qBittorrent Help: The Main Window


The Main Window - Introduction

Information on the Toolbar, Menus and Status Bar of the Main Screen of qBittorrent.

qBittorrent's Main Window : The Toolbar


A = Add Torrent (that is already saved on your computer) - brings up standard Windows add file box.  (The torrent addition dialog screen that follows is discussed below)

B = Delete Torrent(s) - will delete highlighted torrents from qBittorrent.  This will bring up a separate screen, giving options to delete just torrent from qBittorrent (default) or delete torrent and associated content from your hard drive.


C = Start Torrent(s) - will start highlighted torrents

D = Pause Torrent(s) - will pause highlighted torrents

E = Options - brings up Options screen

F = This is a search of existing torrents within qBittorrent.  When text is entered the X will come up as option to clear text.

G = This locks qBittorrent with password.  The first time qBittorrent will prompt you to set a password.  Once password is set, qBittorrent may not be accessed without the password.  If the password is forgotten, exit qBittorrent and open the qBittorrent.ini file in the qBittorrent Application Data folder with Notepad and search for Lock within the document.  You will then see Password = and some text next to it.  Erase the text  and save.
This option will not hide qBittorrent.  I know a number of users like to hide qBittorrent and that will be discussed in later guides.  For those who want to hide, using this option along with hiding is a nice combination.

qBittorrent's Main Window: The Menus




Add torrent file = Add torrent file that is saved on your computer - brings up standard Windows add file box,  (The torrent addition dialog screen that follows is discussed below)

Add link to torrent = add torrent or magnet link - brings up screen wherre you can paste URL link for either.  Do not add URL from page that torrent or magnet link is on.   Right-click either and select "Copy link location" (image below) and paste in Add torrent links screen in qBittorrent (qBittorrent will automatically paste copied link in).  (The torrent addition dialog screen that follows is discussed below)



Import existing torrent... = This is a nice feature to add a torrent that is a fully or partially completed download   You need to have the original .torrent file and associated content.   Browse to the .torrent file and select and then to the associated content.  Press Import and qBittorrent will check the content and adjust percentage


Exit = Will exit from qBittorrent

Torrent Addition Dialog  After a new torrent is added using either the + sign on the toolbar or the Add torrent file or Add link to torrent options in the File menu, a Torrent Addition Dialog will come up (image below)


  • Starting from the top, the dialog first gives you an option to set a save path different from the default save path.
  • It then gives you the option to save the new path (if changed) as the new default save path.
  • Then the size the content will be on the disk and free disk space. (to avoid adding torrent when insufficient space).  A warning will be given when there is insufficient space.
  • Then a label may be given to the torrent (useful for sorting in the qBittorent Transfers screen).
  • Then a search box to search within torrent contents.
  • In the open box is a listing of the files within the torrent.  These may be individually de-selected if you wish. Note the arrow next to the top entry, indicating additional files within that entry.   Priority may be adjusted, though I do not suggest this.
  • Below that are options to select all or none.  The none is useful if there are many files and you want to select one.
  • The download in sequential order is for those that wish to preview as it will allow a player to sample the content quicker.  I do not suggest using this as I advise only downloading torrents where the comments and ratings indicate the associated content is clean and real.  (see Searching for Torrents).
  • Skip file checking is not really needed as that is for adding torrents where content is already downloaded (fully or partially) and there is a separate option for that.
  • Add in paused state is up to you.  Torrents, by default, will start when added.



Resume = re-start highlighted torrent(s)

Pause = pause highlighted torrent(s)

Delete = delete highlighted torrent(s).  Default action is to show confirmation window, which gives option to also delete associated files from disk. 



Gives options to display tool bar (above), current speeds in the title bar, display tabs and lock qBittorrent (discussed above).



Torrent creator = brings up Torrent file creation screen.  This will be discussed in separate article to be created soon.

Options = brings up the Options screen with seven sub-categories.  These will be discussed in next qBittorrent help article.

Auto-Shutdown = gives various options when downloads complete.



Report a bug = will open browser and take you to their bugs page.    You can also request a feature at the bug page.

Visit Website = will open browser and take you to the home page of their website.

Documentation = will open browser and take you to the main page of their wiki.

Donate money = will open browser and take you to the donations page at Sourceforge.  They accept Paypal. 
"Please help to keep this project alive by donating money. People involved in this project are mainly students. This money would be used for: - Domain names - Web hosting - Debian/Ubuntu repositories hosting Thanks in advance for your generosity." 
When donating, you are given the option of having your name listed on the Supporters page for qBittorrent.

About = brings up screen with version information and links, as well as license, author information and email, libraries the program was built against and names of other contributors to the project.

qBittorrent's Main Window: The Status Bar


A = Displays number of active DHT nodes.  DHT is enabled at default and should be used by most users. 

B = Network connection status.  Green means you are connected, no issue.  Yellow means qBittorrent could not connect directly to others active on the torrent.  If only yellow on occassion, might just be no active peers available and no issue.  If this is always yellow, then there is a network connection issue.  See Optimizing qBittorrent For Speed.

C = Shows whether you are using regular global speed limits (red arm to right as above) or alternate global speed Limits (red arm to left).  Clicking on this will switch back and forth between the two.  Some users like to set different rates for when they are otherwise active on the web and this is a nice feature for that.  Otherwise alternate rates are used by those whose ISP has different transfer limits for different times of day.

D = Number outside parenthesis is the rate qBittorrent is presently downloading at. Number inside the parenthesis is total downloaded this session.

E = Number outside parenthesis is the rate qBittorrent is presently uploading at. Number inside the parenthesis is total uploaded this session.

Pressing D or E will bring up a screen to adjust global download or upload limit.  Limit may be altered by either sliding bar or manual entry. 

               qbittorrent-help-main-window-status-bar-download-speed-adjustment-dialog    qbittorrent-help-main-window-status-bar-adjust-upload-speed-cap-dialog

qBittorrent Help:  The Main Window - Conclusion

Hopefully, this article has provided you with useful information that will enhance your use of qBittorrent.

If you have any questions, comments or ideas, please post here or in our Forum.

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