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WorldWide Telescope Anonymous (not verified) view
Worms, Trojans and Malware: What Are All Those Security Words and What Do They Mean? Anonymous (not verified) view
Worried About Clicking On A Bit.Ly Link? Follow This Tip. 7 years 7 months ago Nodrog

Great tip, Rob. Can I also offer a couple for non-Bit.Ly shortened URLs that I use.

In Firefox, there is the Unshorten.It! extension which adds this option to the context menu.

Also, you can use this bookmarklet which opens a pop-up for you to copy/paste the short URL in to see the full address -


Worried About Clicking On A Bit.Ly Link? Follow This Tip. 7 years 7 months ago exbioman

Somehow I'm missing the point here. You talk about but not how to use it. Are there other alternatives? I'll google search. It's a PITA to use the long urls I agree.

Worried About Clicking On A Bit.Ly Link? Follow This Tip. 7 years 7 months ago Oxa

I use the Firefox extension Long URL Please. It automatically converts short URLs to the original in the web page. No need to click or do anything. Works on, tinyurl, google URL shortener, and others.

Worried About Clicking On A Bit.Ly Link? Follow This Tip. 7 years 7 months ago eikelein

A wee little bit of reading on Bitly's home page ( shows you a link to "Help". There you find more than you ever wanted to know about Bitly.

And have you had the idea to try a Wikipedia search?

Worried About Clicking On A Bit.Ly Link? Follow This Tip. 7 years 7 months ago Netpilot

Nice bookmarklet, Nodrog.

Pull all of those spaces (%20) out and shorten that script to -


It makes the new window properly formatted.

I've added it to my bag of tricks. Thanks.

Worried About Clicking On A Bit.Ly Link? Follow This Tip. 7 years 7 months ago Nodrog

Glad you like it. I can't remember where I found it but credit to the originator anyway.

I should also have said that you can use it by highlighting the shortened URL first then click on the bookmarklet.

Worried About Clicking On A Bit.Ly Link? Follow This Tip. 7 years 7 months ago ak47wong

Since there are so many URL shortening services around, it might be better to write an article about "universal" URL expansion techniques: websites and extensions that can show the full URL from multiple shortening sites (e.g.,,,,,, etc). Oxa and Nodrog have already mentioned two extensions and bookmarkets. Another good site is

Worried About Clicking On A Bit.Ly Link? Follow This Tip. 7 years 7 months ago Netpilot

It's a bookmarklet that comes from the web site (the url is right in the script). Almost no information there about their service, though.

You have a good suggestion for an article.

FWIW, URL XRay seems very complete. I jumped on to Twitter and it successfully expanded every short URL that I saw and threw at it, including and URLs.

WOT (Web of Trust) Anonymous (not verified) view
Would You Qualify For Mensa Membership? Take A Fun, Free, Online Test Anonymous (not verified) view
WPS Office Anonymous (not verified) view
WPS Office Anonymous (not verified) view
WPS Office (formerly Kingsoft Office) Anonymous (not verified) view
WPS Office (Free) Anonymous (not verified) view
WPS Office Free 4 years 5 months ago Jim North

While WPS Office Free is indeed free, it seems to come with a couple of restrictions. After downloading and installing "Free," I found that printing is disabled. It can be temporarily enabled by watching an advert, but to get full printing functionality, one must purchase a license for the "Business" version. Also, according to the version comparison chart on the website, there appear to be some mandatory watermarking provisions with the "Free" version.

After uninstalling "Free," I downloaded and installed the "Beta" version. It seems to have no restrictions at all, and printed a document just fine. So I'll continue using "Beta" and see if any stability issues crop up over time.

WPS Office Free 4 years 5 months ago Joe A.TT

That's a bummer.

WPS Office Free 4 years 5 months ago George.J Are you sure this is the case? Because from what I've seen, you can print the document but it watermarks the document when printing to paper or to PDF. Also you cannot save to newer formats (.docx, .xlsx) which can be done with Kingsoft Office that doesn't watermark too. So this is the current best free version to date that can be obtained from Filehippo. view
WPS Office Free 4 years 5 months ago profitpages

I have just installed WPS Office Free for a friend and discovered a severe limitation. When you print a document it prints a watermark on the document pages. The only way to remove this is to purchase a copy. As printing is an essential feature of any free product this restriction should take it out of a "Free" product category. I would therefore recommend that Gizmo's readers not utilize this product, and Gizmo remove it from their listings.

WPS Office Free 4 years 3 months ago Angelynn

What is the difference between the beta and the free version? I would assume you have to critique it after you use it the first time but what happens after that? Do you stay on the beta version indefinitely or do you have to move over to the free version after awhile?

I do some printing every once in awhile and mainly use the word processing part of the program. I would not be on there for a long time between printings off some documents. Is this the Office app for me?

I have a Nokia Lumia 920 using Windows 8.1.

There is a free version of Word but I can't download it for some reason. I have that question sent to Microsoft. I feel I should be able to download all programs from Windows store but what do I know?

Thank you for the help.


WPS Office Free 4 years 3 months ago tony

As much as I love this software the FREE as stated before has a huge problem, it doesn't print! The company is a con to FREE. Its not honest about this; so I suggest you find another software. Because of this lack of detail if I had to buy an office suite it wouoldn't be this one

WPS Office Free 3 years 7 months ago monopod

I've just been checking out the free version of WPS Office and I am pleased to report that I have not encountered the mandatory watermark problem that has been flagged up previously. Perhaps WPS changed their mind after reading the Gizmo reviews?!

WPS Office Free 3 years 4 months ago lowndesw

I've been a longtime user of the free version of WPS, have enjoyed it. Started because of the recommendation here. Never had any probs until today. I was in the middle of an email with several things going on when my laptop suddenly, no warning, shut down for an "update". It was quick, several minutes, but when I got it back up, everything (all the apps and pages I had open) was gone along with the Gmail I was in the middle of. When I tried to open Writer or Spreadsheets, a popup page requested I sign in and purchase a one year or lifetime script. After Xing out of those and restarting W and S, they seem to be opening OK, but for how long??

Maybe the Site Editor could find out what is happening at WPS.

WPS Office Free 3 years 4 months ago MidnightCowboy

Unfortunately the main objective of this program and others like it is to 'encourage' users of the free version towards a paid upgrade. Please see the information here about how to disable the update component. MC - Site Manager.

WPS Office Free 3 years 4 months ago reikipete

Up to recently I loved WPS Word processor and Spreadsheet. Then they upgraded their systems, added something that cost $$, and I may have hit the wrong button in accepting what I thought was the continuation of the freebies. I saw ( and ignored for a month ) a blurb for something they were selling. Then, the the other day I had major problems with both Firefox and comodo Ice dragon on both of the dell systems. I tried a lot of things, but as soon as I killed the WPS spreadsheet, both Dell's became alive again. This could be the Dells, me or WPS, and by the time I find the time to fully test my theory that WPS ain't free or at least ain't cheap, some genius will jump in with a GOOD answer. I hope she/he hurries up. Pete

WPS Office Free 3 years 2 months ago nemo183

The free version of this is now unusably intrusive. There are ads before you can use it, and pop-ups that really hack me of. There's also the problem I just don't trust it. I don't want my docs on their cloud, I don't trust their free storage offer.

WPS Office Free 2 years 11 months ago J1mB0b

I have no trouble printing ... nor with system freeze-ups (Win-10 Pro).
I leave WPS Writer open, so I don't have to wait 5 sec to remove the ad pop-up.

I have one problem: the input cell width is fixed to 72 bytes, so importing a wider fixed format 'CSV' file is not possible.
I use LibreOffice to import these files, then WPS for everything else.
Modifying the default template is tedious ... are there any obsessives out there who have made a list or script to ensure that such changes are ALL covered when a new or default template is set up ?
[email address removed as per site rules]

WPS Office Free 2 years 11 months ago not recognized

The default template doesn't change until you close and reopen the application, and only for new documents, and styles seems to revert to unwanted configurations for reasons unknown to me. Style changes or default template changes don't stick at all, ever, in existing documents. I've grappled at length with this, wondering whether there's been something I was doing wrong.

Apropos of that, I submitted the following comment to the wps forum appended to a thread that reports a bug whose existence Kingsoft has been aware of since 2013. It had to do with fonts pasting in wrongly, and afaik the problem is connected to the non-changeability of the default template.
The comment evidently was not approved and did not appear where I posted it:
"I found this post via a search for a solution to the weird font pasting problem.

This is a complete joke. They have known about this bug since 2013, and have been frantically busy ever since then developing highly useful code for serving the user popup ads at every turn.

More than once they have been approached for a solution via support requests, the most recent something like a week ago*. Their only response so far; what OS am I running? I take that as a tentatively positive sign... though since that question the silence has been deafening.

But wait- there's more! The pasted text could be any weird font, OR simply Simsun as the OP. And the default font for the Normal style cannot be changed. Yes, I want to add it to the template. NO, it never IS added to the template.

I've changed every style to get rid if that damned Simsun, but if ever I paste text from another source (and have to deal with the weird pasted font, then teeediously have to select it and manually change its font/style to retain other formatting), if I happen to select a style, whether Normal, or Main paragraph, or any of the heading styles, it's always Simsun next time I try to use the style. It's a very ugly font. Even pedestrian old Arial is beautiful by comparison.

They have built WPS Office to default to Simsun no matter what the user does, just as it defaults to justified rather than left aligned (I understand East Asian text is justified rather than left or right aligned), .docx rather than .doc on save and other annoyances. A bit like the governments of certain countries- intrusive and controlling.

Why are we asked to 'use asian text' when we're trying to adjust the Latin font on a style template?The software has discrimination built into it. Give Latin default font/style template its own menus, its own configuration!

My empathy to the user who has bailed out to Libre Office. Looks like a plan, since the people at Kingsoft very evidently have little respect for the latin text-preferring user."

*the initial support request was a few years ago if memory serves, another possibly between 6 months and a year ago. Each time, so-called support staff have responded saying that they don't know what the problem could be and have suggested I upgrade to the latest version. Latest version: Ad City.

No help whatsoever with a very irritating problem, and a 'support' instruction that when followed actually detracted very much more from the 'user experience', have ignited my rage.

WPS Office Free 2 years 6 months ago not recognized

I was recently asked to proofread a document and discovered that "Track Changes" is another function not available on the free version. I finally overcame inertia and installed Libre. WPS is now uninstalled.
The Simsun-Asian Text-justified 'bug' is not a bug; it's that they've built the software for Chinese users. They have no intention of putting that right for latin or other text users.
No printing.
No Track Changes
Ads every time the app is opened. Popup ads constantly while in use.
On uninstalling, there's a radio button survey asking why. If you select "too many limitations on this version" they direct you to "latest version" which undoubtedly contains all the same limitations. I was conned by 'support staff': seeking resolution on the font 'bug' was advised to update. Updating didn't fix the bug, but did install all the adware the suite is now notorious for.

Absolutely intolerable! I'd have recommended that this software no be listed here in Gizmo, but maybe it's not a bad idea to leave it here with all these comments that may warn potential users of the hazards.

But then again, no. Take it down please Gizmo.

Writer Plus Anonymous (not verified) view
Wunderlist - To-do & Task List Anonymous (not verified) view