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The Best Free Disk & File Software for PC

Articlesort icon Hits
Best Free Duplicate File Remover 1,125,290
Best Free Data Recovery and File Un-delete Utility 619,553
An Easy Way to Send and Receive Files Across Multiple Devices 7,021
Best Free Android Apps 8,806,256
Best Free CD Recovery Utility 318,690
Best Free CD-DVD Emulation Software 719,956
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 1,218,824
Best Free Disk Space Analyzer 799,697
Best Free Drive Cloning Software 1,885,651
Best Free Drive Encryption Utility 311,361
Best Free Encrypted Virtual Drive Utility 42,865
Best Free Encryption Utility for Cloud Storage 130,506
Best Free Encryption Utility for Personal Use at Work 165,803
Best Free File Archiver-Zip Utility 525,658
Best Free File Comparison Utility 545,703
Best Free File Copy Utility 648,687
Best Free File Encryption Utility 580,057
Best Free File Manager 965,438
Best Free File Manager for Android 280,660
Best Free File Rename Utility 474,869
Best Free File-Based Backup Program 1,527,592
Best Free Folder Hiding Utility 139,046
Best Free Folder Synchronization Utility 1,124,275
Best Free Hard Drive Eraser 990,372
Best Free Hard Drive Health Monitoring and Diagnostic Programs 615,842
Best Free Hash Utility 151,781
Best Free iPad Apps 2,169,897
Best Free Music Creation Software 912,752
Best Free Online Applications and Services 3,127,561
Best Free Online Backup Sites 783,172
Best Free Outlook Express Backup 97,646
Best Free Partition Management Software 1,030,621
Best Free PC Cleaner 655,147
Best Free Search and Replace Utility 182,640
Best Free Software for Linux 2,311,908
Best Free Software for Mac OS 758,099
Best Free Undeletable File Remover 206,031
Best Free Windows 64-bit Software 5,782,243
Best Free Windows Desktop Software - Editors Choice Selection 6,191,982
Best Free Windows Driver Backup and Restore 577,895
Best Free Windows Store Apps 507,251
Copy Files for Reading and Playing on your iPad or iPhone 28,504
Easier Way to Use and Manage Libraries in Windows 7 and 8 20,882
Easily and Safely Eject USB Drives and Memory Cards 14,110
Free Replacements For Drop.io 20,058
Software Watch - Adware Watch List 31,620
Word and Phrase search in PDF Files 200,977

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