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                         Issue 27 -  2nd May 2000

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1.  More Microsoft Office support
2.  Ready-Made Security Policies
3.  Office 2000 SR-1a
4.  WinZip 8
5.  Kerberos
6.  Windows 2000 Training
7.  Free Router
8.  Online testing
9.  Chernobyl "Cure"
10. Web Server Patches
11. NT Buffer Overflow
12. Windows Millennium Edition
13. Important NT Security Patches


1.  More Microsoft Office support

Looking for an answer to a user's problem with Microsoft Office?  Can't
find it in the online help?  No joy with the Web site either?  If so,
then check out the additional support topics which Microsoft posts in
response to queries from users about problems not covered elsewhere.

The link below will take you to the Word section, where you'll
also find links to sections for the other Office 2000 apps.



2.  Ready-Made Security Policies

Charles Cresson Wood has updated his "Information Security Policies
Made Easy" book.  The book contains hundreds of security polices and
clauses, ready for you to cut and paste into your own document.

If you need an IT security policy for your company and you need it
done quickly and cheaply, check out Charles's excellent kit.



3.  Office 2000 SR-1a

Microsoft says that a revised release of Service Release 1 for Office 2000
is imminent, and should be posted on the Web in the next few days.  The
fixes will hopefully cure some of the installation-related problems
reported by users, such as the program asking for the SR-1 CD to be
inserted, even though there is no such CD in existence.

If you're a PCNA or PCSA subscriber, you'll find the patch on your
free CD-ROM in the near future.  If you're not, it's a 50 MB download.



4.  WinZip 8

A new release of WinZip is now available.  WinZip is a Windows-based
product for zipping and unzipping files, using the file format
designed by Phil Katz.



5.  Kerberos

Kerberos is an authentication system for handling secure login to
servers.  Although there's an implementation of the standard built into
Windows 2000, it fails to adhere to the official spec in a number of
ways.  It's still something that you need to understand, though, if
you're building a secure LAN or WAN on the Win2k platform.

(The second link below is rather long and your email program may
wrap it.)



6.  Windows 2000 Training

Microsoft has revised its training courses to include Windows 2000.  If
you're looking to enhance your knowledge of the product, you can find
a list of courses online.



7.  Free Router

Freesco is a freeware replacement for a Cisco router.  It fits on a single
floppy, needs less than 6 MB of RAM, has a Web-based control panel, and
supports up to 3 NICs and 2 modems.



8.  Online testing

NetExam is a company which will design online training courses and exams
for hosting on a Web or intranet site.  If you need to offer any level of
IT training to users or support staff, this may be the service you've
been looking for (as long as you can forgive the handful of embarrassing
spelling mistakes in the company's online marketing blurb).



9.  Chernobyl "Cure"

A file has been circulating on the Internet in the past few days called
NOCIH.EXE.  It claims to be a cure for CIH, the so-called Chernobyl
virus.  And yes, you guessed it, the NOCIH.EXE file is not a cure but
a virus itself. A completely new virus, as it happens.

It might be time to reinform your users about the rule which forbids
installing software on their PCs without permission from the support
department.  What do you mean, you don't have such a rule?



10.  Web Server Patches

Microsoft has some new security patches for the Web servers in FrontPage
97 and 98 as well as the NT 4 Option Pack.  The patches fix holes which
could allow users of the affected Web sites to carry out actions which
they shouldn't be allowed to do.



11.  NT Buffer Overflow

Buffer overflows were first discovered in the 1970s, yet still we have
cases of reputable software companies failing to check their code for
such security problems.  The latest company to produce a patch for such
a problem is Microsoft, and it fixes a bug in none other than the CMD.EXE
command processor in NT 4.



12.  Windows Millennium Edition

Microsoft will shortly ship Windows Millennium Edition, a new release
of the Windows 98 platform.  Should you roll it out to your users?
Find out in our featured article from PC Support Advisor issue 138,
which you can read online.



13.  Important NT Security Patches

The latest issue of PC Network Advisor (issue 118), includes an article
which details the most important NT security patches published so
far.  You can read the full article online.



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