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If you've been putting off your upgrade to Office XP
because you were waiting for Service Pack 1, then
your waiting is over.  In mid-December Microsoft released
the first set of fixes for Office XP, to help improve
stability and security.

Security fixes include 3 separate patches for Excel, Word
and PowerPoint to close a loophole that could allow malicious
code to run without warning.  Plus, a fix for Outlook
now ensures that you receive a warning when a PST file
is full.

Performance fixes include increased speed under Windows XP,
increased speed in Outlook when Instant Messaging is enabled,
and the ability to use FrontPage to publish a SharePoint
Team Services site from one server to another.

Microsoft is putting some major spin on the Office XP SP1
announcement, claiming that it will act as a key driver for
companies to now deploy both Office XP and Windows XP.  This
may well turn out to be the case, though I doubt whether that
will actually happen in huge numbers until SP1 for Windows XP
is released.

One point in Microsoft's favour, though, is that OXP SP1
doesn't seem to have caused any major problems in the 3 weeks
since its release.  Even those who advised caution when the
pack was released are now admitting that they have installed
it without problem.  So if you're already using Office XP,
go get Service Pack 1 and install it.

Robert Schifreen

PS:  The SULFNBK.EXE virus hoax seems to be in full swing again.
     If you get an email from a well-meaning friend warning you
     of a dangerous new virus that lives in a file of the above
     name, do nothing.  Don't delete the file, and don't bother
     passing on the warning to the people in your address book.



    - Open Tech Support
    - 17 WinXP Bug Fixes
    - File Mirrors
    - Reg Hacks and More

    - Viewlet Builder
    - CoffeeCup HTML Editor 9.1
    - Updated Intel LAN Manager
    - Space Searcher
    - LANutil 5.1

    - Office XP SP1
    - Acrobat 5.0.5
    - UPnP Fix

    - Windows NT Ceases to Be
    - Coping with Bomb Threats
    - Data Rooms
    - MS Project 2002

    - How to Create Smart Tags
    - Controlling Office Internet Misuse



Open Tech Support
Here's a great free tech support site that aims to answer
technical PC problems as quickly as possible.  The guys also
post regular news updates so you can keep up with developments
in the PC arena.  Superb stuff.

17 WinXP Bug Fixes
PC World magazine has assembled a useful list of bugs in
Windows XP and how to go about getting patches for them.

File Mirrors
You know the name of the file you want, but you're not sure
which site has it available for download.  No problem.
File Mirrors will find it for you.

Reg Hacks and More
Here's a great site with loads of Windows system and registry
tweaking information.


Viewlet Builder
Viewlets are animated demos created by software authors to
demonstrate, via the Web, how their software works.  If you
sell software and want an easy way to show potential customers
how it looks during use, then check out the freeware version
of Viewlet Builder online.

CoffeeCup HTML Editor 9.1
The latest release of CoffeeCup's excellent HTML editor
for Windows includes an Animated GIF to Flash converter
and the ability to add neat coloured scroll bars to your
site.  Download the trial today.

Updated Intel LAN Manager
Intel has recently released a new version of LANDesk, its
network management suite.  The product allows centralised
management of networks, automatic software rollouts, hardware and
software inventory creation, and more.  The latest version
includes better management of mobile users and more than
100 other improvements.

Space Searcher
Is your hard disk running low on free space?  Chances are,
there are loads of files and directories that you can
safely delete because you never use them.  But how to
examine your entire drive and find out which files are
hogging the most space?  Space Searcher makes the job
easy, and produces charts and graphs to show just what's
eating your disk space. Shareware. 30-day trial then US$18.

LANutil 5.1
The latest version of LANutil from Vector Networks includes
features such as passive software metering, software asset
management, an SQL wizard, Wake On LAN, and improved reporting
tools.  Prices start from US$100 per PC, dropping to $30 for
quantities in excess of 1000 PCs.


Office XP SP1
Microsoft has issued Service Pack 1 for Office XP, which
includes a number of security patches, some new features,
and "improved stability" (ie, it doesn't crash so much).
You can download it from the Web free of charge.  If you
subscribe to PC Support Advisor, you'll find SP1 on your
CD-ROM which accompanies the March 2002 issue.

Acrobat 5.0.5
Adobe has released a minor update to Acrobat 5.0, including
a new version of the free reader.  This fixes a number of
problems, including certain incompatibilities with Windows XP.
You can find out more, and get the new reader, online.

UPnP Fix
Microsoft has issued a security fix for the Universal Plug and
Play feature in Windows 98, Me and XP.  The fix closes a hole
which could allow remote hackers to use UPnP to gain remote
access to users' PCs.


Windows NT Ceases to Be
Following the recent launch of Windows XP, Microsoft
has issued details of the slow death of Windows NT.
The product is no longer available through Microsoft's
volume licencing plans.  As of July 1st 2002, NT4 (all
versions including TSE) will no longer be available
through the standard retail channel.  From January 1, 2003,
customers requiring hot fixes to urgent problems, which
are currently free, will be charged a fee. From July 1st 2003,
NT Server will no longer be available through the System
Builder channel.  From the start of 2004, no support
except online support will be available.  From the start
of 2005, online support will also be dropped and NT will
be officially a non-product.

Coping with Bomb Threats
In the light of events last year, many companies have been
rewriting their disaster recovery and/or business continuity
plans.  If you're looking for advice on how to cope with
bomb threats to your organisation, or you just want to realise
how lucky you are not to have to deal with such things, then
these 2 fascinating files from the Home Office in the UK
make fascinating reading.

Data Rooms
Despatch Box was set up in 2000 to provide electronic
equivalents of traditional courier services, to allow
confidential documents to be securely transferred between
nominated parties electronically.  The latest service
from the company is the DataRoom, a secure online area
where companies can make available confidential information
to staff or clients.  Each user can be assigned specific rights,
allowing them to view and/or edit specific files in the room.

MS Project 2002
The latest release of Microsoft's project management suite
has been announced and will be available within the next
few months.  Project 2002 includes a number of major new
features, such as improved Web access to project information,
and full details are on the Project web site now.


How to Create Smart Tags
The best new feature of Office XP is Smart Tags, which
let you automate certain functions when specific text
is entered by users.  Find out how to create your own
Smart Tags in the brand new January issue of PC Support
Advisor.  Or read the article online right now, for free.

Controlling Office Internet Misuse
How do you ensure that your staff don't misuse the
Internet at work?  Are they sending personal email or
surfing porn sites when they're supposed to be working?
Can you stop the misuse without causing resentment?
The new January issue of PC Network Advisor looks into
the subject and you can read the article online for free.


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