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                         Issue 29 -  1st June 2000

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1.  Outlook Security Update
2.  Office 2000 SR-1a
3.  Office Autoupdate Notification
4.  Beware new viruses
5.  HP Support Information
6.  Beware Scrap Files
7.  Trace that Spam
8.  Win2k DataCenter
9.  The Windows 2000 Hardening Project
10. Novell BorderManager patch
11. Free Seminar
12. NT/2000 Security Patches
13. VBS.KAK.worm
14. Learn about Windows 2000 Active Directory
15. Multilingual Office 2000


1. Outlook Security Update

Microsoft is working on a major update for Outlook 2000 and 98, which
it claims will prevent the spread of modern viruses which propogate
via users' address books.  Keep an eye on the Web site - there's no
release date announced as yet.

You should be aware that, if you install the update, it will prevent
some programs from working correctly.   For example, the update will
make it difficult for programs to look up information in the address
book.  While this will stop a lot of viruses from spreading, it will
also affect some programs which syncronise desktops with palmtop

Full details are on the Microsoft Web site.



2.  Office 2000 SR-1a

The new verison of Office 2000 Service Release 1 is now downloadable, and
is said to fix the installation-related problems of the original release.

To avoid updating all your users' machines with the Web-based update, we
advise that you download the full installer (52 MB) and run it on all
your PCs.



3.  Office Autoupdate Notification

Microsoft has a new mailing list which will alert you when updates to
Office are released.  We recommend that you sign up.



4.  Beware new viruses

After the Love Bug virus, there's a spate of new viruses which spread
by similar means and which are just as dangerous.  One, called
Melissa.BG, arrives as an email with the subject line of "Resume - Janet
Simmons" and contains a CV addressed to the company marketing director.
Clicking on the attached "CV" runs a program which wipes almost every
file on the user's hard disk.



5.  HP Support Information

If you're looking for support information, or drivers, for any Hewlett
Packard product, you'll find everything you need at the company's
excellent support site on the Web.



6.  Beware Scrap Files

Some new viruses have started exploiting a facility in Windows which
can hide all or part of a file's extension, thus preventing the recipient
from realising that letter.doc is actually letter.doc.vbs.  You can read
more about it at this site.



7.   Trace that Spam

Network Tracer is a tool to help you track various Internet activity on
your network, and also helps you trace the origin of dubious or
unsolicited email.



8.  Win2k DataCenter

Despite the big publicity campaign surrounding the launch of Windows
2000, you may not be aware that the DataCenter version still isn't
shipping.  Beta 2 has recently been released, but Microsoft is now
saying that it won't ship in final form for a couple of months.



9.  The Windows 2000 Hardening Project

Would you like to contribute to a project to put together the definitive
guide to securing a Windows 2000 machine? Or would you simply like to
see the results?  Either way, check out the project's Web site for
more information.



10. Novell BorderManager patch

Novell has released a new patch for the BorderManager 3.5 Proxy Cache
and ACL component.  It requires NetWare 4 SP8 or NetWare 5 SP4.



11.  Free Seminar

Microsoft has a free seminar on disaster recovery for cluster-based
networks.  You can view it online.



12.  NT/2000 Security Patches

Microsoft has issued 2 security patches for NT4 and 1 for Win2k, which
fix a problem with the CIFS computer browser protocol.  The fix cures a
problem which could allow a user to shut down all browsers on his subnet
and possibly promote his own machine to master browser status.



13.  VBS.KAK.worm

The Kak worm is another new virus, outbreaks of which are being widely
reported all over the world.  Because it is written in HTML, merely
opening the email is sufficient to become infected - there is no need
to click on an attachment.

Microsoft has a patch that closes the loophole which allows the worm
to spread.  We recommend you roll it out as soon as possible.



14.  Learn about Windows 2000 Active Directory

The Active Directory in Windows 2000 is Microsoft's answer to NetWare's
NDS.  But before you use it, some detailed planning is required.  You can
read all about AD in the June issue of PC Network Advisor, and the full
article is also online.



15.  Multilingual Office 2000

Microsoft Office 2000 has multilingual capabilities that are far
superior to those provided in previous versions of the package.  If you
need to support Office users who don't use English as a first language,
or you have users who'd like to work in other languages, you'll find
a detailed article in the June issue of PC Support Advisor.  And the
complete article is available online.



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