The most efficient P2P BitTorrent client in terms of RAM and CPU usage.

Our Score
Our Score
License Free (Open source)
Link https://www.qbittorrent.org/
A cross-platform client; low and stable RAM and CPU usage with all necessary features; fast performance on torrents; active development and responsive to users; clean install; a cross-platform client.
Support has improved but could be better. Not that well known and not accepted at many private torrent sites, though the situation is improving.

qBittorrent is a good choice for those users who just want to download torrents and are not interested in graphs, extra information and display. qBittorrent tested slightly faster on the test torrents consistently. Its RAM and CPU usage makes it the most efficient client.

It has all the features that an average user would want. Its built-in search runs quick and has a good number of sites included by default. I am usually not a big fan of a built-in search, but this is superior to the rest. Plugins for additional sites are available.

The Wiki has improved, but is not among the best. The situation at the forums is good, with excellent responses from the developer to solving the bugs.

Besides Tixati, qBittorrent is my choice for a P2P BitTorrent client that is fast, with small CPU and RAM usage, and excellent with nearly all features that an average user would need with a clean install.

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