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Best Free Media Player for Android 6 years 11 months ago trainman261 OK, well I guess I'm not the only person having issues with it. view
Best Free Media Player for Android 5 years 2 months ago trainman261 Good point. Since there are only certain options available for that field, I can't directly put in something like you suggested, but I will see if we can find a solution. view
Best Free Media Player for Android 5 years 2 months ago trainman261 Aha, I see I've haven't checked VLC in a little too long, it seems to have come a long way since then. I'll check it out when I get time. view
Best Free Media Player for Android 3 years 9 months ago trainman261

I honestly have to say that I didn't find the ads too annoying. I mean yes, there are ads there, but it's not anything intrusive - I draw the line where an ad blocks me from doing something, and that has never happened to me (I use MX as my daily driver). On the other hand, just about everything else is just about perfect - something I can't really say about VLC - I had too many problems with it to recommend it. The comparison with VLC is that the same way one could say that VLC is the de-facto video player for many people on PC, I would recommend MX as the de-facto video player for Android - in my opinion, it's the most solid media player around. If you don't want any ads, this isn't the app for you, but otherwise, I definitely recommend it.

Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android 7 years 12 months ago trainman261 That's something interesting you bring up - I've done some research, and figured out that the AVRCP 1.3 profile is not yet supported natively on android. What device do you have? Some device makers have added support, so your device probably has added support. To put it simply, not all devices with the latest version of android support that, which makes it hard for app developers to use that feature. Google has planned to add AVRCP 1.3 support in API level 18 (the next major version of android), which should be out within the next month or so. Then, depending on your device, it will probably take a while until you get that update. Long story short, if you wait until your device gets updated to Android 4.3 or 5.0 (at the moment no one is sure what will come out next), there will be more more apps supporting it - and they'll probably support it better. view
Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android 7 years 9 months ago trainman261 Moboplayer and MX Player are more like media players - they can play music files, but they can't really be used to organize anything. I've reviewed them here: As to the other app you mentioned, that's a paid app (the trial version is for 15 days only), and I'm only covering free apps. view
Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android 7 years 7 months ago trainman261 In case you still are subscribed to replies to your comment, Android 4.3 has support for AVRCP 1.3, and I am 95% sure that MixZing supports it. As I don't have access to a car with AVRCP 1.3 Bluetooth support, I can't test it like that, but when I connect my device to my computer (windows) via bluetooth to play music through it, music information pops up, and I am 95% sure that this is going through the AVRCP 1.3 protocol. view
Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android 7 years 3 months ago trainman261 Thanks for your feedback. To your first point: I'll check it out, it looks interesting, especially looking at its tablet interface (and seriously, there are way too few apps apps with decent tablet interfaces...) Second: Exactly what country the firm comes from is less relevant - which is why I said I didn't know exactly what language it was. The problem remains, which is that it doesn't work well in English. Third: I was sort of figuring that VLC was more of a media player - and if it isn't a music player in that sense, I won't post the review here, but maybe in the Best Free Media Player article ( ). view
Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android 7 years 2 months ago trainman261 Hi, and sorry for the delay. From the way I understood it, you plan on having your music files organized into folders, and you want to be able to play all music files in a folder in the proper order. I'm also going to assume you're using Windows. You'll just have to make sure you call the music files something like "01 intro", "02 second track", etc., so that the music player knows what order to play them in - if you're using Windows Media Player, you can have that done automatically in most cases. On your phones, transferring music is very simple - just plug your phone into the computer with the USB cable, and your phone should ask you to connect "USB Mass Storage", together with a picture of an android with one of its arms turned into a USB plug. If that doesn't come up, disconnect your phone, go into settings (on your phone), and into "Storage". Press your phone's menu button, and the choose "USB computer connection" (it could be slightly different - it just has to be something along those lines). You should have a window pop up which says "Connect as..." - and make sure "Mass Storage" or "USB mass storage" or something like that is checked (MTP or PTP should not be checked). Then reconnect your phone, and then the "USB Mass Storage" with the Android picture will come up. Click "USB Mass Storage", and then after a bit of time (not more than a minute), it will pop up on your computer just like a memory stick. After that, you can just copy over the files the way you would onto a memory stick (don't forget to safely remove the phone the way you would with a memory stick). As to the app itself, Mixzing has a folder browser. Another app I've heard of from other editors here is Folder Music Player ( ). You can give that one a try if you want, as well - although I haven't tried it myself yet. If you're just looking to play the music by album, you can use pretty much any music player on the list, whereas Winamp is one of the simpler music players. Let me know if you run into any issues. view
Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android 7 years 2 months ago trainman261 That's odd, I have the same thing going on here. I'll have to look into it. view
Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android 7 years 1 month ago trainman261 Well WinAmp has a good chance of coming back, since they were taken over by another company, and that company seems to be wanting to continue development. As to songbird, official development seems to be dead for good (I could be wrong). However, it's open source, so anyone could "fork" it (basically create their own version), and continue to make their own songbird app. If you knew or learned how to fork repositories, code, and build apps yourself, than there would be nothing preventing you from creating your own songbird app. At this point, I'm not finding much on Google Play, and I have my doubts as to whether someone will properly take up development, since the app didn't have too much that was special. However, it is possible - a great example is Astrid - as soon as it was shut down, forks appeared everywhere on Google Play. view
Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android 7 years 1 month ago trainman261 Ah OK thanks, I'll edit that soon. The 40MB are how it used to be, now it's more like 20MB. view
Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android 6 years 12 months ago trainman261 As to WMA files, unless the developer added his own codecs, it's device dependant - so, assuming the app doesn't have any extra codecs, if your device supports WMA files, the app will work with WMA files, and if your device doesn't support WMA files, the app won't work with WMA files. Otherwise, Pretty much all apps offer playlists, and both Rocket Music Player and MixZing have folder-based browsing. view
Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android 6 years 11 months ago trainman261 That's a good setup - if you always have a good internet connection, which many don't. That's why this section is about music players and organizers - it's about finding apps that can play music and also organize parts of your library if need be. UPnPlay would belong to a different category of apps. view
Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android 6 years 11 months ago trainman261 I've just looked at the play store listing of JetAudio Basic, and while it might be worth a closer look, it's still missing some features, such as tag editing, an expanded notification bar, or multi-select. view
Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android 6 years 11 months ago trainman261 I'm not a fan of Apple either - that's why this article is discussing Android apps. Playlists are not some system that only Apple uses, it's used almost universally in different formats, and just about every music player supports playlists. Not everyone has time to organize their music into folders, and even if they do - then they only have their music sorted one way. Some people like it sorting their music in folders, others don't. If you don't like Apple, do what millions of others have done: switch to Android. Then you can take a look at some of the apps I've covered, many of which support folder-based playback. view
Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android 6 years 10 months ago trainman261 Some players do differentiate between "proper" music and podcasts. Rocket Music Player and Cloudskipper both do this. As to the album art, everyone has their preferences - although I don't think most people "[sit] there staring at the screen as it plays music". Instead, they use it as a visual cue. It is a lot easier to recognize an image, than to recognize text. That's one of the reasons why I like to have my albums with album art. However, if you really dislike album art, I haven't really found an app that ignores album art (and don't remember ever having used one) - that isn't just among the apps listed here, I've tried many others that I either have chosen not to review or haven't reviewed yet. If you're looking for excluding folders from being in your music apps, you should try StudioKUMA .nomedia Manager ( ). You can mark folders to be excluded from Android's media scanner, which means the media they contain won't appear in most music players. view
Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android 6 years 10 months ago trainman261 I've just taken a look at the play store listing. It seems to have some interesting features, but it locks the folder-based browsing, tag editing and some other features are locked after 10 days of use unless you buy a key to unlock them. view
Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android 6 years 10 months ago trainman261 I did take a look at it recently, and I am considering including it in the review. The interface is beautifully designed, and it also has Shoutcast radio support. It also has an interesting online feature, which lets you listen and even put together playlists with online music. It doesn't have full tag editing support, though, and it doesn't have a way to properly automatically generate playlists based on what you want in the way Rocket does, for example. view
Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android 6 years 7 months ago trainman261 I understand what you're looking for, although I've never seen it implemented in any of the apps I've tried, including the ones not listed here (or at least I don't remember ever seeing it implemented). It could be that there are some apps specifically made for your situation, but I don't know of any. What you could do is put the tracks in a folder, and then use ES File Explorer to play them. ES File explorer has a built-in media player, and you could set that as the default app. That way, when you click on a track, that track plays, and then it stops. When you want to play the next track, you can then hit the back button and click the next track. It's not as simple as pressing play every time, but it would work. view
Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android 6 years 6 months ago trainman261 My apologies for the late reply. The problem is that in the world of organizing music, there are two ways of doing it. There is the one way, in which you did it - which is to sort everything into folders. Then, there is the more common way - by way of tags. Tags are small bits of information hooked onto your music files which indicate which album they belong to, what the artist is, and what the song's name is. To see what I'm talking about, stick the SD card into your computer and look at your music with Windows Explorer. Go to a track, right-click it, choose "Properties", and then go into the "Details" tab. Here you'll see different fields, such as Title, Rating, Comments, Album artist, Album, Year, etc. These are the song's tags. If the file isn't open in another program, you can also edit most of them. Google play music (and most other music players) organize music based on their tags. If an album is being split into two, look at one track of each of the two "new" albums, and you'll notice the album tag is different. It could be a small difference, or it could be a big difference. Whatever it is, the fact that it /is/ different means that Google Play Music will see it as two different albums. As to your songs ending up in different artist - this most likely comes from you having albums with multiple artists. In Google Play Music (I'll just abbreviate it GPM from now on), if you go into the artists section, different tracks from that album will be under different artists. However, if you go into the albums section, it should all go into the same album. So, basically, GPM uses the tags to sort your music, while Windows Explorer just looks at which folder they're in, and displays your music like that. If you want everything properly organized, you pretty much have two options. The first option is that you get a music player that supports folder-based playback. Rocket Player supports folder-based music playback, so if you like, you can check that out. Just make sure you go into the "Folders" tab, otherwise you'll have your music organized the same way it is on Google Play. If you want a quick solution, this is the way to go. If you want to keep using GPM but have everything organized, you can edit the tags. This can be time-consuming, depending on how much music you have and how many tracks need editing. On the other hand, it has several advantages. For one, you have more flexibility when it comes to sorting your music. You can instantly look at your music sorted in different ways. For example, you can play a mix of music from a certain artist, regardless of which album(s) the music comes from. Or, you can play a mix of music from a certain genre, regardless of artist or album. The other advantage is that you don't necessarily need to organize your music into folders any more - whenever you get new music, you can just dump it into one folder, if you don't mind the mess - it will all appear properly organized in GPM. If you want to edit the tags, you can either do it on your computer or on your device (although that could well not work if you're on Android 4.4). If you want to do it on your computer, you can do it as I explained earlier. If you want to do it on your device, you can do it with Rocket Player - that has the capability of editing tags. view
Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android 6 years 4 months ago trainman261 I have taken a look at doubletwist a while ago, and decided it wasn't worth adding to this article back then (I think that was about a half a year ago). I'd have to check it out again, but I think it was because the free version didn't really offer anything that stood out among all the different music players. view
Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android 5 years 7 months ago trainman261

Well, I've just checked, and I still find it on Google Play. As mentioned in the article, you have to use the link I provided, since it won't appear in search results, but it is still free. I've mentioned a little more about the situation in the article.

Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android 5 years 7 months ago trainman261

I just entered your link into my adress, and for me, it works. For all I know it could be a regional thing.

There has always been a free version and a paid version of this app. I've reviewed the free version, which I find pretty good. However, that's why you're finding sites where it isn't free.

For the future I would ask that you please not use caps like that, it comes accross as rude.

Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android 5 years 7 months ago trainman261

Ah hah, that's it. I just tried using the link in pivate browsing, and sure enough, it doesn't work there. So you're right - it's only visible to those who already have it linked to their account. I'll be updating the article shortly to reflect that.

Livedrive Users, You Need To Read This. 6 years 10 months ago trainman261 Thanks for posting this here, it's very good to know. view
How to Ask Android to Skip My Media Folders 6 years 9 months ago trainman261 If you don't know where they are on your storage but found the sounds in your music library, you should be able to use your music player to find where those sounds are. Rocket Player ( ) can do this. If you're using Rocket Player, long-press the sound in your library, and click "Edit Tag". (You can read more about Rocket Player at .) That will open the Tag editor, and near the top of the tag editor, you will find the location of the sound. Then, you can go into the .nomedia manager, and mark the folder the sound is in. Once you've done that, the sound shouldn't be in your music library anymore after you restart your device. view
Google is Phasing Out Support for Adobe Flash in the Chrome Browser 5 years 3 weeks ago trainman261

What I really hope is that they don't make it so that it's impossible to use flash with Chrome. Mind you, I pretty much stopped using Chrome when they stopped supporting extensions that weren't from the Chrome web store, I stick with Firefox now, and I hope they don't start doing the same thing. If I want to run a certain piece of software, I shouldn't be told not to by some "authority" in Mountain View that I can't.

Side note: I honestly think it didn't really start with Apple not allowing flash to run on iOS (called iPhone OS back then), it started when Adobe released flash for Android and it was not very efficient at all, which made flash very unattractive for mobile platforms (interestingly enough Blackberry, back then RIM, showed us that it actually was possible to make flash work well on mobile with its implementation on the playbook). That was really the first hit, because Apple would have implemented flash if it were popular on mobile. Adobe is solely responsible for the catastrophe that flash turned into.

Just Get Flux. Your Eyes Will Thank You. 4 years 10 months ago trainman261

It applies to any monitor that is connected to your computer. I have it on my laptop/tablet, and it works on that screen, as well as any monitor or TV I've connected it to until now.

Troubleshooting Tool Monitors File Changes In Real Time 4 years 9 months ago trainman261

Another useful utility from NirSoft which does precisely what it does without getting too complicated, awesome. Been looking for something like this.

Thanks :)

A Clone Of Windows. Free And Open Source. Seriously. 4 years 8 months ago trainman261

The idea behind ReactOS is that it should be able to run standard Windows programs - but since it is in alpha, not everything will work. If you want to know if it works for the programs you would need, the best idea would be to run it in an emulator as suggested, and try loading the program to see if it works or not.

A Clone Of Windows. Free And Open Source. Seriously. 4 years 7 months ago trainman261

I definitely think it's worth promoting, though - and the fact that it wouldn't necessarily be a good daily driver now is slightly beside the point.

Here's the thing: with Windows 95, 98, NT, etc. etc., some versions may have been buggy, while others were fairly stable (in that good-bad-good-bad cycle). But you usually just skipped the bad one - or if you had to use it, it was still decent.

Suddenly, now, we have Windows 10, which some would simply call spyware among other things - and that's really the key here. Microsoft does not seem interested in backtracking - they're doing the opposite, if anything - and they aren't bringing out another version of Windows after this version. Many people don't want to use it because of these privacy concerns.

But let's be honest, as praiseworthy as Linux is, it isn't what some fans claim it to be. Yes, as an OS in and of itself, it's great, and very capable. If you want to use Linux with programs written for Linux, perfect, no problem. But if you want to use it as a Windows replacement, well, it gets complicated. Yes, you have Wine. But it's not seamless, far from it - and not all programs work with it. Every time you want to install a Windows program, you have to start messing around with settings and what not. And yes, I know emulation is a possibility, as well, but that also uses up more power - fine on a desktop, not so fine if you're on a portable device.

Since ReactOS is built to resemble Windows as closely as possible, it's also better suited as a platform for running Windows apps in the long term, and that is really the promise. No twenty-five hacks to get all your Windows programs running, just install ReactOS and your programs, and you're good to go - at least that's the goal. Sure, it isn't as far as Windows itself, but let's be honest, it took a good while for Linux to turn into what it is today. And given what I mentioned about Windows 10, I'm expecting ReactOS to get a good shot in the arm when it comes to development and use, so that while it may not be a viable Windows replacement now, it just may be once Microsoft drops Windows 7 support.

Best Free Media Center Software 6 years 8 months ago transitman

Hi people, I am a bit of a noddy on software but would really like to find a free alternative to Windows media center.
my chief reason for wanting it is to copy tv programmes to the computer
I have tried xbmc but got lost in the process and could not understand the answers in other posts. As i said, a noddy!

hope someone can help

Use this Free Program to Create Great Flowcharts and Diagrams 6 years 4 months ago trcmf

I haven't tried this software yet because there is a feature that is needed before I waste anymore time experimenting with software. I have spent days looking for the right software with all the features.

Does this software have the ability to export a flowchart as a webpage?

Thanks in advance.

CryptoLocker: Beware This Major Threat To Your PC 7 years 6 months ago trcres

I don't know how often they get involved in issuing malware alerts, but even the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT), part of the Department of Homeland Security, has issued an alert about Cryptolocker.

Future Learn: Learning For Life (Website of the Week) 7 years 1 month ago Triggers Broom

Hey . . . .

When you bring stuff to the table, you can criticise. Otherwise keep a lid on

Thanks again Rhiannon; well worth investigating

Best Free eBooks Online 1 year 5 months ago trigidentity

What a really awesome post this is. Truly, one of the best posts I've ever witnessed to see in my whole life. Wow, just keep it up.

How to Get Free Online Help with Your Computer Problems 5 years 4 months ago trincan

Looking for a method to disinfect and sanitize a program installer file for MS windows 8 so that the file still will remain useable to run the application and install the program on my PC. A couple of free online virus scanners have detected possible viruses and malware within the program installer zip file and the file is therefore deemed suspicious .

Best Freeware Download Sites 8 years 2 months ago triumphantjohnson

i love this website, and i think am rich now.

Best Free Spell-Checker 5 years 6 months ago TRL88

Used this software for years. Now that I have upgraded to WIN10 it acts quirky. It will not load at startup and sometimes it just stops for no good reason.

You Can Get This $24 Music Notation Software For Free If You're Quick 4 years 9 months ago tromaster

I agree with the above. Musescore is free for all platforms. Why bother with a limited-time-offer that _needs_ your e-mail (what for? To spam you, re-sell it to other spammers?).

Is 2018 the Year the Internet Finally Died? 3 years 5 months ago Troyster

Anyone who has watched the movie Snowden has come to the realization that Big Brother is already watching!

Got A Chromecast? Cast Your Browser And Videos Easily. 6 years 5 months ago trupayne

ad-on will stream almost any video to your tv using chromecast...

Best Free Email Software 8 years 2 months ago tsndnm

Thunderbird Users who would like to connect to MS Exchange based accounts may want to try the ExQuilla extension. I (personally) think this extension reduced the gap between Thunderbird & M$ Outlook by miles!

How to Really Speed up File Copying in Windows 8 years 1 week ago tsuyoshiyasuda88

Hey guyz!!!
The fastest way to speed up your copy is by using ExtremeCopy. Download Here! Free and easy to use! I've been using it for 5 years now!!!

Best Free Genealogy or Family Tree Software 6 years 2 months ago TtownDick

Wow. Very helpful, but I am SO confused.
I just got several pages of geneology from a cousin and want to put them in a program.
HOWEVER, I want to keep from doing a lot of unnecessary typing - oops I don't like THAT program, THIS one is better, starting from scratch.
So I thought I would put data in an EXCEL worksheet and import into a program. Then if I decide to change programs, be able to do the same thing.
So I'm looking for a program with import/export capability.
HOWEVER, since many of the comments here look like Greek, I may be way over my head.
SO, can anyone tell me best program to use with data import feature?
and please remember, I am techno-challenged.


Best Free Genealogy or Family Tree Software 6 years 2 months ago TtownDick

Thanks for yours & Vandamme's prompt replies. I hope he sees this as well.
Looking around, I started putting information into a free account at I ASSUME since they have access to LDS data, that would be most helpful, and I have found several ancestors already listed.
I did NOT check on their export options, but I think this is most helpful for my needs.
My question had to do with Excel, that I have most experience in, would be best way to enter data and give me most flexibility in whatever program(s) I might discover later. And being tech dangerous, I don't know anything about GEDCOM at all.
I think I am going to continue with FamilySearch. If you or anyone has comments on going that direction, I would welcome input.
As to my original question, after your comments, I did a quick search and offers a method to import excel to GEDCOM format.
I did NOT explore at this time, and only put it here in case someone is looking for ways to follow my approach using Excel.
Thanks again for you help.

Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android 8 years 3 months ago tuananh1988

The best music app for android here:

The easiest way to access the largest music and video library from anywhere. Rather than selling you MP3s and music vidoes, vMusic lets you stream unlimited songs from a huge library with more than 15 Milion Songs and Videos.
- Search and play songs and videos
- Bookmark your farovite music videos
- Billboard music charts
- Save music to SD Card
- Song quality: 128 kbps and 320 kbps
- Share your favorite songs on Facebook and Twitter.
- Lyrics and Artist info

Best Free Mega Web Browser 7 years 10 months ago tuna

Gotta share my love for Waterfox. I like the customization aspect of Pale Moon, and it is faster than FF, but Waterfox opens and renders noticeably faster than Pale Moon for me. I use both regularly with separate, but identical, profiles. Am searching hi & low for new alts not dependent on the MozGoog agenda. The Old 5 are all untrustworthy, IMO. Getting ready to try Kmeleon, I am stuck on the simplicity of Live Bookmarks but fed up with all the over-engineering to influence/report/rig my "experience". I never considered I would live to see a fox jump a shark...

Best Free Browser Scrubber 7 years 10 months ago tuna

Would someone please explain to me why it is after running latest CCleaner w/ FlashPlayer selected and after Control Panel>Flash Player has been "Delete All"ed that a 3yo, unmaintained flashcookiescleaner still finds and deletes multiple flash cookies? I'm a big fan of Pririform software, but this smacks of misleading advertising(go figure)... or am I missing something?

Is there a way to make CCleaner truly remove ALL flash cookies as advertised or must it be run in conjunction w/ a Flash cleaner?

***My browser is locked down and clears history w/ all selected when I close. I personally use NoScript and get NO cookies, but most people can't grok it so they disable it or call/text/email me frequently until I disable it for them.

How to Create Your Own Custom Windows 8 Start Menu 7 years 11 months ago tuna

Ever since the advent of 'pinning' to the taskbar I unpin all & reload quick launch b/c I don't care for 'pinned' apps that can barely be distinguished between closed, minimized or multi instances. So I just add new toolbar pointed to the QL folder that never went away.

Same is true in 8 with the start menu, the folders are still there(and populate when new S/W loaded), it's just the links that were taken from us, the customers. So, new toolbar pointed to start menu gives me all the 'Programs'. Of course, I move the user items to the All Users folder for simplicity rather than link to both.

This does not give options for MY Comp, My Docs, Control Panel, etc in 1st Start Menu window, but shortcuts can be added to it...or to the QL toolbar.

User Start Menu
C:\Users\***your user name***\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

All Users Start Menu
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

If anyone is interested, User Quick Launch folder:
C:\Users\***your user name***\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

For extra shortcut goodness, you can right-click>Properties on your shortcuts and map custom CTRL+ALT+(any key) mappings for your fav apps. Soon you won't need Metro OR the Start Menu(but links need to be in SM folder or on Desktop for CTRL+ALT+(any key) functionality.

Free Computer & Internet eBooks Online 1 year 3 weeks ago tutlane

Good list of resources to learn. Even the following tutorials site also very helpful to learn programming online.

How To Stop Google Calendar Spam 1 year 9 months ago TVLBROTHER

This must be an old article because there is no "gear icon" any longer and I couldn't find any of the items in "Settings"???

How To Stop Google Calendar Spam 1 year 9 months ago TVLBROTHER

I'm sorry, I was clicking the 3 dots in the upper hand corner???
Stupid me, I was accessing Chrome not Google Calendar???
But, I finally figured it out after I put my foot in my mouth and posted the comment.

Do You Want to Continue Receiving Information from Gizmo's Freeware? 3 years 2 weeks ago tweedy

Best site on the net i will always want to receive emails from gizmos

Best Free Digital Image Viewer 5 years 8 months ago tweetiepooh

So what would the recommendation be for a free image viewer I can use on a work machine? I don't need lots of tools or organising ability just able to click on the file and see the image. Possible tools would be rotate/flip but I want to edit the picture I can use an editor. Work will provide edit tools if needed but I just need something that can view almost any image and maybe switch between files in a directory.
I like Irfanview and use that at home but it's license is not suitable for work machine.

How to Work With Audio CD .CDA Files 5 years 1 week ago tweetiepooh

It also highlights a big failing when converting from CD to "digital". If you play a CD you get a continuous audio signal, there are special break points so you can hit tracks if wanted.

When you convert you get a number of separate files based on those CD tracks. Now in many cases this is fine but if the CD is live concert or especially classical music where a long movement maybe split into smaller segments playing back can be a real pain, you need a way to seamlessly play back without gaps, jumps or other hiccoughs.

Now there maybe players out there that will do this but this fails if you put the files on a stick and playback on a "device" (car radio). But is there even software players that can spot if two tracks played consecutively should be "joined" at an audio level.

How to Work With Audio CD .CDA Files 5 years 1 week ago tweetiepooh

I guess you can rip to one track but then loose ability to play sections by choice so it is still in the playback area where sometimes you pick the segment but if listening to the album/movement it can playback without gaps.

To solve the sorting I get the metadata to zero prefix the number - 01,02 (or even in once case 001,002) so it can sort by string and get the numbers right too.

Using Windows 7 And Linux On The Same Computer 3 years 3 months ago tweetiepooh

If you have multiple hard disks and your system can accommodate it you can arrange to have Linux boot from the 2nd disk and keep the Windows boot on the first disk. On my PC the method (with OpenSuse Linux) is
1)Switch hard disk boot order to disk2 then disk1
2)Boot from DVD/USB and install Linux (I have O/S's on disk 1 and data on disk 2). Set Linux to install its boot loader to MBR on disk 2.
3)On reboot the system will see Linux - GRUB allows booting to Linux and Windows.

If needed (like installing Windows updates with multiple reboots) you can switch hard disk boot order to disk 1 and the system sees the Windows boot loader and goes straight into that O/S. Once stable you can switch the boot order back to Linux/GRUB.

Five Really Simple Tricks and Tips that Solve a Lot of PC Problems 7 years 7 months ago tweetiepooh

Yup, a good old reboot oft works wonders. Sometimes just restarting the application can do the trick. Shame Windows needs this, remembering the 14 years up time on some of our non-MS servers. And when the technology to patch running kernels becomes more widespread, even less down time.

Budding Muso? Get The Chords To Any Song On Youtube 6 years 10 months ago tweetiepooh

My account says it's free until 1 September

How to Get Rid of the Ads on the Firefox New Tab Page 6 years 7 months ago tweetiepooh

I just checked and I see no ads, just lots of previously visited common pages. I pin some as I use them daily others are just added.

Microsoft Visual Studio Now Free For Non-Commercial Use! 6 years 7 months ago tweetiepooh

Must be a way to write this to USB as many folks already do that for Linux ISO images.

Is Moving From Windows to Linux The Right Choice For You? 6 years 4 months ago tweetiepooh

OK so I use UNIX at work so using Linux is less of an issue to me but we use it nearly exclusively at home and neither my wife nor children have had any problems at all barring some minor issues getting Google Earth working.

The main PC runs OpenSuse using KDE as a desktop. We have a couple of refurbished laptops running Mint Cinnamon. Both have a "start" menu accessed at bottom left that brings up a menu that for the most part is usable pretty much the same as Windows. Applications most used are Firefox and Thunderbird also same (pretty much) as Window. The children like to use Scratch and they are getting used to OpenOffice and Scribus.

Advantages to giving them Linux include security and safety. They can install stuff like Windows, it's less vulnerable to malware. It also just works. On the main PC Windows complains about hard disk drivers and won't install whereas Linux just sees the disks and off it goes. We are using refurbished, slightly older laptops and you can pick a distro best suited to both the hardware you are using and/or the purpose you want. So you can pick a "light" distro to run on really old equipment or something newer tuned to a purpose like music production.

There may be issues with how Linux filing works. There is no concept of C or D drives, everything gets mapped to one directory structure but since users mostly work in "My Documents" and that visually looks like Windows that can be a non-issue.

Gizmo's Independence is Under Threat: Please Help 5 years 7 months ago tweetiepooh

I have no problem with including paid software on this site if it provides a fair comparison to the free alternatives and if it provides a "best of breed" but the main aim would be to recommend the free stuff that can be used instead of forking out for the commercial offerings.

Ever Wondered Just How Good Your Password Is? 5 years 3 weeks ago tweetiepooh

The problem comes when you need to enter one of those super complex passwords and you don't have cut/paste from your password store working. Can you remember how to type it? To be fair I do use a password store for many of my passwords but it can be interesting to enter something long and complex say to link your TV or smart box to a pay TV platform. Try entering 60 random characters using a TV remote!

Keep All Your Passwords Safe With KeePass 4 years 3 months ago tweetiepooh

What we did was create LastPass accounts for each family member. I can then share passwords with them and even not allow them to see the password so it can fill in login screens for them but not disclose the actual value. I can also then revoke that share if needed.

LastPass can be a pain sometimes filling in values where not needed, trying to be helpful.

Download 1,792 printable paper templates for free 2 years 8 months ago tweetiepooh

Good selection of papers, many but not all are in A4, some don't matter.

Best Free CD Ripper 6 years 1 month ago tweetysat

With that version, impossible to have cd-text containing accents to display properly. Tried with unicode and multibye version. (version 1.51 is working fine). I'm under windows 8.1 french.

A Quick Way to Change or Check your DNS Setting 6 years 1 week ago twigginsfl

I use a tool called namebench. Google it. If I try to post the url, it gets blocked. It is more complicated than the currently discussed tools, but the data it provides is more detailed.

How to Restore the Google Chrome Browser New Tab Page to the Previous Appearance 7 years 8 months ago twigginsfl

Sweet! Thanks!

Automatically Dim Your PC Screen In The Evening 6 years 2 months ago twinbee

Was the flicker very slight and approx every 10 seconds? If so, this should be fixed for version 1.18. Try again and see what you think.

Automatically Dim Your PC Screen In The Evening 6 years 2 months ago twinbee

Did you have Flux open at the time? Make sure Flux is closed before testing. Was the flickering during the time it said "Transitioning to night" or "Transitioning to day" at the top right? If so, that may not be fixed then for you. If that happens again, please let me know, and then try changing the transition phase to 10 seconds, and see if the problem is lessened or gone.

Automatically Dim Your PC Screen In The Evening 6 years 2 months ago twinbee

Thanks for the feedback. I presume you had SS running by ticking the "Running" checkbox. Anyway, feel free to email me if you would like to get it working, or otherwise enjoy using F.lux instead.

Automatically Dim Your PC Screen In The Evening 6 years 2 months ago twinbee

Hi too, and thanks for the feedback! -Dan

Best Free Digital Image Viewer 7 years 3 months ago twinkler

Thanks for your excellent survey of image viewers. I've been trying to decide between XnView and FastStone, but now I have another half-dozen to consider!

I thought I'd offer that Pictomio displays an ad banner along the bottom and hasn't been updated since 2012.

Best Free Digital Image Viewer 7 years 3 months ago twinkler

Even though the website says kuView's portable, I couldn't find a portable version. When I installed the only version I found, I had to very carefully click the dim "Decline" button repeatedly to avoid getting other software installed along with it.

Best Free Search and Replace Utility 6 years 9 months ago twinkler

Thanks for these reviews. I see that the page for Replace Text says "Please note that Replace Text is no longer supported and has known problems with some Windows 7 installations."

Best Free Android Apps - Updated 2021 8 years 2 months ago twinkler

Thanks for this great list!

aContacts hasn't been updated in over three years and its Play listing says "Not fully compatible with Android 2.0"

Free Time-Saving Hints For Your Office Programs 7 years 2 months ago twinkler

MC, I've been a donating supporter of this site for many years. I'm deeply grateful to everyone who makes it happen, including you, and I understand the need to eliminate unnecessary work for the volunteers who kindly donate their time. As a user and promoter of freeware and open source software, I'm glad that this site focuses on noncommercial software.

However, I was surprised and uncomfortable to encounter the idea that we can't even MENTION the name of a commercial product during a discussion. This led me just now to review the forum & site rules ( Here's rule 18:

"References to commercial software : Members/visitors may refer to commercial products in either forum posts, or main site comments, but may not include links** to them. The content in such posts must be relevant to the topic being discussed, and not posted as an endorsement for promotional purposes, or discuss the features and abilities of a commercial product."

Please consider either revisiting your decision or updating the rules to reflect current practices. Many thanks!

Try This Really Flexible Screen Shot Tool 6 years 4 months ago twinkler

I use Greenshot, but for capturing scrolling screens in Firefox I use Screengrab (

Tidy Your Desktop With A Tabbed Launcher 4 years 4 months ago twinkler

I've been using RocketDock non-stop for 10 years. It works fine for me on Windows 10.

A Clean, Simple And Yet Powerful Content Reader for News Feeds and Web Articles 4 years 1 month ago twinkler

I'm happy to see Inoreader get some attention. When Google Reader shut down, I jumped to Feedly, but after growing increasingly unhappy with it, I found Inoreader last year and swtiched to it. It's fantastic!

Send Anywhere 5 years 1 month ago twinkler

Thanks for this. It's called Send Anywhere, not Send Anyway.

Free Computer & Internet eBooks Online 8 years 3 months ago twn

Security Engineering — The Book

It's beautiful. This is the best book on the topic there is’ - Bruce Schneier

Time To Review Who You've Granted Access To 6 years 8 months ago txeng

Great idea to publish this article. I'm sure that many folks like myself forgot all these permissions. Now we realize what's going.
Thanks, DM

Free Browser Extension that Efficiently Blocks Ads Using Less Memory 6 years 4 months ago txeng


It looks as the last several comments have been more critic than praise. Hence I feel that a different view might be valuable.

I am a non-sophisticated user, maybe like most of the users, and I have been very pleased with ublock since I installed it instead of Ad Blocker. It did not affect the speed of my browser [Comodo Dragon], and for the last couple of weeks I did not see even a single Ad. Earlier, with ABP I saw, infrequently, an Ad here or there.

Summary: UBlock works very well [at least for the last few weeks], it was trivial to install and use. Hence, it is appropriate to thank Vic laurie for presenting it to us.


Who's Been Using All My Internet Bandwidth? 6 years 3 months ago txeng


A problem with NetWorx.

A scan with VT did NOT come out clean. Unfortunately, I do not know how to attach the complete report, but here is the result.

The scan heading:

SHA256: 166b420c0121ad8615712744eef918e77880e9f4c9c91267715d50bb5a53291f
File name: networx_setup.exe
Detection ratio: 1 / 57
Analysis date: 2015-03-15 12:49:00 UTC ( 0 minutes ago )

The offender:

a variant of Win32/NetFilter.A potentially unsafe 20150315

This scan is for the 32 bit install version. The portable version did come out clean.

Any idea what went wrong?

Regards, DM

Best Free Audio-Video Format Conversion Program 7 years 2 months ago txtechie

I have tried many versions of Freemake and they all crash while loading MPEG2(ripped DVD using DVD Shrink) files (4-5 files around 4GB total). I've tried it on two different Windows 7 machines. Both crash. Five stars? Have not tried any of the older versions to see if that solves the issue.
My personal preference is MediaCoder. You must know a little about video formats and should invest some time on the website's Tips and Guides blog.

Freemake Video Converter 4 years 10 months ago txtechie

When converting from DVD format to MP4, I get A/V sync issues every time. Does not matter if acceleration is turned off, or if sourcing the DVD files directly from the DVD or after they have been copied to my hard drive. Will try Format Factor.

Do You Want to Continue Receiving Information from Gizmo's Freeware? 3 years 2 weeks ago Tyronekay

Been with you for ages, want to continue, great site, awesome content.

How to get a free legal copy of a Windows 7 installation disk 6 years 9 months ago uberdoku

Hi, perused through most of the comments and haven't seen this yet, hoping you can help:

I already had Windows 7 on my laptop but HD crashed. Swapped it with a new one and when I started it back up it asked for a bootdisk. Downloaded a bootdisk to a USB, inserted it, and the laptop asked for a boot manager. I downloaded a boot manager iso, Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 (32 Bit), but it's not working when I boot up--still getting the same error "BOOTMGR is missing..."

Any suggestions?

Thanks much,

Best Free Dictionary and Thesaurus Utility 8 years 1 month ago UltraCraig64

I would like to warn others about a little caveat with Wordweb, as a former user. The program itself is excellent, and from what I could tell, is completely worthy of its Gizmo's Freeware award. But there is a condition if one wishes to use the free version after 30 days. Let me share with you an excerpt from the Wordweb developers' site:

"WordWeb free version may be used indefinitely only by people who take at most two commercial flights (not more than one return flight) in any 12 month period. People who fly more than this need to purchase the Pro version if they wish to continue to use it after a 30-day trial period."

I had not previously read this, and answered truthfully that I had in fact taken more than two one-way flights in the past year. Now I can supposedly never use the free version again, because of my alleged contribution to global warming. A real shame. And for a strong political stance on an issue that I largely call into question, but that is neither here nor there. The point is that it is conditional freeware, so I just wanted others to keep this in mind. Well, at least I didn't tell any "fibs" come the trial's end. No moral dilemmas here! I would still highly recommend the product, although I plan to check out the other programs featured here for my own personal use. Wordweb's free version is sadly no longer an option for me. Maybe in future updates, the author of this review can include a disclaimer.

Best Free Online Backup 7 years 4 months ago UltraCraig64

This article seems heavily outdated, so I wanted to bring light to some other free online backup services.

First, there is Mega. As in the Megaupload guys. Mega allows for a whopping 50gb of cloud storage space. There is end-to-end encryption, and if you lose your password, it's lost forever. Very secure. See what you guys think.

There is also Mediafire, which has been around for quite a few years now. You can get 10gb, and there is also a desktop app which makes the whole process more convenient. They also have mobile apps, so you can connect with multiple devices.

Then there is Surdoc, which offers 100gb of cloud storage space. Wow. They also have mobile apps, and encrypt the files, although I'm not sure of the specifics with that. offers 100gb as well, and also claims to provide some type of security with your files.

And lastly, offers 15gb of cloud storage space. They offer shareable storage space between different users and everything is syncable. They use Barracuda's cloud storage servers, which may provide extra security.

I hope this helps with updating the article. I would be very curious to know if the ones who offer more would come out ahead, or if the ones who offer less can compenstate for a lack of space with a competent user experience.

Compare your PC performance scores with Gizmo's Freeware readers 3 years 6 months ago UmpRef1

itsofficial 1665

Compare your PC performance scores with Gizmo's Freeware readers 3 years 6 months ago UmpRef1

Is this what you want?

Access Your PC Remotely Via Any Web Browser 4 years 4 months ago UmpRef1

I downloaded this, but it was flagged by Symantec Antivirus as potentially dangerous. Not sure if I should load it, but it could be helpful.

Save On Expensive Ink And Paper With A Free Browser Add-On 7 years 7 months ago Unanimous Cowherd

Very nice extension, though the ads would put me off.
Evernote has a great extension for Firefox and Chrome called "Clearly", which can be used for printing, though it is designed to aid long-form reading:

Best Free DVD Authoring Software 7 years 5 months ago Unbravewintermute

I think it's worth noting that a fork DVD Flick has been made by new developer and includes many fixes and updates. The original developer seems to have abandoned it. Info: and here

Best Freeware Download Sites 7 years 6 months ago Unbravewintermute

I was wondering if and are worth adding to the list. Filehorse is very similar to filehippo and dowloadcrew is similar to without the proprietary downloader .