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                         Issue 33 -  1st August 2000

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If your firewall triggered an alarm to say that a hacker was in
your network right now, would you know what to do?
Most security people wouldn't.  And thanks to the growing
industry in managed security, you don't need to. Just configure
your firewall and your intrusion detection software to send
its alarms to your managed security company, and if anything
happens on your network they'll take care of it.  Companies
providing managed security, such as the folks at Counterpane
(http://www.schneier.com), are seeing a huge rise in business.
Maybe outsourcing is the future of IT security.

Robert Schifreen

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1.  Windows 2000 SP1
2.  SMS 2.0 SP2
3.  NetWare 5.1 SP1
4.  Symantec Antivirus
5.  Windows 2000 Defrag Options
6.  Important Word 2000 Security Patch
7.  Windows ME
8.  Windows 2000 World
9.  Office Patched
10. IIS Patched Again
11. Compaq Support Online
12. Looking for Windows drivers?
13. Microsoft Technet
14. Need to conduct a security audit?


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1.  Critical Outlook Patches
2.  AutoCAD Infected
3.  Techmommy
3.  Retrospect Backup
5.  Win2k SP1
6.  Surf Control
7.  Network Documentation
8.  Cookie Manager for IE5
9.  Photo-Paint for Linux
10. NetRecon
11. Laplink Eval
12. Search Voyeur
13. Keep Up With Changes
14. Firewall Log Analysis
15. Norton Personal Firewall 2000
16. EB Goes Free
17. Item from PCSA
18. Item from PCNA


1. Critical Outlook Patches

Microsoft has released a couple of critical patches       specify individual patches
to Outlook and Outlook Express this week, which           their function and location
fix various security loopholes.  One loophole could
allow the planting of viruses via email without the
user having to open the message.  More information,
plus patches, from http://officeupdate.microsoft.com.

2. Autocad Infected

Just when you thought that only Microsoft applications
could suffer from viruses, the first virus for AutoCAD
2000 has been discovered.  Though Microsoft is implicated,
as the virus is written in the Microsoft VBA langauge which
is embedded in AutoCAD 2000.  More details are at

3. Techmommy

A PC Alert subscriber writes to tell us of                     Tell us what the site offers
http://www.techmommy.com, which he says is his
favourite support site.  We're impressed.  Check
it out.

4. Retrospect Backup

Looking for a Windows-based backup program for               Whats special about this backup
workstations or servers? Retrospect Backup will do           compared to any other
what you want, and you can download a 30-day demo
version from http://www.dantz.com too.

5. WIN2K SP1

Service Pack 1 for Windows 2000 is due for imminent           Leave this till it's released
release, and will be a 70 MB download from
If you subscribe to PCSA you'll find it on a
forthcoming CD-ROM in the Featured Files section.

6. Surf Control

Need an easy way to manage and control access to
resources on your network and the Internet?  Want
to stop staff from downloading games or listening
to Internet radio?  Surf Control will do the job
for you.  Read more, and get a 30-day demo,
from http://www.surfcontrol.com.

7. Cookie Manager forIE5
Microsoft is working on a cookie manager for IE5, which
will allow you to easily delete cookie files, prevent
Web sites from creating them, etc.  The add-in isn't
ready yet, but it should be posted for download
on http://www.microsoft.com/ie soon.

9. Corel Photo-Paint for Linux
Struggling software company Corel seems in no hurry
to generate revenue from porting its best-selling
applications to Linux.  You can now download
Photo-Paint for Linux from http://linux.corel.com
completely free of charge.

10. Evaluate NET-RECON

Axent is offering an eval version of NetRecon,
its security audit tool.  You can download
it from http://www.axent.com until August 8th.

11. Laplink 2K Evaluation

Laplink.com Inc, formerly known as Traveling Software,
has a 30-day eval copy of Laplink 2000 available from
its Web site at http://www.laplink.com.  The latest
version offers file transfers and remote control, and
works over modems, cables, LANs and the Internet.

12. Search Voyeur

Want to be an Internet search voyeur?  Want to know
what other people are searching for, perhaps to
inspire you to create new Internet services?
http://voyeur.mckinley.com/cgi-bin/voyeur.cgi will
let you do just that.

13. Keep Up With Changes

A new inventory software tool from Computing Edge
offers a quick way to check that your staff
haven't been using their office PC as a source
of spare parts or upgrade components for the
home machine.  It will automatically alert you
if the hard disk capacity, amount of RAM, etc,
changes on any PC on your network.  Download
an eval copy from http://www.computingedge.com.

14. Firewall Log Analysis

So you've configured the firewall to log all
access.  But what's the quickest way to plough
through the huge log files in search of
suspicious activity?  The http://www.webtrends.com
site will tell you all you need to know.

15. Norton Personal Firewall 2000

Norton has started marketing its Personal Firewall
product, aimed at home users and small departmental
networks.  If you need protection on Internet-facing
computers but don't want the expense of Firewall-1
or Raptor, then check out http://www.symantec.com.

16. EB Goes FREE

Encyclopedia Britannica is now free to access over
the Web, with no subscription required.  Just point
your browser at http://www.britannica.com.

17. Item from PCSA

18. Item from PCNA


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