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                         Issue 24 -  15th March 2000

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1.  Stop Sex at Work
2.  NT Vulnerability Scanner
3.  Web Site Usage Stats
4.  Winfiles Expanded
5.  Perl for NT
6.  Windows 2000 Magazine
7.  PC World Top 400
8.  Free Borland C++
9.  Microsoft JVM Security Hole
10. Site Server
11. Learning ASP
12. NDS vs AD
13. Coming soon in PCNA
14. Coming soon to PCSA


1.  Stop Sex at Work

Or so say the latest press release from Elron Software, which is
offering a free trial of its Internet Manager software and a free
Internet Usage Policy document for use by companies.



2.  NT Vulnerability Scanner

Sunbelt Software has demo copies of its NT security scanner available
for download.  The program checks your NT installations and searches for
any of 750 known NT vulnerabilities.  If there are any security holes
on your LAN, isn't it better that you find out about them before anyone
else does?



3.  Web Site Usage Stats

You run your company's Web site. Your marketing people now want to gather
lots of stats on site usage.  They want you to be able to tell them how
many visitors are coming in each hour, what type of browser they're
using, what site they came to yours from, etc etc.  How do you do it?

If you're willing to place a discreet advert on your site, you can
get all these stats (and more) for free.



4.  Winfiles Expanded

One of the best sites on the Web for shareware software is winfiles.
It has thousands of programs, sorted into dozens of categories so you'll
always find what you're after.  Well worth keeping on your bookmark list
for when you or a user needs a particular software tool quickly and
cheaply.  The site is particularly hot on network-related software.



5.  Perl for NT

Developing a corporate Web site?  Need Perl?  Not got any Unix
experience? No problem, with Perl for NT.



6.  Windows 2000 Magazine

Windows NT magazine has renamed itself to Windows 2000 magazine, for
obvious reasons.  The latest edition is now online at the magazine's
Web site, and contains lots of useful background information that will
be of interest to any organisation considering a Win2k rollout.



7.  PC World Top 400

PC World magazine continues to publish and update its Top 400 list,
covering the top 10 products in hardware categories such as printers,
graphics cards, modems, monitors, sound cards, notebooks and more.  Plus,
software categories include accounting, spreadsheets, communications, dtp,
PIMs, spreadsheets and utilities.

Worth checking out if you're about to buy new software.



8.   Free Borland C++

In an attempt to increase interest in the latest version of its C++
compiler, Borland is giving away free copies of an earlier version 5.5.
It's not the full IDE, but just the command-line compiler.  Still of
use to anyone in your department who wants or needs to learn the
basics of C++.



9.   Microsoft JVM Security Hole

Microsoft has released a security patch for the Java Virtual Machine
that ships with Internet Explorer and which is also included in Windows
9x and NT.  The patch fixes a problem which could allow Web site operators
to read files on visitors' computers.

There are 3 different patches, respectively for IE 4.x, 5.0 and 5.1.



10.  Site Server

And another Microsoft security patch, this time for Web sites built
using the examples in Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition.

The examples "no not follow security best-practice" says Microsoft,
so any site which is created by expanding on the supplied example
files will not be adequately secure.



11.  Learning ASP

Need to understand ASP in order to develop active server pages?
As you might expect, there's a Web site that'll teach you the basics.
And the URL is pretty easy to remember, too.



12.  NDS vs AD

Microsoft and Novell are now battling it out over whose directory
services is the best.  Novell says that NDS is the way to go, while
Microsoft reckons that Active Directory (now part of Windows 2000)
is preferable.  There's an excellent summary of the arguments, and
some impartial advice, on the Web, courtesy of Russ Cooper, founder
of the NTBugtraq list.


13.  Coming soon in PC Network Advisor

In the next issue of PC Network Advisor (issue 117), we look  NetWare 4 SP8
and NetWare 5 SP4; Understanding data silos and SANs; and a review of NetWare 5.1.
Plus much more besides.  And, of course, there's a free CD-ROM containing
an all-new collection of featured files, the resource library of useful
drivers and utilities, and a complete collection of PCNA back-issues.



14.  Coming soon to PC Support Advisor

In PC Support Advisor issue 137, we look at how to measure help desk
staff performance, troubleshooting Apple Mac problems, managing an
IT budget, and understanding file systems and partitions.  Plus
much more, including our regular CD-ROM and an audio tape too.




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