Orbia Tap and Relax

A cute pickup-and-play game provides engrossing challenges and beautiful visual experiences.

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Easy to pick up and play, hundreds of engrossing levels, smooth graphics and animations with entertaining sound effects.
Video ads can be annoying though not intrusive.

Looking for some quick pick-up-and-play games that are immersed in tranquility? try this arcade game Orbia Tap and Relax, or Orbia in short, that fits the bill perfectly.

Orbia is suitable for players of all ages to experience, with its simple gameplay and high replay ability. Tap anywhere on the screen to dash to the targets while avoiding pesky creatures, and compete against your friends to achieve hundreds of levels in this game with engrossing challenges.

This game app is designed with high-end graphics, using minimalistic and softly colored backgrounds, smooth landscapes and beautiful scenery, while well-polished sounds and incredible soundtracks accompany you through the game.

Released by JOX Development LLC for Android, iOS and HarmonyOS platforms, Orbia is a cute and charming arcade game worth a good dash, excellent for you to relax and test your reflexes either when you are staying at home or just waiting around somewhere.

The gameplay is simple. Tap anywhere on the screen and dash to the next circle, which is always surrounded by moving monsters you need to avoid. Keep jumping through the circles, sometimes with power-ups inside, to complete a level in a zigzag path while earning bonuses in a strange new world.

Orbia sets out several worlds for you to explore. Each world is complete with a few hundreds of levels with engrossing challenges and has its own hero with unique skins, styles and abilities.

When you successfully jump to a circle or complete a level, you’re awarded crystals that can be used to trade for shields and other advantages that are automatically activated whenever needed, thus keeping the gameplay simple and intuitive. Chaining together combos maximizes your rewards.

Even though you fail a jump, you can always retry from the last level achieved. Often it needs you to watch a video ad to proceed unless you opt for an in-app purchase to do away with ads.

The game provides you with statistics including the progress of the game, times failed, playtime, and dashes in a row. Optionally you can connect to Facebook and compete against your friends, and check your achievements and rank on the leaderboards.

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