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Best Free Music Player and Organizer 5 years 2 weeks ago Stamimail

I guess that many of these softwares are good for a Normal tagging. But what about Private tagging?
Let's assume for example that you want to add to your music files Private Tags according to where you love to listen to those files:
Songs for:
Home, Work, Car, Running etc.

There are several questions should be asked:
1. Which tag/field out of the file tags/fields should be used for Private Tags?
2. Which Tagger software is the best for adding such Private Tags? I guess this Tagger should be also a good Music Player, so that you can use this Tagger as the default Music Player, having the ability to add Private Tags at the same time you are listening to the file.
3. How to use this Private Tags? Which Tagger/Player/Search software is the best for Tag filtering/searching. For example: You want to filter/search your Music Library by the following criteria:: Rock, 5 Stars, Songs_for_Car [Genre, Rating, PrivateTag]

4. We probably will want to save those filtering/search rules, for using later, like a playlist. It's actually Dynamic Playlist. We won't need to update the Playlist, since it will be based on filtering/searching the Music Library by tags.
5. This method is good not only for music, but for organizing photos too.

Best Free Music Player and Organizer 4 years 3 months ago Stamimail

I still have not found the kind of program I was looking for.
I was looking for software which is optimized for private\custom tags.
There are programs that dealing with custom tags, but not the way I want.
I'm looking for "Tag by a click".
There is only one Field behaves the way I want: the Rating field.
While the song is playing you can edit the Rating by click, choosing 0-5 stars.
The same I want to Tag by a click custom tags.
I configure once what are my custom tags, e.g.: Saxophone, Piano, Trumpet, Violin.
All custom tags configured are becoming buttons (something like web buttons).
Now, while playing a song, you can just click on a custom tag, and it will be saved to the song (in Metadata) for later use (e.g: Playlist of Piano).
Clicking again on that button will delete that custom tag.

Software Watch - Adware Watch List 7 years 3 months ago Stamimail

I searched the site for info about Babylon (Translation software), and I didn't find much.
1. Why is there no page about Babylon?
2. Is babylon safe?
3. If not, Are there some instructions can lead us to make it safe?
Thanks in advance

How To Change The Windows 8 Background Colour 1 year 8 months ago Stan Schultz

Here's how I controlled the brightness on my laptop's screen, running Windows 8.1.

WARNINGS: While this may differ slightly with other versions of Windows, it should at least give you a starting point. Note that this trick doesn't require fiddling with the registry. Remember: It's always a good idea to create a new restore point and backup your files before making changes to your system! Your mileage may differ.

In the list that follows, the first word or phrase for each paragraph indicates a choice or option you should select. The following text offers comments or elaborations.

Control Panel. If all else fails, try pressing [Windows] + R and typing "control panel."

Power Options. This should load the "Choose or customize a power plan" window. Ignore the screen brightness slider control at the bottom. (You can experiment later at your peril.)

Create a Power Plan. Look along the left margin.

Plan Name. Look for the box towards the bottom. Surely you can be more creative than "My Custom Plan 1!"

Next. (Duh!)

Create. This is at the bottom of the resulting window, "Change Settings for the plan: XXXXXXX." You needn't waste your time fiddling with their pathetic little adjustments on this page. (Why Microsoft thought this page was necessary instead of showing us the whole shebang up front will forever remain a mystery.) This should drop you back to the "Choose or customize a power plan" window with the radio button next to your new power plan ticked.

Change plan settings. Look to the right of your plan name. This should return you to the "Change Settings for the plan: XXXXXXX" window, only this time there's an added link at the bottom.

Change advanced power settings. This should present you with another box/window ("Power Options") with a whole list of power settings. (You can experiment later at your peril.)

Change settings that are currently unavailable. Why Microsoft thought this step was necessary will also forever remain a mystery.

Display. Scroll down to the bottom of the list. Click the little box.

Display brightness. From here it's more or less self-explanatory.

Apply. BE SURE TO CLICK THIS OPTION BEFORE YOU EXIT! Clicking "OK" usually also works, but after all your efforts, why take a chance? (Potentially, some custom Windows' installations made by OEMs - not pointing any dirty fingers here - may change how this works.)

OK. (Duh!) Your power plan is all set and running. Probably no need to reboot. (But if you feel compelled to, be my guest!)

Note that this doesn't change screen color or any image on the screen, only its brightness. And once you learn this trick you can readjust screen brightness and a bunch of other power consumption issues just about anytime it's convenient or necessary.

I presume, because I've not tested this, that this will also control a monitor connected via a VGA cable. However, if you've connected a flat screen HDTV via an HDMI cable (as I have), it will work on your laptop's screen but it may not have any effect on your TV. Control your TV's screen brightness by using the "Menu" or similar button on your TV's remote.

I hope this helps.

Best Free Folder Synchronization Utility 7 years 4 months ago stanislavf

Probably not a big deal for most people, but this seems to only be installable on the C: drive.

I use a multiple drive system, with a solid state drive for the initial windows load. Thus, my C: drive has very little spare capacity and I TRY and avoid installing on it (rather I put most on the D:\Program Files (x86) or D:\Program Files

Not a huge deal, but something to be aware of.

Best Free Folder Synchronization Utility 7 years 4 months ago stanislavf

Not a deal breaker, but be careful to "unlock" your bitlocker drive if you use this built in encryption on Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1.

Spaced on this while using this on two computers and frustrated myself.

Clever Utility Lets You Share Your Scanner Across Your LAN 5 years 4 months ago StanKudrin

Nice article, thank you.
I have tested that software, it's pretty good for LAN sharing. But I didn't find connection compressing feature.
Scanners send all traffic in uncompressed format, software needs to compress it!
What about over network sharing? How can I make it?

How to Fix a Computer that Keeps Waking Up 6 years 3 months ago StanLee

What about the opposite problem where Windows Defender is running but the Win 7 laptop goes to sleep before Defender is done? How do I keep it running until Defender is done?

How to Fix a Computer that Keeps Waking Up 6 years 2 months ago StanLee

To your questions: I keep the laptop plugged in when running Defender because it takes quite a few hours to do all the drives. And it goes to sleep and the screen turns off. Thanx for any help you can give me.

Access Your PC Remotely Via Any Web Browser 2 years 2 weeks ago StarKitten3

Just to make sure is this now supposed to be (game site)?

Quickly List All The Devices On Your Wireless Network 4 years 8 months ago StarkmanAlive

Oddly, it's reporting my ethernet connection as wireless. I'm not running wirelessly.

Play Fortnite, One Of The Biggest Games Of The Year, For Free. 2 years 11 months ago StarkmanAlive

So, the PvE is not free, only PvP? Wow!

Play Fortnite, One Of The Biggest Games Of The Year, For Free. 2 years 11 months ago StarkmanAlive

Gotcha. I'm just not a good PvP player. I'd miss the obvious; like the guy standing right in front of me and saying, "Bye!"

How To Use Cloudflare's New DNS Service 2 years 10 months ago StarkmanAlive

Good reply. Thanks.

Download 1,792 printable paper templates for free 2 years 4 months ago StarkmanAlive

Great find. I needed score sheets, and this will work well. Thanks!

15 Tools to Diagnose Windows Problems 1 year 11 months ago StarkmanAlive

Great stuff. Thanks!

How to Disable SearchUI.exe in Windows 10 1 year 1 month ago StarkmanAlive


How could you say such a thing! To think that M$...I mean MS would ever dare to counter it's Windows users with such tactics...HAHAHAH! And then we all woke up, right!

Yeah, I thought the same thing as soon as I read the article. All we can do, I guess, is hope!

How to Disable SearchUI.exe in Windows 10 1 year 1 month ago StarkmanAlive

I agree!

How to Disable SearchUI.exe in Windows 10 1 year 1 month ago StarkmanAlive

Yeah, search works for me as well.

Wallpaper of the Week: Dreamy Autumn Forest 11 months 1 week ago StarkmanAlive

Thanks much for the Autumn pic.
On another note, I can't log in using my email, even though the option allows for it. I can login, however, with my username. Thought I'd pass it along.

Best Free Trojan Horse Scanning And Removal Software 7 years 11 months ago Stasou

Are you sure you didn't download a rogue one? From which site did you download it? In my case, it performs a full system scan on a 160GB HDD in about 40 minutes which is faster than avira, SAS and Emsisoft full scans. I've been using this software for years and while it found malware infections only twice (the last one, a few months ago), it cleaned the infections without asking me to buy the full package. Just my two cents.

Best Free Trojan Horse Scanning And Removal Software 7 years 10 months ago Stasou

MBAM was updated to version with added ability to scan within archives.

Best Free Trojan Horse Scanning And Removal Software 7 years 9 months ago Stasou

SAS was updated to version 5.6.1020.

Best Free Adware-Spyware-Scumware Remover 7 years 10 months ago Stasou

MBAM was updated to version with added ability to scan within archives.

Best Free Adware-Spyware-Scumware Remover 7 years 9 months ago Stasou

SAS was updated to version 5.6.1020.

Best Free Adware-Spyware-Scumware Remover 7 years 8 months ago Stasou

@ joeguru Which one, is on your opinion the best for on demand scanning?

Best Free Adware-Spyware-Scumware Remover 7 years 8 months ago Stasou


Best Free Video Editing Program 4 years 5 months ago stechy

This article is out of date.
Virtualdub is a relic that knows only .avi formats - it was good 10 years ago

The best free and powerful editor out there is Davinci Resolve 12.5 which is free in standard edition (not Studio) and has truly professional capabilities (I don't know how such a good software can be free). The single disadvantage: it needs QuickTime (there is not a video professional editor that works without QT unfortunately because they need ProRes); but, on installation QT is installed automatically (last version for Win) and then you can rename the player executable (e.g. add the .bak extension to the .exe) in Program Files, which is a security risk in Windows OS, and verify your browser plugins - QT must be disabled; this doesn't affect Resolve editor because it needs only the codecs from QT, not the video player.

Other good/fair alternatives for Windows are:
- VSDC Free Video Editor
- DVD Video Soft Free Video Editor (bee aware: contains unwanted software at installation)

PS: i couldn't post links but you can find the software above easily with google

Try This Alternative File Manager And Explorer For Windows. It's Free. 6 years 5 months ago stechy

For me Free Commander is the best. I use it for years. It has dual pane + tabs and A LOT of other features (bookmarks, folder comparison, etc. and a ton of customization settings). I didn't find anything to beat it. It has an installer and also a portable version, a 64 bit version for donors and is very active developed.

Free Browser Extension that Efficiently Blocks Ads Using Less Memory 6 years 2 weeks ago stechy

Why this add-on isn't listed on firefox add-on page? I really like to try this add-on but I don't like to have another thing to manage manually...

Google Ignores Country Domains, Search Now Based on Your Location 3 years 4 months ago stechy

Or you can add in your search URL '&gl=countryCode' (e.g. &gl=en for searching, or &gl=fr. etc.)

A Browser That Blocks Ads, Downloads Videos, And Is Portable. 3 years 2 weeks ago stechy

Unfortunately all chromium clones suffer from this problem. It's by desing, i.e. it's a feature, not a bug :)
All extensions, passwords, site prefs, etc. are encrypted using a key depending on the PC; when you change the PC the key cannot be generated anymore so you cannot access the extension, passwords, etc.
Google wants this, to make you to login with a G account for sync, so they can see all your stuff.
Until now, Opera is the only chrome clone which has not this problem.
See https:/ / or search for it; it's an old bug/feature.

Surf In Peace With Soothing Background Sounds 6 years 11 months ago Steeplejack_1000

I dare say there are others but Coffeeshop is a find . . .


[Moderator's note: mention of a shareware program edited out. This is a freeware site.]

Best Free Windows Explorer Add-ons 1 year 4 months ago Stef

Yet another free extension I would like to mention here is 'Tagging for windows' ( Tags can be applied to all files and folders and it provides a kind of virtual folder with all tagged items.

Best Free File-Based Backup Program 7 years 2 months ago stefan555

I have to disagee on the review of EaseUS Todo Backup. The program can be a nightmare and doesn't deserve to be mentioned on this site

I have told my daughter many times how important it is to make a backup of her personal files and folders. Yesterday I finally managed to have her to sit down to make a backup. Based on this review where you state ”Best for on-demand backups...”, I had installed EaseUS Todo Backup free for her to use.

My daughter logged in on her account to make the backup. When she starts the program the first thing she is met by the UAC prompt asking for the admin password. My daughter has a standard user account on my computer, and she doesn't have the password for the admin account. I had to type the admin password

A backup program that can't be run with standard user credentials???? I already at that point decided to look for another backup program, a program she can use on a daily basis, But I let my daughter to make her backup so she could backup her files.

She ran the program with the files and folders preselected by EaseUS Todo Backup. I asked her to check the backup to make sure her files and folders were on the backup.....She is yelling....Dad, my files and folders are not there!!!!

I didn't believe her and I had a look myself.....She was right...her files and folders were not on the backup. The files and folders on the backup were my files and folders....and of course …..the program doesn't run with standard user credentials.....and I had to help her to select the right files and folders and then make the backup.

To make a backup of a standard user's files and folders with EaseUS Todo Backup you have to:
1) Use admin credentials when you start the program
2) De-select the preselected files and folders
3) Navigate to the standard user files and folders
4) Select the files and folders you want to backup (a task that is not so easy for a novice)
5) Run the backup

It seems like EaseUS have forgotten the fact that not all users are logged in with admin credentials. It is not a program to be used by a person who is not computer savvy and using a standard user account ….My daughter told me....”Dad, it is too complex for me to make a backup”....I just hope I can convince her to make a backup again, using another program.

Best Free File-Based Backup Program 7 years 2 months ago stefan555

I know what you are talking about, I use Macrium Reflect to make images of my system. But drive imaging is too technical and complicated for many users, Too many users don't even care to take a backup of their files and they don't see a need to do it. They realize how important it is when all their files are lost.
To introduce drive imaging to users who are not computer savvy and don't care about spending time to make backups is overkill. The only way to make those users to take backups is a one-click solution, to KISS. Drive imaging is not to KISS for most computer users.

Best Free File-Based Backup Program 7 years 1 month ago stefan555

I am a bit confused...why is AOMEI Backupper reviewed is this category? Maybe it is due to my limited knowledge but the first sentence in this review is ”The theme of this category is to provide reviews for the most popular file based backup programs ...”. Based on that, I can't see the reason for AOMEI Backupper to be mentioned in this category since it's not a program to backup files. Shouldn't AOMEI Backupper be mentioned in the category with ”The best free drive cloning program”?

Comodo Backup supports Win 8, but it doesn' support GPT. You can backup your system with Comodo Backup including the boot records. Maybe it is due to my limited knowledge again, but does Comodo Backup support Windows 8 if it doesn't have GPT support? Comodo Backup can be installed and used on Win 8 as long as you are doing file backups. Is that the case if you are using the program to make a system backup? Not even Comodo claim the program has support for Windows 8.

It is not mentioned mere, but FBackup supports Windows 8.

Best Free File-Based Backup Program 7 years 1 month ago stefan555

There is a valid reason for the backups to 'disappear' when Genie Timeline is uninstalled.

Genie Timeline is NOT a file backup program. It's a versioning program. To save space Genie Timeline works on block level not on file level. It backups the changes you have made to a file on block level on the harddisk, not the changed file. It means for example you can't use your word processor to open a document backed up by Genie Timeline if Genie Timeline isn't installed.
As long as Genie Timeline is installed you can open in your document in the word processor since Genie Timeline is integrated in Explorer. When you uninstall Genie Timeline there is nothing to keep track of the chain of changed blocks of a file.
To backup a file you MUST use a backup program that works on file level, not on block level. Block level backup programs are good for backing up a system, but they should never be used to backup your personal files.

Use Genie Timeline to keep track of the changes to your personal files so you can go back to an earlier version of a document, but use a backup program working on file level to backup your files.

A backup program working on block level should never be used to backup of your personal files

Best Free File-Based Backup Program 7 years 1 month ago stefan555

Thanks Joe. I have to admit I skipped the Introduction of the review so i didn't see EaseUS ToDo backup was not recommended for novice users. It's my bad.

Best Free Office Suite 7 years 9 months ago stefan555

Kingsoft Office Free 2013 has been released:
It's not obvious where to find the download link, it's on the page I linked to. Then there is a slide show of 3 products. The first product in the slide show is Kingsoft Office Free 2013, and thats where you find the download link.
The download page still links to Kingsoft Office Free 2012.

Best Free Office Suite 7 years 9 months ago stefan555

I have not tried it yet, I will do it in the weekend. I noticed you can change interface style. So if you don't like the old traditional MS-Office 2003 style, you can get something more like a MS-office 2007-2010 style in the interface. So it looks a lot better than 2012

Best Free Office Suite 7 years 9 months ago stefan555

The link I posted does not lead to CNET. It links to Kingsoft. I am aware of the CNET download links on the site, thats why I explained how to find the download link to the unbundled exe.

Best Free Office Suite 7 years 9 months ago stefan555

Yes sorry, I noticed I was too fast to copy and paste, so I got the wrong link. Good you got it anyway.
I havnt seen the Ksosoft site before either.
I noticed one issue Kingsoft got fixed. I use a Swedish keyboard and I couldn't use the Alt Gr + another key before in Kingsoft Office, so for example @ and \ was impossible to type. I know some other European keyboards had the same issue. Its fixed in this new version.

Best Free Office Suite 7 years 8 months ago stefan555

In Kingsoft Office 2012 Free there is a box in the bottom left corner and a text "Create blank Document when startup". A tick in the box will do the trick. You have to do it in all 3 programs (Writer, Spreadsheet and Presentation). I am not sure about Kingsoft Office 2013 Free, I upgraded to 2013 from 2012, so my settings are the same as I had in 2012, and I dont see a box there in 2013 Free.

Best Free Office Suite 7 years 8 months ago stefan555

Hmm, you haven't got the box in the bottom left corner? I don't see the box either in 2013 Free and i dont get the browser link, but I upgraded from 2012 Free. I remember the box disappeared in 2012 Free after I made a tick in the box.
What you can do is to install Kingsoft Office 2012 Free (maybe you have to un-install 2013 Free first), tick the box in all 3 programs and then install 2013 Free on top of 2012 Free.
It seems like I just kept the settings in 2013 Free after I installed it on top of 2012 Free.

Best Free Office Suite 7 years 8 months ago stefan555

Great, I am happy I could help you.

Free DVD Copier Offer Exclusive For Gizmo's Readers 7 years 1 month ago stefan555

You have to make sure you use download link right below activation code. The download link is written in small letters. If you don't use the link just below the license code, you will get a message saying that the activation code is invalid.
When its activated you will be told it is a Xmas licensed key, what ever it means..... You can check the key by clicking on the "person" on top right in the program.

Something Interesting is Happening at Gizmo's Freeware 5 years 7 months ago stella7

A sensible decision Gizmo. I love your newsletter and by including some paid software it makes sense. I always pay for internet security. Maybe the free options are safe and perhaps I'm too cautious in assuming that the paid options are more reliable.

32-bit and 64-bit explained 5 years 9 months ago stephandurney

Earlier i replaced the hard drive on my Windows 7, 64-bit HP. The tech department at work installed a 32-bit version of windows 7 professional. When the upgrade to windows 10 occurs, and since it is apparently occurring through windows update, will it automatically install the 32-bit version or will I have an option to install the 64-bit version? I wasn't able to find this answer in my brief search. Thank you in advance!

Windows 7 Startup 6 years 7 months ago Stephen A Meigs

Excellent article, but the text explaining UserInit, which prefixes table 13, is a repeat of the text that explains LSM--an incorrect copy and paste, I guess.

What Else Have You Just Downloaded? 4 years 10 months ago Stephen Jackson

Thanks for an excellent article.

You're absolutely right about CNET. Despite its official-sounding acronym: well-known yes, reliable, no. There is a really horrible site called DVD Videosoft, which must have put more malware onto the world's computers than almost anything else: a whole handful of nasties which many people's anti-virus software won't pick up (although if you have Malware Bytes, you might). Repeatedly I have notified CNET and still this muck they promote. Clearly, as the vernacular would have it, they couldn't give a flying fork. Or even, a spoon.

Yet I've also downloaded toxic software from File Hippo, Softonic and elsewhere. Can they all be part of some global conspiracy? It makes more sense to suggest - you can see what an altruist I am - that it's impossible for these companies to check out every item submitted to them as thoroughly as they should. The naive downloader picks up the pieces: or rather, you fail to notice; and carry on in ignorant bliss with your contaminated machine.

The bigger problem has to do with legitimate, honest freeware which pops up in corrupted forms. VLC ("Videolan"), Paint.Net, Audacity and more...all these you will find in nobbled versions; some on third-party sites, others on sites which resemble the developer's own and can be so easily confused with it. That's the intention, of course. Never download or upgrade or update ANYTHING except from the manufacturer's own site - even if you have to scroll down two Google pages to find it. If the software itself invites you to update, following the link it provides usually seems pretty safe. Famous last words....

As for Open Candy, and those other nasty bits of work. If everything is on the level, why not offer them explicitly as an option? Adobe offers Norton Anti Virus quite openly, and you can take it or leave it as you choose. That's honesty, rather than something smuggled in via the back door.

It's high time for me to end, but I have a reasonable collection of freeware that seems not to fight each other: AVG, Avast, Malware Bytes and Comodo. Maybe I too am living in a Fool's Paradise, but I seem to detect malware that other people miss. A final word about software which rests on old laurels. There's no reason still to trust it, or to value it. The original Gimp used to be a valid alternative to Photoshop. Whenever I have downloaded Gimpshop, from source, it has come down riddled with malware far worse than PUPs like Open Candy. My inquiries via "Contact Us" meet with silence...

In English we say, "There's no such thing as a free lunch." In Russia they put it better: "You only get free cheese in a rat-trap."

Best Free Video Downloader [Stub] 4 years 8 months ago Stephen Jackson

I can't see a top recommendation here (or even a top three) - and my attempts to find one using "Quick Selection Guide" merely recycle this page. Also, the reason that most of us turn to Gizmo is to identify software which is free of viruses, bloatware, malware, PUP's, adware, ransomware and the rest of that swelling poison caboodle. It we want to spend a couple of hours having to scour our computer after every download, we can simply turn to CNET, Filehippo, Softonic and a dozen other sites.

What shame, then, to find software highlighted on this page, time and again, which is known to be riddled with hidden nasties. Please, fellow readers, carry out further checks before you choose any of these.

You Need To Uninstall Quicktime For Windows 4 years 10 months ago Stephen Jackson

Thanks again for - as everybody says - your vigilance. I work with videos in a good few codecs and you used to need Quicktime for various things on a PC (can't remember what they were) If that's no longer the case, I'll un-install for good? (P.S. (I only discovered Gizmo by accident: and I'm so glad I did!)

How To Make Windows 10 Look and Feel Like Windows 7 4 years 8 months ago Stephen Jackson

Another excellent article from Gizmo, although this says a little about us stick-in-the mud, Luddite PC users - and an awful lot more about Windows 10 and Microsoft's superior attitude to its customers' righteous gripes. Or is Microsoft simply overwhelmed? Page after page of teeth-gnashing rage on its feedback pages might suggest the latter. What I love is Microsoft using thousands of people as unpaid testers before announcing, "Right, folks. We've heard what we need from you lot, so after July you'll have to pay to install our operating system." Ah, the ring of the cash-register!

I've bitten the bullet with Windows 10 and learnt to use it...sort of. It's not bad, once you'be handled the dozens of needless and futile changes that never needed to be; and it should get better, as more third parties are persuaded to contribute to its "Apps". Yet borrowing terms from Google is an invidious move. It drives home how backward Microsoft Edge and Hotmail (are we still allowed to call it that?) are even now, compared to Google Chrome. And you realise that, on so many levels, Microsoft still doesn't bother to listen.

Three cheers for quietly dumping the best features of Windows 7, including the invaluable Media Center and Windows Movie Maker. (Movie Maker is still available amongst Microsoft Essentials, so we grab it whilst we can.) Three cheers for updating our most expensive versions of Windows 7 and 8 with Windows 10 in its bare bones. Three cheers more making us pay to use the latest versions of Word and Office on a yearly basis. Three cheers, MS, for simply being YOU. ;)

Best Free Mega Web Browser 6 years 7 months ago stephench


It is Stephen Cheng From FlashPeak Inc. Can you list our Slimjet Web Browser from here? Slimjet is based on the Chromium project and adds a lot of convenient and smart features on top of it. It is the best browser we've made so far. While it shares a similar set of features with SlimBrowser/SlimBoat, it beats the other two in terms of performance, stability, web site compatibility and support of the latest web technologies. It is currently built on top of Chromium m35. We will keep it synchronized to the Chrome releases as closely as possible.


Best Free Mega Web Browser 6 years 5 months ago stephench

One of the biggest reasons that we start the Slimjet project is we don't like the minimalist design of Chrome. Slimjet doesn't auto-update like Chrome. Slimjet includes a download control button which allow you to easily allow/disallow script on selected domains. That is similar to what NoScript offers. It has a fully customizable toolbar where you can add more buttons to gain quick access to various functions. Slimjet uses slightly more memory than SlimBrowser but is more stable and responsive. Give it a few days and you will like it.

The World's Best Collection Of Free Culture And Education Resources 5 years 7 months ago stephenvaile

Thanks for the dissemination of "intelligent, meaningful" content.

Tech Support Guy 3 years 7 months ago StephieL

Is there any way, other than third-party software, to break a Word password? I am not afraid to use regedit or any other suggestion you may have.

Thank you for any advice you can give. :)

Best Simple Linux Distro (Stub Only) 7 years 3 months ago steppinrazor Linux Mint is definitely on my list. I'm gonna go on a spree of burning install CDs today, and that's definitely a distro I'm going for. view
Best Simple Linux Distro (Stub Only) 7 years 3 months ago steppinrazor Heya! I'll be your new editor for this article. I'm new to editing for Gizmo's but have been using this site constantly ever since I found it! :) I'll look into any suggestions but remember its the Best SIMPLE Linux Distro not the BEST Linux Distro. For more in depth discussion on this topic I started this forum post: Otherwise continue to give me suggestions with little blurbs about the distro, and feedback (once I get something up), I love feedback! :) view
Best Free File Copy Utility 7 years 11 months ago Stereoeggs

Hi, all....

The revue of FastCopy mentions it can be used without being installed. Boy, do I feel dumb for asking, but could someone tell me how I go about doing that?

Also, I have an older rig running WinXP 32-bit Pro that seems to have caught a "virus" (that somehow got by my always-updated, real-time-scanning, McAfee anti-virus software) that won't let me connect to the internet, won't let McAfee run a virus scan, and won't let me copy any files (the "Copy" command is there, but the "Paste" command is absent after I highlight files and click on "Copy").

Given the situation above, can anyone suggest how I can copy the files on my C: hard drive to an external hard drive, in an effort to save them, before I (apparently have to) re-format my C: drive?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, guys.

A Word About Spectre And Meltdown 3 years 1 month ago Steve Austin

Perfectly put! After one of my tablets got completely hosed by the last win10 update, I said the hell with it and disabled automatic updates. Updates break more than they fix imo. I'll take my chances and be careful where I go.

A Word About Spectre And Meltdown 3 years 1 month ago Steve Austin

One word: Android. Customize it, hack it, root it to your heart's content at 1/3 the price. Apple is for rich kids.

This Message Will Self Destruct (Website of the Week) 6 years 11 months ago SteveH

zep321: Create a message (or not) and click 'SAVE THIS MESSAGE'. The next page will clarify.

Best Free Antivirus App for Android 6 years 10 months ago stevej

trustgo was able to detect 2 ad ware apps that CM Did not.

Terrific Program Lets You Automate Tasks On Your PC 6 years 5 months ago stevelindsey

There are 3 versions; commercial, personal & free

Best Free Website Ripper 2 years 2 months ago stevem109

thanks for that info. I was able to use the portable version that I already had on my HD. Problem free.

Best Free PDF Tools - General 7 years 10 months ago stevem109

"Some PDF to Word Converter" doesn't seem to be "Unrestricted Freeware"
any more. It converts up to 5 pages followed by a nag screen to Buy/Register.

Best Free PDF Tools - General 7 years 10 months ago stevem109

Found a copy of "Some PDF to Word Converter " 1.0, tried to install it after uninstalling 2.0. Not only does it try to install "Delta Toolbar",
it polls the website for an updated version & starts to download 2.0.

Sheet Music. Loads Of It. For Free Download. 3 years 12 months ago stevemiller54

Great find, Rob! Here is another free sheet music site your readers may be interested in:

Do You Want to Continue Receiving Information from Gizmo's Freeware? 2 years 9 months ago stevemiller54

Tetra-dittos. I very much appreciate not only the email newsletters, but also the GF website. Many thanks from a grateful yank. :-)

Transfer Large Files For Free With These 4 Sites 2 years 2 weeks ago stevemiller54

Wow! Excellent post, Rhiannon! I plan to use these sites. It's great to have options like these for transferring big files and not have to deal with the absurdly low email attachment limits imposed by email service providers like Google, MSN and Yahoo. Rhiannon, I generally enjoy your posts, but I think this one is definitely one of your best. Thanks!!

Get Two Hours of Distraction Free Music Delivered to Your Inbox for Free 2 years 1 week ago stevemiller54

Two more suggestions: Ambient Sleeping Pill and Amambient. BTW, is indeed an outstanding recommendation. I've been using it for several years now. Lots of great channels, such as Groove Salad, Secret Agent, Deep Space One, Space Station Soma, and Drone Zone to name but a few. Well worth exploring!

Best Free Onscreen Keyboard for Accessibility 6 years 5 months ago Steven Avery


Also when you are short of USBs.
e.g. A laptop with 3, one is busted, the 4-in-1 units don't work.

You need to use the 2nd USB for a backup unit, or anything.

Replace the keyboard with onscreen, and you can function pretty much normally.


Controversial Advertising Program Now Being Embedded in More Software 6 years 1 month ago Steven Avery

On Open Candy

One bottom line is that some systems of the grandmothers, or anyone less tech-savvy, gets trashed.

Look, they wanted to foist a Uniblue registry product on you, a registry cleaner that has trashed systems for years.

The small benefit you might get (product A instead of B) is at the expense of the freeware community as a whole.

Caveat emptor!


Two New Ways to Boot into Safe Mode in Windows 8 7 years 6 months ago stevenamills

I've been working with MS stuff more years than I care to remember and they still don't get it - AT ALL. Most of the time you need Safe Mode it is because normal mode won't work, so method 1 is worthless and Method 2 will gradually fade away.

Probably coded by the same genius that removed the repair install.

Easily Create Posters, Business Cards, Collages Etc For Free 5 years 8 months ago stevenamills

I couldn't agree more. Sadly, when these sites keep hiding behind a wall like this, it's frequently because they spent way too much time trying to monetize and way too little time on useability. I have nothing against making a buck, but authors / site owners need to get priorities straight. I won't be giving it a try either.

Best Free SMS App for Android 3 months 5 days ago steveorg

Did you look at the latest Messages app from Google? A separate app is needed for backup, but it supports the latest SMS standards and has a ton of other great features.

Thank You for Donating 7 years 1 month ago steveorg

You've been an important site for me for well over a decade.

I donated, and I appreciate your reluctance to become commercial. However, a few Google Adwords and/or an innocuous banner or 2 seems to be appropriate. It is more important that you live stress free than die by an impossible ideal.

Get A Second Opinion On Your PC's Security 4 years 6 months ago STEVERINO

I tried downloading the file listed and it comes up showing that the file is corrupt. So I had to delete it. What is wrong with the download?

Get Classic Windows 7 Games in Windows 8 and 10 for Free 4 years 9 months ago Stewbeforever

I don't know how you found these games, but would like to thank you.

Keep up the great work.

Free Travel eBooks Online 7 years 2 months ago Stig Albeck

Hi, I just want to let you know that the books are now being published at Paris, London and St. Petersburg are available now and the rest will be published during the coming months.

The New Look Gizmo's Freeware Website is now Online 5 years 10 months ago stilbon

The new look of Gizmo's Freeware Website is indeed eye-catching and quite pleasing. The enhancements would be worthwhile and important even if mobile devices were not a consideration. I rely on this site and it just took a leap forward. Good job, nice work!

Best Free Instant Messaging Client 7 years 11 months ago Stilez

Gizmno - you might want to consider Jisti ( as a very strong contender. Things I like:

Free/open source
Very actively developed (as at 2013) and dates back to 2006 ish so a decent history
Cross platform (including x32, x64 and msi on Windows, which suggests devs have care and forethought)
Very wide range of protocols
IM, file transfer, voice, video
Appears mature

And as extra bonus features, it's just streets ahead on core infrastructure:

IPv4/IPv6 automated
NAT traversal
About the only IM client to support open encryption standards built into the base code - OTR is often a plugin but here it's built-in, and Phil Zimmermann's STRP/ZRTP - about the only really secure standard for VoIP - is also built in.
Video/voice conferencing
A load more.

You might want to review and include it.

Best Free Instant Messaging Client 7 years 11 months ago Stilez

Also worth considering:

It won't matter to all users, but it's worth considering how much an IM client mitigates or exposes private data. An IM provider stores IM's and contact details they 'see', but a multi-client whose provider logs extra data exposes the user on all their IM systems, not just one.

In this area, Trillian keeps a copy of the user's contact list in plaintext. The contact list is used for sync purposes, so it's legit, but it's not encrypted on their servers as (say) logins are. So contact renames, groups, etc are vulnerable. They may change this in future, but at the moment it's worth an observation as strong security is a good thing.

( source: )

45,000 Free Kindle Books 1 year 11 months ago StillAddictedtoMyH

You're in luck - Dorothy L. Sayers' Lord Peter Wimsey series is FREE here:

For current books, still within copyright and by authors who are still alive and need to eat, please consider buying an ebook once in a while (and then use Calibre to remove the darn DRM), or just check out what your library has to offer.

Microsoft Brings PowerToys to Windows 10 9 months 3 weeks ago StillAddictedtoMyH

Is there a way to add the PowerToys to a Win10 system other than going to Github?

I'd like to recommend it for my beloved ImageResizer to my in-laws who keep sending us 25+ MG images. But I can see them thinking that Github isn't a respectable source (sorry, but it's VERY geeky!).

Best Free Adware-Spyware-Scumware Remover 6 years 11 months ago stitch62

I just installed Malwarebytes only to discover that it is really only a free 14 day trial. Did I do something wrong? Is there really a totally free version?

Best Free File Copy Utility 7 years 9 months ago stkamman

Hi Raymond,
Do you know if Fast Copy will spans disks?
i.e. Copying multiple files or simply one gigantic file to a cd or dvd where the files or file will not "fit" on one disk.

An Easy Way to Send and Receive Files Across Multiple Devices 6 years 4 days ago stockholm

I have not been able to make this app work, though I have many times followed the instructions exactly, and etc. None of my three devices will recognize any other. Or, I should say, they did one time but only once. The Lenovo web site offers no support and makes posting a comment difficult. I have had to give up the app in frustration.

Best VPN Services for 2021 5 years 6 months ago stockholm

I highly recommend YourPrivateVPN, which I have used for years. It is based in Germany. It has servers in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, the United Kingdom, Canada and the USA. It has excellent anonymity. It logs no user IP addresses, and one can even pay anonymously, if one whishes. It has excellent speed and allows P2P and Torrents. The cost for the lowest level of service is 6 euros a month. Setup is via a simple program supplied by the service.

Encrypt Your Files Before They Reach The Cloud 1 year 1 month ago stoppedgrape

used it before and had some issues, their price is average also. recently switched to nordlocker after their big sale. checked it out on their website great solution for those who don't feel comfortable with cloud services.

How to Recover Files from Windows XP Backups (BKF Files) in a Windows 7 System 7 years 3 months ago Stphn-Stanl

I have tried to follow your suggestion but it just not worked & I have ended up with the error which says The Backup File Contains Unrecognized Data and Cannot Be Used....can you please help me in proceedings....

Best Free BitTorrent Client 6 years 10 months ago stranger195

According to Wikipedia, BitTorrent is a *re-branded* version of muTorrent (the letter that looks like a u is the Greek letter mu).

Still Got An XP Machine? Turn It On Now. 6 years 10 months ago stranger195

I recommend to upgrade to at least Windows 7 if your Windows XP computer can upgrade to it. If not, buy a new PC if your Windows XP computer is your main or primary computer.

Best Free Antivirus Software 4 years 5 days ago strangevarius

Qihoo 360 was removed from av-comparative, AV-TEST and Virus Bulletin because they were cheating. You can googled for the news. I'm going to share the link, but when trying to post my comment, it was blocked.

Five Things that Every Windows PC Owner Must Do 7 years 2 months ago stratos

Cloud services like Dropbox are not mentioned here, but they kinda provide you data backup (the capacity is limited of course). "Several external hard drives" is like... outdated.

How to Check for Hacker Activity in Your Microsoft Account 7 years 1 month ago stratos

It won't help you. Think about it: no one is going to find out your password by guessing, there are simpler ways (I'm talking about phishing, etc.). And changing password now and then ain't gonna help. So if someone really needs your account, you will not know it by checking "recent activity". You'll end up just being unable to log in.

The only reasonable part of this tip is the one about 2-step verification.

An Online Office Suite That's A Real Alternative To Microsoft Or Google 7 years 1 month ago stratos

Reminds me of how I didn't manage to try Microsoft Office 360. When I went through all the pain of registration and sumbitting and agreeing and what else, I couldn't start Word. And I couldn't start Excel, either. Both gave me server errors. When I contacted support, they told me that I hadn't turned something on. So I gave up.

Hope this one is easier to try.

Best Free Desktop Search Utility 7 years 5 months ago streeeeetch

"Everything" was recently updated (beta but stable) to skip the UAC problem and they now have 32 and 64 bit versions. Excellent now.