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                         Issue 31 -  1st July 2000

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1.  Pentium 4
2.  Setting up a secure Web site
3.  Active Setup Download Patch
4.  MS Patches Re-Patched
5.  SupportTech
6.  SQL Server Patch
7.  IPSentry
8.  Free News Servers
9.  Simpsons Warning
10. Wingate v4
11. Beat the DoS Attacks
12. Dedicated Windows 2000 Search Engine
13. Star Office 5.2
14. Wipe Internet Cache Files
15. Upgrading an NT server to Windows 2000
16. How to buy Motherboards


1.  Pentium 4

Intel has released details of the Pentium 4, which will be available
in speeds of up to 1500 MHz.


2. Setting up a secure Web site

If you need to set up a password-protected Web site, this site
will show you the basics.  The end results are far from 100% secure,
but it's enough to deter casual hackers.


3. Active Setup Download Patch

Microsoft has issued a security patch for an ActiveX control that ships
as part of IE4 and 5.  The control allows .cab files to be downloaded
to a user's PC as part of the installation process for software updates.

Two flaws in this DLL could lead to situations whereby unauthorised
software could be installed on the PC.


4.  MS Patches Re-Patched

Microsoft has re-issued a patch for the Windows Media Encoder, originally
issued on 30th May, because the initial version of the patch does not
fully fix the problem.  Microsoft is urging users of the Media Encoder
to download and run the new patch, issued on 20th June.

Microsoft has also re-issued the SQL Server 7 patch originally
released on the same day, again because the problem was discovered
not to have been fully fixed.


5.  SupportTech

The SupportTech site contains a huge collection of files and links
for IT support staff, including links to device drivers, BIOS
updates, software patches etc.  Definitely worth bookmarking.


6.  SQL Server Patch

Microsoft has also issued a patch for SQL Server 7.0, which fixes
a problem whereby "passwords could be compromised".


7.  IPSentry

IPSentry is a software tool that monitors a TCP/IP network and can
alert you by email, pager or SMS message if something goes
wrong.  Possibly the ideal "sit back and relax" management tool for
network support staff.


8.  Free News Servers

Public-access Internet news servers are relatively rare nowadays,
but there are still a number around if you know where to look.  This
Web site contains a list of such servers, which are useful if you
need access to Usenet news.


9.  Simpsons Warning

A new trojan horse program called Simpsons is currently doing
the rounds, and has been widely reported in the wild.  It is
crudely written as a DOS batch file and, when run, attempts to use
the DELTREE command to wipe all files on all drives from A: to Z:.

It is distributed as a self-extracting file called SIMPSONS.EXE.  We
recommend that you scan your workstations and servers for files of
this name.


10.  Wingate v4

Wingate, the excellent shareware tool that lets Windows PCs share
modems, is now up to version 4.  If you have workstations running
Windows 95, or the first version of Windows 98, you may find this


11.  Beat the DoS Attacks

A useful article on the IDG news site has details from a recent
security conference which explain how to defend your network against
a Denial of Service attack by hackers.


12.  Dedicated Windows 2000 Search Engine

SearchWin2000.com is a Web search engine dedicated to Windows 2000.
So if you're looking for information on a Win2k-related issue, this
is a fast way to search 7000 hand-picked highly-relevant sites.


13.  Star Office 5.2

Star Office, the MS Office compatible software suite that's now owned
by Sun, is now up to version 5.2.  It's priced much more reasonably
than proper MS Office, and for non-commercial users it's completely
free.  If staff need to work on Word documents at home, this may
be the answer.


14.  Wipe Internet Cache Files

Internet cache files, histories, cookies, the recent documents list, and
other similar entries, can pose a security risk if you use a Web browser
to access confidential information.  Two recent product launches will
help to remove all such entries from your PCs.

DelCache is a shareware tool, while Internet Cleanup is a commercial
offering from data recovery specialist OnTrack.


15.  Upgrading an NT server to Windows 2000

The latest issue of PC Network Advisor has an article that covers
what you need to know before embarking on upgrading an NT4 server to
Windows 2000.  You can download the full article as a PDF file, free
of charge.


16.  How to buy Motherboards

The motherboard market has changed a lot recently.  If you're looking
to upgrade a PC or server, an article in the latest PC Support Advisor
tells you what you need to know in order to ensure that you're getting
the best value and the latest, most compatible hardware.

You can download the full article from the PCSA site, or read it online.



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