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You Have 5 Days To Get This $59.95 Software For Free 3 years 6 months ago Third Eye

Is there any limit on the version being given away?

1. The version activated by Giveaway License works the same as the one being sold, which becomes a "free DVD ripper". But it won't let you update.

2. Only when you purchase the Full Version can you enjoy lifetime free upgrade and take advantage of all new features and enhanced functions.

Best Free Antivirus Software 6 years 11 months ago Thomas J Thomas

Hiya mike I read your thread with interest.

Just to let you know I also have Panda Cloud AV Free Edition, and nothing like you have described is happening to me, Its still behaving as its suppose to.

Have you thought of downloading the latest version to your desktop, Then removing your current version completely, and then of course install the latest version.

I say this as....surely if these problems that you are having where universal then it should be affecting everyone including me.

Anyway good luck, and please note I have provided FEEDBACK and not CRITICISM, and I hope you take it in the spirit in which it was meant.

( I also have WinPatrol AND I prefer Scotty as a round icon on the task-bar not the square lol )

Best Free Drive Cloning Software 6 years 11 months ago Thomas J Thomas

I did a complete system image copy with Macrium Reflect Free Edition of my W7 laptop about 18 months ago,

I tend to do a complete fresh install every 18 months or so. This week I wanted to do a complete factory restore of my laptop, But alas somehow my manufacturers recovery partition (Press F 11 and select restore to factory) has become corrupted.

Never mind I said, I got the option now to go down the Macrium Reflect route, I put in the 18 month previously created rescue disc and..........NOTHING.....ERROR MESSAGE DISC WONT LOAD.

The BKU files(BKU = Back Up)are safe and stored and I believe correctly copied on my external HDD, but I have no way of installing this snapshot out of the box 18 month ago clean fresh BKU including all partitions at the time.

Don't worry I am not asking for help, I have contacted my manufacturer, and they are going to post out some Factory Restore W7 Rescue Discs. (Basically what the recovery participation would of done).

The moral of the story....... if the rescue disc does not work when you want to restore a image then you are in big TROUBLE.

Irony of all Irony while I am waiting for the postman/postwoman I decided to experiment with other programs, The in-built W7 Create a system image and create a rescue disc..... WORKS

Paragon Backup & Recovery 2013 Free Create a rescue disc.....WORKS

PLEASE NOTE...In my tests I didn't actually restore anything and by...WORKS...I mean the Rescue Discs I created are recognised when I try to boot from the discs, and on both occasions when I removed my HDD (Imagine If I Am Installing A Copy To A New Drive) I can follow the instructions up to..........which image would you like to restore.

I get none of this with Macrium Reflect........Including after also RECENTLY burning a new rescue disc......with both options offered Linux and Windows PE 3.1

That's My Experience.....

Best Free Drive Cloning Software 6 years 11 months ago Thomas J Thomas

Hiya Scoop...Thank you very much for your reply,

I read it with great interest and I am somewhat amazed that the failing disc syndrome seems to be common with Macrium. But still, I have come to the conclusion that my big mistake was not testing and going thru the rescue disc process immediately at the creation time.

I myself am new to drive imaging. I have been Backing Up (BKU) my data with the excellent SyncBack Freeware for years now and with absolutely no problems, including restoring.

I got into drive imaging research after Laptop/Desktop manufacturers started, to stop selling their machines with a installation disc, and the new machines had the OS pre-installed on the machine inc the recovery section.

As a old school man who is

1]...use to upgrading the pre installed HDD capacity.

( My 1st XP Laptop had a 60 GB HDD.....Imagine that lol...the task was simple back then because of the XP installation disc )

2]...Also being a fan of a complete re-install every now and then.


I knew I had to up my game and find out what the modern way was now.

I soon researched and got into disk drive imaging, I like the idea and I know the theory behind the idea, and as of now I will certainly do what you do....TEST TEST TEST....and then TEST AGAIN

So I thank you for that, the thing that upset me with Macrium Reflect is when you create a rescue disc it says task completed successfully......but still that's no excuse I should have tested and checked.

Scoop when the postman/postwoman comes and I get everything to how I like it...In this household I will be creating system images for future re-installs & future HDD capacity upgrades, and of course any serious virus infestation.....

But I will do exactly as you did from start to finish with your spare drives and I aim to perfect it, the only thing is.....

I will be doing it with the in-built W7 system image feature and/or offense Macrium but you had your chance

Thanks again Scoop.

Best Free Drive Cloning Software 6 years 10 months ago Thomas J Thomas

Thank you very much for your comment Movrshakr

I 100% agree with you.

At the very least creating a rescue disc from the linux option should work.

The way I understand it after you checked the Bios and told your computer to boot from DVD/CD Disc Drive first, hard drive second etc. etc

The disc is then suppose to tell the computer.....boot from this disc ignore any operating systems and follow the instructions on this disc please computer.

But after many many retry’s even thou Macrium says disc burned successfully I still get nothing while trying to boot off it.

I too believe this is UNACCEPTABLE.

However there is a update please see my reply to Remah directly below this one.

Best Free Drive Cloning Software 6 years 10 months ago Thomas J Thomas

Thank you very much for all your comments Remah.

I have read them all, but this is honestly my first chance to respond to you.

I can see you are making great efforts to help and identify any possible problems, and its obvious you believe in Macrium Reflect. I 100% admire you for this.

I had/have given up on Macrium Reflect, but because of you & Scoop's belief in the product I did decide to give your "Create ISO image file" a go.

After burning and trying to boot from that disc..........

In W7 Machine I get ......> ISOLINUX 3.07 2005-01-12 copyright 1994-2005 H. Peter Anvin <......
then a flashing "-" But then of course nothing happens.

In XP Machine....Now prepare yourself for a shock..........

I get a black screen then "Files Loading" then a "Green Macrium Reflect Background Screen", then
"Welcome To The Image Restore Wizard".

My conclusion since the rescue disc is NOT suppose to be operating system dependent,is that there's something about my W7 machine that Macrium Reflect doesnt like,..... Bios, Motherboard, Whatever. ( I haven't experimented on a machine with no HDD or empty HDD yet. )

Anyway since W7 is my principal machine I am done with Macrium. I will report later in the new year how the in-bulit W7 create system image/disc way gets on with me, as well as the separate Pargon way.

I can confirm the iso image way seems to work in actually creating the disc, but my W7 machine doesnt like that disc. It was a pleasure to actually see the Restore Wizard Page...albeit in XP.....I wasn't seeing it on any machine before.

Best Free Drive Cloning Software 6 years 10 months ago Thomas J Thomas

Hiya Scoop I hope you are still following this post.(Smile)

Just to let you know, the postman arrived, I put Manufacturers Rescue Disc's in and WHAM my computer is back to day 1 out of the box clean install....Success

All I have to do now is when, my computer is set to how I like it, and all those windows updates and system files are created, and my chosen software installed. And when I know its 100% safe & secure.

Then I need to create a new system image, but I think we all know its not going be with

I'll post here in the new year how the in-bulit W7 create system image/disc gets on with me.

(Note New Comments Are Also Above Since We Last Corresponded)

Best Free Adware-Spyware-Scumware Remover 6 years 11 months ago Thomas J Thomas

I Use Malwarebytes and SUPERAntiSpyware, for On demand scanning and for "Live" protection yes I use SpywareBlastor as well as Spybot in conjunction with Spyware Terminator.

So I think you can see I defiantly enjoyed the article.......However

I was just wondering if there are any reasons why Spyware Terminator was not mentioned.

Best Free Adware-Spyware-Scumware Remover 6 years 11 months ago Thomas J Thomas

Wow......well that is certainly an answer.....MC!

If you was to see my computer all departments you would see a definite pattern of software that is also listed in the relevant sections of Gizmo. Some were a coincidence, as in I had them already or knew about them, and some were defiantly installed after me researching in depth.......including here at the excellent Gizmo Freeware site.

All thou not all my choices are number one at Gizmo, they are at the very least mentioned.This is why I was curious about Spyware Terminator and Gizmo. At the very least I thought our brains where in sync lol.

I shall now do some more research concerning Spyware Terminator, and look for a possible alternative if need be.

I tend to keep my Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware packages separate, but now during some planned research as mentioned above, I shall look into suites as well. Not complete suites such as firewall inclusive, just Anti Virus & Anti Spyware inclusive.

Thanks for you reply and explanation Midnight Cowboy....I believe Gizmo & My computer are now back in sync lol

Best Free Tune-up Program For Computer 5 years 3 months ago thomasackley

In the review of one-click maintenance programs you gave only got 2 suggested programs (and a blurb on CCleaner saying it doesn't really fit in this category)? What about Baidu PC Faster, IOBit Advanced System Care and good old BlueSprig, Inc. JetClean? These are all freeware, Baidu and JetClean are quite zippy and Advanced System Care is simple, takes a while to complete, but is thorough. I'm sure there must be others. Guys, not to be snarky, but even if you don't like the others, you might put a quick mention of them in your article and a quick summary of your conclusions about them. Really, only 2 ...?

Best Free Media Center Software 6 years 7 months ago thomash63

I downloaded XBMC this past Saturday and everything worked fine with no problem. However, it crashed the next morning and when I tried to restart it, I completely lost the sound in it. There's nothing wrong with my sound at all on my iMac Mavericks OS X 10.9.1 and I downloaded XBMC 12.3 which is the latest version. I checked very carefully not once, not twice, but many times all the audio configurations and specifications but still no luck with the sound and audio. I might also add that I accidentally turned on some video screen that shows all the data while playing videos and I can't remember how to turn it off. Can you tell me how to fix the audio/sound plus the video data turn off? I tried leaving a question on but there's no way in doing so.


Best Free Media Center Software 6 years 7 months ago thomash63

I'm registered with x b m c . o r g and it says to click on the top or bottom where it says to start a new topic. However, there's no such thing at all on the website which makes it very frustrating as heck. Do you have any other suggestions to try with the sound with XBMC? I sure would appreciate it.


Best Free Media Player 7 years 7 months ago Thor

Just a general comment, I am really pleased with the new version of smplayer.
Also, check out Zoom Player

What to do when giving away an old computer 4 years 11 months ago Thored

Just for reference, users haven't been able to LLF a disk since the late 80's/early 90's.

Tracks, and sectors in modern disk drives are laid down on the platters using a servowriter and then the platters are installed on the spindle in a hard disk.

Get A Disposable, Secure Email Address On Demand. For Free. 6 years 6 months ago THouston

for one shot mail i use

and for something a bit more long term i use

Thank You for Donating 2 years 3 months ago THouston

love what you do, we made a donation.
hope it helps.
however, ad blocker stays on.

Best Free Genealogy or Family Tree Software 6 years 9 months ago threetandy

I use Legacy but when using the Individual report Legacy is not consistent with the numbering system. For example I use the d'Aboville numbering. When printing Individual reports for a random person, Legacy allocates number 1 against that individual and not the relevant d'Aboville number. Any suggestions? Is there a program out there that overcomes this?

CCleaner 4 years 3 months ago thubleau

Do you guys actually test this stuff?
CCleaner browser cleaner is not free it requires you to buy the pro version to activate this feature.End of story

How to Know If Your Computer Is Infected 7 years 1 month ago thundersnake

Hello there,
I downloaded Comodo like it was asked in the steps, unzipped it & then opened the file called "CCE".
As soon as it starts to download the updates, the windows suddenly freezes and the computer crashes then restarts, already checked it twice.

I don't know what to do in this case, please help.

Best Free Antivirus Software 6 years 3 months ago TiagoDM

Please consider Qihoo 360 internet security:

Very well reviews product in

Thanks for doing this.


Find Any Word, In Any File, On Your PC. Fast. 3 years 2 months ago TiagoDM

what about everything? this can really help you find everything in your computer. Indexes are built by the software using custom setttings. Very fast and accurate.

My Favourite Ad Blocker. Now Open Source Too. 2 years 7 months ago TiagoDM

no conflict at all! i use ghostery, ublock origin, https everywhere and disconnect all togeather. No conflicts.

This Tiny RTF Editor Is Worth Keeping Around 6 years 5 months ago Tiesenhausen

How does this compare with Jarte? It seems very similar.

Terrific Program Lets You Automate Tasks On Your PC 6 years 4 weeks ago Tiesenhausen

Now that we've sorted out that there is an absolutely free version of the program, let's look at it:

x32, not x64: So what? It takes two fractions of a second instead of one?

maximum 100 tasks, 100 actions per task, 100 tasks running simultaneously: sounds like a lot to me.

backs up on fixed weekly schedule, not whenever you want it to: ought to be good enough.

puts free edition footer on e-mails it generates: I'm proud to be known as a skinflint.

I use System Scheduler a lot and won't stop, but this program is interesting because of the variety of triggers it accepts.

Still My Favourite Free Office Software Suite 3 years 10 months ago Tiesenhausen

What would be useful is a careful comparison of LibreOffice, Open Office (which I use, when WordPerfect is not applicable) and now, it seems, FreeOffice.

Why do we need three free emulators of Microsoft Word?

Pale Moon. This New Web Browser Is Far From New! 2 years 8 months ago Tiesenhausen

As for using multiple browsers, is it possible to create a Windows shortcut or another single-click link that will open a specific website always with a specified browser? So that, for example, one might have a default browser, but a link to open a specified website with another browser? And maybe even another link to open another website with a third browser?

How Windows 64-bit Supports 32-bit Applications 2 years 7 months ago Tilak

How do i run Foxprow 2.6 that works fine on all 32bit windows on 64bit windows?
Not very happy with Dual boot OS and Virtual pc (vmware). Is there a simpler way out?
Pls assist. Thanks

How to Reveal Your Windows Product Key in All Current Versions of Windows 1 year 8 months ago tim-bin

just found out was one of the best websites for licence

Best Free Web Browser for Android 7 years 4 months ago Tim001

Okay, I'm here to offer a minimalistic view on low end android devices, Opera Mobile is great on low end devices too, UC browser mini,is outstanding when it comes to data saving , however at the cost of page functionality. its also note worth that Opera mini gets u were u want to be..
maxathon is good, doesn't work well with a 2G connection, last time i checked,was far surpassed by dolphin mini..
dolphin vs opera mobile...
dolphin is solid and is reliable, however on a low end device ... becomes slow with more than one tab open..
opera mobile is a safer solution , and 'feels' much ,much more robust, u may need to manage your cache more often than with dolphin for a better experience thought...

Best Free Image Editor for Android 7 years 4 months ago Tim001

Hi, I'm using a low end android device with a custom ROM. I am a fan of Adobe PS express( because of its smooth UI and responsiveness.) However I am not sure if I am the only one who noticed the dramatic loss of image quality after editing,
it bothers me.
I'm also checking out picsart;

Best Free Image Editor for Android 7 years 3 months ago Tim001

hi guys. I'm done testing picsart... I do agree.. its beautiful , its diverse ... but there are three issues that surface on low end devices...
the Internal memory, processing speed, data usage (if you are a minimalist)...
it was designed for social networking... and hence is heavy on data...the app is relatively smooth. however applying effects is slow and CPU intensive. that's not the only problems I experienced..
the loading of the images was tricky (probably because of RAM limitations) the best way is to parse it as a file path.(via a file manager) ..
image quality is a lil better than Adobe PS Express ...

Vuze Help: Installing The Mainline DHT Plugin 6 years 10 months ago Timbo

The article is interesting but sadly having followed the DHT suggestion above it has caused huge problems to my Vuze installation (MBP - OSX 10.8.5). I had already sorted Port Direction on my router (Draytek 2820) and thought loading the Mainline DHT plug-in might improve download speeds further. Big mistake. After downloading and re-starting, all my downloading torrents are stuck on Queued. No smileys of any colour. The uploads are happily uploading on green smileys. I used the Open Port Check Tool to test the DHT-nominated port 49001 and I find it is blocked. So a swift uninstall of Mainline DHT. The problem is that it hasn't fixed the Queuing so I have no downloads. Big mess.

Vuze Help: Installing The Mainline DHT Plugin 6 years 9 months ago Timbo

Firstly, thanks very much for a swift reply.

Your comments about the Vuze Queue settings were interesting. I had a look and discovered that the Max Simultaneous Downloads setting had switched itself (defaulted?) to 4. That explains why only 4 downloads were active at once. So I switched that figure up and many more are now running. Also your suggestion to uncheck the "Don't start any more torrents" etc box was a good one, I did that and speeds improved a little. So those all had an immediate effect - thank you. Overall, all the downloads are now back to actively downloading steadily on green although overall speed is at about 25% of normal, so there are still glitches to fix. In the Tracker Status column, half the downloads show OK and the other half show "OK (UDP Probe)".

On the UDP issue, it's more tricky. I switched UPnP off in Vuze and on the router. I set both TCP and UDP for port 56912 on the router, set both the Call and Data filters in the Draytek router firewall to "Disable" and in Connection in Vuze Preferences set TCP and UDP for 56912. I'm not sure what you mean by the Mainline DHT Port in the router, maybe it's called something else in a Draytek? Then when I do the Vuze NAT/Server Port test it passes TCP but fails UDP. Then when I do the Vuze Network Status test it passes TCP in & out and UDP out but fails UDP inbound.

Does asking TCP and UDP to share a port risk overloading it? Alternatively, is there a self-test feature or plug-in that will establish an open port on the router and thus allow me to enter that figure manually in the router & Vuze settings for UDP?

Now I'm reassured that the plug-in hasn't caused this (!) I'll try to reload it into Vuze.

Thanks for your assistance.

Vuze Help: Installing The Mainline DHT Plugin 6 years 9 months ago Timbo

Thanks for your further input.

More developments - I went in to the router and set an additional port 49001 for UDP. I then did the Vuze NAT-Firewall test and - surprise - both the TCP and UDP tested OK on port 56912. Maybe the UDP function needed a return loop via 49001 to make 56912 come alive.

I have re-loaded the mlDHT plug-in and re-launched Vuze. The box at the bottom shows "mlDHT" on its own, no IPv etc - is that right?

But the overriding problem is that speeds have now slowed down even more….. Downloads are mainly green but achingly slow. You kindly suggest visiting the "optimising-vuze-speed" page but that basically steers one through the NAT-Firewall test which now comes out OK. I also did the Vuze Network Status test which produces this result;
0 NAT devices found
No SOCKS proxy found
No HTTP proxy found
No explicit bind address set
Testing HTTP outbound
Test successful
Testing TCP outbound
Test successful
Testing UDP outbound
Test successful
Testing TCP port 56912 inbound
Test successful
Testing UDP port 56912 inbound
Sending outbound packet and waiting for reply probe (timeout=5000)
Sending completion event
Test successful

However, further down that test two fail lines appear;
Outbound connection fail: end of stream on socket read

and after the Outbound Leecher/Seed reports;
No incoming connections received, likely NAT problems

My current total throughput is about 22 kB/s and at full chat over the last few years I would consider 210 kB/s a normal. I have set upload speed on auto and it has settled at 10K. Is there any diagnostic function in Vuze that could help me shed light on the slow throughput?

Thanks again for your detailed consideration of this problem.


Vuze Help: Installing The Mainline DHT Plugin 6 years 9 months ago Timbo

Brilliant - thanks to your sensible advice I'm now back to full speed, all green smileys on downloads and good balanced overall speed spread between each torrent.

I'm so glad you agree that the Vuze Auto-Speed settings are unreliable. I've never found them to work properly for years, on ADSL installations they auto-swallow way too much of the upload bandwidth, thereby compromising the available headroom for the re-send/confirm signals of the downloads. So the downloads end up slower than if one had set the speed oneself. I've set it manually at about one-third of my usual very best upload speed and it's just fine.

IMHO some of the Vuze-related info + set-up pages should be updated with clearer guidance. The Port Selection procedures (especially for Mac owners) should be clarified as the extra 49001 port also needed by UDP doesn't figure prominently.

The Mainline plug-in has bedded-in well. I'm seeing 47 million IPv4.

Many thanks again.


Site Suggestions and Feedback 7 years 7 months ago timedriver

Thanx in advance.....In your article about Malware and downloading TDSSkiller you fail to mention that you might have to disable your Norton or other utilities.When trying to download tdss I got an error message basically stating that the program is unrecognizable or unknown and a possible threat.

How to Harden Your Browser Against Malware and Privacy Concerns 7 years 1 month ago TimeServed

Thanks for a very useful article! About those pesky Flash cookies....

After I first read this article, I selected the option to "Block all sites from storing information on this computer". Previously, it was set to "Ask". (Mind you, it never did Ask, so I've relied on Flash Cookies Cleaner -- which I believe is no longer available?) I had cause to re-read the article today and went to verify my Flash settings. It had gone back to Allow. So I re-set it to Block.

Pondering on possible causes, I saw that I'd installed a Flash update between my two readings of the article. Maybe the update imposed default settings? Half an hour later, having decided to post a comment, I checked my Flash settings. They'd all reverted to the defaults! I altered them again, waited another half-hour, and re-checked. This time, they were as I'd set them. One final point: rather than allowing Flash to automatically install updates, as your article suggests, I prefer to have it Ask. But, as it never does Ask, I must periodically check for updates.

Is it me, or is it Flash? My OS is WinXP SP3; I access the Flash control panel as administrator; my firewall allows Adobe Flash full internet access both in/out.

Best Free Data Recovery and File Un-delete Utility 2 years 4 months ago timfisher

I have used Bitwar Data Recovery,30 days free trial with no spyware,malware,completely virus free.
Worth a shot. 

Best Free Android Apps - Updated 2020 5 years 6 months ago timoti

Is there a best free Calendar for Android e.g. something that would sync with Outlook 2007's Calendar on my Windows 7 laptop?

Best Free Folder Synchronization Utility 3 years 11 months ago Tingla

FreeFileSync suits my needs. I find it easy enough to use and it has a pretty simple and intuitive GUi. I've used it on and off for years and always keep coming back to it. I like it so much I donated $20 to the developer.

Unfortunately that payment does not include upgrades. If I do upgrade to any future versions it reverts to the bundleware version, so I'm sticking with version 8.3 indefinitely.

It's a pity they don't just provide a "Pro" version that includes all future upgrades.

Added:- If the pop-up nag to update annoys just add the following two lines to the host file:

Happy update/calling home to mother-ship blocking:)

Best Free Folder Synchronization Utility 3 years 2 months ago Tingla

Currently seems to be a problem finding home website of FreeFileSync. The Help tab within the program results in unable to connect and if you follow the download link given here it takes you to SourceForge. There is a link there but that also results in "Unable to connect". I've had the program since version 8.3 but occasionally go to the website to consult the manual. There are a few blogs about the program but there not quite as good as the developers proper manual.

Maybe it's a temporary issue or maybe the project has been terminated.

Based on comments of others here I thought I'd give Synchredible a try. However my "go to" file download site, Softpedia, only seems to have the commercial version. A search found the developers site and they do have a "Free for private purposes" file to download.

Best Free Voicemail Service 3 years 11 months ago Tingla

K7 dot net closed its service in 2016.

Also could not find laser voicemail so they may have closed down also.

Could not find any FREE alternatives :(

Best Free VPN 3 years 4 months ago Tingla

Why no mention of Opera browser with built in VPN. It's very easy to use, reliable, reasonably fast and seems to have no data limit. I've been using it since Opera released it and have never had a problem. I wouldn't use it for any online financial transactions but for anything else it's fine. Just wish other browsers (I prefer Firefox) would emulate Opera.

I subscribed to a paid service for a month but couldn't see any benefit from it over what Opera provides, so I didn't renew my subscription.

What's Hiding In Your Windows Logs? 4 years 2 months ago Tingla

Just a thought regarding files too large for VirusTotal. Would it be possible to split such files in half and then upload each section?

Anyone tried this workaround?

Update - Out of curiosity I used 7-zip to split a 160M exe file and had VirusTotal test it. No problems. Don't know if the recombined file would still work though.

Best Free Screen Session Recorder 6 years 6 days ago TinSoldier

Also oCam auto checks for new versions on start-up ( often called "calling home" ),

If a new version is available it also downloads and installs it... all without your control to stop it. and no option to disable update checking or installation.

PS Anyone using skype may have noticed it also auto checks for new versions ( which i call updates) even thought i have update checking in options `unchecked`. This doesn't surprise me coming from MS, to ignore user options.

Best Free Adware-Spyware-Scumware Remover 5 years 10 months ago tinydancingcat

Just an update here on the SPYBOT listing. SPYBOT no longer provides real-time protection!

You have to buy SPYBOT to get that perk. Spybot will allow malware and spyware to access your computer in the free-ware version. It will only be removed if you scan your system and find it.

Bummer! SPYBOT use to be top of the line. But now they won't protect unless you pay.

Microsoft is changing their Terms of Use and Privacy Statement 6 years 4 months ago tiorbinist

Microsoft has been using this kind of ploy for years in their EULA. How many remember the shrink-wrap license? The license was inside the box, and said, if you broke the shrink-wrap, you agreed to the terms. Didn't stand up in court.

Likewise, a one-sided agreement like this won't stand up to the first serious effort to try it in court. That'll cost someone some money, which is what they're hoping for: as long as no one establishes a precedent for a "you must agree not to sue us with a[n instrument of some type that is legal] or you can't use our software] (like a RICO action against Microsoft), the courts will simply say "well, it's right there in black and white. They even warned you of it in bold letters at the top." and uphold it.

If this wording makes you uncomfortable, get legal advice. If your legal advice says you can't afford to defend yourself against it, don't use it. Get Ubuntu, and forget Microsoft exists, which may be a good idea anyway.

If you like being treated like this, over and over, well, that's what Microsoft makes their money off.

Microsoft is changing their Terms of Use and Privacy Statement 6 years 4 months ago tiorbinist

Nope. Sounds like time to confer with your lawyer (as a consultant, you should have legal assistance on retainer, right?) and find out just how bad this is. After all, if microsoft screws up, and deserves a class action response, the new clause is going to be the lynch pin of their defense.

Your lawyer should have a better position on it than I do. I'm just an irritated test engineer, who has been irritated since the first Microsoft box with a shrinkwrap-agreement on it. That one died an appropriate death the first time it was challenged. But your Lawyer will know if your clients need to be dealt with any differently because of it, and if you need to change the way you support them in light of it, or if, indeed, it is indefensible, and can be ignored safely.

Microsoft is changing their Terms of Use and Privacy Statement 6 years 4 months ago tiorbinist

A) Windows 9? Not to be completely disdainful, but Windows 9 is not likely to be better, based on Microsoft's trends. Windows 8, after all, was designed to be hard to use for folk like us, but to target the grannies and Joes. If they were on the button, 8.1 and 8.1 update 1 wouldn't have put so much desktop functionality back (or it would have put a darn sight more!)
B) Which linux distro? I doubt you'll ever be free of windows. I will never be free of it, heck, I'm in a business where windows CE 6.0 still has a major footprint.
C) Your clients don't need to worry, as far as I can tell: the problem is yours: you recommend software that works on windows and hardware that supports it. If Microsoft messes things up enough that your clients lose money, _their_ lawyers (and even if they don't have them, they'll get them fast enough) are potentially customers for a class action against you. According to Microsoft's new agreement, though, you and other integraters/resellers/OEMs can't refocus that class action on Microsoft, which is hardly fair if Microsoft causes the problem. They are looking to you to read and analyze uSoft's EULAs and Agreements for them, and you will bear the responsibility.
D) I class you as one of the bravest of the brave. I have had my turn at trying to support mom & pop small businesses who are adopting computerized records. Wow, it was a lot harder than tuning pianos! You have my respect. Just be sure that you don't have Microsoft's respect, and do be sure you have talked to your lawyer. This agreement seems to have the purpose of forcing litigation down the food chain to your level, certainly in uSoft mistakes that would lead to a class action.

The Fastest Text Editor I've Ever Seen 6 years 2 months ago TisJoanie

Rob and others:
The download works fine. However, this does not Run on a 32 system.
Just a heads up for you.
Looks interesting but doesn't work on this 32 bit xp windows.
Have a good day folks!

Google trends is now mesmerizing 6 years 9 months ago Tjizzle

I have the Google trends app for my iPad and love it! Memorizing is a good word for it, I could stare at it forever. I'll def have to check these sites out, they look sweet.

Turbo Pascal Rides Again 6 years 3 weeks ago tjkeefe

Yes, it is like Turbo Pascal 3. See this page for more details, and limitations:

Best Free Email Software 6 years 5 months ago tlcmd

One of the major problems not referred to in these reviews of email clients is the ability to migrate COMPLETELY from Outlook or Hotmail to them. I tried Thunderbird, but cannot move my email address book into it from Outlook or Hotmail. Are there any of the above products which allow this to be done simply as I am only computer semi-literate?


How To Protect Yourself From The POODLE Bug 6 years 1 day ago tlcmd

Is Linux and Firefox on Linux susceptible to the poodle bug?

Freemake Video Converter 3 years 8 months ago tmak

indeed the splash branding make it a non ideal choice

WinX DVD Ripper 2 years 2 months ago tmak

the free version, that is the platinum version non paid is pretty much useless as it allows maximum of 5 minutes conversion - so please, not much point including this software as free.

Optimizing Deluge For Speed 4 years 10 months ago tmwsiy

Thanks: good guide BUT I am still tearing my hair out.

I have tried both manual port forwarding and uPNP. I am selecting a port in the suggested range.
I can test at port checking sites and see a SUCCESS! that the port is properly forwarding.
I have the SAME port selected in Deluge for both incoming and outgoing. And the Test Active Port fails there.
Use Random Ports is unchecked.

Windows Firewall is off.
I am not using any other security software.

What else can I check?

Thank you.

Best Free Onscreen Keyboard for Accessibility 2 years 9 months ago Tobias Claren

They look all "standard". Like real keayboards.
Im am interested in a really free customizable "Keyboard", a board with keys.
But with free customizable buttons (text and graphic) over the whole Touchscreen.

I would use it as a big comfortable an flexible video exiting keyboard.
Every free customizable button needs a free customizable shortcut.
This touchscreen monitor I would use for video editing, flat on the desktop (in front of the monitor).

Best Free Antivirus Software 7 years 4 days ago Tod

"The fact remains that no one security product will protect users from everything no matter if the vendor calls it "360", "Total" or anything else that sounds like it will."

I'm a little confused now. I was wondering which one would be better, Bitdefender or Avast 2014. Do you think both are so good as each other?

Best Free Antivirus Software 7 years 4 days ago Tod

Thanks, MC. I checked that page. Very informative! It helps me a lot.

Safe Computing in Under an Hour 7 years 3 days ago Tod

Useful info, but I have a few questions.

A. I am not familiar with DNS thingy. Do OpenDNS and Comodo work as proxy servers? If so, are they anonymous proxies? Is there a big difference between those DNS servers and VPN service? (BTW, the site of OpenDNS is safe? When I clicked on *Learn more about OpenDNS solutions for schools and businesses,* I was redirected to and there was no mention to OpenDNS on the page.)

B. Are TinyWall and Privatefirewall much better than Outpost and ZoneAlarm? In other words, Outpost and ZoneAlarm are no longer topnotch? Currently I use firewall bundled with a certain security suite (commercial one) on my new PC, but I had used Outpost and ZoneAlarm on my old PC before. Outpost and ZoneAlarm were most reputed back then. I have little knowledge on the latest firewall.

C. When you say "antimalware program," does it include not just antivirus but antispy and anti-ad as well? What's the difference between antimalware and antivirus? Also as for anti-spy program, Spybot and Spyware Blaster are no longer topnotch? I had used Avast, ZoneAlarm, Spybot and Spyware Blaster in good old days. (Currently I use a certain security suite and ad-block Plus.)

D. Do you think I better to use some IP address blocking program even when I use messengers such as Yahoo Messenger? I don't use Torrent and such, but I think some software I use are P2P based programs.

E. You recommend Thunderbird. Is it risky to use OutLook even when it's protected by an antivirus program?

Safe Computing in Under an Hour 6 years 12 months ago Tod

Hi, MC. I understood. I just posted these question to the forum. Now could you delete my post #111765? Thanks

Help Guard Your Online Privacy with this Nifty Firefox Add-On 7 years 3 days ago Tod

Seems useful, but does it not eat system resource too much? I have a certain cloud program (Bitdefender 60-Second Virus Scanner) installed, and it eats memory a lot (375MB) though the site says "it has no impact on your system resources." I'd rather avoid memory eaters as much as possible.

Help Guard Your Online Privacy with this Nifty Firefox Add-On 6 years 12 months ago Tod

Thanks for the input. I will check my security suite.

Heartbleed Bug: Time to Check your Android Device 6 years 6 months ago todama

I tried all three suggested apps. Curiously I found a difference between Bluebox Heartbleed Scanner and CMSecurity Heartbleed Detector. heartbat scanner declared that Navfree contains openSSL 1.0.1f with heartbeats enabled and therefore vulnerable. But CMSecurity found no such danger in Navfree.

Heartbleed Bug: Time to Check your Android Device 6 years 6 months ago todama

Having tried both apps I thought it responsable to report my findings to the community.
Your answer is perfectly logical and corresponds to what I figured out.

LogMeIn No Longer Offering A Free Service [Updated] 6 years 9 months ago toddias

I, too, enjoy and use Teamviewer; although it is a bit more complicated than LogMeIn free.

A few other free alternatives that are worth looking at and that also offer Android/iOS apps are:

Jumpdesk - This uses your gmail account for syncing. It is fairly robust overall. The smartphone apps are decent and also offer straight-up RDP and VNC connectivity; if you need such features.


Pocketcloud by Wyse (formerly Wyse Pocketcloud. I believe Dell bought them in 2012)- Offers free and premium versions. The free version is not as robust as Teamviewer, but it is very easy for newer users to understand.

Just thought I would mention these in case anyone is not feeling the Teamviewer love. :)

Best Free Windows Driver Backup and Restore 4 years 2 months ago toktok

I had the same problem and have been trying for a couple of days to download from the Dropbox link without success. But the MajorGeeks link worked! Thank you!
PS. The softpedia download link triggered a blocking from some of my antimalware software (Heimdal security). (Only the actual download attempt).

Best Free Anonymous Surfing Services 5 years 2 months ago toktok

At the comments about Safe-mail it is said you get "a whopping 3 MB of storage".
Surely you mean 3 GB?

Best Free Anonymous Surfing Services 5 years 3 weeks ago toktok

Oh, I see - you were being ironic ;-)

How to Quickly Shut Down a Hung or Unresponsive Application 4 years 11 months ago toktok

Thanks for the tip!
The usual way would be to press Ctrl-Alt-Del (Win7), enter the Task List, and stop the Task that is not responding. Simpler...(?)

The Easy Way to Check If Your Computer Is Connected to the Internet 4 years 11 months ago toktok

Thanks for the tip! Just tried it.
The icon in your task bar (lower right corner, Win7) that looks like a computer screen - usually shows if there is internet access. Usually that's all you need - or...?

How to get a free legal copy of a Windows 7 installation disk 4 years 4 months ago toktok

Regarding several of the posts below - there is a very good new article here:
One thing I didn't know is how to access Windows Recovery Environment in Windows 7. It is described here:
Quite useful!

This Amazing PDF Reader Is Portable And Tiny 7 years 3 months ago toktok

I've used Foxit Reader for a long time, and am satisfied with it, but perhaps I should take a look at the Sumatra...

Five of the Best Computer Tips of the Last Three Years 7 years 2 months ago toktok

Congratulations with the three year anniversary!

Great idea to bring the top ideas forward again!

Looking forward to more excellent tips!

Why don't you enlarge to the best 10 or 20 tips?

Free Microsoft Windows Security Tool EMET is Upgraded to Version 5.0 6 years 2 months ago toktok

Test post - to see if I can send a post now.
Well, it seems it works now.
Don't know the reason I couldn't post some time a go - but suspect it was the Chrome add-on Ghostery that blocked something, and they have updated their list.

Free Microsoft Windows Security Tool EMET is Upgraded to Version 5.0 6 years 2 months ago toktok

Have updated to EMET 5.0, and there seems to be no problems now. Microsoft writes in the documentation that there can sometimes be compatibility problems with a few programs, and how to resolve this.

Some Notes On Trying Out Metapad 6 years 1 month ago toktok

I've also used EditPad Lite for years - excellent and recommendable - and for the last years I have used EditPad Pro.

The Ultimate Guide To Your PC's CPU And What It Can Do 5 years 8 months ago toktok

If you just type coreinfo it may run very shortly in a DOS window, then disappear.
yrralrellim's advice may lead to the same.
But if you open a cmd line window (DOS window), you can run it.
To do so, click Start, type cmd (in the Search field), click cmd.exe, go to the directory where you have the coreinfo file (e.g. C:\ as yrralrellim suggests). You may have to type cd \ or cd c:\ to go to C:\
Then type coreinfo.

Watch The World Get DDoSed In Real Time 5 years 4 months ago toktok

There is also this presentation:

Great Free Program Backs Up Your Gmail To Your PC 5 years 3 months ago toktok

Another solution is to run Mozilla Thunderbird regularly and let it store your Gmails on your computer automatically.

Stream and Listen to the Music You Love 5 years 3 months ago toktok

Why do you mention Windows 8, but not Windows 7 - it works fine in Win7.

Stream and Listen to the Music You Love 5 years 3 months ago toktok

Fine, thanks. But still the heading should include Windows 7, don't you think?

This Privacy-Oriented Browser Blocks Ads Too 5 years 1 month ago toktok

When I try to install the browser, I get this message, or rather, I get a longer error message, and it says it is on the clipboard - this is what was on the clipboard:
C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Local\Epic Privacy Browser\Installer\EpicUpdate.exe (pid=5016)

After the error message, it was suggested to press Ignore and send a message to Epic. I pressed Ignore, and perhaps a message was sent automatically to Epic(?).

Further, at the end of the failed installation, a message from Epic comes that installation failed, with an error code. There is also a link which says: Get further help on this issue. When clicking this, it says the page is not available.

Perhaps it is just a temporary failure at the server....

This Privacy-Oriented Browser Blocks Ads Too 5 years 1 month ago toktok

I'd like to add to my previous post:
When installing from an Admin account (I usually run from a Standard account for security reasons), it works ok.
I've sent messages on their forum and direct mail, but not received an answer yet.

Print Job Stuck? Clear Your Printer Queue With This Free Utility 5 years 1 week ago toktok

In the instructions, you are asked to right-click the icon, then to select "Run as Administrator".
You could also right-click the icon, select Properties, Advanced and check “Run as Administrator”, I suppose (Win7). Then it would work at once when you need it. (Easier to use for non-geeks).
Does it work with Windows 10? (It says it works with Vista, Windows 7 and 8 - but perhaps someone could test it?).

Print Job Stuck? Clear Your Printer Queue With This Free Utility 5 years 1 week ago toktok

Thanks a lot!
It would be interesting to learn if it works on a stuck print job in Win10.

Easy Access To Your Startup Folder And Many Others 4 years 9 months ago toktok

Thanks! Do you have a similar full list of shell commands for Windows 7?

Easy Access To Your Startup Folder And Many Others 4 years 9 months ago toktok

haha - I am NOT going to upgrade to Win10 now - perhaps never ;-)
It seems if you buy a new computer, you'll have to get Win 10 (the new processors necessitate this) - unless you migrate to e.g. Linux ;-)

Easy Access To Your Startup Folder And Many Others 4 years 9 months ago toktok

Thanks - but the link didn't work when I tried (twice) ...

Easy Access To Your Startup Folder And Many Others 4 years 9 months ago toktok

Thanks - it still can't connect:


The Free Text Editor That's Still Ahead Of The Others 4 years 7 months ago toktok

I've been using EditPad for many years and it also has a lot of features.

More Free Books From Microsoft. Download Yours Now. 4 years 5 months ago toktok

MS say they will support Windows 7 until 2020. Perhaps they will extend it after that (as they did with WinXP). Whether you want to change of course depends on a lot of things. Personally, I'll stay on Windows 7 as long as possible (perhaps if or when it becomes necessary to buy a new computer), or perhaps choose Linux instead.

Get Your Free Windows 10 Upgrade and Keep Using Your Current Windows Version 4 years 5 months ago toktok

Simplest probably is
- either upgrade before July 29th
- or wait till you absolutely need a new computer (or 2020 when support for Windows 7 ends
- if they don't extend the support - as they did with XP)
- and then you automatically will get Windows 10
- if you don't choose Linux instead ;-)

Get Your Free Windows 10 Upgrade and Keep Using Your Current Windows Version 4 years 5 months ago toktok

- and, I suppose, also make a system image of the new Win10 before restoring your old Win7 image?

Get Your Free Windows 10 Upgrade and Keep Using Your Current Windows Version 4 years 5 months ago toktok

Yes - I didn't mean you get Win10 freely but only that you probably have to change to Win10 if you buy a new computer (and still want Windows).

Are You Getting The Most From Your Browser With HTTP/2? 4 years 4 months ago toktok

Opera is also supported.

How To: Sorting and Finding Emails in Your Gmail Account 4 years 1 month ago toktok

Thank you for that.
I think it should be mentioned that many of the search operations can be done from the dropdown box "Show settings for search" (click arrow to the right of the search field in Gmail) - this is probably easier for the non-tech people.
It includes types of mails (dropdown list), fields for
From, To,
Contains words:..., Does not contain words:....,
Has attachments,
Does not have chats,
Is greater (smaller) than ... (Mb, Kb, B),
Date: go back 1 day ... (various options up to 1 year), or From date (a calendar popup window is supplied).

You can input in several fields at once, and even create a filter using your criteria.

See also e.g.

The Search Engine That Doesn't Track You 4 years 4 weeks ago toktok

You can also use
which fetches results from the Google search engine. This is done without saving the users' IP addresses or giving any personal user information to Google's servers.
By the way, Opera has recently released a free VPN service integrated into the browser, very easily "installed" (when you have installed Opera - in its settings).
Edit: Ixquick uses several engines, whereas Startpage (also from Ixquick) only uses Google searches, but in both cases they hide the personal user info and IP addresses from Google and other servers.

The Search Engine That Doesn't Track You 4 years 4 weeks ago toktok

That's interesting. Thanks for the info. I'm in Europe and don't have similar problems. It did come with a question once about my whereabouts but didn't insist on the answer.