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Snapshot Your Files And Registry To Discover What Changed 7 years 1 month ago Tom Whyte

Windows System State Analyzer from the MICROSOFT SOFTWARE CERTIFICATION TOOLKIT VERSION 3.5 - just get the Analyzer part - it does a great job!

The New Look Gizmo's Freeware Website is now Online 5 years 11 months ago Tom Wilson

Very nice thanks.
I sometimes think it would be useful if the search box offered a platform specific search option - just a thought.

Donate Now and Help Keep Gizmo's Freeware Independent and Non-commercial 2 years 9 months ago tom1

Best site around, first stop when looking for software. More than happy to contribute. We all take something out, now it's time to put something back.

Windows 10’s Fall Update Removes User Installed Applications Without Asking 5 years 4 months ago Tom38740

This is my 4th time trying to make Win 10 acceptable. It has back stabbed me once to many times, ripping Apps away, freezing up, to many things. Microsoft has ask me to leave them by trying to force it on me. I am junking it and going to another OS. I don't know which one yet, maybe one more people friendly and not so corporate.

Best Free Digital Image Viewer 4 years 4 months ago tom4455

Just an FYI. Zoner free version is at 19. Just downloaded it and haven't had a chance to do much with it.

Best Free Mega Web Browser 7 years 8 months ago tom4455

1/ Why are you reviewing Firefox 13 when it is now at 22?

2/ Chrome seems attractive, but I am concerned about their stated policy of obtaining all the data on a person and make it for sale. Have you looked into this aspect of Google, and if so, what are your conclusions.

Best Free Website Ripper 6 years 9 months ago tom4455

New version of HTTrack: Version 3.48-13 (06/08/2014)

Best Free Program Uninstaller 8 months 3 weeks ago tom4455

I have been using Comodo Program Manager for years. It automatically monitors installs and also gives you a option to backup the program you are uninstalling if it has monitored the install. I lets you choose additional leftovers after the uninstall is complete. I always chouse all and have never had a problem,

Best Free Online TV Viewer 8 years 1 month ago tom4455

From their website: "NOTICE:TVU Networks shut down service to the TVU Player on February 25,2013."

Best Free Media Player 7 years 9 months ago tom4455

Doom9 does not require registration! They have rempved any reference to PotPlayer because they claim it is violating the GPL license. The source code PotPlayer provides does not match the actual product.

Free Windows Desktop Software Security List 2 years 1 month ago tom4455

The link you give for I2P takes you to a different link: Firefox blocks it as an insecure site and if I enter the link on WOT website, it says it has no information on this site.

Free Windows Desktop Software Security List 4 months 1 week ago tom4455

The link for "Gizmo's Security Wizard" is no good. Get an "OOPs, This Page Cannot be Located."

Use This Free Spybot Utility to Block Microsoft Monitoring in Windows 5 years 5 months ago tom4455

Besides the installer and the PortableApps version, there is also a stand-alone executable which is version 1.5

Use This Free Spybot Utility to Block Microsoft Monitoring in Windows 5 years 5 months ago tom4455

Below the 2 links you mentioned, there is a link: "Safer-Networking Download Section" that takes you here:

Is 2018 the Year the Internet Finally Died? 3 years 3 months ago tom4455

As Bob Dylan's lyrics go: "And when will we ever learn"

How To Use Cloudflare's New DNS Service 3 years 1 week ago tom4455

Gibson shows as Megapath Networks

Wallpaper of the Week: Smoke on the Water 2 years 2 weeks ago tom4455

No fire in the sky?

Wallpaper of the Week: Smoke on the Water 2 years 2 weeks ago tom4455

Did you know that was an actual indecent?

Where to Download ISO Images for All Windows 10 Releases  1 year 2 months ago tom4455

What is the secret to downloading. I tried several, mostly VM's, and got an XML error. Even tried Explorer and got an invalid address.

Watch YouTube Videos Without Being Tracked by Google 6 months 3 weeks ago tom4455

Doesn't using Tor-browser accomplish the same thing?

PC Wizard 4 years 3 weeks ago tom4455

Followed your link but hitting any of the download buttons gives a 404 error

This Privacy-Oriented Browser Blocks Ads Too 5 years 7 months ago Tom80232

I rarely reply to comments but I am impressed with this Epic Browser. I hope it gains respect. As much as I enjoy Epic I really enjoy Gizmo's and their news letter.

Best Free Audio-Video Format Conversion Program 7 years 11 months ago Tomato

For me DVDVideoSoft apps are the best. This developer provides its users with really good, free, very easy to use applications. To my mind its Free Studio contains all programs that one may need for simple video and audio editing.

How to Harden Your Browser Against Malware and Privacy Concerns 7 years 11 months ago Tomato

So much very useful information, thank you!

Skype - The Forgotten Free Desktop Sharing App 7 years 11 months ago Tomato

It is a necessary option, thank you! Still prefer to use Team Viewer, at least got used to it ;)

Understanding the Windows 8 user interfaces 7 years 11 months ago Tomato

The article is logical and detailed enough, thank you for the good review! It can be suraly of great help for the Windows 8 users.

Jovial Notepad Gets An Update 6 years 6 months ago tomchicago

jarte for me too. nice interface, lots more options than I ever use...but they are nice to have...and only 743 bytes,

Best Free Antivirus Software 7 years 2 months ago TomeWyrm

I've noticed a few issues with Avast lately that have caused me to jump ship back to Avira (whose major downside of annoying nag screens I can mitigate).

Issue number 1 has something to do with startup protection. Basically I can't mess with my startup entries with any of my centralized tools, like CCleaner.

Issue number 2: It recently had an annoying false-positive with my VoIP client ( RaidCall ), and then proceeded to not let me whitelist the program without going on the internet, doing research, and changing the settings on ENTIRELY too many things, instead of simply letting me say "Your last detection was a false positive".

The first one I was willing to work around until Avast updated to fix the issue, which might have taken many months (not that big of a deal. I check my startup entries once or twice a month). The second one cuts me off from effective performance in my cooperative games (group coordination is much more difficult without VoIP). That I'm not putting up with for even a week, because it's an implementation flaw as far as I'm concerned. False positives happen, and without a simple/easy way to unblock/undo those, this program is a loaded handgun being waved around by someone that isn't quite stable. What happens if it gets a false-positive on Windows Explorer next (probably signature/hash based whitelist for important OS files... but still, I'm not dealing with it), or maybe my browsers get targeted?

A Fond Farewell From Me 3 years 1 week ago tomgee8853

Rob, thanks and you will be missed. May God continue to watch over you in your new ventures.

Thank You for Donating 7 years 2 months ago tomgee8853

Keep up the great work!!! Donation sent.

Thank You for Donating 2 years 9 months ago tomgee8853

Thanks for all you have done over the years.

How to Repair Corrupt or Damaged Windows System Files with System File Checker 5 years 1 month ago tomhobber

I also used the sfc/scannow and it found corrupt files but could not repair them, what do we do next? please help.

Get 60+ Utilities For The Price Of None. 4 years 8 months ago tomklin

I've been using WSCC for years with great success as my go-to fix-it toolkit for most problems. The only glitch
is that my antivirus (Avast) kicks out some of the NirSoft tools as spyware, but that can be easily overridden.

How to Create a System Image with Windows 8.1 File History 6 years 11 months ago toml_12953

When I try to backup to DVD DLs it stops with an error that there isn't enough space. The prompt says "On one or more DVDs" so it should be able to handle a multiple DVD backup, no?

Best Free PDF Tools - General 6 years 7 months ago TommyBoy

Two oversights:
1) either a PDF printer is not addressed or I missed it? This is a mission critical function for me
2) Was PDF xChange omitted because they have not kept their free package completely up-to-date with modern OS versions?

Best Free Antivirus Software 5 years 8 months ago tommyzulu

I am puzzled by your comment about bloatware/opencandy with Avast. I have installed it on three laptops and there's no trace of Opencandy on any of them. I have found it very easy to avoid installing Chrome if I don't want it.
I find an increasing number of nag screens in Avast, and it does try to get you to upgrade - always at an alleged discount: does anyone ever pay the so called full price?
But the free version has been very effective in blocking all sorts of invasions... so I'm relucatant to abandon it for the reasons you give.

Need To Browse The Characters In A Font? Here's How. 6 years 2 months ago tommyzulu

The fonts you refer to are called "fixed width fonts" because each character takes up the same amount of line width.
You can Google search for fixed width fonts and find lots of info.
There are plenty of free fonts out there...
Here's one list to start with

An Amazing Tool For Visualising Data 5 years 4 months ago tommyzulu

This is a 131mb download and in the free version graphs/charts can only be shared via email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, or embedded on websites. They cannot be used as documents.

Much More Than Safe Mode, From Windows 10's Magic Restart Menu 4 years 11 months ago tommyzulu

Hello "meandyou".

I think you may be missing an instruction (above). When I select "Recovery" (on the left) on my Windows 10 PC I get two options (grey blocks) "Get started" and "Restart Now". Mr Schifreen advised you to select "Restart Now" -- which did get me to a troubleshoot option...

Hope it works for you now.

Just Get Flux. Your Eyes Will Thank You. 4 years 8 months ago tommyzulu

Does this only apply to PC Monitors? What about laptop screens?

An Update For One Of My Favourite Utilities Ever 4 years 3 months ago tommyzulu

I use Snipping Tool which is built into Windows. I've put a shortcut on my taskbar so it is always available. I'm not sure what Greenshot offers that this doesn't but mine does everything I've ever wanted...

Get A $30 PDF Compression Utility For Free If You Act Quickly 4 years 2 months ago tommyzulu

Didn't work for me at all! installed the programme; wouldn't work on any files
There are lots of very good FREE online pdf compression sites! which work perfectly!

How To Save Loads Of Time After A Windows Update 3 years 9 months ago tommyzulu

It is not actually in the control panel... go to "settings", then "update & security" and you'll find it there

Retrieve Details Of Your Recent Internet Searches 3 years 4 months ago tommyzulu

I recently switched to the excellent Firefox 57 browser -- very fast and fully featured -- which has a nice "history" tab on the toolbar as standard (it also serves as the location for the bookmarks).

This Could Be My Favourite Screen Capture Tool Ever. 3 years 1 month ago tommyzulu

Surprised that you don't mention the free snipping tool which comes with Windows and works very well. Not sure why I'd need anything else!

My Favourite Ad Blocker. Now Open Source Too. 3 years 1 month ago tommyzulu

Thank you - it looks like a useful alternative so I'll give it a whirl...

The Best Browser-Based Screenshot Program I've Ever Used 2 years 11 months ago tommyzulu

Also available for Firefox...

Access All Google Services From A Button on Your Browser 2 years 2 weeks ago tommyzulu

Beware -- the add on in Firefox at least asked for permissson to mine data from all type of Google sources.

Find and Copy Special Characters to Your Clipboard With This Free Online App 1 year 8 months ago tommyzulu

I keep a link to the standard Windows character map on my toolbar that allows me to add everything I need in whatever font I choose. Is this any better?

Norton Family 4 years 4 months ago tommyzulu

If there was a free version there doesn't seem to be now!

Best Free Digital Image Editor 6 years 7 months ago Tomnov

While I can't say I'm a fan of the Pixlr online editor, the version that ChronicChaos refers to is a new downloadable/installable desktop version, that would qualify to belong in this category.

I haven't tested this version; don't know how faithful it is to the online version.

Best Free Screen Session Recorder 7 years 1 month ago Tomnov

Couldn't get Active Presenter to record ANY sound on Windows 8.1, found no place to set an audio device or input.

Best Free Text Editor 6 months 1 week ago Tomnov

Can anyone recommend one of these that has autosave built in ??

An Introduction and a Quick Guide to Sandboxie 6 years 4 months ago Tomnov

You cannot seriously expect full direct support from a company on a FREE version of their software. And as you posted your comment on a Saturday, how many makers of Expensive, paid versions of their software do you think would provide an instant reply on a weekend?
But as howiem suggests in his reply, you could avail yourself of their help/support forum, and receive help within a few days.
Details of your problem would help too.
My guess is that if your default download folder has a very long name, for example on an XP machine so it looks something like c:\living room computer\users and settings\...\...\my documents\downloaded files....
and the path is too long for the browser and/or the operating system, when adding in the path that Sandboxie adds by default for its own folder hierarchy.

LogMeIn No Longer Offering A Free Service [Updated] 7 years 2 months ago Tomnov

I'm in a gaming (users) group that offers advice and free support to others playing the same game, and have used Teamviewer for almost 2 years. Several of us have used it often enough to begin triggering the "commercial usage suspected" message, and a few of the group began only using LogMeIn; they will be chagrined to know that they will have to switch back.
Myself, I wrote the Teamviewer support ppl an email, when they began limiting sessions to 5 minutes, explaining how I used it for only "friends" and family and received no renumeration for my efforts, and they 'reset' my account to stop me from getting the timeouts and the annoying messages.
And I'd be a rich man & would gladly pay the commercial license fee if I did charge for my time on there.

It is a great free solution to help those who can't help themselves.

My Favoured Youtube Downloader Of The Moment 6 years 8 months ago Tomnov

iLivid is total crap scumware. Spyware in it's own right, and then brings in ads that look like legitimate windows warnings to download even more dangerous stuff. STAY AWAY FROM IT.

The Best Free Screenshot Tool I Have Used 6 years 7 months ago Tomnov

does this or any other free screenshot tools work in the native Windows 8 full screen "app" environment?

Find In-Depth Information On Any Subject 5 years 11 months ago Tomnov

Wikipedia gets a bad name by the haters that want to deny that there are often more than their own point of view to anything.
For what it is, they do a heckuva job, having review boards on most major subjects, and many not-so-major subject that you wouldn't be able to find info on just by opening up an encyclopedia.
At my son's lib school, they have a strict "no Wikipedia as a reference" policy, although they will let students reference ANY other website, where they DON'T have any such community and review standards as Wikipedia does, and anyone with a blog or a webpage can publish ANYTHING.
No guidance as to where to find RELIABLE information on the web. Thank goodness I review my son's work. Makes me worry about the education our youth is getting.

Play 2000+ Original DOS Games For Free 5 years 11 months ago Tomnov

Chrome is in the process of phasing out Java support; here's the workaround for now, until Chrome also does away with NPAPI support.
I feel like Chrome is gonna phase itself out of use if it keeps making standard plugins & web protocols obsolete; I see more & more web developers pushing back & refusing to support Chrome anymore.

Problems With Chrome? Use Google's Free Cleanup Tool. 4 years 10 months ago Tomnov

I'm about to throw Chrome out on it's ear like I did IE so long ago.
Google is getting too big for it's britches. The original beauty of Chrome was that it was a stabler version of open architecture Chromium, supported user scripting and many other features. It improved upon IE by handling plugins differently, and worked with Sun Java & Adobe (Flash & Shockwave) to make those plugins airtight and more stable.
Now Google is becoming a bigger gorilla than MS in the browser business, and throwing it's weight around, and not being as cooperative sharing back to the OA community of the browser they co-opted. Limiting the outside plugins & scripts that it now uses. Practically forcing updates down ppl's throats. Refusing to support or allow upgrades to machines using XP, ala MS.
I currently prefer a couple of Chromium clones & OA Chromium to Google's hot mess.
I only keep it on my computer for compatability purposes for the masses I work with & troubleshoot.

Finds of the Week: Instant Logo Search / Exporting Evernote data / 8 built-in Windows tools / Download free topographical maps 3 years 6 months ago Tomnov

hmm, highways do extensive grading when being built, so I guess these topos are only accurate in untouched rural and wilderness areas.

Backup Maker 6 months 1 week ago Tomnov

"Free" for non-commercial usage, yet obtrusive nag popups obscure the screen and whatever you are doing every time a scheduled backup occurs, reminding you that business useage is prohibited and offering to stop the popups by paying their fee for business usage.
That, plus when saving versions of files, the only option is to archive them into an individually named timestamped zip file folder, with the hierarchy of the files saved, also in individualized zip folders, making it very tedious if you have to locate one of the prior file versions.
The wizard interface is also very non-intuitive.

Listen to over 50,000 radio stations worldwide for free 2 years 6 months ago tomp

took over the newtab and activate it self automatic with out permission

SearchMyFiles 2 years 3 months ago tomp

only 10 files can be removed unless register
Norton removes most utilities from the site.

Best Free Non-Adobe PDF Reader 4 years 7 months ago TomSci

I've found that Adobe's standard reader crashes too often on Windows 10, hence my search for an alternative free viewer. Thanks for the info.

Best Free Drive Cloning Software 7 years 11 months ago tony

Macrium Relect has one BIG HUGE problem. It would mke sense that you would back up you Windows on an external hard drive. But this software does not see USB! Therefore you're up a gum tree like I am at present trying to restore your windows. So if you are t hinking about using this software and going to use a USB - Think again and use something else

Best Free Drive Cloning Software 7 years 11 months ago tony

Hi it is formatted to NTFS. Just done the Windows download as I can't see C drive and hoping it will resolve my problem. I shan't be using MR again. has changed since I used it two years ago and more complicated. Will look at your other alternatives

Best Free Online Applications 7 years 1 week ago tony

Forgive me if I have missed it, but MS are now free online

WPS Office Free 4 years 9 months ago tony

As much as I love this software the FREE as stated before has a huge problem, it doesn't print! The company is a con to FREE. Its not honest about this; so I suggest you find another software. Because of this lack of detail if I had to buy an office suite it wouoldn't be this one

Best Free PDF Tools - General 4 years 2 months ago Tony Osime

Is there a tool for easily creating mirror margins when printing pdf documents?

The New Look Gizmo's Freeware Website is now Online 5 years 11 months ago tonyc

Used new look onmy tablet -no problems. Thanks for the update.

AOMEI Backupper 3 years 7 months ago tonyc

I backed up my old laptop with AOMEI Backupper - no problems. I then tried to transfer the backup to my new computer. I wiped off everything from the new computer, Windows 10 OS, files, apps - the lot. Is there any way I can recover my lost OS and other contents of my new computer - an ACER ?

See How Your PC Uses The Internet In Incredible Detail 6 years 6 months ago TonyF

I got the message that the software is not compatible with my WinXP system.

Selecting an Encryption Method for Cloud Storage 4 years 11 months ago TonyF

Great article. I'm not familiar with cloud storage so some interesting considerations were mentioned. I doubt I'll ever trust storage outside my control though.

Stop Unwanted Email for Free With This Great Temporary Email Service 8 months 1 week ago TonyF

Gmail lets you forward emails to another email address. You set that up in settings. The thing to keep in mind when you reply to a forwarded address, you are sending from that forwarded address and will reveal your email address. If I want to reply to a forwarded email, I go into that Gmail account that was forwarded and reply from there.

Gizmo is Retiring but Gizmo’s Freeware Goes On 3 months 2 weeks ago TonyF

Happy retirement. You've made an impact on my life. I have found many good programs and start all searches here.

Donate Now and Help Keep Gizmo's Freeware Independent and Non-commercial 7 years 2 months ago TonyF

Finally registered. Been a user here for many years and value this site. Will donate today also.

Best Free Tune-up Program For Computer 6 years 8 months ago TonyH

Hi Re GLARY, your comment says "This program also adds a lot to the startup process, so I recommend adjusting the options in the settings menu". Sorry, what do you mean?

Is that adds time, complexity, needless options, or handy resources? And what options?

Heartbleed Effect: Passwords You Need to Change Now 7 years 2 days ago TonyH

Intended for Vic L, but any other expertise welcome. Think I had some security attack last week, or something managed to amend some settings, I logged on one day, was told that a file could not be found, and therefore not loaded. File named as zkbuygp.dat, doesn't get any mentions in a Google search, a bit odd as most system files have plenty info online. Being suspicious, I tried a scan with Anti-Malwarebytes (free version) it would NOT run due to 'blocked by group policy'; neither would M'soft Security Essential (same reason). I tried the Malwarebytes 'chameleon', also not working. I downloaded a new version of Malwarebytes, stored in a different folder, seemed to run ok, chameleon too. M'soft Sec Essentials DOES run a scan if PC in Safe mode - and when I checked it said it had blocked online threats when PC was NOT in safe mode, so seems (?) to be working behind the scenes still.

BUT today, I was on a website, a little box appeared, saying Malwarebytes had just blocked a threat, sounds good, BUT I thought that product doesn't work in real time, just does scans? (I should add that the version I've newly downloaded seems to say it's a trial, presumably a 14 day one, as opposed to the perm free one I had before). As I only recently ventured into online banking (had done things by phone for years) this is rather worrying - I haven't used any bank website since the odd event with the mystery file and the 'group policy' stuff.

The only info I can find re 'Group Policy' seems to imply that products good or bad might change registry settings, but I'm not informed or capable enough to change them back! ANY CLUES PLEASE? Thx TH (I have a desktop PC, Windows Home 7, IE9)

Best Free Program Launcher 7 years 5 months ago TonyHowert


Recently I started using this very simple tool:
It is for free, and I must say, I'm impressed. It makes the way I work in windows so much faster. I assigned the popup key to my left extra mouse button and switching between tasks and launching new onces has become a delight!
This really changed the way i work in windows, I made the taskbar hide away and enjoy my whole screen space for my full screen applications and know that all my open windows are just one mouse click and a tiny little mouse move away.
simply great!

Best Free Program Launcher 7 years 4 months ago TonyHowert

That is another program, the right link is this:

But the brothersoft link does like back to this link directly to their site:
[Direct file link removed - not permitted]

The Easy Way To Add Sticky Yellow Notes To Your Windows Desktop 7 years 2 months ago tonyl2708

Yes, I've been using stickies for several years, and wouldn't be without it.

Well recommended :)


Five Windows 8.1 Tips You Need to Know 6 years 8 months ago tonyl2708

On my machine, 'Tiles' comes up only from the Start screen, not the Desktop.


Time Machine For Your PC Protects From Mishaps And Malware 5 years 10 months ago tonyl42

After using a previous Giveaway version, my laptop would not boot. I contacted Horizon, but got no reply. Be warned!

How to Fix a Computer that Keeps Waking Up 4 years 2 months ago TonyRI

Perfect! New HP Computer was driving me nutty with continuous wake ups. HP Customer support remotely disabled startup services, etc. Told me it was most likely an app. It still kept happening. I restored all setting changes, performed an internet search and found your article.

I never knew about the powercfg -lastwake elevated command (which, btw, works fine with Win 10 Command Prompt). lastwake told me that it was, indeed, my network adapter. Went to Properties > Power Management and unchecked the box "Allow this Device to wake the computer" and my problem was solved with one click!

Thanks so much for this very useful information! You've saved more trial-and-error steps and I really appreciate it! :)

How to Fix a Very Slow Windows 7 Downloads Folder 6 years 4 months ago tonysak

Is this tip for just Windows 7 Pro? I have W 7 Home Premium and do NOT have a “Customize” Tab!

Any suggestions on settings to get that tab?


How to Fix a Very Slow Windows 7 Downloads Folder 6 years 4 months ago tonysak

Thanks Vic,

I went to the wrong Download folder...Used the "Download" folder Under my Favorites.

That's probably the only Download Folder that does not have a Customize Tab.

Thanks for making me look at your directions more closely and it is set on "General" now!

Always learning!

Thanks for the reply and and Tip!

How to Fix a Very Slow Windows 7 Downloads Folder 6 years 4 months ago tonysak

Thanks, that is even faster than the way I found the actual Download folder. There are always more than one way to do things in Windows. It's nice to know some "shortcuts'!

Thank You!

Make 2016 The Year You Start Doing Cloud Backups 5 years 3 months ago tonytones

We have been using ADrive at work for a a couple of years now. They offer 50Gb storage for free.

Keep This Free Bootable Rescue CD To Hand 4 years 6 months ago tonytones

I've always used UBCD and Hirens as my go to bootable CD's for repairs and performing various tasks, but unfortunately they are not much use these days on UEFI PC's with Secure Boot enabled.

Add Video Effects To Your Party With Robot VJ 3 years 8 months ago tonytones

I had the same message but then disabled my adblocker and it worked.

Convert Audio Files To Text! 3 years 4 months ago tonytones

I wonder if it can extract lyrics out of songs??

Scan Multiple Pages To A Single PDF File 3 years 2 months ago tonytones

TWAIN. "Technology Without An Interesting Name". LoL! Who would have thought...

A Fond Farewell From Me 3 years 1 week ago tonytones

I have been a subscriber for years and always looked forward to great articles from Rob.

You will be missed mate, wishing you all the best in your retirement...

Best Free Technical Support Sites 7 years 3 weeks ago toonpig

This list of help sites is a fantastic thing for someone like me who is not that savvy about computers. I had several questions I needed answered Tech support guy were very good and solved all my little problems . Again thanks so much for the list of sites

Free Arts & Crafts and Hobbies eBooks and Written Instructions 5 years 4 months ago toonpig

Was looking for book on photography so glad checked Gizmo first found just what I wanted straight off. Thanks for your hard work in compiling these lists for us. I tell everyone to check out this site first for honest reviews of stuff & best place to find it

Finds of the Week: XP Facts, 4 Ways To Factory Reset Your Computer, Check User Name Availability At Multiple Sites, Big Emoticon List, 15 Inspirational Sites, Camouflaged Animal Photos 7 years 6 days ago toonpig

Cant thank you enough. I had been looking for a easy to follow language site & you were so right about duolingo. Everything on here is so interesting thanks again

Finds of the Week: What's My Screen Resolution, GeoGuessr, Free Rhyming Dictionary, You're Getting Old 6 years 8 months ago toonpig

The your getting old site is so interesting some great facts on the site.Will be sending the link to others for sure thanks again for your work in bringing us interesting sites to browse

Stitch MP3 Files Together Or Extract Audio From Video 6 years 8 months ago toonpig

Thanks Rob I had been looking for something like this. Great that you don't need to download it Thanks again

Ten Top Windows Tips 6 years 8 months ago toonpig

Thanks again iknow some people say some of these tips are common sense but to some one like me they are life savers.