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My Favoured Youtube Downloader Of The Moment 6 years 9 months ago tertuliano

I still stick to Freemake Video Coverter, recommended some time ago:

For almost all I needed, it has worked flawlessly.

Best Free Reminder and To-do List for Android 7 years 3 days ago tesla33

I am desperately looking for a Task/To Do List that can do these three things:

a) attach a photo as a note to a task, and
b) attach a Call Button/Contact Button to a task.
c) Have a proper task widget to add and complete tasks

As incredible as this may seem, there is not a single app (I am aware of) that can do all! Please, somebody tell me I am wrong.

P.S. I realise that Any.Do may actually be able to do that. But Any.Do can't do... uhmm ... anything else :) Others?

P.P.S. Good list, good write-up BUT as a Task/To Do List, I personally find isoTimer a really poor choice. The Task widget is useless, adding and handling of tasks and navigation in general is really convoluted and visually... well, the early 2000s called, they want their calendar back.
Also, not allowing tasks without due date is simply unacceptable.

Best Free Reminder and To-do List for Android 6 years 11 months ago tesla33

Thank you for the reply. To be fair, a task list/to do is an app where a lot of personal preference comes into play and I think I need to make clear that while I personally would not use iso timer it is neither a bad or a broken app :) I tend to forget that my personal priorities are not generally applicable.
I will keep looking and - if that is ok - put my experience in the comments here.
Cheers ;)

How I Set Up a Home File Server For Free - A Review of FreeNAS 5 years 5 months ago Tesla6c

The latest (v9.3.1) "FreeNAS requires 8GB of RAM to run properly" - could you state which version you used and the hardware you installed it on? This information will be useful for those trying to use their old hardware.

How To Stop "This Website Uses Cookies" Notice Pop Up In Your Browser 1 year 5 months ago testguy

There's still a good way to avoid annoying banners and at the same time comply with the law. Not applicable to all the services of course, but may be a good solution for visitors tracking and analytics for example:

How to Surf More Securely 1 month 1 week ago TestReg2

Test post MC

How to Surf More Securely 1 month 1 week ago TestReg2

Test post mc

Windows Desktop Software - Editors Choice Selection 1 month 1 week ago TestReg2

Test post MC

Windows Desktop Software - Editors Choice Selection 1 month 1 week ago TestReg2

Test post mc

Updates To My Favourite Text Finder 5 years 10 months ago texaganian

This and everything do completely different things. Everything can find files _by file name_ and using regexes if you wish. It is blazingly fast and yet doesn't have to build or maintain indexes because it uses the one maintained by NTFS itself. Brilliant concept, extraordinarily well done and massively useful.

Astro Grep, on the other hand, like any grep variant or descendant, searches flexibly for CONTENT in files. I haven't looked at this package yet but if it doesn't support booleans that would make it much less flexible than it should be and a deal killer for me.

But there are LOTS of Windows greps out there. I use Bare Grep extensively, though not for the exact same use case as the OP does.

Best Free Streaming Media Recorder 7 years 9 months ago texasbigbird54

I just finished testing Jing, CamStudio and Debut (free version) for use in recording streaming videos to save on my computer. I have a Win 7, 64 bit machine. In my opinion, Debut wins hands down in this regard for ease of use and video quality while keeping the file size small. I had a lot of problems and errors with CamStudio 2.7 and became frustrated after tinkering with it for most of an afternoon. I got great results using their lossless codec, but the file sizes were astronomical, and using other codecs resulted in poorer quality than with Debut. Sometimes after recording I could not save the file to disk as I would receive an error and the recording would just disappear. The program was just in a word...clunky. Jing was a total waste of time. I should have read the fine print, as a five minute recording limit is worthless to me, so I immediately uninstalled it without further use. Otherwise, Jing may be a good program if short video captures is all you would need.

Best Free PIM 5 years 8 months ago texastechy

I'm getting a virus warning when trying to download WinPim. Kaspersky is preventing download.

Best Free Memory Optimizer 7 years 3 months ago texastechy

CleanMem - very useful. I waited too long to install this since reading the "Special Note" near the top of this article... about windows 7 optimizing memory well, and third party Ram managers not being needed. (not true)

I'm happy to report that my Ram use after installing CleanMem on my Win7 64bit PC has shown a marked improvement. Now that I have 8 gb of ram it's not the issue it used to be. But it's always irritated me that certain programs use so much ram and don't seem to release it. Before installing CleanMem my free ram would remain in the 3-4 gb range. Now it's staying in the 5+ gb range even with many apps running. Apparently CleanMem DOES make a difference. I'm not going to tell you it's needed. You'll need to decide that. But it does work if you're looking to free up Ram use.

Best Free Sticky Notes Utility 7 years 11 months ago texastechy

was using 7 sticky for a short time but found some bugs. like I could not put more than a few hyperlinks in a note before it started not recognizing the links. otherwise seemed to work well.

Best Free File Manager 4 years 11 months ago texastechy

might want to update this so that people know FreeCommander XE is not compatible with Windows 10.
I could not get it to work.

Best Free Screen Capture Tool 7 years 9 months ago texastechy

Many of these screen capture tools seem to use a lot of processor power or something because my PC noticeably feels and acts slower while capturing the screen. It's great to have all those additional features but when I want to capture to PDF quickly and easily Screen Grab Pro works really well and feels snappy. Then I do a quick Ocr on the pdf making it searchable. The other one that I like is the last freeware version of Faststone Image Capture.

Best Free Screen Capture Tool 6 years 3 months ago texastechy

have to agree with Anupam. even though a lot of time is spent on browsers these days, I have little use for a browser only add-on, when another good tool will do it all on my screen without a browser. however, I often look in the comments section like this for other ppls ideas. and will check out that add on.

Best Free Windows Explorer Add-ons 8 years 2 months ago texastechy

I think this must be the longest article page on Gizmos- Sometimes too much info is not helpful.
I installed QTTAbbar and almost gave up on it till I finally realized how to access the options area so i could delete and change groups and access other features. The article here might do better by just pointing out the main points and telling quickly how to use the program otherwise one can get lost in all the feature details. i.e. QTTabBar has many additional settings you can tweak from the Options pane. To do this, right-click an empty part of the tab bar, and select Options.

But, now that I've found the options I totally love QTTabbar. BTW, It is compatible with Win 7.

Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android 7 years 8 months ago texastechy

I realize it's hard to review all the music apps out there so I second the recommendation for RocketPlayer. tried about a dozen others and this one worked best for me. biggest problem in most music players is the user interface and the limitations inerrant on a cell phone. that is why i like Rocket. keep up the good work, and love the ratings and pros/cons sections for each product.

How to Find Out If You Are Secretly Connected to the Internet 7 years 10 months ago texastechy

Kdyer recommended Sysinternal's TCPView. that's good too, but does not show as much detail as CurrPorts. for example the executable path on your pc is useful, it's not always clear just from the .exe name itself so I prefer CurrPorts. however, TCPView just showed me a device driver that was turning red off and on. it was an extra video card that is not being used. So it helped me disable that.

Want To Learn Microsoft Office? These Top-Class Training Manuals Are Free. 7 years 9 months ago texastechy

This is a really good resource website. I downloaded all the MS Office manuals and they are well done. Very nicely organized with good graphics and easily explained topics. A great model for anyone thinking of creating their own manual. I also really like their site. well laid out and intuitive to the eye. no I dont' work for them lol. I just appreciate well designed sites. Keep it up Gizmos.

This Stunning Online Publishing System Is Currently Free To Use 7 years 7 months ago texastechy

haha, yes eikelein, I tell this to designers all the time. I have ditched otherwise great programs because they require too much squinting for frequent use.

How to Keep Google from Putting Your Name and Picture in Their Ads 7 years 7 months ago texastechy

thanks for the news. when I went to the link above it was already un-checked. guess that means I'm safe?

The Best Free Screenshot Tool I Have Used 6 years 7 months ago texastechy

Just tried Sharex but prefer PicPic still. Pic does a better job of editing after capture and navigation and interface are easier to use. sharex does have a ton of features most of which I will never use making it a bit confusing. Do like the circle, triangle, diamond shape captures though but again don't use those often. Video capture is nice too but without the ability to add my own narration I must turn to other apps for that.

Want A Constant Readout Of Who's Connected To Your LAN? 6 years 1 month ago texastechy

Good Idea Remah.
I just logged into my router and confirmed each device connected to it and renamed them for easy reference in the future.

An Update For The Best Free Windows Cleanup Tool 5 years 2 months ago texastechy

I have used CCleaner for many years and never had any trouble cleaning old registry keys. In fact it seemed to make things better. By contrast I have found uninstaller programs broke more things than ever and I can still remember the horrors with that. Newer programs or operating systems seemed to have fixed uninstall errors. Have not had one in ages except for MS office problems. I use Revo Pro which works gr8.

Fancy A New Windows Start Menu For Free? 5 years 2 months ago texastechy

Had to install start menu 8 just to be sure. Didn't realize there was a paid version and a free version. But Classic Shell, as per prior comments is far better and faster.

An Introduction and a Quick Guide to Sandboxie 5 months 3 weeks ago TexasVet

This article update shows 25 Nov 2020. Thanks and great article. The comments are pretty old but I'll post anyway.
Ive.been using Sandboxie 5.33.3 for some time on windows 10 and all has been ok until recently. With a recent Firefox update to v83 Sandboxie doesn't run with this error: "The procedure entry point ?CreateAndStoreEarlyBlankWindow@mozilla@@YAXPEAUHINSTANCE_@@@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe.

From the comments below the real question is, where do I go to get the latest stable version of Sandboxie that works with Firefox and I guess Win10, tho' I don't see Win10 as part of my problem.

Thanks and happy Thanksgiving

An Introduction and a Quick Guide to Sandboxie 5 months 3 weeks ago TexasVet

Appreciate the feed back Mike C. I'm not going to assume that the Sandboxie/Firefox difficulty I'm having will be cured but I will try the newer version of Sandboxie.
Thanks again

An End-of-year Thank-you from Gizmo 6 years 4 months ago TexasVet

Many thanks and great successes in the new year to techsupportalert/ Gizmo/Midnight Cowboy and all the software reviewers that enable the rest of us to remain safe and secure on our various platforms. The free stuff is a very nice addition also. :-_))

The New Look Gizmo's Freeware Website is now Online 6 years 3 weeks ago TexasVet

Great looking site upgrade. Seems common sensical enough for me. Thanks.
With so much software available it's easier to pick the platform and OS for a solution than wading through all the stuff that is N/A in a particular solution category..

F.Lux Gets A Big Update And It's Still My Favourite 3 years 8 months ago TexasVet

I love f.lux and thank techsupportalert for bringing it to my attention. I went to the site for the update and it doesn't download anywhere on my pc. tried it twice and NOPE. I'm still on v 3.10
I will try again later...

2AM next day... NADA nothing happens. I used 'everything' to find all flux files, only 3.10 exists.

A Fond Farewell From Me 3 years 1 month ago TexasVet

Been a long run rob. Appreciate all the goodies you found for us. Peace, Prosperity and Health to you.

Gizmo's is Saved! A Hearty Thanks to all who Donated 2 years 10 months ago TexasVet

I agree about Patreon. Many, many youtube folks have moved due to questionable policy adjustments. I, like the mentioned pensioner, am on a fixed income so regular commitment could sometimes be difficult. (how's that for bad grammar)

Prevent Microsoft from Installing Edge Chromium on Windows 10 1 year 4 months ago TexasVet

Hey folks, thanks for all you do. I am running Windows 10 1803. I downloaded the toolkit to a new folder, ran the exe as admin, opened an admin cmd prompt, entered the .cmd string with /b at the end.
I got this response EdgeChromium_Blocker.cmd is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
I can't tell I did anything wrong or out of sequence so...

I don't use MS Edge so it doesn't really matter. Firefox is current browser.

Prevent Microsoft from Installing Edge Chromium on Windows 10 1 year 4 months ago TexasVet

Thanks for that rhiannon, The key not being in the registry to start with was one point I didn't consider, go figure. Microsoft is Microsoft eh, who knew?

Stuck at home? This list can make being inside easier 1 year 1 month ago TexasVet

Going above and beyond, now that's tech support. Good on ya Gizmo and team.

Donate Now and Help Keep Gizmo's Freeware Independent and Non-commercial 2 years 10 months ago TexasVet

Thanks for all the years of great service to our community. With this request for help I looked back and found that 3 years ago was my last monetary support, so it's about time eh? Tech Support is ALWAYS my first goto for PC/Windows/Software help. Always. Keystroke (march) on!

Thank You for Donating 5 years 6 months ago TexasVet

Thanks to Midnight Cowboy and the Herd for all the time and hard work spent providing the best PC software info found anywhere. Worth every penny, even when I donate, and it's cheap too.
May Gizmo's future be bright.

Thank You for Donating 2 years 10 months ago TexasVet

Done and Done. Thank You comment on other page. Thanks again Gizmo.

Thank You for Donating 6 months 3 weeks ago TexasVet

Glad 2 see all the support donations. Ditto for me, glad to help, you folks are the best. God Bless and be safe,be healthy.

Mozilla Firefox 2 years 10 months ago TexasVet

Hey folks, I have resisted the change to FireFox or Google browsers since I started with windows 98SE, so a long time. The reason is I never fully trusted myself to delve into areas that were too techie for me.
Now I am on Windows 10 and IE 11 and Yahoo mail tells me it will no longer support IE11 as of July 31 2018 and that I should switch to FF or Ggle, So, my question is twofold The discussion by gizmo.richards on FF ( doesn't say anything about IE11 or Microsoft Edge in relation to FF use, so should it and 2. Can I install FF for Yahoo and use M Edge or IE11 alternately.
I just am not confident enough to run 3 browsers but am also concerned about the learning curve for an entirely new browser.

Mozilla Firefox 2 years 10 months ago TexasVet

Thank you

Gizmo's Exclusive: Get This $29.95 Sync Tool Free If You're Quick! 4 years 8 months ago tgallag

Maybe a dumb question but if I want to modify so it syncs one way (local to cloud) which way do I have to set the arrow? The choices are "Sync from right to left" and "Sync from left to right." It is not clear to me which is which and the on-line help documentation was no help.

Best Free Drive Cloning Software 6 years 3 months ago tgellert

Why is Todo backup not on this list? It has more features in their free version than most of these ones listed here. The latest is version 8.0 now and I highly recommend it.

Freak Attack: Patch Is On The Way 6 years 2 months ago tgellert

Thanks for the update....I was worried about your computer...

Free And Easy Online File Conversions 5 years 1 month ago tgellert

There is a HUGE risk of someone getting your personal info when using a FREE online converter - of any type - for any type of conversion. When you upload your file(s) the server at the opposite end now has your file! I find it crazy to use such services. I know of 2 people that wanted to convert their tax return (PDF format) converted to some other format and had their identity stolen - 2 separate people. You have been warned.

Best PC Games of the Decade 6 months 4 weeks ago tgellert

I thought this was a shareware/freeware site. I am not sure how this article is relevent.

DriveImage XML 9 months 2 days ago tgellert

This program was cool years ago when there were not so many choices. These days the free versions of Easeus TODO backup, Macrium Reflect Free or even Mini Tool Shadow Maker Free are way better options for WIndows 10.

Two New Ways to Boot into Safe Mode in Windows 8 7 years 8 months ago thaff59

Ok people....I got it figured out for this problem with windows 8 and the safe mode thing. Do exactly what it tells you above. Enter this command: bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy. Restart then boot up again. Then shut down or restart. Upon that process hold down not just the F8 key, but the windows key and the F8 key at the same time. I think they failed to mention that above. Holding the F8 key alone won't work. I just hold both key's down at the same time and don't release until the screen pop's up. Let me know how you make out. Remember to make note of of the ms dos commands just incase you want to reverse it. Always make notes. Can't stress that enough! Good Luck........Todd

Play Transport Tycoon Deluxe on Your Windows PC 8 years 1 week ago thamessitter

DO NOT under any circumstances download Simutrains, it is full of Maleware, took me a long time to get rid of it. You've been warned. This gave my computer the worst infection I've even known. If anyone has experienced or Babylon, which are all Maleware and therefore very dangerous, you have had nothing until you have got, it has all of them wrapped up together so leave Simutrains alone, and it's no way as good as Transport tycoon anyway.

Watch Youtube Without The Ads, Comments, Suggestions, Etc 7 years 2 months ago thaneshpr

If you are using Chrome, I highly recommend the extension: Youtube Options.

It gives you a detailed option so you can decide specifically which part(s) of Youtube you like to see and which parts to hide.

What's even better is that the setting will be imposed automatically for any youtube video you come across, you don't have to copy/paste links to a different website.

Best Free Email Software 7 years 3 months ago The BlackRat

M2 (Opera) is also the best choice for me. Although I found that the integration within the browser was great (I am sad that they do not give the option to keep it inside Opera Browser). The new version has a lack of customisation features that were available when it was part of the browser.
But it is extremely fast and perfect for me.

12 of the Best Places on the Internet to Get Free Help with Computer Problems 6 years 4 months ago The Entity

For those with some tech knowledge you can't beat StackOverflow. You have to register to post or comment but there's help on nearly any aspect of coding, often too much. It's easy to get overwhelmed with info unless you really narrow down your search.

Compare your PC performance scores with Gizmo's Freeware readers 3 years 6 months ago The Entity

Novabench Score: 2040
Tested on Nov 19, 2017

Intel Core i5-7600K Kaby Lake
Asrock Z270 Gaming K6
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
SB Audigy 5 FX version
2 Syba 4-port SATA cards
1 x Asus DVDRW
Microsoft Windows 10 Professional Creator's Update

CPU Score 672
Clocked 4371

RAM Score 307 (16GB DDR4 3200)

GPU Score 1225

Disk Score 68
Write Speed: 526 MB/s
Read Speed: 469 MB/s
This must be an average; the scores for the M2 in benchmark (before adding the other 10 drives) at build time were about 4x this for write and about double for read

Home built
I ran this as in normal use with several browsers open, Music DVD playing,
2 x 27" monitors 1080P and 1 at 4K
boot drive PCIE M2 NVM +3 SSD + 7 spinner HD.
Will try later with minimal or maybe safe mode if it runs under that and compare.
The board & CPU are brand new (replaced Z170/I5-6600 Skylake that died last week).
The rest were from older builds swapped in previously to the Z170 build .
There are a few bugs to swat yet; this build is only 3 days old.
Haven't plugged in the Oculous yet, I'm having some USB issues still;
my reaction on the Z170 build was "meh..." VR needs work yet, esp. more games, but it worked OK

Access This Radio And Scan The Airwaves From Your PC! 7 years 2 weeks ago The Flying Irish

As a former Ham Radio, and unfortunately out of the airwaves for more than 20 years, I fell almost speechless at your Hot Tip. It is simply fantastic ! Terrific, actually !! I thank you dearly for this tip.

Best Free FTP Client 8 years 1 month ago The Gene Thanks for the response, I will certainly have a good look at the claim you make of it not being able to connect to a normal FTP client, and definitely report back on this..... I am also currently testing FTPRush, anf will add my review on that soon as well. view
Best Free Notes Organizer 11 months 2 weeks ago The Saint

Very interesting article.
I used Evernote but which over time became too complicated and limited in free version, then I switched to Simplenote which is very simple as the name suggests. The problem is that he sometimes loses information ... I also had corrupted files.
So I'm looking for new solutions. I am currently testing TreeNoote ( It’s pretty cool !
Full-text Search, Password Protection, Rich Text Editor...

Get the classic Windows 7 and 8 Calculator in Windows 10 2 years 6 months ago the.boffin

I still use a calculator program that doesn't include brackets because it works in RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) in the same way that early Hewlett Packard hand-held calculators worked, back in the 1970s. If you got used to using RPN (not everyone did), it was much more consistent than other manufacturer's systems with brackets.

Best Free DVD Ripper 3 years 6 months ago theelostone

This should probably be updated. DVDfab used to be great for ripping but now they're getting all big brother phone home. You have to create an account to even use the free version. So I assume it's sending usage data back home. What are they doing with that? Hard to say. Government might want that info too if the political climate changes on the topic of ripping movies. I came here hoping to find a replacement for DVDFab. I like Handbrake for encoding (I used to rip several with DVDFab then queue them all up to run overnight in Handbrake). Finding a good ripper that can handle copy protection is proving problematic.

Best Free Encryption Utility for Cloud Storage 7 years 2 months ago theelostone

I think Cloudfogger is dead. Their blog and twitter haven't seen a new post since 2012. Would love to see an updated version of this article re-reviewing the programs that are still active and listing any new contenders. I'm guessing much has changed. Boxcryptor now wants a yearly subscription from you to get the same functionality that used to be free, etc.

Best Free PDF Writer Software 3 years 6 months ago theEmperor

An aspect worth commenting on is the UnInstall process should you decide this is not the piece of software for you. On this aspect, do NOT try doPDF - it installs services and registry entries that are NOT removed when you uninstall the product. It basically leaves all of its files, registry entries as well as the novaPDF Service on your PC. which you will need to manually try to find and delete if you want the software removed from your PC.

A Gem of a Free Tool to Check Out a Program Before You Open or Install it 7 years 3 months ago TheHubster

I tried this and it seemed to indicate that two out of the three exe files had a Trojan. Scanned the files with three different AV scanners all which showed no trojans present. Not too sure about this.

A Gem of a Free Tool to Check Out a Program Before You Open or Install it 7 years 3 months ago TheHubster

Hi. When the files scanned with PeStudio, the Virus Totals showed trojans, AdWare.Win32.Popupguide!O and PAK_Generic.001. There is no help file with this, so I took it to be that it reports a trojan/virus if it finds one. If I'm wrong I stand corrected.

Convert To or From PDF Quickly And Online 4 years 2 months ago TheHubster

I use desktop app from called PDFill. Installs as a 30mb file so not a big footprint and it has just been updated to version 13. Would not be without it.

Free Software For The Aspiring Novelist 3 years 9 months ago TheHubster

Avast Antivirus, and Windows Defender both say the exe file is malicious. Will not let me install

Free Software For The Aspiring Novelist 3 years 9 months ago TheHubster

Hi. They were not both running at same time.Avast picked it up first, then I turned off Avast and turned Defender on. Not had any problems before this.
Update 16:25 - I have installed yWriter version 5 without issue, but 6 is still blocked by Avast

Handy Reference Cards If You Use MS Office 2016 3 years 6 months ago TheHubster

Or, you could just go to the CustomGuide website and download all the ones you need without disclosing any info. Click on Quick References and scroll down past the sign-up form to find all the guides that are available.

BurnAware Free 4 years 1 month ago TheHubster

Installed Chromium and an 'Anti-Malware' suite without asking. No longer using.

Another Way To Keep Tabs On Your LAN 6 years 2 months ago TheIntersect

Now it would be great if either of these 2 programs would show real-time and/or average bandwidth usage! I often am wondering what device is hogging the internet.

My New Favourite Network-Fiddling Tool 6 years 1 month ago TheIntersect

Is it a Netwok analyzer (used to evaluate Chinese foods cooked in a wok) or is it a Network analyzer? ;)

Either way, it sounds quite useful and I'm downloading the Network analyzer in spite of how useful a Netwok analyzer might also be.

An Update For Every Techie's Favourite Tool 4 years 5 months ago TheIntersect

That's great that it's been updated, but this article would be stronger if it identified even just 1 of the "new features."

As it is, this article just tells current users what we already know--I came here hoping to find out what was new.

Love the program, and typically I appreciate these articles, but this one is not particularly helpful yet.

Handy Reference Cards If You Use MS Office 2016 3 years 6 months ago TheIntersect

I would not say these were "free" because you have to give a lot of personal information to get access to the downloads. Strange that the article does not mention that. You have to give your *work* email and then on the next screen you have to give detailed information about your *work*, such as your name, address, position, job level, address, etc., etc., etc. Too "costly" for me!

How to Get a Free Installation Disk for Windows 8.1 6 years 6 months ago Thekl0wn

You can recover your Windows 8 key from the BIOS by following the directions on this page. I used RWEverything mentioned in the article.

Best Free Photo Slideshow Software 5 years 4 months ago thelovejoy

thanks for your input here. I have to create an 'entertaining' slideshow once a year to show off a recent competition at our awards banquet. I've used the 3D -album to create special effects and transitions and awesome intros, brought it into another program and added music and trimmed everything up to have it sync.... what I'm looking for is another program that will do similar to what 3D album does as it doesn't seem to work so well after all the computer upgrades.... suggestions?

This Tree-Based Personal Information Manager Looks Superb 7 years 2 months ago theMezz

Does free version save images and color text (html)?

Make Your Google Drive Or FTP Site Work Like Any Windows Drive 6 years 4 months ago theMezz

Does NetDrive support SFTP?
CyberDuck does

Thank You for Donating 7 years 3 months ago TheNess

Glad to send a little help to a great site that's helped me a lot. Diolch from Cymru.

User-Friendly Bandwidth Detective Gets A Welcome Update 6 years 6 months ago theotang

Works on Windows 7 or newer (no Vista, XP, etc)
Does not support Windows server edition but some users in the forums have hacked it in.

How To Make Windows 10 Look and Feel Like Windows 7 4 years 11 months ago These Old Eyes

Will someone at MS please notice that the population is aging, in many cases (like mine) with diminishing ability for eyes to adjust to radically different light levels? I'd like to see a third party develop an appropriately intrusive "app" (shudder) to restore user control over background colors in Window 10, preferably within the next month!

Essential PIM Gets An Update 3 years 6 months ago Thetan207

The only way I found to download the free version was via Cnet, whom I don't trust.

Sweet Home 3D 4 years 11 months ago Thetan207

Very nice program. Thanks for the article!

KeePass 3 years 1 month ago Thetan207

I would like to use a password manager that allows me to create my own fields. "Free Password Manager" from Soft-o ( seems to have what I'm looking for. Has anyone used or evaluated this program? I would feel safer about loading my private data into it if I knew it was open source. Otherwise, how do I know the publisher isn't accessing my data through a hidden upload process running in the background. Am I paranoid? Should I be? :)

Are You Impressed with Google Assistant in Allo? 4 years 7 months ago theunsfvo

Beats WhatsApp hands down, much more feature rich and handy to use in everyday live and while conversing with others WITHOUT leaving you chat screen...

Now it is just a matter of getting all you contacts to start using Allo so you can ditch the old school apps out there.

Google Removes 'View Image' Button from Google Image Search (and what you can do about it) 3 years 2 months ago theunsfvo

This is actually better without the button because now the high resolution image is actually on the search page, you don't have to always open a new tab for the high res version of the image, it is right in the search and you can just right click and save...

Google Removes 'View Image' Button from Google Image Search (and what you can do about it) 3 years 2 months ago theunsfvo

it is still there mikey... just click on the Tool button below the search bar and then on the next line, the first option is Size that you can choose from...

Best Free Digital Photo Organizer 4 years 12 months ago thewillies99

I need a photo organizer that doesn't scan my entire computer. I need it to scan specific folders that I designate and then let me organize those folders within the program. Anyone aware of free organizers that will do this? I do not want to use Picasa.

Best Free Antivirus App for Android 7 years 11 months ago Theziggy

Re Avast antivirus

I installed this and it said that my txt app - Handcent was not compatible. I use Handcent a lot more than I scan for viruses so until Avast plays nicely with Handcent I'll make do with a competitor


Best Free Antivirus App for Android 7 years 11 months ago Theziggy

Thanks IO.Hazard

That makes sense. Thanks for the info.

Best Free Anonymous Surfing Services 7 years 9 months ago The_Blode

Most of the information here hasn't been updated in 2 years (since I originally wrote the article). Use caution and judgement when choosing your program as the services may well have changed over those 2 years too. If the mods need any ideas on how to revamp this article, drop me a line.


Best Free Anonymous Surfing Services 6 years 3 months ago The_Blode

I wrote this article 5 years ago and it's not changed all that much since it was written back when I was in University. It definitely needs a refresh. I'm willing to take this article on again if given the opportunity.

Best Free Anonymous Surfing Services 6 years 3 months ago The_Blode Thanks MC nice to be back. :) @Everyone reading this article...expect a refresh of the current article with the tools I use myself for anonymity these days and expect me to go into some mobile anonymity choices which weren't necessarily popular when I first started this article. view
Best Free Anonymous Surfing Services 6 years 2 months ago The_Blode Good shout. I will update this article accordingly. Thank you. view
Best Free Anonymous Surfing Services 5 years 7 months ago The_Blode

Nope...I meant 3MB. :)

Best Free Antivirus Software 3 years 6 days ago Third Eye

Try to add thunderbird to exclusion list.

Free Commercial-Grade Antivirus For Your New PC 4 years 4 months ago Third Eye

I have previously used Sophos Home Antivirus on my Windows 10 laptop. It is a kind of set and forget security solution. Yes it is good. I will give it 7.5 out of 10. It is indeed ideal for home users and specially for parents who want to give their children a safe and decent online experience.

1.) Best in class web protection with lots of configuration.
2.) Good PUP detection (Thats what many say)
3.) Web dashboard with intuitive controls.
4.) Simple to install and use. But first create a account.

1.) 280 to 300 MB idle RAM usage ( Yes you read it correct).
It has many components including its web shield or call it a web inspector.
2.) Could have provided some local controls as well.
3.) Using it some users experience slight system slowdowns and also slightly sluggish web browsing.

I believe if you can deal with some false positives which become unavoidable for a stronger proactive defense and excellent zero day protection then Qihoo 360 total security is a better choice.

Hey friends please share your thoughts in the comment section. I would like to know. What does your experience says?

Try This Amazing Online Pronunciation Guide 4 years 1 month ago Third Eye

Thanks Rob.... Thank a lot.

You Have 5 Days To Get This $59.95 Software For Free 4 years 1 month ago Third Eye

Is there any limit on the version being given away?

1. The version activated by Giveaway License works the same as the one being sold, which becomes a "free DVD ripper". But it won't let you update.

2. Only when you purchase the Full Version can you enjoy lifetime free upgrade and take advantage of all new features and enhanced functions.

Best Free Antivirus Software 7 years 5 months ago Thomas J Thomas

Hiya mike I read your thread with interest.

Just to let you know I also have Panda Cloud AV Free Edition, and nothing like you have described is happening to me, Its still behaving as its suppose to.

Have you thought of downloading the latest version to your desktop, Then removing your current version completely, and then of course install the latest version.

I say this as....surely if these problems that you are having where universal then it should be affecting everyone including me.

Anyway good luck, and please note I have provided FEEDBACK and not CRITICISM, and I hope you take it in the spirit in which it was meant.

( I also have WinPatrol AND I prefer Scotty as a round icon on the task-bar not the square lol )

Best Free Drive Cloning Software 7 years 6 months ago Thomas J Thomas

I did a complete system image copy with Macrium Reflect Free Edition of my W7 laptop about 18 months ago,

I tend to do a complete fresh install every 18 months or so. This week I wanted to do a complete factory restore of my laptop, But alas somehow my manufacturers recovery partition (Press F 11 and select restore to factory) has become corrupted.

Never mind I said, I got the option now to go down the Macrium Reflect route, I put in the 18 month previously created rescue disc and..........NOTHING.....ERROR MESSAGE DISC WONT LOAD.

The BKU files(BKU = Back Up)are safe and stored and I believe correctly copied on my external HDD, but I have no way of installing this snapshot out of the box 18 month ago clean fresh BKU including all partitions at the time.

Don't worry I am not asking for help, I have contacted my manufacturer, and they are going to post out some Factory Restore W7 Rescue Discs. (Basically what the recovery participation would of done).

The moral of the story....... if the rescue disc does not work when you want to restore a image then you are in big TROUBLE.

Irony of all Irony while I am waiting for the postman/postwoman I decided to experiment with other programs, The in-built W7 Create a system image and create a rescue disc..... WORKS

Paragon Backup & Recovery 2013 Free Create a rescue disc.....WORKS

PLEASE NOTE...In my tests I didn't actually restore anything and by...WORKS...I mean the Rescue Discs I created are recognised when I try to boot from the discs, and on both occasions when I removed my HDD (Imagine If I Am Installing A Copy To A New Drive) I can follow the instructions up to..........which image would you like to restore.

I get none of this with Macrium Reflect........Including after also RECENTLY burning a new rescue disc......with both options offered Linux and Windows PE 3.1

That's My Experience.....