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 Issue 26 - 15th April 2000

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1. Office 2000 Deployment Tools 

2. A free intranet 

3. AutoCad file reader 

4. CryptoAPI Security Fix 

5. IIS Patch 

6. Automatic link checker 

7. Office 2000 SR-1a 

8. Bookmark Merging 

9. How to tune IIS 

10. Free source code 

11. Windows 9x Patch 

12. Cheap and easy firewall 

13. Need to support Mac users? 

14. Introducing NetWare 5.1 <<<>>><<<>>><<<>>><<<>>><<<>>><<<>>><<<>>><<<>>><<<>>><<<>>>

1. Office 2000 Deployment Tools

Microsoft has a number of tools and documents to assist in deploying Office 2000 across a corporation. Make life easy for yourself and check out the site before doing your O2K rollout. http://www.microsoft.com/office/ork 


2. A free intranet Want a free intranet to allow staff and customers access to 25 MB shared files, directories, diaries etc? This Web site provides it, so long as you can put up with the adverts which provide the site's income. Technically, of course, if it's available over the Internet then it's an extranet rather than an intranet. But let's not be picky. http://www.intranets.com


 3. AutoCad file reader You've been given an AutoCad drawing in .DWG format but you don't have an application that will read it. Problem? Not any more. Audodesk has released a free product that will display and print .DWG files. http://www3.autodesk.com/adsk/section/0,,163255,00.html


 4. CryptoAPI Security Fix Microsoft has released a security fix for NT4 which increases the security on certain registry keys used by the CryptoAPI system. Without the fix, it is possible for a user to write a program which could gain access to other users' security keys. http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/bulletin/fq00-024.asp


5. IIS Patch Another Microsoft security patch, this time for its Internet Information Server. The patch closes a loophole which could allow hackers to execute a denial-of-service attack on a Web site and slow it down. http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/bulletin/fq00-023.asp


6. Automatic link checker There are various Web sites which will automatically check another Web site for broken links etc. Linkalarm is one of our favourites, and is well worth using before you release the latest version of your corporate Web site to the public. http://www.linkalarm.com 


7. Office 2000 SR-1a As mentioned above, still no sign of the updated Office 2000 SR-1 patch. Keep watching the official Web site for progress reports. http://officeupdate.microsoft.com 


8. Bookmark Merging Columbine is a rather useful tool for extracting Internet Explorer bookmarks into a more accessible form. Especially useful for support staff who wish to examine users' collections of bookmarks in order to detect any unsavoury ones. http://www.clark.net/pub/garyc 


9. How to tune IIS Microsoft has a useful collection of white papers on tuning and supporting its Internet Information Server. Useful reading for anyone in an IIS support role. http://www.microsoft.com/isn/whitepapers/tuningiis.asp 


10. Free source code Loking for source code to enhance your Web site or intranet? This site has Perl, Java and VBScript code to implement voting, news feeds, quizzes, auctions, surveys and much more. http://www.freecode.com 


11. Windows 9x Patch A bug has been found in Windows 95, 98 and 98SE which could cause a user's PC to crash if they create, or try to access, a file whose name consists of certain reserved words. Microsoft has a patch available for download. http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/bulletin/fq00-017.asp 

<<<>>> 12. 

Cheap and easy firewall Need a firewall for a server or for a user's PC which contains confidential files and which is frequently connected to the Internet? There's no need to spend thousands on a copy of Firewall-1 if you don't need all the features that it offers. BlackIce, for example, is US$39. http://www.networkice.com



Need to support Mac users? Although most corporate IT is Windows-based, you may sometimes be called on to support Mac users too. Our featured article from PC Support Advisor contains details of common problems that Mac users encounter and shows how to fix them. http://www.itp-journals.com/sasample/p1038.pdf 


14. Introducing NetWare 5.1 The featured article in the current issue of PC Network Advisor (issue 117) is all about NetWare 5.1, which Novell claims is superior to Windows NT and 2000 as a server platform. Read the full article online and decide for yourself. http://www.itp-journals.com/nasample/r1615.pdf


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