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The Return Of Simple Instant Messenger 4 years 9 months ago vandamme

It works on Linux; there's deb and rpm packages. And of course Pidgin does also.

Easily Send Files From Your Dropbox Via Gmail 4 years 9 months ago vandamme

You need to run Chrome also.

Edit Your MP3 Files On Your PC 4 years 9 months ago vandamme

I like OcenAudio, which is easy to use yet has a lot of toys and tools. I use it on Linux Mint.

Edit Your MP3 Files On Your PC 4 years 9 months ago vandamme

Well, it uses 48 MB on Linux Mint 64 bit. If I open up a 45 minute, 495 MB wav file, it takes 331 MB and goes to anywhere instantly.

What Your PC Will Need if You Want to Upgrade to Windows 10 4 years 9 months ago vandamme

Looks like when Windows 7 reaches end of life, I won't dual boot Windows any more, and my switch to Linux will be permanent.

Hasta la Vista, Microsoft.

All About the Windows 10 Upgrade App Including How to Get Rid of it 4 years 8 months ago vandamme

What happens when you upgrade to Windows 10? Will it wipe out your whole hard drive, or the Windows 7 or 8 partition with all your data, or just upgrade the operating system?

I have several PCs, all of which dual (or triple) boot Linux, along with (usually seldom used) Windows 7 . Would the upgrade wipe out my Linux partitions, along with my data? If that happened, it would take me an hour or two to reinstall Linux and my data, and get it back to the way I like it. And it sounds like the best action would be to keep 7 until it dies in 2020 (or the PC dies).

All About the Windows 10 Upgrade App Including How to Get Rid of it 4 years 8 months ago vandamme

Thanks. I'll probably just reach for my SuperGrubDisk if the time comes to restore grub; it's pulled my dupa out of the fire a few times already.

No DVD playback on Win 10? Yet another reason to run Linux.

All About the Windows 10 Upgrade App Including How to Get Rid of it 4 years 8 months ago vandamme

That's a subset of the "Linux includes a whole lot of applications that you don't have to install or update separately" reason to install Linux, at

Watch The World Get DDoSed In Real Time 4 years 8 months ago vandamme

Try again. I had no problem on FF 38.0.5, Windows7

Free Windows 10 for Mac and Linux Users? 4 years 8 months ago vandamme

When I compare free Windows to free Linux....Linux wins. (Mint is my current favorite.)

Introducing Fiddler 4 4 years 7 months ago vandamme

Supposedly it works on Linux, using Mono instead of Net. Haven't tried.

Free Program To Create Bootable USB Pen Drive 4 years 6 months ago vandamme

"...or whatever"?? You can use this to download Linux! This might be a better alternative to UNetbootin.

Have a look at the bottom of their page for the ISOs it works on.

Your PC May Have Been Uploading Windows 10 to Others without You Knowing It 4 years 6 months ago vandamme

That's funny. Microsoft already got you as a beta tester for 10, now they have you as a distributor. I only think it's funny because I don't use it.
I torrent Linux distros, but I have to opt in, of course. It's the least I can do to help spread Linux. The problem is that I have cable internet, and the upload is a tenth the speed of the download.

Understanding and Dealing with the Windows 10 Privacy Issue 3 years 9 months ago vandamme

"One Weird trick" to solve all Windows problems: don't use it!

This Online Web Page Creator Is Looking Promising 4 years 6 months ago vandamme

One "project" is free forever. The upgrade subscriptions seem reasonably priced for a business.

This Online Web Page Creator Is Looking Promising 1 year 1 month ago vandamme

UPDATE 1/2/2019: is now a parked domain, and sketchbuilder is nowhere to be found.

Grab This $24 Music Software Package For Free 4 years 6 months ago vandamme

Couldn't get it to run under Wine/Mint. Thanks anyway; it looks very similar to MuseScore, which is free and open source, and was recently updated.

Are Recent Patches to Windows 7/8 Letting Microsoft Spy on You? 4 years 5 months ago vandamme

Hasta la Vista, Microsoft! Gizmo has the answer right here:

Are Recent Patches to Windows 7/8 Letting Microsoft Spy on You? 4 years 5 months ago vandamme

You forgot the NSA back doors. I'm an American, and have nothing to hide. But I still run an open source operating system, not Windows or Apple. Bonus: it's better.

It Rhymes With Oink And Could Just Make You Famous 4 years 5 months ago vandamme

Runs on Linux, and it is in many distro repositories.

SETI is a waste of time, but there are lots more that are actually useful.

It Rhymes With Oink And Could Just Make You Famous 4 years 5 months ago vandamme

".... there are lots more that are actually useful." And that's why SETI is a waste of time. However, if it gets people interested in science, gets them to install BOINC, then that's good.

Most people have no idea how lonely and empty the universe is. They've seen too many star trek/star wars movies. What have we done to broadcast ourselves? We've only spent 100 years transmitting at higher power levels and now we're starting to tone it down and transmit information to where it needs to go. That is a very small part of the history of the universe; we may have missed other civilizations by a million years or a billion. Another problem is that unless we figure out "warp drive", there's no way to get there or even converse unless they're very close.

So why try? Perhaps some people think that finding extraterrestrial life will prove the Judaeo-Christian bible is erroneous somehow. It wouldn't, but would invalidate some fundamentalist interpretations.

It Rhymes With Oink And Could Just Make You Famous 4 years 5 months ago vandamme

Well, on Earth we are special. We belong in Heaven. Whether we'll find other creatures there, we don't know.
"In my Father’s house are many dwelling-places” John 14:2.

An Amazingly Addictive Browser-Based Game 4 years 4 months ago vandamme

Doesn't work for me. I get a black screen; the music works and I can click on stuff on the screen but can't see anything. Same with the card game.

Are Ads Coming to the Windows 10 Start Menu? 4 years 4 months ago vandamme

Try Linux on your "old" PC. You might not want to get a new one.

Are Ads Coming to the Windows 10 Start Menu? 4 years 4 months ago vandamme

Your geek buddies are all in cyberspace. The place to start is where you'll find "How to Replace XP with Linux" which is kind of dated but still good tips, and "Using Windows 7 and Linux on the same computer" which tells about dual booting. Plus one that helps you decide which distro to try first. The best Linux intro article is "Is Moving From Windows to Linux The Right Choice For You?"
which is really hard to find!

There's a lot of tutorials on YouTube which show you how to install different distros.

Places like and the forums for the distro you've installed are good for resolving problems. is also the mother lode for other Debian based distros like Elementary, Zorin, and Mint. Forums are good if you need to converse back and forth with the neckbeards. Just about every problem I've had has been addressed and solved before, so you just need to search for the right thing. I see people asking questions on Quora or Yahoo answers but you can't get a conversation going that way.

Don't buy books. They are obsolete, take up space, and cost money. I'm 68, and my tired brain has figured out some things, but mostly I look on the net.

Just try it (run off a flash drive until you get the feel of it) and you'll see that the learning curve is not like when you first started using a computer. You already know how to do that.

Are Ads Coming to the Windows 10 Start Menu? 4 years 4 months ago vandamme

Wifi dongles are a big sticking point for Linux. Most just plug in and work (check mfrs. website for compatibility). The driver is part of the Linux kernel.
The others, sometimes you can install Windows XP drivers using a package called ndiswrapper. Best to search forums at your Linux distro or your dongle maker.

All my PCs were Windows machines and now dual boot. Over the years I've reduced the Windows partitions to the bare minimum... just in case I need it or sell it. Hey, I paid for it. Mostly I run Mint because it looks like a clean version of XP.

Are Ads Coming to the Windows 10 Start Menu? 4 years 4 months ago vandamme

I also have CRS Syndrome, which means Can't Remember Stuff. I don't do well remembering long commands and their switches and syntax.
Linux has a GUI for just about anything you want to do, but it also has terminal commands to do the same thing, but usually more powerful and faster. I can type "sudo apt-get install" faster than I can open up a software chooser program and find the app I want, but if I don't remember the name I have to use that app store. I can click the "windows" button and type in a program name and it loads right up, but if I forget the name I have to rummage through the menus to find it. That's why I like Mint; it has a menu tree like XP or Windows 7, but is much better organized without all the useless extra stuff.

Wallpaper of the Week: Colorful Autumn Leaves 4 years 4 months ago vandamme

I have a lawn full of those, and they're maple leaves, not oak. That's what is on the Canadian flag.

Forgot Your WiFi Password? How to Find It in Windows 3 years 10 months ago vandamme

On Ubuntu, it's in the System Settings --> Connectivity.
On Linux Mint, System Settings --> Networking.

No extra software required.

Full-Featured Desktop Publishing. Free And Open-Source. 4 years 3 months ago vandamme

Scribus runs great on Linux, and is included in some distros and just about all distro repositories.

Get 30 New Fonts For Your PC, Completely Free. 4 years 3 months ago vandamme

I wish they had put these fonts all in one folder instead of each one in its individual folder. But hey, free.

Fonts are one of my weaknesses, and after getting these 30 free ones I went through and uninstalled a few ....dozen....that I'll never use again. They take up time and HDD space.

And it also bears mentioning that of course these fonts also work in Linux.

Coming Soon To Windows 10: Find My Device 4 years 2 months ago vandamme

And anybody who steals your laptop would not think of turning this feature off.

A Brilliant New Way to Create and Share Your Presentations, Fast and Easy 4 years 3 months ago vandamme

I wonder how much it cost them to come up with the name. First thought I had was "swayback nag". I uploaded a 5 MB powerpoint, but then it hung halfway through Swaying (Swayifying?). A different PDF worked but looked pretty nasty. But thanks for trying, Microsoft.

Funny thing, they have a nicely done tutorial; they put it on Google's YouTube.

I might try again, using the web to Sway(tm) a presentation written in LibreOffice. Topic: "Why Linux is better than Windows."

Best-Known Network Diagnostic Tool Gets Major Version Update 4 years 2 months ago vandamme

The GUI version for Linux is called zenmap. Real nerds will of course want the command line version (nmap), but that leaves me out because I'm a grandpa. And I run Linux, because I don't have time to maintain Windows.

Make 2016 The Year You Start Doing Cloud Backups 4 years 1 month ago vandamme

Copy is another Dropbox clone. I have almost a terabyte there, free due to referrals. Both have Linux file manager integration, very nice.

My big problem is uploading speed on my cable internet. Keeping backups on an internal HDD is a lot easier and faster.

187,000 Free Hi-Res Images To Use As You Wish 4 years 1 month ago vandamme

I downloaded humungous sized ones for free. You can order prints though.

187,000 Free Hi-Res Images To Use As You Wish 4 years 1 month ago vandamme

OK, you go to "visualize the public collection" ( and it should load (finally) a huge thumbnail of all the thousands of scans. You can sort by genre, collection, or color. Pick one and you get a bigger thumbnail, all the info on it, and several resolution download selections. The "all download options" might have 6 different sizes. "Larger" is 2560 pixels, plenty big for me even after zooming in, and it's 6 or 8 megabytes.

Fancy A New Windows Start Menu For Free? 3 years 11 months ago vandamme

I'm currently running the KDE desktop, and kinda like it. It's also available on Windows.

Some other Linux desktops also have versions for Windows, I'm told.

Get $149 Of Photoshop/Lightroom Add-ins Free 3 years 11 months ago vandamme

Photoshop and Nik are way overkill for us weekend shutterbugs. Plus, Adobe refuses to port Photoshop to Linux.
Digikam is the free alternative. You can also do a lot of stuff in Gimp.

Listen To Music Online For Free At These 20 Websites 3 years 10 months ago vandamme

Yeah, I don't like da funk either.

Free Ransomware Protection Utility 3 years 10 months ago vandamme

A close second is NOT running Windows.

A Friendly Mac-Like Program Launcher For Windows 3 years 10 months ago vandamme

Looks like Gnome 3 desktop on Linux. Not too many people like it, but to each their own.

Zorin OS 11 Is Here 3 years 10 months ago vandamme

Zorin 11 came out on Feb. 3, and it's based on the old Ubuntu LTS (has Linux kernel 4.2.0). Okay, that won't mean much for noobs, but it does lag quite a bit, even more than Mint. It's pretty, and does look like Windows (or Mac, if that's how you roll) but there are more cutting edge beginner distros, like Ubuntu MATE. I put it on my dad's PC (he's 94); it works like a charm. Things are easier to find in a menu, so you don't have to clutter up your desktop with shortcuts.

It's #11 on the distrowatch list, so it's pretty popular.

CCleaner Is Updated, Free And Portable 3 years 10 months ago vandamme

I've used CCleaner for years and never had a problem. Just remember that when you get rid of all your cookies and thumbnails that you'll slow your system down as it rebuilds all that stuff. It's like throwing out the contents of your refrigerator - sometimes it's so bad it all has to go, but then you have to replenish it.

I see that there's a Mac version. Same idea, but no registry to worry about. No Linux version, but Bleachbit works great for that. I just ran it, and deleted a GB on my Kubuntu system, of older system files, logs, language packs. It didn't run any faster, but without a registry to get mucked up, Linux and Mac don't bog down unless you fill up the hard drive.

Ubuntu 16.04 Released 3 years 9 months ago vandamme

I have no problems with Ubuntu Unity, but trying Ubuntu MATE, it looks like it's more noob friendly. I think I could recommend it to any Windows user and they'd get to know it easily. Kubuntu is a nice alternative if you like that look.

But wait a month or two. Cosmetic stuff I don't even notice, but some bugs need to be sorted out. Kind of like buying a car the first month they come out. Of course I don't mind helping out by getting the new version and torturing it. But I can always boot into Mint 17.3 when all else fails. The new Mint won't be out until June, after Ubuntu gets cleaned up for them.

Turn Your PC Into A Music Studio, Complete With Instruments 3 years 9 months ago vandamme

You can thank Linux for this software. LMMS started as Linux MultiMedia Studio.

Don't be amazed that it's open source, powerful, free, and malware-free; Linux software is like that.

Free Driver Lets You Print From Any Program to a PDF File 3 years 9 months ago vandamme

You can open, edit, and print PDF files in LibreOffice. Then export back to PDF if need be.

A Video Studio In Your Browser. For Free. 3 years 9 months ago vandamme

It will take me an hour just to read the Terms and Conditions, and translate from Lawyerese to English.

A must-have instant messaging app to everyone for its popularity and ease of use 3 years 8 months ago vandamme

Proprietary, and Facebook. Two strikes.

Create Amazing Effects By Removing Colours From Your Images 3 years 7 months ago vandamme

Photo B&C is 30 day shareware.

I'm thinking there must be a way of doing the same thing in Gimp. The G'Mic filter set has a selective desaturation that I think does it.

Finds of the Week: 100+ Alternative Search Engines, Disable Animated GIFs in Chrome, Firefox and Opera, Windows 10 Rollback Utility, 5 Free Route Planning Sites 3 years 6 months ago vandamme

I like that none are Google, because they know too much about me already.

On my phone, I use Here maps because I can use it offline. I downloaded maps for Europe and used them without using expensive wireless data.

Just Get Flux. Your Eyes Will Thank You. 3 years 6 months ago vandamme

I've used both f.lux and redshift on my Linux PCs and laptop to adjust the color temperature in the daytime, which I find too bluish usually.

You Can Get This $24 Music Notation Software For Free If You're Quick 3 years 5 months ago vandamme

MuseScore. Runs on Linux.

Photo Stitching Software Is Completely Free 3 years 5 months ago vandamme

I've used Hugin and it's got a lot of tweaks and adjustments (corrects for lens distortion, color balance, vignetting, HDR mismatch). It's the only open source free-standing stitching app, and is cross-platform (Linux, FreeBSD, Mac, Windows).

I also used the Pandora plugin for Gimp. But it doesn't do vertical stitching, so for a vertical pan of a cathedral in France I turned the pictures 90 degrees then stitched them. I've had to do some manual matching as it's tough to see where lines match up on ornate architecture.

Improve Clarity And Focus Of Your Digital Photos 3 years 5 months ago vandamme

Maybe one of G'Mic's eight sharpening filters can do this job. It has 300 filters and I haven't tried them all. Maybe you could do a review if you can find a category to put it in. There's a plugin for Gimp, a standalone program, and an online version.

Disposing Of A PC? Nuke The Drive First. 3 years 4 months ago vandamme

Get a set of torx bits from Harbor Freight for a couple bucks. Take the lid off the HDD and get the magnets out. I reuse the cases for different things, and pull parts off the boards.

PCs that are less than 10 years old and working can be repurposed by installing Linux on them, wiping all the data off. Give it to a kid, Freecycle, school, Salvation Army.

Keep This Free Bootable Rescue CD To Hand 3 years 4 months ago vandamme

Several times I've used Rescatux (Tux is the Linux mascot). It's a smaller download and doesn't have an antivirus that I know of, but has hard disk utilities, some of the usual fixes like a Windows password remover, and a rudimentary Linux operating system. It includes SuperGrub2 which fixes dual boots that Windows has screwed up so you can't boot Linux.

On UBCD, GParted is just a partition editor; the virus scanner and file manager are separate programs.

A Clone Of Windows. Free And Open Source. Seriously. 3 years 4 months ago vandamme

The only reason I could see for ReactOS is if you have an old piece of gear that will only run Windows. A medical or scientific gadget perhaps. I had a milling machine that ran on a 386 for years and the driver only worked on Windows 3. (it's long gone.)

Before I'd go through the hassle of ReactOS, I'd see if my PC or gadget will run with Linux. Mint Cinnamon has been my favorite for years because I'm just used to the old XP menus, but Mint's is much cleaner. For old PCs, I like Puppy, Bodhi, or Lubuntu 32 bit. I'm talking 12 years old or more.

Linux has drivers for many of the gear that isn't supported in Windows 7 or newer. A lot of old programs will run on Linux using the Wine program.

The New York Times Is Free For The Next Few Days 3 years 3 months ago vandamme

Free Democratic propaganda? No thanks.

I get the headlines from the NYT for free, but GMail clips it off right about at the editorials, fortunately.

Finds of the Week: Instant Logo Search / Exporting Evernote data / 8 built-in Windows tools / Download free topographical maps 3 years 3 months ago vandamme

Those topo maps are about 50 years old. Don't use them for navigating roads. But they are interesting to see what was around mid last century. The topography hasn't changed so much.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection now available for Android and iOS 3 years 2 months ago vandamme

So beginning next year it will have ads, and I have to give my address to Microsoft.

No thanks, AisleRiot runs fine on my Linuxes and has dozens of game versions.

Time To Update Your Ultimate Boot CD 3 years 2 months ago vandamme

Rescatux is another good one. It's a much smaller download, but fewer utilities. I use it to diagnose hard drives and memory, and erase Windows passwords, but mainly to get back my grub. Search for supergrubdisk

The Word Processor With No Distractions 3 years 2 months ago vandamme

Runs natively and installs easily on Linux.

I tried this years ago and now I see it's become more polished. It's more bloated than gedit or any other simple test editor, but has more capabilities, and simpler than LibreOffice ... but a few less capabilities. And some extras that might be a good fit for the journal writer. So, take your pick.

I haven't figured out how to zoom in, though, and on most themes I can't read the text. So I stick with the plain color.

It installs in a minute on Linux; I have Mint and just used the Ubuntu directions. Add the repository by opening a terminal and pasting this in:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gottcode/gcppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install focuswriter

The Simplest, Easiest PC Linux Ever 3 years 1 month ago vandamme

I'm a retired vacuum tube engineer, been using Linux for about 6 years now.. There's over a hundred distros of Linux, so finding the best one for you could take a while. Just start with an easy one. Mint, Ubuntu MATE, ZorinOS, Elementary, Solus are my top recommendations. If you have an older PC (ten years), Lubuntu. Go to and hit the search button up top, and put "beginners" or "old computers" in the search box. See what you like.

As for Pixel, well, that's OK for a Raspberry Pi. And maybe for a machine you use to program the Pi. But you can't install it on a hard disk? I'd rather use Puppy, which gives you that option.

Keep All Your Notes, With All My Notes 3 years 3 weeks ago vandamme

Tomboy does it for me. It came with my Ubuntu, works on Windows too they say.

Remember Reading Something On The Web? Now You Can Find It! 3 years 2 weeks ago vandamme

I just go to the "show all bookmarks" and then hit search. Results come up instantaneously. Maybe this Brain thing is an improvement; it takes a few keywords to get what I'm looking for. But not having Google watching over my shoulder is a big plus.

Hundreds Of Free Office Document Templates To Download 2 years 12 months ago vandamme

I tried some with LibreOffice, and they're mostly docx which opens up OK, but some type is a different size or font depending on what you have installed. So you may have to adjust to suit. I use Linux so I don't have a lot of Microsoft fonts, but Windows users should be OK.

Fully Playable Demo Of An Amazing Flight Simulator 2 years 11 months ago vandamme

And it works on Linux!

Flight Gear is the open source alternative.

Get This $30 Music Making Suite For Free 2 years 11 months ago vandamme

It would be great to see this on your DAW page, and compare them. /best-free-music-software.htm
I got a bad taste of Magix software (nag/crippleware) from my Windows days so I prefer truly free stuff. But it does look interesting.

Mix Your Own Soundtrack To Work To 2 years 8 months ago vandamme

For a real trippy online sound generator, try mynoise (dot) net. Lots of things to try, most free (if he has the bandwidth). The Tibetan Choir is the coolest.
Thanks to Jupiter Broadcasting showing this, on this week's Linux Unplugged podcast.

Don't Panic, Microsoft Paint Isn't Going Anywhere 2 years 6 months ago vandamme

In reply to "Australia".... Yes yes yes.......Security, boot time, compatibility with old hardware, choice among desktops, bloat, updating, spyware. .... these are all my reasons to run Linux.

Don't get mad, get even! You have nothing to lose but your chains.

Gizmo has a nice article called "Is Moving From Windows to Linux The Right Choice For You" which you'll have to search for, because they keep it hidden.

And there's plenty of MS Paint alternatives; it's a very popular category.

F.Lux Gets A Big Update And It's Still My Favourite 2 years 6 months ago vandamme

I used to use f.lux but now I can't figure how to get it installed on Linux. It's a windows program anyhow, you have to use Wine.
Iris works OK and it's native Linux but crippleware.
Redshift works OK too.

Linux For People Who Like The Look And Feel Of Windows 2 years 3 months ago vandamme

Your points are exactly why I had been hesitant to try Linux. Then I came upon a laptop that was "too slow" and tried Mint on it. I guess I got hooked then.

You can try Linux on a disk or flash drive to see how well it runs on any particular system, without changing anything. Try all your hardware, and try the "old" scanner and printer in your closet that won't run current Windows, you might be surprised that it works great on Linux. TV cards that last worked on XP, for instance. I recently recorded all my VHS and 8mm analog home videos using one.

I had very few problems collaborating with MSOffice users using LibreOffice, and sometimes I had to read old Office, Word Perfect or PDF files to "translate" them to the new Office format. I edited photos, drawings, electronic schematics, and videos. I ran electronic simulations and remotely controlled lab instruments. I designed, laid out and ordered printed circuit boards using Windows software running on Wine. All this on a 7 year old PC.

Finding software is as easy as going to the distro repository. Printer drivers are almost automatic... "find printer... Install... print test page?" And the updating on Mint is the way all updating should be, polite and informative, and you're in control.

The only thing I can't address is gaming. If you're into the latest high performance games you'd have to see what was available. There's thousands of them for Linux, I hear.

Q4OS looks appealing, especially for business use. The multiple desktops are nice and would give users a personal touch, and the long support time is good. I always go to distrowatch to shop for distros.

A Free Online OCR Service 2 years 3 months ago vandamme is one I like better because it can convert to rtf. I'm still looking for one that converts to an open format, like odf, instead of Microsoft proprietary DOCX.

Download YouTube Videos As MP3 Files 2 years 1 week ago vandamme

I use YouTube mp3 Downloader in Firefox and it asks for a donation on the plugin page, but there's no ads or porno popups. It works fast, and downloads the mp3 of a 4 minute song in a few seconds.

Is 2018 the Year the Internet Finally Died? 2 years 1 month ago vandamme

I agree, but instead of "Use windows 7 as long as possible" I say Use Windows 7 as long as necessary" ... which is up until about 3 years ago for me, when I noticed I hadn't needed Windows for ANYthing, having used only cross-platform apps and dual-booting for years. .

PeaZip. An Excellent File Manager And Compress/Extract Tool In One. 2 years 2 weeks ago vandamme

Linux packages are available, and install easily of course, and it runs well on my Mint. Worth a look to see if you like the combination of utilities in a nice looking app.

This Screen Capture Tool Handles OCR Too. 1 year 11 months ago vandamme

I use the XSane app which has OCR built in to the scanner driver. It connects to old scanners that won't work on newer Windows.

Get A Hollywood-Capable Video Editor For Free 1 year 10 months ago vandamme

It also runs on Linux!

" can even build your own workstation using low cost motherboards, extremely fast processors, massive amounts of RAM and up to 8 GPUs. Imagine building your own super computer for incredible real time performance!" Yeah, I can dream. Me, I just use OpenShot on my 6 year old eMachines running Ubuntu MATE.

Easily Convert YouTube Videos To MP3's For Free 1 year 8 months ago vandamme

I use a FireFox plugin called ... drum roll.... YouTube mp3 Downloader, which shows up as a button on the Youtube page below the movie. Hit it, and you get a choice of 5 speed/quality/sizes. I use the 192K but probably smaller ones would work in the car or for low quality audio.

The complete 42 minutes of the New World symphony is 59 MB at 192K . I downloaded it before so I wasn't curious enough to do it again but give it a try and tell us what you got. It downloads as fast as any remote file (a few minutes I suppose). Don't know how they do it.

Nice that Media Human has a Linux package, but I don't need a separate app. But I will check out their other apps.

How To Get A Windows 10 Upgrade For Free 1 year 6 months ago vandamme

Why are you not running Linux?

Convert your audio files for free with this amazing program 1 year 5 months ago vandamme

I've used "sound converter" (not very original, but good description) to convert music. Go to the Ubuntu Software center and hit "sound and video" and search for converter. If you want a album sorter, there's plenty of those like DeaDBeef, Amarok etc.

How To Install An Older Printer In Windows 10 1 year 3 weeks ago vandamme

Or, you could use Linux instead of Windows 10. Plug in, detect, print.....

How to Block YouTube End Screen Video Ads in Your Browser 9 months 2 weeks ago vandamme

Thanks for reminding me to whitelist you (you're one of the good guys) and for the link to Iridium.

It would help if some YouTubers would have some dead time at the end of their videos. Some have the most important or interesting parts right at the end!

Make Gmail Your Default Email in Windows 1 month 6 days ago vandamme

Yes, get off Windows 7 and use Linux instead.

Make Gmail Your Default Email in Windows 1 month 5 days ago vandamme

I checked this on Windows 7 and Linux Mint:

In Firefox 72, click on the hamburger menu, --> Preferences>-->Files and applications--> Applications--> mailto. Then select GMail or Yahoo, or other, in the dropdown.

Worked like a charm. Oddly, it took me a few minutes to find a webpage with a mailto: tag. Nobody likes spam.

Best Free Remote Access Software 6 years 1 week ago VAM

Like many on here I used teh free version of LogMeIn for many years and now find myself looking for another provider. Can anyone make a suitable recommendation please? My requirements are:

1 Simple remote access of my home pc, from my laptop and/or ipad when I'm away from home
2 Unattended access of my home pc
3 Just need simple access to my documents etc on my home pc. Don't need options to print to local printer, file share etc
4 Speed and smooth operation is important. I don't want to wait several seconds for a responce after clicking mouse
5 Free
6 Easy set up

There seems to be so much on the market and as I'm not the most IT literate, any help would be appreciated.

5 Best Free Video Streaming Sites 1 year 2 months ago Valentin Nedev is great one that support maximum size of 2 GB

Windows 10 Editions and Upgrades Announced 4 years 9 months ago valcoff

Do they know what the W10 will cost after the year has come and gone?

How To Change The Windows 8 Background Colour 5 years 3 months ago v85michele

I Changed the color as indicated on both
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Colors
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\Colors.
But every time I hibernate the PC (Win 8.1) the windows go back to white background, only the log-off log-on actually works.
I tried changing the color even in all the HKEY_USERS but nothing changed.
Any idea?

How To Change The Windows 8 Background Colour 5 years 3 months ago v85michele

I did find a way to keep the colors, have no image at all as desktop background, pretty soon we'll go back to dos, sure pc would be faster.
Thanks Microsoft..

How To Change The Windows 8 Background Colour 5 years 3 months ago v85michele

No, again every windows goes back to white after a screen lock or PC hibernate, only the logon gets the wanted color.
Any idea how to make the system reconsider the colors in the registry without having to close every program and logoff?

Best Free File-Based Backup Program 3 years 9 months ago V12RR

Downloaded the Comodo software but the website is degenerate. You cannot create a User Account - just loops back to the Sign In Page... contacting Comodo is also difficult and when you do they just say there nothing we can do?

Does not deserve 5 stars!

Optimizing Bittorrent Clients for Speed 6 years 10 months ago v.v

I changed internet service recently..Now I have 512 kbps connection.
My previous connection was 256 kbps. and in torrent it used to give down speed of 60 kbps.
However for new connection I am not even getting down speed of 60 kbps.. :(
Is it a problem of my connection or do I need to delete cookies or something. If that is the case does anyone know how to do that?
I always make sure that seeds to peer ratio is high..
on download speed is . 0.51 Mbps upload speed is 0.21 Mbps.

Can anyone help?

The last time upgraded my connection from 128kbps to 256kbps my torrent speed incresed from 30kbps to 60kbps.

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Best Free Hex Editor 4 years 6 months ago v.laurie

I am only a caretaker and this review is in need of an editor. Perhaps you could help us out and bring the article up to date? You can help us by clicking here.

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Best Free Disk Space Analyzer 5 years 11 months ago v.laurie There is a Trojanized version of WinDirStat out on the Internet. Be very careful which download site you use and check with VirusTotal. view