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Essential Internet

Our list of sites with important new PC information,
helpful resource files and other items of interest.

Intel Common Data Security Architecture
Read all about Intel's plans for a common security API to be used for all PC applications, electronic commerce, and many other aspects of our lives.

This traceroute program, written in Java, is a handy tool for diagnosing problems with users' Internet connections or your company's TCP/IP comms.  Display the results on a map of the world.

Automatic Business Card Reader
From Corex, the ideal Christmas gift.  Automatically extract data from business cards into your contacts database.   And it's only US$300.

Just want the software?
If you've already got a scanner, all you need is the Cardscan software.  And it's free to try.

I had that idea first, honestly
Register your first use of an idea, by lodging details, plus a digitally-signed certificate, at this site.

Can you afford to retire yet?
Got stock or shares in your company?  Or in anyone else's?  Want to keep a real-time track on your worth, from your Windows desktop?  Want the same sort of software that you see on the TV news reports of professional dealers' desks?

Let your users' PCs upgrade themselves
Oil Change, from CyberMedia, automatically scans your PC and then goes to the necessary Web sites to download any updates that you need.

And Norton can do it too
Symantec, too, has a product that makes it easier to update the software on your users' PCs.  LiveUpdate is the name.

New mouse drivers from Microsoft
Microsoft has released version 2.2 of the Intellimouse drivers.  If you've a mouse with a wheel, get the new software here.

Modem Doctor
Modem Doctor says it can improve dial-up comms.

Fire on all cylinders
Looking for something on the Internet?  Copernic will submit your search request to a whole galaxy of search engines simultaneously.

PC Magazine's 1998 Utility Guide
PC Magazine's 1998 guide to software utilities has reviews of over 200 tools.

Computer Virus Myths
The definitive guide to all those "don't read this email it'll wipe your hard disk" hoaxes.  If you're not sure whether to believe a message, check here first.

SP4 Isn't the End of it
Microsoft has released 2 more security patches for Windows NT 4, which fix additional problems that have been discovered since the release of Service Pack 4.

Links to dozens of downloadable software sites on the Web.

The JRB Utilities
A highly recommended set of shareware utilities for NetWare

Lots of new Novell Shareware
Dave's Novell Shareware site is the best place for cheap and free Novell utilities, and they've added lots of new files recently.

Novell NetWare 4.11 Support Pack 6
Yes, it's a bug fix.  Yes, it's huge.  Who says that Microsoft is the only company that puts out such big patches?

Corel WordPerfect Office Suite 8 Support Pack 5
Yup, yet another huge bug fix to delight your users with.  It must be the season for it.

Woody's Windows Watch
Subscribe to this free Windows newsletter.

Another search engine
And another pair of teenage millionaires.  When will the venture capital people learn that we've got quite enough of these already?

Inspect a Net
Need to know what's happening on your network in order to track down performance problems?  Get the demo version of Fluke Network Inspector and be impressed.

NetOp School
A superb product for your training room.  Show a screen to several, all, or one student at once.  Remotely control any PC in the room.  Automatic monitoring of any PC.  Automatically start a program running on all computers.  Allow students to send SOS messages to the teacher.  Free downloadable demo available from Richmond Systems.

Hamburg Test Results
The latest results of the antivirus software products tests are in.  Is the package you're using any good?

Beep Beeeeep  Beep
You turn on your PC, and all it does is beep.  But what does the code mean?

One Inside Another
A useful new card from Datapath lets you display the screen of one PC as a window on the screen of another.  Save desk space, and monitor 2 machines at once.

Essential Reading

Our pick of the best of the world’s IT press articles.

Head-to-head comparative reviews
9 V.90 Modems PC Magazine 15th December 1998 www.pcmag.com
10 external and PC Card modems PC World, December 1998 www.pcworld.com
10 of the best notebooks PC World, December 1998 www.pcworld.com
10 17" monitors PC World, December 1998 www.pcworld.com
Top 10 colour printers PC World, December 1998 www.pcworld.com
4 toolkits to add Internet comms to your own code PC Magazine 15th December 1998 www.pcmag.com
7 remote control packages for NT Windows NT Magazine, December 1998 www.winntmag.com
7 smart PC upgrades PC World, December 1998 www.pcworld.com
20 Pentium-II 400 MHz machines PC World, December 1998 www.pcworld.com
10 best graphics boards PC World, December 1998 www.pcworld.com

First looks
PC Magazine's issue of 15th December 1998 takes a first look at a range of colour laser printers, which are rapidly coming down in price.  Also, the magazine takes a first look at Dragon NaturallySpeaking Mobile, Netscape 4.5, Epson's USB scanner and Color Styles 740 printer, NetStudio 1.0.

Multiport Server NICs
PC Magazine's issue of 15th December 1998 looks at the new range of multiport server NICs from Adaptec, Phobos and Compaq.  Phobos? Nothing to do, we assume,  with the home of the Leather Goddesses, as featured in an adventure game from a decade ago.

Safe Net Trade
In the December 1998 issue of World Wide Web Guide Monthly, a detailed article on how to buy things off the Internet safely.  Though the best method we've found is to set up a separate credit card with a very low credit limit.

Look before you leap
Top tips to think about before you put your company online and start promoting your organisation with a Web site.

Another Office 2000 Preview
This time it's in Microsoft Interactive Developer, December 1998.  Oh, and we now have beta 2 running in the PC Alert office.  No one's asked us to sign an NDA, so if there's anything you want to ask just email us at  editor@itp-journals.com .

Get data from Web sites
Also in MID this month, how to use ADO 2.0 and ASP to get data from your Web sites in the form that you actually require it.

Creating Internet Apps in Visual Basic
Microsoft Interactive Developer, December 1998, has a great article on how to create Internet-capable apps in Visual Basic.

More can sometimes mean less
Windows NT supports multiple processors, but there can be times when this can actually make a program run slower.  The December 1998 issue of Windows Developer's Journal explains why.

2001 Tips for Windows
Windows International has published a special "Winter 1999" (hey, that's what it says on the front) issue that contains nothing but Windows tips.  Over 2000 of them.  If your job is to look after Windows users, this is well worth perusing.

NT vs Unix
The December 1998 issue of Windows NT Magazine looks at comparing NT and Unix, and also covers sharing and securing information in mixed NT/Unix environments.

Site Server 3.0 and Security
Also in December's Windows NT Magazine, a review of Microsoft Site Server 3.0.  Plus, how to use system policies to roll out registry-based security settings to users across a network.

Log off Inactive Users
In December's Windows NT Magazine, details of a free utility that automatically logs inactive workstations off your Windows NT LAN.

All about Security
The December '98 issue of  Dr. Dobb's Journal focuses on security, with in-depth looks at a variety of old and new encryption algorithms, electronic commerce, intellectual property rights, digital content and more.

Monitor your NT LAN usage
In Dr. Dobb's Journal, December 98, read about a utility developed by the magazine, which logs workstation usage on an NT LAN by user or by workstation.

Pirated Software
In PC World, December 1998, all about software piracy and how to detect illegally-obtained software on your users' workstations.

First Looks
In PC World, December 1998, a first look at Omnipage Pro 9.0, and the new Sony Vaio PCs,.

Stick, or move on?
Also in PC World, December 1998, a useful article to help you decide whether now is the time to ditch Windows 9x and move to NT.

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