The Best Free Disk & File Software for PC

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Best Free Duplicate File Remover 927,736
Best Free Data Recovery and File Un-delete Utility 527,045
Best Free Android Apps 7,098,908
Best Free CD Recovery Utility 270,131
Best Free CD-DVD Emulation Software 626,994
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 1,118,040
Best Free Disk Space Analyzer 711,783
Best Free Drive Cloning Software 1,562,911
Best Free Drive Encryption Utility 227,368
Best Free Encrypted Virtual Drive Utility 23,705
Best Free Encryption Utility for Cloud Storage 60,527
Best Free Encryption Utility for Personal Use at Work 138,222
Best Free File Archiver-Zip Utility 451,415
Best Free File Comparison Utility 491,968
Best Free File Copy Utility 552,471
Best Free File Encryption Utility 465,512
Best Free File Manager 829,386
Best Free File Manager for Android 186,341
Best Free File Rename Utility 405,228
Best Free Folder Hiding Utility 122,770
Best Free Folder Synchronization Utility 1,004,044
Best Free Hard Drive Backup Program 1,359,087
Best Free Hard Drive Eraser 864,808
Best Free Hard Drive Health Monitoring and Diagnostic Programs 475,004
Best Free Hash Utility 119,745
Best Free iPad Apps 1,847,363
Best Free Music Creation Software 705,046
Best Free Online Applications and Services 2,629,252
Best Free Online Backup Sites 699,295
Best Free Outlook Express Backup 89,713
Best Free Partition Management Software 881,112
Best Free PC Cleaner 551,952
Best Free Search and Replace Utility 118,809
Best Free Software for Linux 1,468,336
Best Free Software for Mac OS 431,572
Best Free Undeletable File Remover 151,967
Best Free Windows 64-bit Software 4,857,316
Best Free Windows Desktop Software 3,895,271
Best Free Windows Driver Backup and Restore 473,560
Best Free Windows Store Apps 326,575
Copy Files for Reading and Playing on your iPad or iPhone 22,132
Easier Way to Use and Manage Libraries in Windows 7 and 8 17,286
Easily and Safely Eject USB Drives and Memory Cards 2,153
Free Replacements For 17,374
Software Watch - Adware Watch List 22,224
Word and Phrase search in PDF Files 169,640

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