Can I install it on a flash drive for use when I need it?

Get This Top-Rated Backup & Recovery Program Free Through November 4 years 1 month ago wg1995

I cannot find a way to get a serial number for Paragon Backup 16. I registered an account at their home page but I don't see anywhere to obtain the serial number?

Best Free Software for Linux 6 years 1 week ago Whale

Comix cannot possibly be best comic book reader as its development stopped years ago. MComix for example is a fork with several fixes implemented. But the best one is ACBF Viewer.

Got A Lenovo Laptop? You Need To Uninstall The Accelerator. 4 years 4 months ago whalewatcher

Does this just apply to their desktops and laptops, what about tablets?

How to Create a Program Shortcut to Run Without the UAC Prompt in Windows 7 1 year 3 months ago WhataMack

This worked, and your help is greatly appreciated. But you know what else? Having to do this is insanely stupid, especially because Microsoft wants you to use the default (high) level of security. Every malware program I use allows for program exceptions. But of course, Microsoft has no clue when it comes to user ease-of-use.

Best Free Music Creation Software 7 years 8 months ago whatisamatrix

And again. DarkWave Studio and LMMS are licensed under GPLv3, so it is free not only for private use, but also for commercial use.

Tidy Your Desktop With A Tabbed Launcher 3 years 8 months ago whitedragon551

Untangle UTM marks this as malware. Be careful.

Tidy Your Desktop With A Tabbed Launcher 3 years 8 months ago whitedragon551

Do you know what Untangle is? Its an enterprise level firewall and threat management appliance.

Untangle uses more than just Bitdefender. It also does web filtering based on heuristics and categories similar to OpenDNS.

Flagged as:



Reason: Spyware & Questionable Software

Tidy Your Desktop With A Tabbed Launcher 3 years 8 months ago whitedragon551

Bitdefender is not what flagged it. The web filtering flagged it as shown by my post. You were the one who came in to denigrate the report from a well known security appliance vendor as if you knew more than they did.

You attacked my original warning first by saying I didnt post enough evidence and when evidence is posted you say you are attacked. Clearly you are incapable of having a conversation online. Im sure there are safe corners available.

Best Free PDF Tools 6 years 9 months ago WHiTe_aSH143

Excellent review!

Not sure if it's been pointed out yet or not, but you can "watermark" in PDFTK Builder. It's more cumbersome than toolkits that come with watermarking standard.

What I did to watermark was create a Word doc with the watermark I wanted and formatted it appropriately with line weights, font size, location on the document. Save it as a pdf.

Open up PDFTK Builder and select the Background/Stamp tab. Choose the Source PDF Document (the one to put the watermark in) then choose the Background or Stamp PDF Page (the watermark created in Word). Choose background or stamp then save it.

Like I said, more cumbersome than it has to be, but it can be done.


Gizmo's Exclusive: Want To Win This Superb $99 Security Tool? 3 years 5 months ago whizkidraj

Thank you so much, Rob. Always appreciate what you do for us. :)

How to rip DVD movies using freeware HandBrake 2 years 3 months ago whoareyou

I used to be a loyal user of handbrake, but as my more and more DVDs can't be grabbed by handbrake, I am very disappointed with this software. Handbrake alternatives such as the Wonderfox DVD ripper have been updated, and all of my DVDs have been successfully crawled so far. The software will always be eliminated if it cannot inject new technology.

Sort Any List Alphabetically Using These Online Tools 2 years 3 months ago WhyCantIregister

Here are some tools all on 1 site hxxps://

Best Free Antivirus Software 7 years 1 month ago whycue

My new PC came with Windows 8 - are there any recommended free antivirus/antispyware programs I can use with it?

Best Free Office Suite 7 years 7 months ago wickyd

Please note that your License Type of Unrestricted freeware for Kingsoft Office Suite is false.

Please read their EULA:

the "Product" is a personal edition software, it shall be used only in personal computers, and shall not be used in the computers of legal persons or other organizations (including but not limited to government agencies, companies, enterprises, other organizations, etc.; regardless of the organization is an economic organization or not; regardless of the organization's usage is for profitable purpose or not).

Therefore, if you run a company from home, and are looking for a free office suite, it can't be used. Unfortunately, it can only be used in your personal capacity.

Subsequently, I don't think it deserves your Top Pick award.

Is 2018 the Year the Internet Finally Died? 2 years 10 months ago wildlife

Wish you had left your article until tomorrow as feel quite depressed now for the start of the new year. Happy New Year to all that run this site and many thanks.

Best Free Antivirus Software 5 years 10 months ago wildman

Please let people know that BitDefender is no longer compatible with Windows7.


CCleaner 2 years 2 months ago wildman

Ever since CCleaner was bought by Avast and it started to track ones usage CCleaner has had to go bye bye. This is not a good thing as CCleaner was very popular.

Help Guard Your Online Privacy with this Nifty Firefox Add-On 7 years 4 days ago wildweaselkeeper

What version/versions of Firefox does this work with? Never mind; figured it out. I tried to install it on FF 15, but the current version requires a minimum of FF 19. I tried installing an older version (0.24), which is "Collusion", and it's in the Add-ons - Extensions list dialog, but it installed -disabled- and will not allow me to -enable- it. It did not offer me the traditional -Restart- and I'm guessing that when I close the browser and restart it "Collusion" will no longer be there. I'm very apprehensive about updating FF to anything above 15. I fiddled with FF 24 on my wife's computer; what a piece of junk.

Thank you v.laurie, very much, for the info.

Save On Expensive Ink And Paper With A Free Browser Add-On 7 years 1 day ago wildweaselkeeper

I use a Firefox Add-on Extension simply named "Print Edit"; Just install and go.

It works great, especially on those receipts that want to add everything else on the page to the print document.

Try it; you'll like it. I especially like that you don't have to download or install anything on your computer.

Keep This Bootable CD Handy For Troubleshooting 6 years 8 months ago wildweaselkeeper

Any time you have a tool like this with the collection of utilities it has you are going to get to get false positives. I've been using Nirsoft (NirSofer) utilities for many years and used to quite often get false positives with some of their utilities. I been using NirLauncher for a couple years now (something like that), also known as the Nirsoft or NirSofer Package, and if you scan it with just about anything like VirusTotal you will get false positives with it because of the utilities it contains.

Keep This Bootable CD Handy For Troubleshooting 6 years 8 months ago wildweaselkeeper

Anyone know how FalconFour's Ultimate Boot CD compares with another one of the same name, (but not FalconFour's) found on this site: Also found on SourceForge: and also listed on Softpedia (as a Pick):

Just wondering if anyone is familiar with both? I will download both, when I have time, and see what differences there might be.

Thank You! In advance to anyone who may know about this.

Thank you Rob, for this post.

Freeware Game of the Week (When your favorite Cartoon turned into a Free Game) 6 years 7 months ago wildweaselkeeper

I'm confused; you mention "Game Jolt" (GameJolt) "", which your link does lead to, but then the links you display for the Pokeman Home page is "", but the link takes one to "" which is not Pokeman, at all, but "I Wanna Be The Guy" which is described as a nail-rippingly difficult platform adventure. The link displayed for the Pokeman Download is "" which takes one instead to "" which is indeed on "GameJolt", but not the download for Pokeman, but for "I Want To Be The Guy"

After looking around on "GameJolt" I did indeed find the page for "Pokeman3D" with a download link ""

And I researched the addresses you displayed and they do indeed lead to a "Pokeman3D" site: and also the downloads page:

Will the real "Pokeman3D" please stand up! Thank you, for the post.

This Antivirus is the Number-One contender on the block 6 years 3 weeks ago wildweaselkeeper

I second that; my question exactly.

A Reminder: If You Use Windows, Just Get Flux 4 years 7 months ago wildweaselkeeper

I tried flux; it sux. It's way too bossy.

Try This Brilliant Free Photo Editor 4 years 7 months ago wildweaselkeeper

I don't usually care for cloud applications, but this doesn't require any personal information and unlike Picasa and Chrome, this is not a Google program. The only other company I trust less than Google is Microsoft. And I don't have to install it and use up drive space.

I kinda like this befunky program.

Try This Brilliant Free Photo Editor 4 years 7 months ago wildweaselkeeper

Yeah, too bad. I didn't know that, but that's why I like Gizmo's so much; I learn something every time I visit the site.

Free Ransomware Protection Utility 4 years 7 months ago wildweaselkeeper

Thanks for the Heads Up!

Find Out Everything About Your PC 4 years 6 months ago wildweaselkeeper

I tried it on my XP system and it didn't work out so well. I'll stick with System Information for Windows (SIW) and the old AIDA 32; I'd buy the newest version if I could afford it, but I can't right now, so I'll stick with the old FREE version.

Find Out Everything About Your PC 4 years 6 months ago wildweaselkeeper

Sure! I don't have a problem elaborating. I downloaded "Speccy Portable 1.29.714" from Softpedia. I installed it on my hard drive where I install stand alone programs; I need to buy a bigger, better Flash Drive, which I just may do Friday. In any case it wasn't until after I deleted it from my system that I realized that it may not have worked properly because I didn't place it on a portable storage device.

When I opened the program it would not update my CPU, Motherboard, or Storage devices either optical or logical (SATA); there were a few other things it would not update, but I don't remember what those things were.

I downloaded the portable version because Softpedia told me that the regular download of the current version was ad supported. I could have download version 1.25.674, but the portable version was the latest version and did not appear to be ad supported.

I have to admit that the version of "SIW" I use is an older version, about 4 - 6 years old; I'm financially handicapped and cannot afford it at this time.

I stay real busy because I take care of handicapped/disabled adults and that consumes huge amounts of my time. When I have some time I will go back and download version 1.25.674 and give that a go. After I get the new Flash Drive I will download and install the portable version and give it another go.

Find Out Everything About Your PC 4 years 6 months ago wildweaselkeeper

Thanks, for that; it gives me more confidence in downloading and installing the current version - I'll go do that right now and will still give the portable version another shot when I get a bigger Flash Drive. And I'll come back with an update on how both the regular and portable versions work, for me.

Find Out Everything About Your PC 4 years 6 months ago wildweaselkeeper

Everyone has an opinion about these kinds of things; as for me I don't trust all software authors sites. I do trust Softpedia; they guarantee their downloads to be free of malware and I've never had a problem with them. The times I have had a problem it has always been with an External Download and been the fault of the authors site. I will ad that I do trust the Pinform site, to a point, but I just default to Softpedia for all my downloads. I've tried countless download sites and Softpedia, in my opinion, is the best. On top of that they let me know when my installed software is updated: one of the biggest reasons I use Softpedia. I would consider myself a techie to the point that I know just enough to keep myself from getting in trouble, but when I get myself in trouble, not always enough to get myself out without having to ask for help. With that said I know a lot of Advanced Techies that swear by Softpedia, but everyone has their own opinion about these sorts of things.

I did download and install "Speccy 1.29.714"; it updated everything except my storage devices and audio. It does give me a pretty in depth look at my computer, except for Audio and Storage Devices.

Time To Change Your Dropbox Password 4 years 1 month ago wildweaselkeeper

Personally, I got rid of "Dropbox" a long time ago, for the same reasons I ditched "facebook". But the main reason I came in here is to comment on "Rob's" contributions to what was once known as "Support Alert", now known as "Gizmo's Freeware" which is misleading because it is so much more than that.

I came in here to read "Rob's" article and after reading it the first thing I noticed is some nit wit's "one rating" of the article. I mean com'on; his articles at least rate a "three" for the time and effort he puts into them, and in many cases the research that goes into them before he writes them. Have I seen anyone else contributing? NO! But, time after time I come in here to see someone giving his articles the thumbs down.

I've found most of his articles informative, even if I'm not really interested in the program or topic he's writing about. I believe his effort deserves at least a three to start with. As for this article I believe we all need to be reminded from time to time about our passwords. And "Passwords" are something that do concern a large cross section of all the people who read these articles. While other articles may not be something that interests everyone that's no reason for a low rating. I think many of us lose track of what the rating system is for, not only here,. but across the NET.

If I wasn't a caretaker of handicapped/disabled, which consumes large chunks of my time, honestly just about all of my time, I'd be in here writing about different subjects of my limited knowledge so someone could give me a "one" rating. I'm sure my comment will get low ratings. Oh well. . . . . .

Gizmo's Exclusive: Get This $29.95 Sync Tool Free If You're Quick! 4 years 1 month ago wildweaselkeeper

I can see how this could and can be useful to some, maybe many, but that's not my beef with it. My problem with this software is how it cements itself into the start menu without any way to get it out. This is not something I expect from a Software Vendor like Paragon. Uninstalled.

This Digital Binder Is A Real Challenger For Microsoft OneNote 4 years 6 days ago wildweaselkeeper

you forgot to mention system requirements; it would have been nice to know that XP is not supported.

This Digital Binder Is A Real Challenger For Microsoft OneNote 3 years 11 months ago wildweaselkeeper

Com'On Dude, because listing system requirements is SOP and that not only includes Windows OS, but also MAC & LINUX. This site used to mention system requirements not only in their "Best Freeware" lists, but with every article. I visit "Giveaway of the Day" almost every day; they list system requirements for every giveaway they offer. I use Softpedia almost exclusively for downloads and update/upgrade notifications; they list system requirements for every program on their servers. System Requirements is SOP.
As for XP; the last time I checked nearly fifty percent (50%) of Windows OS users where still using XP. Why? Because XP is hands down the best all around OS Microsoft ever developed. Why haven't I upgraded? Because I'm Financially Handicapped and I not only need a new OS, but a new computer which I have not been able to afford up to this point. And when I can afford it (put enough money aside to pay cash for it) I will upgrade to "Windows 7", but will also keep XP; you can keep Windows 8 & 10. If I want a mobile OS I'll get a Smart Phone or Tablet. You guessed it; I do not own a mobile device. As such I want an OS for my computer, not a mobile OS that I can use on my computer. Nuff said. My Considered Opinion.

An Update For One Of My Favourite Utilities Ever 3 years 10 months ago wildweaselkeeper

Rob; I personally always find your articles/posts useful; not always the software, because if nothing else it motivates me to look for something better. I'll give "Greenshot" a try, but I also need to give a positive, thumbs up to "PicPick", been on my computer for a long, long time now. Also "IrfanView, not only for screen capture, but for so much more; "IrfanView" has been on my computer for way longer than most programs on my computer and through all the fancy Image Viewers that have succeeded it I keep going back to "Irfanview" the Swiss Knife of Image Viewers - my opinion of course.

An End-of-year Thank-you from Gizmo 3 years 10 months ago wildweaselkeeper

"Gizmo's Freeware" has been active for more than a decade; add to that all the years of "Support Alert" and that is certainly a lot of change, not all for the good I might add. But through it all you've been there to help us through it; thank you so much for being there to help us through it and so a Thank You from you? No Gizmo, Thank You!

Free Commercial-Grade Antivirus For Your New PC 3 years 10 months ago wildweaselkeeper

Rob, I read a review some time ago, from someone, that suggested you provide system requirements. I have to echo that suggestion; many of us, for whatever reason, still use XP and unfortunately more and more software companies, just like Microsoft, are no longer supporting XP. That would be nice to know information, upfront, before we jump through all the hoops just to find out we can't use it.

System Requirements would be nice, especially if XP or any other OS is not supported.

Thank You!

Tidy Your Desktop With A Tabbed Launcher 3 years 8 months ago wildweaselkeeper

I could have replied to many of the comments I read. I didn't run this through Virus Total or any of my Malware or Virus Scanners; there was just something very suspicious about that .msi installer. No Thank You!

Find Out Your Current Screen Resolution With One Click 3 years 7 months ago wildweaselkeeper

I can see the usefulness of "", both for those, as you stated, that use a VPN and because many ISP's change their customers IP, from time to time, to protect their anonymity, but "" not so much because most experienced computer users, which I assume is the large percentage of your user base, already know their native screen resolution. I can see it for new computer users and most wallpaper sites automatically inform the user, up front, what size wallpaper they need.

It Looks Like You're Trying To Draw A Ladder. Would You Like Help With That? 3 years 6 months ago wildweaselkeeper

It's a good site if you know how to draw. I learned that I'm no better at drawing on a computer than I am on paper with pencil or pen. In fact, on the computer, I'm worse. And I saw no Clippy and the suggestions I got were nowhere near what I was trying to draw; not a ladder.

It Looks Like You're Trying To Draw A Ladder. Would You Like Help With That? 3 years 6 months ago wildweaselkeeper

Thanks, Rob; it wasn't until after I made the post and reread your article a third time, to see if I missed something, which I kinda did, that I realized what the bar at the top of the page was for. As I stated I received no suggestion that closely resembled what I was trying to draw, but that could possibly be because I'm a terrible artist. Not an artistic bone in my body; some creative bones, but no artistic.

Running Windows XP, Vista, 8.0? Read this NOW. 3 years 5 months ago wildweaselkeeper

Most Useful and Appreciated, at least for me; Thank You!

Running Windows XP, Vista, 8.0? Read this NOW. 3 years 5 months ago wildweaselkeeper

I don't know, but if you have active security software running, perhaps you security software is blocking it. If you have automatic update enabled then you're already protected; if not then go to the updates page for Windows 10 and have the updates installed, but make sure your security software will let it pass through - it should automatically, but if not you will have to adjust your settings.

Errors When Windows Starts Up? Autoruns Will Tell You Why. 3 years 5 months ago wildweaselkeeper

I agree; a must have in your arsenal of what I consider security software.

A Really Useful Remote Support Tool 3 years 4 months ago wildweaselkeeper

I'm always going to give you a five just for the time you spent researching and writing the article, but I sometimes wonder where you find these, so called jewels/gems? I put no Trust in "Web of Trust" and I could find very little information about this offering. And the little I did find gave me no confidence in it. I do trust "VirusTotal", for that most part, but I'm not going to download and install a program just based on that.

Thanks for the heads up; I'll stick with "Team Viewer".

VirtualDub 3 years 11 months ago wildweaselkeeper

The only problem I see with "DaVinci Resolve" is that it's not compatible with "XP" or "7"; only "8" and "10". I currently use "XP" and plan on upgrading to "7" at the earliest opportunity. I am not a fan of "8" or "10" and so I will have to default to "VirtualDub" and use "Davinci Resolve" on my wife's Windows 10 machine. She had "7", but let it upgrade to "10" against my advice.

Best Free File Copy Utility 4 years 10 months ago will2

Like with another post 2 years back, I think you should state if each utility Verifies the destination matches the source bit-by-bit 100% ! The only reason I look for a Copy Utility, is I am not happy with the Copy cmd in Windows, as it does not report copy errors when copying bulk data/drives. Therefore a primary feature I seek is Verification. BTW, when I perused your link for Ultracopier I could not even find a reference to Verification, so I guess it may not do that all-important function. Your review would benefit from including a at-a-glance table of vital Copy features for each Utility.

Best Free Software for Linux 2 years 11 months ago willbelr

Hi there, I am the developper of qtPad. Please report any error on github! If it is really a bug I will fix it, else I will help you to find the problem. Thanks!

Tips and Tricks for Linux Mint after Installation [Mint 17 to 17.2 - Cinnamon Edition] 5 years 2 weeks ago william1967

Thank you for the article. There aren't that many articles explaining how to customize a Linux Mint Cinnamon Desktop, this is very helpful in that respect. Can you explain how to install and change new window borders, icons and controls for a customized look of the desktop?

Best Free Memory Optimizer 6 years 8 months ago William2

CLEANMEM also increases overall system performance.

Read this:

Best Free Technical Support Sites 2 years 3 months ago williamearls

Great post on tech support! Will happily apply these tips. Keep posting them as they help us a lot!

Download 'Troubleshooting and Maintaining Your PC All-in-One For Dummies' Ebook Free For A Limited Time 2 years 3 months ago WilliamKDavis

just ­As ­br­A­d­l­ey ­ex­p­l­A­i­n­e­d ­i ­A­m stu­n­n­e­d t­h­At ­A­ny­o­n­e ­c­A­n ­g­et ­p­A­i­d $9436 ­i­n 4 w­e­e­ks ­o­n t­h­e ­c­o­m­put­er. ­h­Av­e y­ou r­e­A­d t­h­is s­it­e ­l­i­n­k­g­o t­o t­h­is s­it­e ­h­o­m­e t­A­b ­f­or ­m­or­e ­d­et­A­i­l

Wallpaper of the Week: Rocks Rising from Purple Sea Mist 1 year 9 months ago WilliamLEverett

i­f y­ou t­h­i­n­k ­br­A­d­l­ey`s st­ory ­is sur­pr­is­i­n­g,, 5 w­e­A­ks-­A­g­o ­my ­d­ou­g­ht­er ­b­As­i­c­A­l­ly A­ls­o ­m­A­d­e t­h­e s­m­A­l­l ­f­ortu­n­e ­o­f $5616 s­itt­i­n­g t­h­er­e ­fr­o­m ­h­o­m­e ­A­n­d t­h­er­e r­o­o­m­At­e's st­e­p-s­ist­er`s ­n­e­i­g­h­b­our ­h­As ­d­o­n­e t­h­is ­f­or 7-­m­o­nt­hs ­A­n­d ­br­o­g­ht ­i­n ­ov­er $5616 ­i­n t­h­er­e s­p­Ar­e t­i­m­e ­fr­o­m t­h­e­ir ­l­A­pt­o­p. ­A­p­p­l­i­e t­h­e st­e­ps ­o­n t­h­is s­it­e,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

COPY PAST HERE SITE ......................c­­­­­­­a­­­­­­­s­­­­­­­h­­­­­­­p­­­­­­­r­­­­­­­o­­­­­­­f­­­­­­­i­­­­­­­t­­­­­­­1­­­­­­­.­­­­­­­c­­­­­­­o­­­­­­­m

Easily Create a Designer Quality Website for Free 6 years 11 months ago WilliamsBrown

I want to make sure that it is very important to see whether or not his is something that is going to improve in many way.

Get $49 Worth Of DVD Copying Program For Free If You're Quick 6 years 22 hours ago willrun4fun

Giveaway Version doesn't support update.

How to Check the Size and Reclaim Disk Space from WinSxS in Windows 8.1 5 years 7 months ago willrun4fun

You can also do this through disk cleanup in the GUI now easily.

Just open "disk cleanup" by typing it in the search bar.
click to clean-up system files, cleanup will relaunch in admin mode
check "Windows Update Cleanup" and whatever options you want.

Best-Known Network Diagnostic Tool Gets Major Version Update 4 years 11 months ago willrun4fun

Great tool. I use this all the time. OS X version most of the time.

Superb Simple Editor With Handy Macro Feature 4 years 9 months ago willrun4fun

Notepad++ also does this. Many plugins available as well. Here's an example I found

Fancy A New Windows Start Menu For Free? 4 years 7 months ago willrun4fun

Classic Shell FTW!

The Free Text Editor That's Still Ahead Of The Others 4 years 7 months ago willrun4fun

The only editor I use as well. Solarized theme is the best.

Many great plugins.

Wallpaper of the Week: Lightning Over The Grand Canyon 4 years 7 months ago willrun4fun

A little dark but nice!

Here is one I ran for a while this week.

Listen To Music Online For Free At These 20 Websites 4 years 6 months ago willrun4fun

Songza has been gone for quite a while now. They were rolled into google music.

Zorin OS 11 Is Here 4 years 6 months ago willrun4fun

I would recommend waiting if you do want to install this. 11 is based on Ubuntu 15 which is not an LTS release. When Ubuntu 16LTS drops here soon Zorin should follow.

What's Connected To Your USB Ports? 3 years 12 months ago willrun4fun

This is very handy to have when you have unapproved USB devices turned on in group policy. I use it to get the ID of the device to add it to the allow list.

Download A Youtube Video As An Audio MP3 File 3 years 10 months ago willrun4fun

YouTube-dl is the only way to go. Runs on everything and reliable.

An Update For One Of My Favourite Utilities Ever 3 years 10 months ago willrun4fun

Same. Simple and it's already there.

The Simplest, Easiest PC Linux Ever 3 years 9 months ago willrun4fun

There are so many distributions that are way better than this one. I don't know why anyone would bother unless they were teaching kids to use a Pi and were short on them.

Just How Much Personal Data Could Facebook Gather About You? 3 years 7 months ago willrun4fun

I deleted my FB account back in October of last year. I have not missed it at all. I also have set Privacy Badger to block all facebook based trackers.

Download A Youtube Video As An Audio MP3 File 3 years 7 months ago willrun4fun

Just get youtube-dl on github. Done for all purposes. That tool is the swiss army knife of doing anything with a youtube download.

A Really Nice, Powerful Clipboard Manager 3 years 7 months ago willrun4fun

Been using Ditto for years History

Make Charts, Diagrams, Flowcharts, Mindmaps And More Online. 3 years 6 months ago willrun4fun

How about

Using Windows 7? You MUST Ensure That Updates Are Enabled. 3 years 5 months ago willrun4fun

make a shortcut to:

Takes you right to it.

AxCrypt. It's Good And Bad News. 6 years 4 months ago WillSee

I followed the link from drh2020 ( The author is very clear about what he is doing and why, he's not trying to sneak anything past the user.

He also provides a clear explanation of how to install the program without the additional "features" (by explaining a command line install, or for those who don't know what that means he explains what to do to decline them)

There's even the option to download an "uncontaminated" version, but that does require a free registration -- with a working email address

I'd say on balance this is acceptable. He is open and clear on how gets some income to make a free program I want to use, and allows me to opt out if I wish.

Finds of the Week: NASA Television, World Fact Book, 1,000 Lifehacks, Should I Block It? 6 years 3 months ago WillSee

Just tried 1,000 Lifehacks, found a tip: on Google click the "I'm feeling lucky" button with no entry in the search box to see every Google logo. Tried it, the "I'm feeling ..." changes each time you mouse over it. As another commenter said you need to find "doodly" to see the logos.

Appears the hacks aren't well thought out/complete as well as potentially dangerous.

How to Get Rid of the Ads on the Firefox New Tab Page 5 years 11 months ago WillSee

Unlike some of us neither I nor Mozilla have a rich uncle paying us to stay away from the rest of the family! :0

Unobtrusive ads aren't that irritating. I had to open a new tab to find one -- and most of them were for Mozilla.

Since they are up front AND tell you how to turn the ads off I don't object to them. Now if they start with popups encouraging me to hit the monkey....

Best Free Office Suite 6 years 5 months ago willtell

I can't believe u could put SSuite Office on a par with softmaker FreeOffice. Whilst ssuite is kinda retro and likeable, get real. Load a multi tabbed excel spreadsheet, graphics and all, into softmaker no problem. ssuite can barely support old excel IV single sheet spreads. Not to mention almost non existent file type support xls rtf txt and that's u'r lot. Crazy!

Best Free PC Cleaner 4 years 7 months ago wiltshire.expat

Having used CCleaner since 2001 I found it to be very safe, however after installing and then uninstalling Autodesk AutoCAD I decided to do a manual search of the registry and found several mentions of AutoDesk. I found a free program that i have been using for a few years called Auslogics Registry Cleaner and noted a feature that i had never used before where i could enter the program name (or publisher name) and it shows all the keys that contain the search criteria. Autodesk left 13,965 traces, and, by using this function was able to remove the lot very quickly with a couple of clicks

CCleaner is good but it still leaves tons of crap and trash in the registry that you do not need or require especially when I had over 1.6m registry keys that get read before the machine is ready for use.

Best Free PC Cleaner 4 years 7 months ago wiltshire.expat

The only ads that I have got from Auslogics is the Get it Free on Start up. I run a PC as a home server as well as my own PC, two laptops and several android devices and there has been no crapware, malware or such garbage reported by Avira Pro or Malwarebytes (also checked the installation file with Virus Total) which has not identified any such things as being malicious' It has never attempted to change my system settings.over the years so i don't know where you got that from.

Please list the "Garbage" that users do not require or need. If you are one of those people who just want to click through the installation without reading the installation at each step then you deserve all you get

I certainlydo not want a registry of some 2m plus entries

Best Free PC Cleaner 4 years 7 months ago wiltshire.expat

Hi Remah

Thanks for a balanced reply because i find that people have their favorites and rule out all others without giving it a chance, I know as I used to be one of them. People also comment on things that they have never used (and this is not a dig at any comments on here), this goes for all sites that I use for downloading and searching for better options this is one reason most of my software comes from Sourceforge.

Best Free PC Cleaner 4 years 7 months ago wiltshire.expat

Could not agree more. In my early days i would have been doing all three until i realised the cost in both money and lss of time on pc. Since then i have only downloaded from sites such as source forge and always run a scan on the download and have always used a top professional Security suite (currently Avira)

I use Auslogics for the simple reason of finding the crap which trial programs leave (eg the 13k plus ofAutodesk) and cleaning with a couple of clicks

As for the people that say you should not use a Registry cleaner I have two theories .

1.. They are terrified of messing up, which I completely understand
2 ... They are scared f finding all the crap they have downloaded

Me, I will stick with what I have

How to Repair a Windows 7 System with an Installation Disc 6 years 8 months ago windowshelpplease

I have created the repair disc, though upon start it loads a bunch of things then says disk checking will start in 10 seconds and loads windows...
How do I make the repair disc do anything when i restart the computer?

Best Free Antivirus Software 7 years 5 months ago windyctyprog

I have decided to change AV software and leave MSE behind.

I've had on-going Windows Genuine Advantage issues when MSE tries to update - every morning this week when I cranked up, I got the warning that I have to reinstall the WGA plug-in for Firefox or MSE won't work.

Regardless of the issues, it's time to leave...

So, a question:

Is it better to go with a new stand-alone top rated AV, or maybe move to a Zone Alarm suite?

By way of a little background on my schema now:

MSE running in real-time

PrevX 3.0 running in real-time

On Demand: Malwarebytes, EmsiSoft Malaware, Hitman Pro 3.7

I have used PrevX since their introduction and like it, so I would like to keep it going and obviously need something compatible.

Thanks, in advance, for your thoughts and input...

Best Free Antivirus Software 7 years 1 week ago windyctyprog


I just went through a miserable week with Ad-Aware...

I downloaded V10.5 a week ago Friday, installation went well, light on resources, didn't seem to slow down any application.

On Monday, V11 was released and things went down hill from there.

It was a mess.

On Wednesday they released another version, not an update, but another version.

I had all kinds of issues, I had to start monitoring manually, the tray, a separate .exe file, would never initialize, nothing would work.

I went to the forum, they had me delete services and other components they said were from Version 9 (how could this be, because I never installed anything from Lavasoft before V10.5).

This was supposed to be the root cause of the problems.

After I deleted what they said was a "service" from V9, nothing ever worked again - I couldn't get it to even manually start.

I also don't like the idea of having their browser protection software included, frankly I never understood if it was initialized or not. I know the toolbar was not installed, but as for the software running, I don't know.

It was listed as a separately installed program in both Windows Ad/Remove and in Geek's removal program, and even after I uninstalled Ad-Aware, I had to remove the Browser Protection separately.

I am not going to reinstall it.

Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 7 years 2 months ago windyctyprog

I have a question about Defraggler...

I have been using Auslogics Disk Defrag for a number of years, but recently uninstalled it because the length of time to run "defrag and optimize" is now over 1.5 hours, when it could be accomplished in 20 minutes or less for years.

So, I tried Defraggler.

I must be incredibly stupid because I simply can't understand why Defraggler keeps telling me that it is going to take ">1 Day" to defrag.

Even quick defrag tell me that it's going to be 5 hours.

What am I doing wrong?

This morning after running the analysis again, there were 319 fragmented files, 603 MB, out of a 250 gig HD, with 65% free space.

I have yet to complete a defrag because this is completely illogical, it simply makes no intuitive sense, when I keep reading in various forums, including the Gizmo's forum, that it is so quick.

Can anyone please explain this before I uninstall this program?

I have been using 3rd. party defrags for a few years, but I am very flummoxed by recent behavior - I can't understand why all of a sudden these programs are now taking so long to get the job done.

Nothing, and I mean nothing has changed on my system from one update to another, no new software, not in a long time.

Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 7 years 2 months ago windyctyprog

Are you recommending that I schedule Check Disk?

If so, I just ran it after I uninstalled Auslogics and installed Defraggler.

What is a corrupted mft?

What is mitch permission?

I'm sorry, but I simply don't understand the jargon.

It is not logical that, eventhough Auslogics' optimize and defrag times have increased, that Defraggler takes greater than a day to defrag.

If that's normal, than I'll look elsewhere.

Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 7 years 2 months ago windyctyprog

OK - will let you know what I find.


Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 7 years 2 months ago windyctyprog

Thanks for the help...

Chkdsk ran all night, didn't find anything.

Everything is OK, which I knew it would be.

I had just run chkdsk a week or so ago when I uninstalled Auslogics - there was nothing then, nothing now.

Not sure where to next...I am still baffled why Defraggler was taking so long in either mode, quick or full on defrag.

How to Harden Your Browser Against Malware and Privacy Concerns 7 years 4 months ago windyctyprog

My experience with Traffic Light and FF21 (also 19 and 20) has been problematic, on balance.

Lately there have been too many instances of unresponsive scripts, the latest, which drove me crazy over the past 24 hours, is:
Script: chrome://trafficlight/content/utils.js:117. I had to disable TL to get FF to run - just froze it completely.

Also, as of late, Traffic Light seems to warn me about specific sites that I know are safe, the NY Times just this morning - there was an article I clicked on from another safe site, The Atlantic, and it kept giving me the warning about an unsafe site.

I trust WOT, also installed in my FF, and it works well with my search engines Ixquick and Start Page.

How to Harden Your Browser Against Malware and Privacy Concerns 7 years 4 months ago windyctyprog

I did remove it after I wrote the original reply yesterday and my system is back to being very responsive - until the script issues came up big time this week, I didn't realize TL could slow my system down (or paralyze it) to that extreme, until you really think about the process TL goes through.

BTW, I found an additional layer from another Gizmo article this week after I removed TL - this is germane to your comment about another layer of protection.

I added Microsoft's EMET to my security mix, based on an Vic Laurie article here at Gizmo's - EMET gave me that additional layer. Since it is engineered for Windows, it runs very efficiently.

Takes a while to understand how it configures, but worth taking a look at the capability.

My hat off to all these folks at Gizmo's...