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I've never really been a fan of voice recognition software.  It
always seemed like a great idea, but I just couldn't make it work.
My opinion on the matter was formed last year when I spent a few
days trying to get some sense out of IBM ViaVoice.  The package
installed just fine, and worked very well for the first couple of
sessions.  But the more I used it, and thus the more it learned
about my voice, the less accurate its recognition became.

I told a couple of colleagues about this, and they reported
precisely the same findings.  The more they trained ViaVoice to
recognise their particular speech, the worse the program performed.

Last weekend I finally plucked up the courage to try voice software
again, but this time I use Dragon Naturally Speaking version 6.
Dragon has always been a big player in this market, and its products
are now sold by ScanSoft, but I'd never used the program before.

I was impressed.  It took less than half an hour to plug in the
supplied headset, install the software and go through the initial
training.  And it's interesting to note that there are separate
data files for American, British, Australian, Indian and many
other accent types too.

So far, the system is performing flawlessly.  Each time I use it,
the accuracy improves slightly.  There's certainly no sign of
the fatal degradation that affected the IBM system.  With Dragon
Naturally Speaking, I'm getting excellent accuracy on recognition
of dictated text as well as commands.  Sure, you still have to read
through your work and correct a handful of errors, but I'd
definitely recommend the product to anyone who needs to create
long documents but hates typing.

In fact, I'm seriously tempted to start using it in anger when
writing articles such as this one, and to stop using the keyboard
except for final editing.  If you've never tried voice recognition
software, give Dragon a go.

Robert Schifreen



    - $299 Certification Software for Free
    - The Tech Guys
    - On Target

    - The Dragon's Lair
    - Recent Documents 2002
    - Free Cut-down HFNetChk Pro
    - Visual Email Tracker

    - Outlook 2000 and 2002 Patched
    - SQL Server 7 and 2000
    - ViaVoice v9 WinXP Update
    - WordPerfect Office 2002 Hot Patch 3

    - Remote Control does AES
    - WebQuiz 2002
    - Internet Risk Research
    - Apache Does Clustering

    - Word 2000 Tips and Tricks
    - Outlook XP Tips and Tricks



$299 Certification Software for Free
If you're studying for the MCSE 2000 Core, CCNA, CCNP, A+ or
Network+ certification, check out Beachfront Direct.  They're
currently offering a neat piece of free software that searches
out your weaknesses and boosts your knowledge so you can pass.

The Tech Guys
Here's a site whose URL is pretty self-explanatory.  The site
is run by 3 tech guys who "are here to answer end users' questions".
So if you've got a techie question, check out the tech guys.

On Target
Our growing list of tech support sites keeps on expanding, and
here's the latest one that we've found.  The usual mix of
handy hints, great articles, and people willing and able to
help you find the answers to your PC problems.


The Dragon's Lair
Dragon Naturally Speaking, the voice recognition package mentioned
above, is now sold by ScanSoft.  Full details of the product are
available on the company's Web site.

Recent Documents 2002
If you make use of the Documents menu under Windows, which gives
quick access to recently-used files, you'll love the latest version
of Recent Documents 2002 from Oakley Data Services.  The new
version builds on the features of the Windows menu to add loads
of new ways to help you keep track of your files.

Free Cut-down HFNetChk Pro
Microsoft's free HFNetChk tool, which scans a server and tells
you which critical updates are missing, is actually a cut-down
version of a tool produced by Shavlik.  And Shavlik is now
making available yet another version of the tool, which still
doesn't do all that the paid-for one does but does more than
the Microsoft version.  Er, if you see what I mean.

Visual Email Tracker
How can you tell where an email comes from, simply by analysing
the full headers?  Difficult, but not impossible.  And this new
tool from Visualware makes it even easier, by automating
the process.  So if you need to crack down on incoming spam or
you simply want to play detective, check this out.


Outlook 2000 and 2002 Patched
Microsoft has issued patches for Outlook 2000 and Outlook XP
which fix problems that could allow hackers to execute a script
when a mail item is forwarded or replied to.  The bug only
affects you if you use Word as your default email editor.

SQL Server 7 and 2000
Microsoft has patched the 2 most recent releases of SQL Server
to fix a bug that could allow a hacker to run code of his choice
on a server.  Full details, plus the patch, are online now.

ViaVoice v9 WinXP Update
If you use IBM ViaVoice version 9 you'll have noticed that it
doesn't run under Windows XP.  IBM has released a free patch
that fixes this, and you can get it as a 5 MB download.

WordPerfect Office 2002 Hot Patch 3
Corel has released Hot Patch 3 for WordPerfect Office 2002, which
fixes a number of problems including multi-tray print troubles.


Remote Control does AES
Vector Networks has produced a version of its PC remote control
package that also implements the new AES encryption algorithm.
Now you can access your PC over a telephone line or the Internet,
safe in the knowledge that all data transfer is totally secure.
Get your free demo copy now, from the Vector Networks site.

WebQuiz 2002
Want to create a quiz or questionnaire for your Web site? This
excellent tool will do all the work for you.  It'll even
calculate and display users' scores, and much more besides.

Internet Risk Research
Internet Security company ISS has carried out an Internet
risk impact study, which was compiled by monitoring actual
attacks on systems.  You can download the full results free
of charge as a PDF file.

Apache Does Clustering
Did you know that Apache, the free Web server that appears to
be more popular than Microsoft's IIS, can do clustering?
This article will tell you how.


Word 2000 Tips and Tricks
May's issue of PC Support Advisor is now out, and includes
another great collection of tips and tricks for users of
Word 2000.  If you run Word 2000, or support people who do, you
can download the complete article from the Web.  And it's free.

Outlook XP Tips and Tricks
This month's free "tips and tricks" article from the publishers
of PC Network Advisor covers Outlook XP.  If you use Office XP,
and specifically Outlook, then you can download the complete
text of the document from the PCNA web site.


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