Money Manager Ex

An open-source, cross-platform, easy-to-use personal finance software.

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Our Score
License Free
Link Money Manager Ex
Simple and attractive GUI; unlimited transactions and accounts; supports recurring entries, backup, encryption, reports, import and export.
Manual entries, no real-time automatic updates from user’s bank accounts.

Money Manager Ex is an excellent fully-featured personal finance software with simple and attractive user interface. It enables users to create unlimited multiple accounts, transactions and categories.

The program is fairly easy to use, with a medium-level learning curve and has an extensive help file to assist users on how to navigate the various features and options. It supports most, if not all, computer operating systems, including an Android build for your mobiles. You can keep track of expenses and incomes with Dropbox synchronization across multiple devices.

Other useful features include supports for recurring transactions, backup, filters, report generating, data import and export.

In general, it is a good program for novices and experts. The new version now includes an option to save your file in emb format with password encryption.

However, data entries must be done manually as you use this application, which is sorely lacking in real-time automatic fiscal tracking and download capabilities.

Note: The Android version of Money Manager Ex is currently available via this link.

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